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Gay-organized Trump rally draws just 18 attendees

Make America Great Trump family before Donald Trump won
election as president.
Again event held She said she was so impressed with
near White House Trump as a businessman at the time of
her meeting with him that when she
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. learned six years later than he planned to run for president she immediately
understood he would be best suited to
A total of just 18 people turned out lead the nation at that time.
on Saturday, June 1, for a Make America Others speaking at the rally included
Great Again Free Speech Rally on the Los Angeles conservative activist and
Ellipse section of the National Mall near former Air Force ocer Jack Cummins,
the White House that was organized by who called it a true blessing that Trump
Gays for Trump President Peter Boykin. has become president. Cummins criticized
Boykin and several others who Democrats for calling on the U.S. to
spoke at the rally said they were certain Just 18 people turned out for a weekend pro-Trump event. advance democracy throughout the world.
that each of those attending the event WASHINGTON BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY
He said the U.S. was not founded on
represents thousands of others, both gay democracy but was founded instead as a
and straight, who are conservative, loyal He also speculated that Washington, Trump would be and is becoming a highly constitutional republic.
Americans that deeply believe Donald D.C. has become a place where a lot successful president. Dont say we need to advance
Trump will provide the leadership needed of people dont want to spend time, She told of her upbringing and early democracy, he said. Say we need to
to get the nation back on track. partially because there is a lot of childhood in Tahlequah, Okla., the capital advance liberty.
Make American Great Again is not bickering, a lot of in-ghting going on, not of the Cherokee Nation, where she was In concluding remarks as the rally drew
just a political slogan, Boykin told the only the Democrats, the liberals, but born and where she did not learn to to a close, Boykin, amid cheers from the
gathering. Its an American one which also among the Republicans. speak English until she was 10 years old. attendees, said he was tired of being told
has been shared by many great people Don Lime, who identied himself as a Years later, she told of her rst meeting that only Democrats support LGBT rights.
in this nation no matter what their race, radio talk show host from Monterey Bay, with Donald Trump in 2009 during a Im proud to be a gay conservative for
gender or sexual orientation. Calif., who recently moved to D.C., said group visit to Trump Tower, the New York Trump, he said. I am not against LGBT. I
Boykin and others who helped organize he believes the low turnout was due, in City residence and oces used by the am not against transgender.
the event promoted it as a nonpartisan part, because conservative activists he
rally for free speech but made it known being among them are pleased with
that most of those expected to speak the job Trump is doing as president.
would be Trump supporters, although Ill shoot you straight. We dont have
others would be welcome to speak. As it a lot of people here. But Ill tell you Cumberland to hold its rst Pride
turned out, only Trump supporters spoke why, he told the gathering from the
at the event. stage. Its because when youre ahead Less than a decade ago, Baltimore was the only venue in Maryland to hold
Ronald Reagan rst coined the phrase and when youre winning you can stop Pride celebrations. Since then, Frederick and Hagerstown have joined the party,
Make America Great Again during his everything. You just quit ghting because and Howard County could be right around the corner.
1980 campaign for president, Boykin youre winning every day. Every day has The western Maryland city of Cumberland with a population of just over
pointed out. He noted that Bill Clinton just been a win here, a win there, a win 20,000 is the latest jurisdiction to celebrate LGBT Pride. It began July 6 and will
also used the Make American Great Again everywhere, he said in referring to culminate with a festival on July 9.
slogan in his 1992 presidential campaign. Trumps accomplishments so far. For many LGBTQ people living in rural areas, its still 1993, says Jeremy
It makes me proud when I hear those Lime, who is black, said he has been Gosnell, one of the organizers. Rural America has been slow to adopt policies
words and to live by that code and to criticized since moving to D.C. by the that embrace the LGBTQ community and while gay marriage is legal nationwide,
not only attempt to MAGA for me but to political establishment who he said various states have enacted laws and ordinances that allow for discrimination.
MAGA for everyone, Boykin said. For if sometimes cant comprehend why a black Perhaps a business doesnt have to entertain a gay persons request, or a venue
we truly Make America Great Again then person could support Trump. can openly denounce and restrict gay weddings. While America has come far in
we can bless the world in MAGA, which is I decided to become a conservative its acceptance of homosexuality, there is still a long way to go.
to make the earth great again. once I found out the truth that the media The festivities kicked o with a memorial on July 6 outside the Cumberland
With temperatures soaring into the was tricking us and the Democrats had Theatre honoring those members of the LGBT community who lost their lives
upper 90s, Boykin and some helpers set control for 30 to 40 years, he said. As at the Pulse nightclub massacre, the Chechen Republic, and others who have
up a small stage with four loud speakers a black person I realized I was being experienced violence as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
in front of a small tent decorated hoodwinked. What I mean is they thought The Dress Your Best event on July 7 will feature jazz music, dinner and a silent
with American ags and two rainbow that welfare is a good thing absolutely benet auction at Dantes in Frostburg. Frostburg State University students are
ags. With the White House and the not, he said. encouraged to attend. The event runs from 6 to 8 p.m.
national Christmas tree as a backdrop, They wanted black people sometimes, On July 8 there will be a One Love paint party from 12-2 p.m. hosted by
the rally took place on a mostly empty not all, but a lot of black people, they just MountainShine Creative at the Liberty Stage.
Ellipse, which is large oval eld with grass want us to sit around and get benets Boots and Ballcaps, hosted by Jam Sauce collective, is a family-friendly event
but no trees. and give them votes, he told the rally. So with live music and a crafts for kids from 2-8 p.m. The night is capped o with a
Boykin and at least one other speaker I decided to give them a vote. I gave them pop-up dance club at Mezzos in Cumberland from 9:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. for those
gave several reasons for the small turnout. a vote for Trump, a great leader. aged 21 and older.
Its not that people didnt want to Lisa Christiansen, whose resume The four-day celebration is capped o by Sundays Pride Festival on Baltimore
come out, Boykin said. A lot of people describes her as a motivational speaker, Street in downtown Cumberland on July 9 from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Its a family-
said they would love to but they just writer, author, and creator of two charitable friendly event with childrens activities and live music.
couldnt aord it. Its the Fourth of July foundations, delivered a 50-minute keynote For more information, visit
weekend and a lot of people also spend speech at the rally describing, among other STEVE CHARING
time with their families, he said. things, how she came to believe Donald
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The Society for the Scientific

Study of Sexuality



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Study reveals LGBT rental housing discrimination

Findings show gay men, plan the people identifying as
transgender applicants for renting an
trans people face bias apartment disclosed their gender identity
by telling the landlord or rental agent that
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. the name they would be using for the application was dierent from their birth
name because they were transgender
A newly released study by the D.C.- and had yet to legally change their name.
based Urban Institute found that The study reveals that in one out of
some landlords that were subjected every 5.6 test visits to a rental oce,
to discrimination testing in the D.C. the rental agents or landlords oered
metropolitan area showed a bias to show a self-identied transgender
against renting apartments to applicants applicant one fewer apartment than was
who self-identied as transgender shown to non-transgender applicants.
compared to applicants not identifying As part of the study, the testers
as transgender. identifying as trans and non-trans
The study also conducted several applicants said they were single with
hundred discrimination tests in the Los no children and had the same nancial
Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, qualications to rent an apartment.
areas in which testers posed as members The studys ndings are presented in a DANA BEYER, executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, said she was pleasantly surprised
that the study found the degree of discrimination encountered by the transgender testers to
of gay male, lesbian, and heterosexual 297-page report called A Paired-Testing be so small.
couples. The ndings from this part of the Pilot Study of Housing Discrimination WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY

study show that some landlords displayed against Same-Sex Couples and
a bias against gay male applicants but Transgender Individuals.
appeared to treat lesbians and straight The report says the study arranged men, the reports states. Providers According to the study, the landlords
women the same. for 1,200 in-person tests split evenly were slightly less likely to schedule an appeared to treat the testers self-
The studys lead author, Urban between women and men posing as part appointment with gay men, it says, adding, identifying as members of a lesbian couple
Institute researcher Diane K. Levy, told of a same-sex couple in the Los Angeles The average yearly costs agents quoted the same as they treated heterosexual
the Washington Blade that in the D.C. and Dallas-Fort Worth areas where they gay men were $272 higher than the costs women who said they were part of an
tests, 100 of the testers identied as showed up at a rental oce to inquire quoted to heterosexual men. opposite-sex couple by not displaying
transgender and 99 did not say anything about nding an apartment. Levy said the testers who self-identied any dierence in oering to show them
about their gender identity and were Rental agents or landlords told gay men as gay men or lesbians did so by telling an apartment available for rent.
presumed to be cisgender. about one fewer available rental unit for the rental agent or landlord they were
She said that in a carefully developed every 4.2 tests than they told heterosexual part of a same-sex couple. CONTINUES AT WASHINGTONBLADE.COM

Gay candidate enters race for Ward 1 Council seat

Boese vows to improve providing excellent constituent services contract in which he favored one
on issues large and small is one of my top developer over another. Graham disputed
constituent services priorities, and I will be the progressive the allegations, saying he was merely
advocate that maintains the rich diversity engaging in political horse trading for
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. of our ward as our neighborhoods the best possible development project continue to grow and prosper, he said. for the ward.
In addition to my commitment to But Nadeau, who expressed strong
Gay Advisory Neighborhood unparalleled constituent services, as support for LGBT rights, aggressively raised
Commissioner Kent C. Boese announced your next Council member I am also the ethics issue hanging over Grahams
on July 1 that he is running for the Ward committed to continuing Ward 1s head, persuading a solid majority of Ward
1 D.C. Council seat held by incumbent tradition of inclusive community outreach, 1 voters to side with her over Graham.
Council member Brianne Nadeau in the responsible progressive legislation, and Graham died last month from
citys 2018 Democratic primary. being engaged, responsive in every complications associated with an
Boese, 52, a law librarian, has served neighborhood, a model which has intestinal infection. He was 71.
as chair of ANC 1A for the past four years serviced our communities so well in the Although Boese and his supporters
and as its secretary for the previous past, he said. point out that Boese is knowledgeable on
three years. ANC 1A represents the Although he didnt say so directly, a wide range of issues facing Ward 1 and
neighborhoods of Columbia Heights, Boese appeared to be referring to the the city, he would become the Councils
Park View, and Pleasant Plains, which highly regarded constituent service work only openly gay member if he were to win
are home to many of the citys Latino of the late Jim Graham, the gay former the primary and the general election next
immigrants and LGBT people among KENT BOESE is challenging Brianne Nadeau Ward 1 Council member who lost his race year for the Ward 1 seat.
other constituency groups. in the Ward 1 Council race. for a fth term in oce to Nadeau in 2014 Grahams loss to Nadeau came in the
Boeses announcement came two after serving 16 years on the Council. same year that gay D.C. Council member
weeks after former D.C. Superior Court Most political observers say Grahams David Catania (I-At-Large) gave up his
Magistrate Judge Lori E. Parker declared has prepared him to do a better job strong record on constituent services Council seat in an unsuccessful race for
her candidacy for the Ward 1 Council seat. of supporting the needs of the wards and advocacy for progressive legislation mayor in 2014.
In his announcement statement diverse constituencies. was overshadowed in 2014 by allegations
Boese said his experience on the ANC Restoring Ward 1s long legacy of of ethics violations related to a Metro CONTINUES AT WASHINGTONBLADE.COM

