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Francisco Gutierrez

Dear Francisco,

Congratulations on applying to the University of Colorado Denver! Please follow the easy steps
below so we can begin reviewing your application and give you a three-week admission decision!

 rint this packet for your records.
This PDF contains your submitted application and a copy of this checklist.

STEP 2: Submit
 your official transcript(s) and standardized test scores.
Please have your official high school transcript(s) sent to CU Denver, along with a
certified English translation. Also, please have your official IELTS or TOEFL scores
sent to CU Denver online today if you have yet to do so. We also need to receive your
official ACT or SAT scores if you are a freshman engineering applicant. To request
your IELTS scores, go to
For your TOEFL scores, go to toeflgoanywhere.orgour school code is 4875.
To send ACT scores, visit (our school code
is 0533); for SAT scores, visit
(our school code is 4875).

 ay your $75 application fee.
Please return to your online application to submit your $75 application fee if you
have not already done so.

We look forward to reviewing your application!

George F. Kacenga
Director of International Enrollment Management
University of Colorado Denver
1201 Larimer Street, AB1-1119
Denver, CO 80204

P.S. I invite you to visit CU Denver soon if you have not already. Explore your options and
schedule your visit at

International Admissions, University of Colorado Denver, 1201 Larimer Street, AB1-1119, Denver, CO 80204
University of Colorado Denver - International Online Application

Personal Information

Please enter your official name.

Family Name / Surname Gutierrez

Given Name Francisco

Do other names appear on your academic No


Gender Male

Date of Birth 01/05/2016

How to Reach You

Email Address
Home Phone Number +582123699816

Your Address

Current Home Address

Country Venezuela
Address Line 1 Apartamento 1D Edificio 1
Address Line 2 Parcela 11
Address Line 3 Urbanizacion Ciudad Casarapa
City Guarenas
State/Province Miranda
ZIP/Postal Code 1220
Is your mailing address the same as above? Yes

Your Citizenship

If you are an international student who plans to study in the United States on a temporary visa-or if you already hold a temporary
visa-please select International Student below and complete the fields that display after you make your selection.

If you are unsure of the type of visa you will obtain, select F-1 Student and leave the fields for Issue Date, Expiration Date and
Immigration Number blank.

If you already have a U.S. visa, please complete all the fields below.

Citizenship Type International Student

If you are not an International student, please complete the Freshman Online Application or Transfer Online Application.
Current or Expected Visa Type F1 - Student
Issue Date /
Expiration Date /
Immigration Number
What is your birth country? Venezuela
What is your birth city? Caracas
What is your country of citizenship? Venezuela

Ethnicity (Optional)

Are you Hispanic or Latino? Yes

Please select one or more of the following races.

[ ] American Indian or Alaska Native

[ ] Asian

[ ] Black or African American

[ ] Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

[ ] White

[ ] Other

Your Family

Is English your first language? No

What is your primary language? Spanish
Are you the first in your family to attend No
To whom would you like us to send Both Parents

Parent 1
Relationship to You Mother
Title Mrs.
Family Name / Surname Benavente
Given Name Keira
Email Address
What is the highest education level this parent Bachelor's-Level Degree
Is your parent's mailing address the same as Yes

Parent 2
Relationship to You
Title Mr.
Family Name / Surname Gutierrez
Given Name Yorman
Email Address
What is the highest education level this parent Some Graduate School
Is your parent's mailing address the same as Yes

Enrollment Plans

Please indicate your academic plans.

As what type of student are you applying? 1st Time Freshman
A first-time freshman is a student who is applying to a college or university for the first time and has earned no college credits
after the summer immediately following high school graduation. A student who wants to "start over" after studying at another
college or university must apply as a transfer student.

In which term do you plan to enroll? Fall (August) 2016

For which type of admission are you applying? Full Admission (I have met CU Denver's English proficiency
Note: By requesting conditional admission, you indicate that your entire application will be completed, with the exception of demonstrating English Language
Proficiency (ELP). To receive a full letter of admission, you must satisfy ELP through our ESL Academy, submitting satisfactory TOEFL/IELTS/PTE
academic scores, or meeting one of these other criteria. Conditional admission is available for all undergraduate programs and for select graduate programs.