NATIONAL NEWS J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 1 1

Polis could make history with Colorado gubernatorial bid

Gay candidate on Trump, states non-discrimination law on the
basis that they feel like they should
LGBT rights, Masterpiece be able to refuse to make a wedding
Cakeshop case cake for a same-sex couple. Why do
you think the Supreme Court decided
By CHRIS JOHNSON to take up this case and howdo you predict they will rule?
Polis: Well, rst Im glad that the
If Jared Polis wins the race for governor Colorado Supreme Court upheld the
of Colorado, he would become the rst lower court that public businesses cannot
openly gay person to win a gubernatorial discriminate and Im hopeful that the
race in the United States but breaking Supreme Court will swiftly agree.
through the pink ceiling isnt a distinction
thats a priority for his campaign. Blade: Can you talk a little bit more
During an interview with the about why its important to have the
Washington Blade last week, the ve- non-discrimination law in Colorado
term member of the U.S. House identied in eect for the purposes of public
renewable energy and education as accommodations and wedding services?
marquee issues for his candidacy, Polis: Any business that is open to the
downplaying the signicance of achieving Rep. JARED POLIS (D-Colo.) is running for governor of Colorado. public shouldnt discriminate, and Im
a potential rst. WASHINGTON BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY hopeful that the Supreme Court will agree
I think it shows that my state of with the Colorado Supreme Court and
Colorado and the country is ready to the lower courts who have all found that
select the best person to move our state Read the full interview between the advancements on LGBT rights thanks our inclusive non-discrimination statute
forward and not pick somebody based Blade and Polis here: to the courts and a non-discrimination protects people from discrimination in a
on who they love, but rather based on Washington Blade: Why are you law. Assuming that stays in place, business that presents itself in a form of
what they can do for the state and how running for governor of Colorado at which well talk about later, how public accommodation.
they can make the economy work for this time? would you further advance LGBT
everybody, Polis said. Jared Polis: I think our state needs a rights as governor of Colorado? Blade: To what extent do you think
Other politicians have paved the way bold leader to take us into the future, Polis: Well, I would say that my state the case before the Supreme Court is
for Polis to become the rst openly gay and Ive represented a new generation of and my hometown is the birthplace of going to animate the gubernatorial
person elected governor. In 2004, then- leadership for our state with a vision for same-sex marriage the very same year I campaign either in the primary or
New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevy declared where our state needs to go in terms of was born, 1975. The town I was born in, general election?
he was gay after he was elected and reaching 100 percent renewable energy, Boulder, Colo., had the rst same-sex Polis: I havent heard much about
shortly before he resigned amid scandal establishing universal preschool and marriages in the entire country. Our then- it, Chris, in Colorado. I think its being
in which he was having an aair with kindergarten and creating an economy Clerk Clela Rorex married several couples followed more nationally, but I have
a male staer. Last year, Oregon Gov. that works for everybody not just within months of when I was born until not heard much about it from my
Kate Brown, whos bisexual and married investors and CEOs. she was stopped by the state. constituents.
to a man, earned the distinction of And I dont see much progress on any of Now 42 years later, Clela Rorex is back in People are more focused on my 100
becoming the rst openly LGBT person those issues coming from Washington in Boulder County and supporting my eorts percent renewable energy goal, my
elected governor after her appointment the age of Trump, and its time to go home to become governor and its exciting to see eorts to improve the schools and my
to the role following the resignation of and make our state a shining example of the progress that weve made across the experience in public education showing
her predecessor. what the future looks like for America. country on equality issues. that I can do it and my plan to help make
But no one who has identies as openly our economy work for everybody, so I
gay has won a governors race. Blade: But, of course, your candidacy Blade: One issueI thought you might have a very specic plan in each of those
Polis, the rst gay parent in Congress, represents something a little bit mention is the legislation that would areas both a bold progressive vision
could face competition for that place dierent because if you are elected, ban widely discredited conversion for our state as well as the proven results
in history. In Maryland, State Sen. Rich you could be the rst openly gay therapy for youth. That has moved in my private and public sector work to
Madaleno has declared his bid to challenge person elected as governor in the through the legislature, but it hasnt turn ideas into reality.
Gov. Larry Hogan in the 2018 elections. United States. What do you think the quite made it to passage.
In Connecticut, State Comptroller Kevin signicance of that would be? Polis: Right. It has not yet passed in Blade: Whats your assessment of the
Lembo has launched an exploratory Polis: Well, we certainly have examples, Colorado. Absolutely. So, there certainly Trump administration and the way its
committee to determine whether to as you know, like Kate Brown and Jim remains work to be done. Many other handled LGBT rights?
pursue a gubernatorial campaign. McGreevey, but I guess I would be the states have already passed similar laws. Polis: Well, I think its been a very
Polis has to best a crowded eld of rst how did you phrase it? mediocre to poor record so far. Theres
candidates in the Democratic primary Blade: And thats something that you been symbolic missteps like failing to
before the general election in 2018. Blade: The rst openly gay person would support? issue a Pride proclamation, which should
Meanwhile, hes focusing on the future elected governor inthe United States. Polis: Yes. I think our current governor have been a routine feel-good moment
of the state that hes served for 10 years Polis: Yeah, I guess thats right. Well, does as well. It hasnt been able to pass for the Trump administration to lend
in Congress since the beginning of the you know, I think it shows that my state the legislature yet, the bill that would support. And, of course, we continue
Obama administration and for one last of Colorado and the country is ready to prevent parents from forcing their to be worried with their eorts that
term in the U.S. House. select the best person to move our state kids into conversion therapy. Thats could be underway to undermine anti-
People are focused more on my 100 forward and not pick somebody based on unfortunately still legal in Colorado. discrimination eorts, so while I feel that
percent renewable energy goal, my eorts who they love, but rather based on what they have at least been willing to talk to
to improve the schools and my experience they can do for the state and how they can Blade: Lets talk a little bit about the the community at times, so far Ive been
in public education showing that I can do make the economy work for everybody. Supreme Court because just this week disappointed by their track record.
it and my plan to help make our economy it decided to take up a case in which
work for everybody, Polis said. Blade: Colorado has seena lot of a Colorado baker is challenging the CONTINUES AT WASHINGTONBLADE.COM

1 2 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 NATIONAL NEWS

Pentagon agrees to six-month delay for trans enlistments

Service chiefs call for
In a memo dated June 30 and obtained Matthew Thorn, executive director of the
review of accession plans by the Washington Blade, Mattis lays LGBT military group OutServe-SLDN, criticized
out his concerns about transgender the decision to delay transgender enlistments
By CHRIS JOHNSON enlistments and whether they will impact as a disservice to the transgender community the capabilities of the U.S. military. and to our military as a whole.
Since becoming Secretary of Defense, We are disappointed that the
Defense Secretary James Mattis has I have emphasized that the Department Department of Defense has chosen to
agreed to a request from military service of Defense must measure each policy delay, by six months, implementation
chiefs for a six-month delay in allowing decision against one critical standard: of the recruitment policy, thus denying
openly transgender people to enlist in the will the decision aect the readiness and qualied transgender individuals the
U.S. armed forces. lethality of the armed forces? Mattis opportunity to enlist, attend ROTC or
Dana White, a Pentagon spokesperson, writes. Put another way, how will the enroll in one of the military academies,
said Mattis last week approved a decision aect the ability of Americas Thorn said. Transgender service
recommendation by the services to defer military forces to defend the Nation? members have been serving, openly
accessing transgender applicants into the Mattis writes the Pentagon will use the and authentically, since October 2016
military until Jan. 1, 2018. additional six months to evaluate more with no impact on readiness. It is time
The services will review their accession Secretary of Defense JAMES MATTIS has carefully the impact of transgender to full lift the ban on transgender service
plans and provide input on the impact to agreed to a six-month delay in transgender accession. The delay, Mattis writes, in no by implementing this nal piece by
the readiness and lethality of our forces, way presupposes the outcome of review, implementing the accessions policy.
White said. nor does it change policies already in In January, when asked about LGBT military
Mattis agreed to the delay after the lifted the ban on transgender military place with regard to transgender service. service during his conrmation hearing, Mattis
military service chiefs made a joint service. That allowed transgender people The defense secretary agreed to the said he wouldnt reverse changes to the U.S.
request for the delay in transgender serving in the U.S. armed forces to come change after Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) military under the Obama administration
accession, which was set to begin July 1 out without fear of discharge, but certain threatened to amend major defense unless a service chief brings something to me
as a result of a policy change under the aspects of the policy change were left for policy legislation with an amendment where theres a problem thats been proven.
Obama administration. a later time. Among them was allowing barring transgender military service if On Dont Ask, Dont Tell repeal, Mattis said
Following a year-long review, former openly transgender people to enlistin the the Pentagon didnt act to reverse the hes never cared much about two consenting
Defense Secretary Ashton Carter last year U.S. military, which was set to begin July 1. Obama-era change internally. adults who they go to bed with.

Texas court rules against benets for same-sex couples

Says state workers which had determined prior to the vacates the trial courts decision barring address whether the First Amendment
have no right to obtain Obergefell ruling the state need not aord Houston from granting spousal benets. grants the right for businesses to refuse
benets for gay spouses benets to married same-sex couples to The courts ruling comes in the services to same-sex couples, not
re-examine the issue under the guidance same week the U.S. Supreme Court whether the government can deny same-
that the DeLeon decision, a federal case issued a ruling in Pavan v. Smith sex benets.
By CHRIS JOHNSON that overturned the Texas same-sex arming marriage equality nationwide, Kenneth Upton Jr., senior counsel in marriage ban, doesnt bind the court. overturning an Arkansas Supreme Court Lambda Legals Dallas-based South Central
We hold that the Fifth Circuits decision decision upholding a state law against Regional Oce, said the Texas Supreme
Despite the U.S. Supreme Court extending in De Leon does not bind the trial court on placing both lesbian parents names on Court decision is similarly contrary to the
marriage equality nationwide and a remand, and the trial court is not required the birth certicates of their children. principles of the Obergefell ruling.
recent declaration from justices arming to conduct its proceedings consistent Boyd writes the Pavan decision This absurd contortion of the
that decision the Texas Supreme Court with that case, Boyd writes. demonstrates the Supreme Court Obergefell ruling dees all logic and
last week ruled against spousal benets for Further, the Texas Supreme Court has taken one opportunity to address reason, especially in light of the Supreme
married same-sex couples. reverses the judgment of the Texas 14th Obergefells impact on an issue it did Courts explicit ruling on Monday that
Writing for the court, Justice Jerey Court of Appeals that overturned the trial not address in Obergefell, and there will marriage is marriage and equal is equal,
Boyd determined the 2015 decision in courts decision. undoubtedly be others. Upton said. We will take steps to protect
Obergefell v. Hodges is not the end on The case was led by Jack Pidgeon and Thats incorrect. The U.S. Supreme these families.
the same-sex marriage issue and state Larry Hicks after former Houston Mayor Court took up the case only after the Eric Lesh, fair courts project director at
workers have no established right to Annise Parker, a lesbian, instructed her Arkansas Supreme Court issued the Lambda Legal, said the ruling from the
obtain benets, such as health insurance, city to provide spousal benets to city ruling contrary to to the Obergefell Texas Supreme Court which is made
for their same-sex spouses in the same employees in same-sex marriages after decision. The U.S. Supreme Court also up of justices who are elected rather than
way as other employees. the Supreme Courts 2013 ruling against said Obergefell explicitly addressed the appointed demonstrates a judiciary
The Supreme Court held in Obergefell the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act. Jack birth certicate issue, citing plaintis who made up of elected justicesis inadequate.
that the Constitution requires states to Pidgeon and Larry Hicks contended state were seeking to place their names on their This decision is political and is an
license and recognize same-sex marriages law, which at the time barred same-sex childrens birth certicates. The Obergefell example of why elected judges are bad
to the same extent that they license and marriage, prevented Parker from taking ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court concluded, for LGBT people and bad for judicial
recognize opposite-sex marriages, but it did that action. guarantees same-sex couples the independence, Lesh said.
not hold that states must provide the same The Texas Supreme Court decision constellation of benets under marriage. Also condemning the Texas Supreme
publicly funded benets to all married seems to fall short of outright denying Boyd also notes the U.S. Supreme Court was GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate
persons, and unlike the Fifth Circuit in spousal benets for married same-sex Court elected to take up the Masterpiece Ellis, who said the ruling demonstrates
De Leon it did not hold that the Texas couples and instead remands the case Cakeshop case, which involves a bakery marriage equality isnt safe.
DOMAs are unconstitutional, Boyd writes. to a trial court for reconsideration of the refusing to make a wedding cake for a
The 24-page ruling instructs a trial court issue. The Texas Supreme Court also same-sex couple. But that review will CONTINUES AT WASHINGTONBLADE.COM
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 1 3
1 4 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

I N T E RNA TI O N A L NEWS J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 1 5

German Chancellor ANGELA MERKEL allowed a vote to proceed on marriage equality, even
though she voted against it.
More than 1 million people lined the streets of Madrid on July 1, for the WorldPride COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
2017 march and parade.

1 million attend WorldPride German lawmakers approve same-sex marriage bill

in Madrid German lawmakers last week approved a bill that will extend marriage rights to
same-sex couples.
MADRID More than a million people lined the streets of the Spanish capital The measure passed in the lower house of the German Parliament, which is known as
on Saturday for the 2017 WorldPride march and parade. the Bundestag, by 393-226 vote margin with four abstentions.
Representatives of Spains main political parties the Popular Party, the The vote took place less than a week after Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her
Spanish Socialist Workers Party, Podemos, Ciudadanos and Izquierda Unida position on whether to allow a vote on the issue had changed.
and Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena are among those who participated in the She told the editor of a German magazine that she recently had dinner with a
event that took place under the slogan For LGBTI Rights All Over the World. lesbian couple who are raising eight foster children. Merkel, who is a member of the
Several dozen Russian LGBT rights advocates and members of Democrats conservative Christian Democratic Party, voted against the bill.
Abroad are among those who took part in the massive march from the Atocha The Social Democratic, Green and Free Democratic Parties all back marriage rights
train station to Plaza de Coln that began at 6 p.m. local time (noon EST). The for same-sex couples. Fridays vote took place ahead of elections that are scheduled to
Associated Press reported 52 oats also took part in the parade that was still take place on Sept. 24.
going on when the Washington Blade left the area between the Prado Museum Germany since 2001 has allowed gays and lesbians to enter into civil partnerships. It
and the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid shortly after 11 p.m. (5 p.m. EST). is among the last countries in western Europe that have not extended marriage rights
Marchers carried signs, banners and fans that read, among other things, To to same-sex couples.
love is not a crime. Gays and lesbians can legally marry in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the
One group marched with a banner that read, We trans men exist. Another Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Wales, Scotland,
marcher was holding a sign that described the Israeli governments policies Ireland and Iceland. Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who won re-election earlier
towards the Palestinians as Apartheid. A man who was standing on the edge this month, said his government plans to introduce a same-sex marriage bill.
of a fountain near the Prado Museum was wearing a blue t-shirt that read, The German bill is expected to become law by the end of the year.
Impeach 45 in reference to President Trump. After years of waiting and hoping, rainbow families in Germany will now receive equal
A group of Portuguese men who were walking on Madrids Gran Via before the recognition under the law, said ILGA-Europe Executive Director Evelyne Paradis in a
march were wearing t-shirts that had a caricature of Russian President Vladimir statement. This is a historic milestone that can inspire even more change for LGBTI people.
Putins face against the backdrop of a rainbow ag. Ty Cobb, director of Human Rights Global, also welcomed the vote.
Fuck you Putin, read a message that was printed on the back of the t-shirts. With the very serious challenges the LGBTQ community continues to face around
We will stop you with our gayness. the world, this is welcome news and an important victory in working to ensure LGBTQ
WorldPride took place against the backdrop of the ongoing persecution of people are embraced as full members of society, he said.
gay men and lesbians in Chechnya, a semi-autonomous Russian republic that Fridays vote took place a day before up to three million people are expected to line
is located in the North Caucuses. German lawmakers on Friday approved a bill the streets of Madrid for the WorldPride parade. Hundreds of advocates from across
that would extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. Europe have been attending LGBT rights conferences and other events in the Spanish
The Associated Press reported terrorism concerns prompted ocials to close capital this week.
several streets around the area in which the march and parade took place, ban Lars Vorberger is a member of the board of directors of Rainbow Rose, the LGBT
large trucks and deploy more than 3,000 police ocers. The Blade on early network of the Party of European Socialists, who lives in the German city of Hamburg.
Saturday morning saw police ocers search a womans backpack as she walked He described the vote as really wonderful as he spoke with the Washington Blade on
towards a square in Madrids Chueca neighborhood in which one of the many Friday during a Rainbow Rose and Party of European Socialists conference that is taking
WorldPride stages was located. place at the Spanish Socialist Workers Party headquarters in Madrid.
Ocials have not reported any terrorism-related incidents. Its great to really celebrate this big decision and the big step we took this morning in
MICHAEL K. LAVERS Germany, said Vorberger.
Keep your promise to protect each other. WASHINGTONBLADE.COM

16 J U L Y 07, 2017 BA LT I MO RE N E W S

Frederick candidate for Alderman

gets nod from Victory Fund
Kris Fair, general manager of New York, New York Salon and chair of The
Frederick Center board, a non-prot LGBT support organization in Central
Maryland, has received the endorsement from the Victory Fund in his quest to
be a member of the Frederick City Board of Aldermen.
The Victory Fund provides campaign, fundraising and communications support
to LGBT candidates to increase the number of openly LGBT elected ocials.
If elected, Fair, 32, promises to continue advocating for LGBT priorities.
The Frederick Center has worked closely with the City of Frederick to increase
its HRC municipality equality index, Fair told the Blade when he announced his
candidacy in January. As Alderman, I will investigate ways we can make our city
more inclusive of the LGBT community and of diversity in general.
Wills & Trusts The Victory Fund selected Fair because: 1. he would be the only openly gay
person on the Board of Aldermen and 2. he would be the only the second ever
Powers of Attorney Living Wills openly gay member of the board.
Partnership & Prenuptial Agreements I am honored to be selected by the national Victory Fund, Fair told the Blade.
We have fought hard for LGBT equality in Frederick City and this is another step
(240) 778-2330 (703) 536-0220 in that direction.
The primary takes place in September and the general election is in November.
Community Cares Project announces retreat
Serving the LGBT Community
in DC/MD/VA since 1983 The Community Cares Project will hold its rst Brotherhood in Advocacy,
Leadership Retreat for LGBT men, ages 21-30 living in the northeastern U.S.The
event takes place Aug. 24-27 at the Radisson Hotel Baltimore Downtown-Inner

Lawrence S. Jacobs/McMillan Metro, PC Harbor, 101 W. Fayette St.