Whom do you expect to pay for your Myself and or my family

educational expenses?

Did you apply with the help of an education No


Academic College College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Major Biology - BS

Your Academics

Your Current or Previous Secondary School

Name Unidad Educativa San Marcos Evangelista
Address Transversal 14, Campo Claro
City Caracas
ZIP/Postal Code 01071
Country Venezuela

Secondary School Graduation Date 07/2015

Your Test Scores (Optional)

Did you take the ACT? No, I will not be taking it.

Did you take the SAT? Yes, I have already taken it.
Date Taken/Planning to Take 01/2016
Critical Reading Score 470
Math Score 480
Writing Score 500

TOEFL or IELTS scores to CU Denver are optional, but please note that some graduate-level programs require a higher score
on the TOEFL or the IELTS, and applicants to those programs should consult those departments for additional details.

Did you take the TOEFL? Yes, I have already taken it.
Date Taken 10/2015
Total Score 84
Listening Score 20
Reading Score 21
Speaking Score 22
Writing Score 21

Did you take the IELTS? No, I will not be taking it.

Honors & Awards

List all honors and awards along with the school years in which you received them.
Honor/Award Schoolarship for Studying English

[X] 9th

[X] 10th

[ ] 11th

[ ] 12th

[ ] Post-Secondary

Honor/Award 2
Honor/Award Award to High Scored Student

[X] 9th

[ ] 10th
[ ] 11th

[ ] 12th

[ ] Post-Secondary

Residency Information

In-State Tuition Classification

NOTE: Please make sure you answer the following question correctly. If you select "Yes," please complete the section correctly
and in its entirety. Failure to do so may place you in "under review" or "non-resident" status and these are at a higher
out-of-state tuition rate. Financial aid and certain scholarships WILL NOT be distributed if you are "under review." You may be
asked to provide proof of Colorado residency if you select "Yes."

Please note the date classes start for each of the following enrollment terms:

Spring 2016: January 19, 2016

Summer 2016: June 6, 2016
Fall 2016: August 22, 2016

Do you plan to claim Colorado in-state tuition? No

Additional Information

How did you discover CU Denver? (check all that apply)

[ ] Agent

[ ] Alumni

[ ] Career Advisor

[ ] CU Denver Representative

[X] CU Denver Website

[ ] Current Students

[ ] Education Fair in Your Home Country

[ ] Family

[ ] Friend

[X] Sponsor

Is there any other information that you would like to share?

What attracted you to CU Denver? (check all that apply)

[X] Cost of Living

[X] Cost of Study

[ ] Friends in Country

[X] Location

[ ] Long-term Employment

[X] Personal Safety

[X] Ranking Position

[ ] Social Life

[X] Specific Course of Study

[X] Work Opportunities

Is there any other information that you would like to share?

Essay (Optional)

Please feel free to tell us more about yourself. You may share with us your educational aspirations, travel and
work experience, creative talents, factors affecting your academic record or any other information that would
help us get to know you better.
Document uploaded:

Almost Finished!

After you submit your application, you will be able to ...

Download and print your application packet for your records.

Send us your transcript(s) and standardized test scores.
Pay your $75 application fee.

Remember, once we receive your completed application (including your supporting materials), you will receive an admission
decision within three weeks!

Wrap things up with these final steps, Francisco!

Have you ever been suspended, expelled or No
required to withdraw due to behavioral or
academic misconduct?
Do you have a pending criminal charge OR No
have you ever been convicted of a crime, made
a plea of guilty, accepted a deferred judgment,
been adjudicated, or been required to register
as a sex offender?

I waive my right to review or access letters and No

statements of recommendation written on my
[X] I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information furnished in this application is true and complete. I
understand that if found to be otherwise, it is sufficient cause for rejection or dismissal. I grant my secondary school(s)
or college(s) permission to release my transcript(s) to CU Denver.