The Community Cares Project, a non-prot community-based organization,
hosts monthly safe space events to increase leadership skills and build social
networks as a means to prepare men to serve in local community initiatives that
impact HIV prevention and treatment for same gender loving (SGL) black men.
The Brotherhood in Advocacy, Leadership Development Retreat will serve as a skills building weekend for LGBTQ men who are interested in developing

Love, hope, Cosmetic, Implants, Sleep Apnea, Sedation

innovative solutions to the HIV epidemic and improving their community
organizing and advocacy skills, Cody Lopez, .founder and CEO of The Community

Care Project, told the Blade.
CALL TODAY WEEKEND HOURS MULTILINGUAL The mission of the Community Cares Project is to empower LGBTQ men
in Baltimore through informal community networking events that provide the

family, We believe we can make the

dental experience better.
tools needed to begin transitioning into a formal role in the HIV prevention and
treatment eld as community advisory board members or agents of change

security. within the local Baltimore community, says Lopez who previously served as the
Program Coordinator for Morgan State Universitys School of Community Health
and Policy.
The retreat will kick o with a Meet and Greet and will feature various breakfast
and lunch plenary sessions, motivational speakers, and workshops. Among the
topics to be discussed are: HIV in America, What is Leadership, Activism
Some things we all have in vs. Advocacy, Self-Care in Advocacy, PrEP and TasP, and Community
common. Mobilization and Best Practices.
Theres nobody like me to protect the DentalBug Sta 2016-2017 In addition, there will be networking opportunities, a community organization
things we all value. Like a good neighbor, exhibit and The Community Cares Leadership Awards ceremony.
State Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY.

R O Oinformation
F and to register, visit

REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of
proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of
Workshop to offer nutrition tips for LGBT seniors
NS the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts
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GN responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users
EVISIONS can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or
any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any Nutrition tips for LGBT seniors will be the topic at the next Lunch and Learn
/LOGO REVISIONS copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair

ADVERTISER SIGNATURE workshop oered by the LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care.
competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of Jeanette Suh
anti-discrimination law or regulation,
SIONS or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown DMDnaff pitts omnimedia llc (dbaJohn
the Tsaknis
washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and allDDS
liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses thatHodas
Maria may be incurred
By signing
Chase Brexton nutritionist Tiana Matthews-Martinez MS, RD, LDN will present
proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the
newspaper. This includes but is not limited to placement,
The Art of Nutrition: Are You Eating Your Rainbow? on July 13 from noon-1:30
by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertisers breach of any of the foregoing
DDS representations payment and insertion schedule.
and warranties.

p.m. in the community rooms at Chase Brextons Mt. Vernon Center, 1111 N.
Charles St. in Baltimore.
Jonna S Wooten, Agent
Bus: 703-560-7804 No matter your budget, current health status, or cultural background, practicing good nutrition with moderate exercise can have great benets to your
overall health and well-being, said Matthews-Martinez.
For more information, you may contact to or call 410-
837-2050 extension 1107.
1221 Mass. Ave, NW 202.628.7979 (Free Parking) STEVE CHARING
703 D Street, NW 202.628.1288
1101022.1 State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL LEnfant Plaza,SW Promenade #325 202.628.2177

HE A LTH NEW S J U L Y 07, 2017 17

HIV self-testing kits to be offered in U.K.

LONDON A study in London is being conducted to determine if free HIV
home testing kits will reduce cases of undiagnosed HIV, MedicalXPress reports.
The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Public Health England
are conducting an online study with the National Institute for Health Research
to help get things started. Hook-up apps, social media and LGBT media are also
being used.
Subbed SELPHI, this randomized trial group will oer some of those who
register a free HIV self-testing kit. Selected participants can then test a sample of Educated at Brown, Harvard,
their blood or saliva and provide the result via a survey without having to attend
a clinic or other health care setting
and Johns Hopkins
Currently most HIV tests are conducted in genito-urinary medicine (GUM) Washingtonian Magazine Top Doc
clinics. It is thought that some men may be more likely to test, and to do so
more often using the HIV self-testing kits, because this method is more private, US News & World Report
quick and convenient than visiting a clinic. The tests are quite straightforward
the individual just has to take a sample of blood and process it themselves,
Top 1% of Doctors in USA
MedicalXPress reports. Dual Board Certified:
Professor Sheena McCormack (MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL) who is jointly
leading the study with Dr. Alison Rodger (UCL Institute for Global Health) said, Facial Plastic Surgery
The number of new HIV diagnoses in gay and bisexual men is still depressingly Body Plastic Surgery
high in the U.K. Over half of men who have sex with men test less frequently
than recommended and around a quarter have not done so at all. It is currently
thought that around 13 percent of those of with HIV are unaware of their status.

Drug use higher among NYCs LGBT students

NEW YORK Drug use in New York Citys public high schools is higher among
LGBT students and those questioning their sexuality than among heterosexual
students, according to reports from the citys Health Department, Crains New
York reports.
Gay and bisexual students and those unsure about their sexuality were
twice as likely as their straight counterparts to report using illegal drugs in their
lifetime, according to the 2015 survey cited in the report.
About 8 percent of straight high school students reported using illegal drugs,
compared with 16 percent of gay and bisexual students and 17 percent of
questioning students, Crains reports.
Notably, questioning students were four times as likely as straight students to
have tried heroin.
The study also found disparities in the misuse of prescription drugs.
Transgender students were three times as likely as non-transgender students
to report having misused opioid analgesics such as Oxycontin and Percocet in Laser Liposuction
the last year, while gay and bisexual students were more than twice as likely as Pec and Ab Etching
straight students to report such misuse, the survey found.
Facial Rejuvenation
Study nds anxiety higher in bi U.K. residents Gynecomastia
Laser Hair Removal
LONDON Bisexual people are nearly 80 percent more likely to report feeling Botox & Skin Care
anxious than the average person, new research has shown according to Pink Transgender Surgeries
News, a U.K. gay media site.
LGB people all feel overwhelmingly less worthwhile and satised with their Ultherapy
lives than straight people. The statistics, released by the Oce of National

Statistics in honor of Pride, show that LGB people also report feeling less happy
and more anxious than their straight British counterparts. This is particularly

true of bisexual people, who were also 40 percent more likely to describe
themselves as unhappy.
Gay and lesbian people also responded in a troubling fashion, with ndings
showing that this segment of the population was 50 percent more likely to
report feeling anxiety.
Gay and lesbian respondents were also shown to be 25 percent more likely to
describe themselves as being unhappy than the average person, Pink News reports.
The data collected from heterosexual people shows nothing signicantly
dierent from the average person in terms of quality of life.
In contrast, lesbians, gay men and bisexual people described themselves as
having a below-average quality of life in every single category. Around one-third
of bisexual people reported high levels of anxiety.
About 300,000 people over the age of 16 between January 2013 and December
2015 were surveyed to nd the results, Pink News reports.

BR OC K PA PE R S C IS S OR S J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 2 1
ISSN: 0278-9892


Goodbye to Town
PO Box 53352
Washington DC 20009
PUBLISHED BY Have we gentried away our
Brown Na Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
PUBLISHER own clubs and safe spaces?
LYNNE J. BROWN ext. 8075
EDITOR For some time, people have been writing the
KEVIN NAFF ext. 8088
obituary for the gay bar. Im not quite there yet.
SR. NEWS REPORTER movement progresses, certain things any real spaces minority groups set up
LOU CHIBBARO JR. BROCK THOMPSON is a D.C.-based freelance get left behind. There was a grittiness, for themselves, will always have value ext. 8079 writer. He writes regularly for the Blade.
a certain freedom of movement and and need. After all, one cannot overem-
CHRIS JOHNSON expression that went along with being phasize the importance of being able to ext. 8083 It was announced last week, landing like on the margins. As Town announced enter a space, in practically every city in
REPORTER & INTERNATIONAL NEWS EDITOR an anvil on social media, Town Dancebou- its impending closure, making way for countless countries, and knowing you
MICHAEL K. LAVERS tique, the Districts only real queer dance condos, many in the gay community have at least one thing in common with
POP CULTURE REPORTER club, has only a year left before it closes were openly wondering if weve effec- everyone in the room.
MARIAH COOPER its doors forever. Yes, we have Cobalt and tively out-gentrified ourselves. So what will happen now? We have a
PHOTO EDITOR Flash, but we all know Town stands apart For some time, people have been year. And in a city such as ours, a year can
from the rest. The reaction to the news writing the obituary for the gay bar. Im make a whole lot of dierence. Lets not
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS was swift, and, as if an old friend had an- not quite there yet. Gay bars and clubs, break out the black armbands just yet.
PETER ROSENSTEIN, MARK LEE, nounced on Facebook he was moving
LATEEFAH WILLIAMS, KATE CLINTON, away for good, people began to mourn.
MAXIMILLIAN SYCAMORE What is Town, anyway? Or more E D I T O RI A L CA RT O O N
CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION precisely, what does Town represent
AZERCREATIVE.COM to us? A place for a bear happy hour,
SALES & ADMINISTRATION country and western line dancing,
STEPHEN RUTGERS drag shows, a beer garden, dance par- ext. 8077 ties, a place where we came to raise
SR. ACCT. EXECUTIVE funds for the Pulse victims. A place as
BRIAN PITTS large as Town is, the landscape and ext. 8089
ACCT. EXECUTIVE environment can change by the hour,
SIRIWAT PATHARAPANUPATH by the room, by the music, to accom- ext. 8078 modate most any taste or preference
JOE HICKLING ext. 8094
of a diverse urban queer community.
CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING/ADMINISTRATION To those new to the city and to dance
PHILLIP G. ROCKSTROH clubs, perhaps freshly out of college ext. 8092 or freshly out altogether, stepping
RIVENDELL MEDIA out onto the dance floor at Town and
212-242-6863; at clubs like it was stepping out into
For distribution, contact Lynne Brown at 202-747-2077, something much larger, a space allow-
ext. 8075. Distributed by MediaPoint, LLC ing for a new expression. My friend
All material in the Washington Blade is protected by federal copyright law
James likened Town to that hip aunt
and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Washing-
ton Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers, writers
that always knew, the one you could
and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor implied. The
appearance of names or pictorial representation does not necessarily
really be yourself around. To those of
indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons. Although the us whove been in the District a de-
Washington Blade is supported by many ne advertisers, we cannot ac-
cept responsibility for claims made by advertisers. Unsolicited editorial cade or more, Town reminded us of
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or edit any submission. A single copy of the Washington Blade is available
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free distribution point, you may receive a 52-week mailed subscription for
$195 per year or $5.00 per single issue. Checks or credit card orders can be the venue for another world.
sent to Phil Rockstroh at Postmaster: Send
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at Washington, D.C., and additional mailing oces. Editorial positions
of the Washington Blade are expressed in editorials and in editors er space, which I sincerely hope they
notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are those
of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the do. This might prove to be challenging.
Washington Blade or its sta. To submit a letter or commentary: Let-
ters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer Opening 10 years ago, we can perhaps
than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length,
and must include a name, address and phone number for verication. all agree that 10 years is a long time
Send submissions by e-mail to
in a city such as this. People come and
go, the city itself changed, and finding
a warehouse space such as that may
be difficult. Progress can be tricky, as
the city progresses, and the LGBTQ

2 2 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 I N SI D E LG BT W A SH I N G T O N

Paul Kuhns for mayor of Rehoboth Beach

Put an end to incompetent competent decision was to build the new
government in resort town City Hall complex currently going up on
Rehoboth Avenue. Because of poor plan-
ning and the mayor making many deci-
sions on the project in secret, the un-
sightly edice known to many as Coopers
Palace (Sam Cooper being the name of
the current mayor) is millions of dollars
over budget and way behind schedule.
In a recent letter to the Cape Gazette, a
resident of the city said he and his wife
PETER ROSENSTEIN is a D.C.-based LGBT rights Recently walked down Rehoboth Av-
and Democratic Party activist. He writes regularly enue and passed our new (unnished)
for the Blade.
$22,000,000 City Hall. He added what
impressed me the most was the cost of
the $22,000,000 building worked out to
The City of Rehoboth Beach is a small over $13,500 for each of the 1,624 reg-
community in Sussex County, the south- istered Rehoboth voters. Many voters
ernmost county in Delaware. Thousands in the city who I have talked to hope this
like me rst got to know it as a summer obscenity is the nal act for this mayor
vacation destination. Today, it is home and that the majority of voters will have
to a small group of 1,624 actual voters, reached a point where they will no longer
those who own property within the city tolerate incompetent leadership.
limits and are eligible to vote. If you are The voters are lucky because this year
one of the lucky ones who owns property there is a great alternative who has tossed
in the city, you need to register to vote by his hat into the ring. His name is Paul Kuhns
the deadline which is on or before July 13. and he currently serves on the Board of
As a property owner you are eligible to Commissioners. Kuhns is a longtime resi-
vote even if you dont live there full time. dent of Rehoboth and a businessman in
By law you can vote in Rehoboth Beach the city. He has a comprehensive under-
elections even if you normally vote in standing of budgets and reality. He has
Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Philadelphia or been speaking to voters and explaining,
somewhere else. You can also register There are critical nancial, environmen-
and request an absentee ballot if you tal and quality of life issues that require
wont be in town on Aug. 12. With such a a studied long view, with a contemporary
small number of voters you have an even vision. Its time to let the sun shine on all
greater responsibility to do your civic city activities, be totally accountable to the
duty. You can vote by absentee ballot.An citizens, and be proactive in every area of
adavit must be completed. Adavits our government.
may be downloadedfrom the citys web- Kuhns added, As mayor, I want to work Vote PAUL KUHNS for Rehoboth Beach mayor.
site or by calling City Hall at 302-227-6181 with all of the commissioners to discuss
to request an adavit be mailed to you ideas and form solutions. I want to be a
Many dont realize the Rehoboth Beach part of great team rather than try to be City of Rehoboth can make a real dier- grow the person elected mayor must un-
zip code, 19971, includes thousands the only one on the eld. We are a sub- ence in their town. Electing Paul Kuhns derstand the world as it is today and not
whose homes and businesses include stantial tourist destination as well as a as mayor will see Rehoboth Beach grow govern like the current mayor who ap-
the address Rehoboth Beach but who great place to live. We must be able to in positive ways over the next decades. pears to be living in the past building a
live outside the approximately one mile balance tourism with a high quality of life So voters can either reelect a mayor who city hall palace without any regard for the
boundaries of the actual city and arent for our residents. We need to encourage doesnt believe in, or understand, long- people of the town who have to pay for it.
eligible to vote in the Aug. 12 election for close relationships with our local, county term capital planning and who chooses If you have questions for Paul Kuhns he
mayor and City Commission. But what and state peers in order to work on issues to run the city on a day-to-day basis; or has shared his email and phone number
happens in the City of Rehoboth impacts that continue to aect us all. Under the they can elect Kuhns who has promised with the people of the City of Rehoboth
their lives and property values so it makes current mayor, those relationships do not that among other things he will focus on Beach, which is a clear indication of the
the 1,624 voters even more important. exist today. I will work to ensure there is process. He said Our city government kind of hands-on and transparent mayor
For the past 30 years, the denizens of complete community outreach because I lacks formal policies and procedures that he will be. He can be reached at kuhnsfor-
the City of Rehoboth have elected the understand there are many more people should be inherent in any orderly city, or at 302-430-8484
same mayor. A mayor who over the years in the 19971 zip code that are impacted by government. Our policies must be much and is happy to answer any specic ques-
has made homophobic remarks; who what we do in our one square mile city. more proactive. Currently, the city is only tions you may have. You should also plan
apparently doesnt really understand, or The current mayor clearly sees himself reactive after continued complaints. This to attend the candidate forum at CAMP
want to acknowledge, how the business as an entity unto himself. He likes work- may have worked in the 80s when we on Friday, July 28 at 6 p.m., 37 Baltimore
community in the city drives tourism; ing alone, having secret meetings with were a sleepy little town outside of the Ave. in Rehoboth Beach. You can hear for
who often conducts the business of the city sta and contractors, keeping elected summer season, but it is not responsible yourself why Paul Kuhns will make a great
city in secret; who was born into wealth commissioners in the dark. If you take management today. mayor for the City of Rehoboth Beach.
owning a large compound in the city and the time to look at the City of Rehoboth Those like myself who have been com- For questions or other information
has a personal interest in keeping prop- website you might not even know that a ing to Rehoboth Beach for decades love regarding elections, registration to vote
erty taxes low and nding ways to tax ev- City Board of Commissioners exists. Paul that it is still in some ways the town we and absentee ballots contact Donna
eryone else to pay the bills. Kuhns will change that. rst fell in love with. At the same time we Moore at 302-227-6181, ext. 108, or email
His latest, and hopefully the last, in- On Aug. 12, the 1,624 voters in the understand for the city to prosper and

O U R B US I NES S MATTER S J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 2 3

Wage study warning on too-high, too-fast minimums

companying danger of declining net incomes second phase on the way to $15. The orchestrated Berkeley report was
caused by reduced work hours as a conse- The study indicated that lower-wage em- overshadowed by the more thorough and
quence of accelerated wage hikes have con- ployees not losing their jobs, including those sophisticated University of Washington study
tributed to growing caution. Barriers to em- earning up to $19, on average worked nearly dominating discussion by economists, policy-
ployment for lesser-skilled workers in need of 10 percent fewer hours. This resulted in an av- makers, and the public.
jobs but priced-out of hiring consideration erage $1,500 net decline in annual low-wage Another setback last week for minimum-
have also recommended a slowdown in statu- worker incomes due to reduced job hours put wage-revisionist proponents was Maines leg-
MARK LEE is a long-time entrepreneur tory increases. in place by employers struggling to balance islature restoring the tip credit wage system
and community business advocate. Follow Perversely and not without irony, a moti- the bottom line. after tipped employees pleaded they do so.
on Twitter: @MarkLeeDC. Reach him at vation for states to enact higher-than-bene- Even worse for the Fight for 15 crowd, this Forcing restaurants and bars to pay tipped
cial minimum wage levels is that doing so development was accompanied by news of employees the full minimum wage rather
reduces Medicaid rolls by pushing part-time a study shopping scandal involving Seattle than a base wage with minimum wage guar-
Recent attempts to hyper-hike minimum and low-wage workers above income eligi- Mayor Ed Murray. antee results in lost jobs, reduced hours, and
wage levels to $15 hit a hard wall of resistance bility restrictions. Murray, a $15 minimum wage proponent, signicant drops in income only partly due re-
over the past year that intensied last week. Dead-ending the largely failed attempt to was desperate to minimize the impact and ductions or terminations in customer tipping.
Outside a small number of cities and even mandate too steep hikes in minimum wage undermine the ndings of the city-funded The D.C. Council last year rejected end-
fewer states, broad public support for raising rates is new data indicating smaller paychecks report. He panicked once the highly qualied ing the tip-wage system when overwhelming
the national minimum wage above the cur- for many at the lower-end of the wage scale and unbiased research team, including eco- numbers of servers and bartenders urged
rent $7.25 has failed to induce a phased-in $15 as the result. nomic experts from across the policy spec- them to preserve the tip credit to protect
rate most everywhere. Existing variable state Last weeks release of a study taking a more trum, passed along preliminary ndings in their livelihoods and good wages.
and local minimum pay levels above the fed- comprehensive look at the real-world conse- advance of public release. D.C., currently increasing the local mini-
eral rate have also stayed fairly static. quences for workers of raising the minimum The worried mayor hoped the University mum wage by 180 percent in only six years
Prevailing are commonsense market- wage too high and too fast in a city implement- of Californias Berkeley Labor Center would and scheduled to reach $15 mid-2020, is also
place realities and economist warnings of ing an eventual $15 wage minimum provided churn out another predictable analysis mask- planning to conduct a wage policy evaluation.
downsides and trade-os in setting mini- another red ag. ing the negative ramications of fast-and-large Unknown is whether local politicians
mum wages above the $9-to-$10 range that An in-depth University of Washington re- minimum wage hikes. The scholarly credibility will commission a legitimate independent
the CBO established as the threshold for port, commissioned by the Seattle city govern- of the perceived-for-hire Berkeley group was study and comprehensive analysis, or a
mitigating harm to workers when evaluating ment, detailed a large and negative eect on further damaged and Murrays motivations Berkeley-style report designed to rubber-
only job-loss implications. the earnings of lower-wage workers as the lo- politically backred by media exposure of cor- stamp their decision.
Emerging new evidence regarding the ac- cal minimum wage rose from $11 to $13 in a respondence between them.

Dyke March aims for safe space for all unless youre Jewish
By IAN SUGAR prominence on the Israeli ag, the rst arche- rael. While one can and should speak out is still illegal. They should support the thou-
ological example of the symbol can be found against Israeli government policies when sands of LGBTQ Palestinians who seek and
Pride weekend is a celebration unlike any in Israel, appearing in a stone from a 3rd or their conscience demands it, this act clearly receive refuge in Israel, who fear that return-
other. For LGBTQ activists like myself, it is 4th century synagogue. The star continues to not only crossed, but also demolished any ing home would lead to certain violence and
an opportunity to bring our diverse com- appear through the historical record into the line Israels enemies claim exists between likely death.
munity together. To celebrate how far we Middle Ages and into the 20th century. anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. One day, if we stick together, we can all
have come. And to honor the lives of those The history turns darker before and dur- The most meaningful part of Pride each march together in Ramallah or Gaza City to
brave men and women whose shoulders ing World War II, when Jews in Nazi Germany year is beholding the immense diversity of celebrate what brings us together, and not
we stand on, who fought tirelessly for equal and across occupied Europe were severely the people who just show up: cis people what drives us apart. Sadly, this is not pos-
rights for all people. Oh, and to have just a punished for not identifying themselves and trans people, straight allies, Muslims, sible today.
little bit of fun. clearly with the star on their clothing. Later, Christians, Jews, atheists, conservatives, American Jews have been on the forefront
And so it was profoundly disappointing to Jews were forced to wear the star on their liberals, people of color and whites, and ev- of every civil rights movement in American
read reports from the recent Dyke March, a uniforms in the death camps before being eryone in between. We rally under the rain- history - from supporting better working con-
separate but conuent event with Chicagos murdered in gas chambers. All in all, more bow ag to show our support for all LGBTQ ditions for workers during the industrial revo-
traditional annual Pride parade. The Dyke than six million Jews were exterminated dur- people, including the many millions around lution, to the ght for womens surage, to
March was supposed to be intersectional, ing the Holocaust. the world struggling for basic equality. the bloody civil rights movement for people
sold by its organizers as more inclusive But before historys greatest criminal en- From Syria to Russia, from Nigeria to Iran, of color, to the right for marriage equality.
and more social justice-oriented. Just that terprise, righteous gentiles around Europe and from Jamaica to Palestine, LGBTQ peo- Jews have consistently fought for the rights
their inclusiveness and justice-oriented world stood with their Jewish compatriots by wear- ple cannot be who they are. They must hide of the marginalized and oppressed. And
stopped with the Jews. At the event, three ing the star in the streets. This act of mean- in the shadows or risk arrest, torture, and yet the Jewish community faces new dan-
queer women were asked to leave the march ingful resistance helped defy the Nazi invad- execution by barbaric regimes whose intol- gers from the far-right and the far-left. Hate
because they were holding a rainbow ag ers and was a powerful show of solidarity erance knows no bounds. crimes against Jews are on the rise. Our cem-
adorned with the Jewish Star of David. The with their Jewish friends and compatriots. The Dyke March organizers have a eteries are being defaced, and our students
women were bullied by being asked if they Like the brave European gentiles who standing invitation to join me in Israel for are being bullied on college campuses.
were Zionists.When they answered in the af- proudly wore their Star of David under Nazi next years Pride to see for themselves the Laying the seeds of peace and tolerance
rmative, this was so upsetting to marchers dictatorship, the Dyke March organizers thriving pluralistic democracy that exists in isnt easy. Advancing the rights of all margin-
and organizers that they were triggered and had an opportunity to embrace the symbol a region lled with intolerance and hate, in- alized people across the world will require
made to feel unsafe. in the spirit of resistance. Instead, the orga- cluding Palestine where LGBTQ people are hard work from everyone. Even if youre
The Star of David, of course, has only re- nizers accomplished something very dier- routinely harassed. openly Jewish.
cently been used to identify with Zionism and ent and sinister. If they really are what they claim to be,
the State of Israel, and it is indeed used today They acted so that any openly Jewish they should join me and many others in de- IAN SUGAR is the chief of sta of The Israel
as a symbol of modern Jewish identity and person does not have a place under the manding equal rights for Palestinians in the Project (TIP), and a member of the Gay &
Lesbian Victory Funds Campaign Board of
Judaism. Despite its recent renaissance and rainbow ag unless they denounce Is- West Bank and Gaza, where homosexuality Directors.
2 4 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M









S U MM ER I N TH E C ITY J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 2 5

The 17th Street Festival returns Saturday, Aug. 26.


Never a dull moment


As always, the District has no shortage Scandalous Summer Night on Saturday, La Ti Dos are on Aug. 7 and 21. Street corridor. Details at
of summer events whether you want to July 15 at DIK Bar (1637 17th St., N.W.) Genderqueer D.C. has its monthly The OutWrite LGBT Book Festival
lounge at a pool party, walk in a protest, from 7-11 p.m. meeting on Tuesday, July 25 at the D.C. runs Aug. 4-6 featuring LGBT authors, at
nd a new LGBT rec. league or whatever. A ladies tea will be held at Hanks Center (2000 14th St., N.W., suite 105). The the D.C. Center (2000 14th St., suite 105
Most of these events have Facebook Cocktail Bar (819 Upshur St., N.W.) on August meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 22. N.W.). Its free. Details at
pages. If no URL is given, search for the Saturday, July 15 from 3-6 p.m. A Drag Salute to Divas & Devos is BLUF: D.C. is Sunday, Aug. 6 at the D.C.
event there. The No Kings Collective celebrates its Thursday, July 27 at the Kennedy Centers Eagle and every rst Sunday of the month.
Several more Pride events are eight-year anniversary and the new mural Millennium Stage at 6 p.m. Its free. Cockblocked, a storytelling event, is at
coming soon including Panhandle on Whitman-Walkers Elizabeth Taylor The D.C. Rawhides perform line Town (2009 8th St., N.W.) on Tuesday, Aug. 8.
(in Shepherdstown, W.Va.) Pride on Building on Saturday, July 15 from 5-10 p.m. dancing at Bear Happy Hour at Town A community forum on LGBT faith
Saturday, July 8; Hagerstown (Md.) Pride War on the Catwalk: the Queens (2009 8th St., N.W.) on Friday, July 28 and issues will be held on Saturday, Aug. 12
on Saturday, July 15; and Shenandoah from Season 9 features alums of this Aug. 25. Theyre there every fourth Friday from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Smithsonians
Valley Pride on Sunday, July 23. Youth season of RuPauls Drag Race on Sunday, of the month. Anacostia Community Museum (1901
Pride in D.C. has been postponed July 16 at the Warner Theatre (513 13th The National Rally for Healthcare: Our Fort Pl. S.E.). Tickets at
again. The Youth Pride Alliance plans a St., N.W.) featuring Sasha, Eureka, Trinity, Lives Are On the Line is Saturday, July 29. The Capital Area Gay & Lesbian
discussion forum on Saturday, July 15 Aja and Farrah. Trixie Mattel hosts. Tickets The Masculine of Center Conference, Chamber of Commerce has an LGBT
at Whitman-Walker Health to hear what at a weekend to unbox the issues business enterprise certication workshop
the community wants. No further details The Kinsey Sicks bring Things You that concern the multi-faceted LBT at the national chambers headquarters
were available. Shouldnt Say to Theater J (1529 16th St., community, is July 28-30 at Tysons Corner (729 15th St., N.W.) on Wednesday, Aug.
The monthly Distrkt C party has events N.W.) July 19-30. Details at Marriott (8028 Leesburg Pike, Tysons, 16 at 9:30 a.m. Tickets at
at 10 p.m. on Saturday, July 8 (Teddy Bear Cyndi Lauper plays Jiy Lube Live Va.). Details at BARE has its eighth annual White Party
Romp) and Saturday, Aug. 12 (Winter (7800 Cellar Door, Bristow, Va.) with Rod Queen and Adam Lambert play the at Cobalt on Saturday, Aug. 19.
White) at the Eagle (3701 Benning Rd., Stewart on Wednesday, July 19. Verizon Center on Monday, July 31. The 17th Street Festival runs noon-6
N.E.). Details at An education march will be held on Paint Nite D.C. has an art-and- p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 26. Tickets are $10.
Stonewall Sports has its national Saturday, July 22. cocktails event at Nellies Sports Bar (900 Tuesday Night Movies at 1905 (1905
tournament July 14-16 on the National Kink Fest: a Leather and Fetish Expo U St., N.W.) on Monday, July 31 at 7 p.m. 9th St., N.W.) screens All About Eve on
Mall. Details at stonewallsports. is Sunday, July 23 at the D.C. Eagle (3701 Details at Tuesday, Aug. 29 at 8:30 p.m. Benning Rd., N.E.). The 18th annual Mid-City Dog Days Cher returns to the MGM
BARE by the Ladies of LURe is Saturday, La Ti Dos July installment features doo- Sidewalk Sale kicks o Friday, Aug. 4 at 6 National Harbor Aug. 31-Sept. 10.
July 15 at Cobalt (1639 R St., N.W.). wop songs. Its Monday, July 24 at Bistro p.m. at Miss Pixies (1626 14th St., N.W.). Tickets at or
Washington Scandals Rugby have A Bistro (1727 Connecticut Ave., N.W.). August The sale runs Aug. 5-6 on the 14th and U
2 6 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 SU MME R I N T H E CI T Y

Staying chill

While a Dairy Queen Blizzard is always blend-ins. In addition, Thomas Sweet endless. For more information and baked right on the truck including vegan
nice, if youre looking for something o the also makes its own pastries from scratch contest rules, visit cookies. Customers can order milk to
beaten path, these 10 spots oer sweet and roasts its own coee beans. The rst Dolcezza Gelato (1704 Connecticut accompany their cookie or order a cookie
ways to cool o in D.C. this summer. store opened in Princeton, N.J., but the Ave., N.W.) works with local farmers to sandwich with a hearty scoop of ice cream
Westrays Finest Ice Cream opened in D.C. location has become well regarded, bring various avors of gelato and sorbet. in the middle. The schedule for the truck
August of 2015 and is a food truck that moves boasting customers such as former Flavors like Thai Coconut Milk and White can be located at
throughout downtown D.C. Westray Paul, the President Barack Obama. For more Nectarine rotate with the season for Capital City Creamery (3023 Martin
owner, prides himself on his companys use information, visit sustainability and freshness purposes. Luther King, Jr., Ave., S.E.) has a cozy
of local fresh ingredients. Westrays makes all Pitango Gelato (413 7th St., N.W.) There are also locations in Bethesda, corner store feel. It serves ice cream,
batches by hand and has a variety of avors, was founded in 2006 by Noah Dan who Fairfax and Logan Circle. For more fresh frozen custard, Italian ice, as well as
including Southern Maple Cornbread. To nd fell in love with gelato after spending information, visit snacks like nachos. For more information,
out where to nd the truck and for more his summers in Italy. Pitango also has a Nicecream (2831 Clarendon Blvd., visit
information, visit location in southeast D.C. as well as Fells Arlington, Va.) has about 80 avors of Pleasant Pops Farmhouse (1781
Dolci Gelati Cafe (1420 8th St., N.W.) Point. All locations have something in ice cream and freezes each scoop on the Florida Ave., N.W.) specializes in popsicles
also prides itself on using ingredients common: certied organic dairy. For more spot using liquid nitrogen for an exciting using farm-fresh ingredients. There are
from local dairy farms. Dolci has vegan information, visit twist. For details, visit dairy and non-dairy options, and avors
oerings as well as smoothies, cookie Mr. Yogato (1515 17th St., N.W.) adds Captain Cookie and the Milk Man is like Mexican Chocolate and Blueberry
sandwiches and customized milkshakes. fun to frozen yogurt with trivia, sing a food truck serving the D.C. area with Pancake if youre looking for something
For details, visit alongs and Seinfeld Mega Challenges. a agship location at 2000 Pennsylvania dierent. There is a subsequent location
Thomas Sweet (3214 P St., N.W.) With about 40 toppings and 18 yogurt Ave., N.W. As one could expect, Captain on 15th St., N.W. For more information,
serves ice cream, sorbet and their famous avors, the combinations are seemingly Cookie specializes in homemade cookies visit
S U MM ER I N TH E C ITY J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 2 7

One of the photos in the SHARKS: On Assignment with Brian Skerry.


Sharks are Skerry!


Hot summer days are a great time to Foundry Gallery (2118 8th St., The National Museum of American advanced and beginner gardeners. For
stay cool indoors while learning about a N.W.) presents, A Mathematically History (14th St. and Constitution Ave., more details, visit
range of topics including science, art and Transformed World, an exhibit by N.W.) presents JFK Centennial Celebration, National Geographic Museum (1145
history. Whether its with kids, friends, a artist Allen Hirsh, through July 30. Hirsh a commemoration of John F. Kennedys 17th St., N.W.) presents SHARKS: On
signicant other or even a solo trip there distorted images, ranging from abstract 100th birthday anniversary, through Aug. 27. Assignment with Brian Skerry through
are plenty of museum options to take landscapes to President Donald Trump, The showcase will display nine photographs Oct. 15. Skerry is an Award-winning
advantage of in the city. using mathematical programs he of Kennedy and his family taken in 1961. National Geographic photographer who
Renwick Gallery is oering Parallax Gap, designed himself. Admission is free. Visit It will be included as part of the American documented sharks using photography.
designed by architectural design practice for more details. Presidency exhibit. Visit americanhistory. His work highlights the importance of
FreelandBuck through Feb. 11, 2018. The Connecting the Dots by Claudia for more details. sharks in the ecosystem and explores
piece will be suspended from the ceiling Samper, an exhibit consisting of drawings, Artechouse D.C. (1238 Maryland why they should be protected and
and surround the length of the Renwick. paintings and transparencies, is on Ave., S.W.) presents XYZT: Abstract appreciated. The exhibit also includes
The installation combines both Eastern and display at Touchstone Gallery (901 New Landscapes, an interactive, sensory models, large-scale images, videos,
Western perspectives in nine depictions of York Ave., N.W.) from July 5-30. Sampers experience, through Sept. 3. Visitors can artifacts, and interactive experiences.
famous American buildings. For more details, work uses avian imagery to examine experience walking on grass or touching Skerrys new National Geographic book
visit human communication. Touchstone sand using modern technology to create SHARK is an accompanied piece to the
National Building Museum (401 F St., Gallery will also present its Touchstone a realistic, virtual reality. Guests can view exhibit. Regular tickets are $15. Member,
N.W.) hosts Hive, a large-scale model built Gallery Member Show and work from the exhibit during daytime hours from 10 student, military and senior tickets are
from 2,700 wound paper tubes, from July youth and adults from New Community a.m.-4 p.m. or evening hours from 5:30- $12. Children tickets are $10. Tickets
4-Sept. 4. The installation is 60 feet tall with ArtSpace. Free admission. For more 10 p.m. Guests six and up are invited to also give entry into National Geographic
a reective silver exterior and magenta information, visit the daytime showing. Visitors must be Presents: Earth Explorers, an interactive
interior. Other Hive summer programming The National Museum of Natural 21 and over for evening hours. General exhibit that lets visitors emulate National
include behind-the-scenes construction History (10th St. and Constitution Ave., admission tickets are $15. Tickets for Geographic explorers in the eld. For more
tours and an after-hours program for teens N.W.) opens Narwhal: Revealing an Arctic children, students and seniors is $10. For information, visit
on Aug. 10. Tickets are $16 for adults, $14 Legend on Aug. 3 through 2019. The more information, visit dc/exhibitions/sharks.
for students and seniors and $5 for Blue exhibit will explore the connection between U.S. Botanical Garden Conservatory Drawing Justice: the Art of Courtroom
Star children ages 3 and up.The museum narwhals and the Inuit. Guests can see real (100 Maryland Ave., S.W.) hosts You Can Illustration is at the Library of Congress
will also host Hill Country Backyard narwhal tusks and skulls, Inuit artwork and Grow It through Oct. 15. Visitors can (101 Independence Ave., S.E.) through
Barbecue on the West Lawn on Thursdays cultural artifact. An 18-foot, life-sized model explore the outdoor and indoor gardens Oct. 28. Original art depicting courtroom
and Fridays from 4-9 p.m. and Saturdays of a narwhal will be suspended above while learning the basics of growing dynamics from cases in the last 50 years are
and Sundays from 11 a.m.-9 p.m.For more the rst oor. For more information, visit plants and how to solve plant problems. on display in the Thomas Jeerson Building.
information, visit The exhibit is recommended for both For more details, visit
S U MM ER I N TH E C ITY J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 3 3

ANDREW BRADY, left, and husband BEN FISHEL, D.C. residents, atop Buck Mountain in Lake
George, N.Y. They hiked to the top this week to revisit the spot where they got engaged three
years ago. There are lots of great outdoor tness options in D.C. as well, if you know where to


Dont stay sedentary on your staycation!


The summer is the perfect time to PADDLEBOARDING RIDE A HORSE IN zone and still be home in time for lunch.
get outside, enjoy the sunshine and do Details at
something dierent. From cycling and
hiking, to paddle boarding and horse Want to get out on the water? Head Did you know there are horse stables
back riding, D.C. oers an endless array down to the Potomac River where in Rock Creek Park? You can book one-
of outdoor activities, if you just only know you can rent a stand up paddleboard hour trail rides right next to the creek COURSE AT GO APE
where to look. for an active day on calm waters. itself. No experience needed. These arent Go Ape is a treetop adventure course
Its excellent for your core. Some fast gallops, but rather just casual walks on the Maryland side of Rock Creek
yoga classes are even taught on the down the trail. But your thighs will still get Park. Featuring six sections of treetop
CYCLE HAINS POINT OR paddleboards. Looking for something a quality workout. You can pair this with a obstacles leading higher into the forest
THE MT. VERNON TRAIL different? You can rent a kayak or go nature hike to make a full day of it. Youll canopy as well as zip lining and Tarzan
If youre into cycling, D.C. has no rowing as well. barely even realize youre still in the District. swings and more. You can master your
shortage of quality places to ride. Details at fear of heights, challenge yourself to get
While many of those spots are out of your comfort zone and catch some
outside the city, you can get a great
HIKE GREAT FALLS great views. And you can experience
ride without having to travel just by Ever heard of the Billy Goat Trail?
RUN A SPARTAN RACE some quality team building while youre
heading out to Hains point or the Its a beautiful route in Northern With events at Nationals park on at it. Details at
Mt. Vernon Trail. Hains Point offers Virginia with technical trails and Saturday, July 22 and in Maryland on
the benefit of minimal traffic and a beautiful sights. Need something Saturday, Sept. 9, you have multiple Its easy to get stuck in a rut when it
cool breeze that constantly blows off more relaxed? Youll have no trouble attempts to conquer your rst obstacle comes to your routine. Its also easy to
the water that surrounds it. The Mt. finding the perfect route on one of race this summer. Run, jump, climb and forget that theres so much the District
Vernon trail boasts miles of riverside the countless trails throughout Great carry your way through a 3-5 mile event has to oer that isnt highly advertised.
path and gorgeous views of the most Falls. You can piece a nice hike with with about 25 obstacles. The course at But if you know where to look and youre
historic sites in the District from friends together with a picnic to have Nats park is especially appealing given willing to take some initiative, youll nd a
the edge of Virginia. Either route is a relaxing day that allows you to its Metro accessibility and the fact theres range of options to get outside and just do
easily accessible from the National forget about the hustle bustle of the no mud in that race. Its an excellent something dierent. Take advantage this
Mall area. city for a day. opportunity to get out of your comfort summer, because the time is going to y.
3 4 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 SU MME R I N T H E CI T Y

PHILIP FLETCHER as God in The Mark of Cain.


Life is a Cabaret old chum


Youve heard it before and Ill repeat plays 10-person cast includes out actors romantic relationship with then-rst lady Michael Mahler (music and lyrics), Alice
it here: Theater is transportive; it can Jaysen Wright, Alex Mills and Desmond Eleanor Roosevelt. Written and acted by (played by Helen Hayes Award winner
take you places youve never been. And Bing, and local trans actor/author Dane lesbian playwright Terry Baum. Details at Erin Weaver) nds herself in a battle of
while two hours in Cabarets Berlin or Edidi. Details at the bands and triumphantly proves hers
90 minutes with a new singer may not Woolly Mammoth is reprising last Out Helen Hayes award-winning actor worth on keyboard and drums.
be two weeks on the Dalmatian coast, seasons An Octoroon (July 18-Aug. 6) Philip Fletcher is playing God in Synetic Also at Imagination is Ratn en
live performance will add excitement and by playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins Theatres The Mark of Cain (July 19- Movimiento! A New Bilingual Version
adventure to your D.C. staycation. and directed by Nataki Garrett. Its a Aug. 13). An original work from the of Mouse on the Move! (through July 30).
The Kennedy Center continues its provocative and still timely ri on a 19th movement-based company renowned Performed in English and Spanish, the play
summer of musicals all national tours century melodrama that helped shape the for its inventiveness and t actors, follows the adventures of two mice as they
of Broadway revivals. Next up is Kander debate around the abolition of slavery. The The Mark of Cain is described as neo- explore the world out of their mouse-hole.
and Ebbs Cabaret (July 11-Aug. 6), a cast includes talented out actor Jon Hudson surrealist distillation of human history, Details at
backstage story of life and love in Berlins Odom. Details at seen through the eyes of Cain, the worlds And at Adventure Theatre MTC in Glen
decadent Kit Kat Club during the last Olney Theatres summer musical is a rst criminal. Details a Echo Park theres Allison Gregorys Junie
gasp of Germanys Weimar Republic. nontraditional take on Lerner and Loewes For cabaret lovers, theres Creative B. Jones Is Not a Crook (through Aug.
The original source material is gay writer old chestnut My Fair Lady (through July Cauldons Summer Cabaret Series (July 14) based on the book series by Barbara
Christopher Isherwoods enjoyable Berlin 23). Danny Bernardy stars as phonetics 8-Sept. 23) in Falls Church, featuring an Park and staged by out director/actor Rick
Stories, a perfect poolside read. And then professor Henry Higgins who on a bet eclectic collection of seasoned artists. Hammerly. Junie (played by Megan Graves)
comes Rodgers & Hammersteins The makes over Cockney ower seller Eliza Included in the lineup are People with is forced to confront some moral issues
King and I (July 18-Aug. 20), the beloved Doolittle played by Brittany Campbell. Helen Hayes Award-winner, Iyona Blake, after her favorite black mittens disappear.
musical about an English governess The score includes familiar favorites like who takes a look at life through anothers Details at
relationship with a strong-willed monarch The Rain in Spain, On the Street Where perspective; Somewhere Over the Rose, Theres also, as usual, LGBT content at
and his many children. The score includes You Live, and Get Me to the Church on a celebration of Judy Garland and Bette this years Capital Fringe Festival, which
Shall We Dance?, Getting to Know You, Time. Details at Midler with Kathy Halenda; Sedaka is runs through July 30. Among highlights
Something Wonderful and more. Details 1st Stage in Tysons is presenting the Back! with Jim Van Slyke; and Stephen are Last Ditch Playlist by Brad Baron
at Logan Festival of Solo Performance Gregory Smiths Moment, a look back about a rocky romance between two
Studio Theatres summer production is (July 6-16). The one-person works include on the out actors career. Details at young men. It runs in Lab II at Atlas
Wig Out! (July 17-Aug. 17) penned by out second generation Columbian immigrant Performing Arts Center (1333 H St., N.E.)
playwright Tarrell Alvin Mcraneys whose Juan Francisco Villas Empanada for a If keeping kids engaged plays into your through Wednesday, July 12.
In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue Dream, an exploration of what it means staycation, there are plenty of quality youth Drama/mystery Repentance by
inspired the Academy Award-winning to be an American; E.M. Lewis The theater oerings. Imagination Stage in Michael E. Hammond tells of a fallen
lm Moonlight. Wig Out! explores the Gun Show, an entertaining glimpse Bethesda presents Wonderland: Alices priest being tormented by a demon. It
experiences of an unsuspecting young into the divisive issue of gun control Rock & Roll Adventure (through Aug. opens on Thursday, July 13 and runs
man whose new boyfriend draws him in in America; and Hick: A Love Story, 13), a musical take on the classic Lewis through Saturday, July 22 at Shopkeepers
the storied world of African-American drag drawn from actual letters revealing Carrol classic. In this updated version (1231 Florida Ave., N.E.). Full Capital
ball culture. Directed by Kent Gash, the trailblazing journalist Lorena Hickoks by Rachel Rockwell (book and lyrics) and Fringe details at
S U MM ER I N TH E C ITY J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 3 5

Morphosis by SALEM BEIRUTI features artwork of beautiful men. Its one of this summers best
coeetable books.


Summer reading list


One of the nicest things about a After a young painter is stricken with Davis (out now), which questions why than were most heterosexual couples, but
staycation is you nally have a chance to artists block, shes invited to work at a and where as a society, we need gender their state forbade marriage. They sued to
read for pleasure. Here are some books mysterious estate, where she must learn categories anyhow. change that, and this book tells the story.
slated for summer release. to listen to her heart. Thats the basic plot What was it like to be on the front For something on the lighter side, look
The novel lover in you should be happy of The Gallery of Unnished Girls, a lines of activism in the rst days of the for Queer, There, and Everywhere:
to see a new book by John Boyne. Set in young adult novel by Lauren Karcz (July). AIDS epidemic? In The Pox Lover: An 23 People Who Changed the World
Ireland, The Hearts Invisible Furies Will the young woman nd the courage to Activists Decade in New York and by Sarah Prager, illustrated by Zoe More
(August) is the story of a man who is tell her best friend shes in love with her? Paris by Anne-christine dAdesky (out OFerrall (out now). Its a book lled
adopted as a child and spends the rest Or will the estate itself change what she now), youll read about the work done with quick-to-read bios of LGBT game-
of his life trying to get to know who he nds within herself? on several continents to keep the virus changers that you may (or may not have)
really is. If youve ever read Boyne, you If your taste in reading runs more front and center in the minds of those heard of before. Its a fun read for those
know youre in for a treat; if youre new to into biographies, then look for Self- who would have rather forgotten it. But times when you need a distraction that
Boyne, get thee to a bookstore now. Made Woman by Denise Chanterelle this book isnt all serious; surprisingly, you can put down fast.
In A House Among the Trees by Julia DuBois (August). Its the story of a little dAdesky has some fun with her memoir, And nally, if your summer will fail
Glass (out now), a childrens book author boy growing up in the 1960s, at a time and it cant be missed. without a book thats just meant to look at,
dies and leaves everything to his assistant, when people didnt have words for the Accidental Activists: Mark Phariss, then youll want to nd The Box by Ron
who is baed by whats in his will. Shed girl inside the boy. That leads to a lifetime Vic Holmes, and Their Fight for Amato and Morphosis by Salem Beiruti
known him most of her life, through his of ghting past the pain with a dangerous Marriage Equality in Texas by David (out now). Theyre both photography
fame, his secrets and eccentricities and mix of outside methods and, for the Collins, forewords by Evan Wolfson and books from the Bruno Gruemender folks,
his battle with AIDS. But did she really book, an ultimate triumph. You might by Julian Castro (August) tells the story of so you know theyre quality.
know him? As she unravels what hes left also want to look for Beyond Trans: a lawsuit and the men behind it. Phariss And so there you are, books to ll your
her, she looks to a future without him. Does Gender Matter by Heath Fogg and Holmes had been together longer summertime with goodness. Happy reading!
3 6 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 SU MME R I N T H E CI T Y

Succulent seafood selections from the Salt Line.


Beachfront dining without the drive


It may ocially be called the Capitol buttery lobster stued into split top buns, One of the best values is the Rubentis style summer ale packed with fresh
Riverfront, but I like to call it #DCRiviera. soft shell crabs given the spicy Nashville Txakolina, a Spanish oering from the ginger in place of traditional hops.
Wander on any summer day along the treatment, and fried clam bellies straight Basque region laced with bright strawberry Cantina Marina (600 Water St., S.W.;
waterfront area of Southeast D.C. near out of Ipswich. While a frosty Narragansett notes and a touch of saltiness linked to the has been anchoring
the Washington Navy Yard and into the lager goes down a treat with fried vineyards seaside locale; its also slightly the Southwest boat community for more
adjacent Southwest neighborhood, which seafood, check out the refreshing Saltier eervescent for those who prefer their than a decade, a local version of the
is about to explode with dining options Dog cocktail and be sure to order up the ros to sparkle in the sunshine. Margaritaville-style marina bars found
once the District Wharf development Wicked Good Daiquiri. Bardo (25 Potomac Ave., S.E.; bardo. dotting Floridas inland waterway. When
opens this fall, and youll nd spectacular Whaleys (301 Water St., S.E.; beer) has now evolved into its fourth not arriving from the Waterfront Metro
water views and a holiday atmosphere. is bright, airy and air- iteration, after moving from Bladensburg station, patrons pull up to the doc by kayak
Why sit in Rehoboth Beach trac when a conditioned all things that we like Road to a new waterfront spot just and catamaran as well, and live-aboards
quick ride on the Green Line can oer up on a steamy July afternoon but their steps from Nationals Park. While theyve from the Gangplank Marina, where the bar
a daiquiri in the sunshine before youve recently opened Ros Garden is worth recently gotten into a bit of a spat with is located, can be counted as regulars.
even decided which SPF tanning lotion to forsaking a few creature comforts. local bicyclists who had the audacity to Theres plenty of classic rock and
use? Grab your bikini and dive in. Located just outside the restaurant suggest that the provided bike racks quick service, as waitresses in short
The Salt Line (79 Potomac Ave., S.E.; with a view of the Yards Park manmade might need a bit of improvement to shorts navigate the crowd with platters is the newest hot spot waterfall and the Anacostia River beyond, accommodate popular types of bike of sh tacos and fried calamari; one of
near Nationals Stadium, and with good the small patio is cheerily decked out locks, the space is still big and fun and the favorite items plenty big enough
reason. With a kitchen led by Kyle Bailey, in hot pink and amingos, and while breezy. Located right on the Anacostia, for a table to share is the Super
a culinary perfectionist if there ever was the host sta can occasionally get a bit youll nd plenty of cornhole and picnic Nachos, an impressively large portion of
one, and a bar program overseen by shirty with ros-loving customers eagerly tables, along with an eclectic array of chips, queso, and pico de gallo topped
Donato Alvarez, who made a name for looking for a seat (fair warning: tables can freshly brewed oerings. with shrimp, steak, Andouille sausage,
himself through his perfectly nuanced be scarce and weve heard of three-hour Canine companions are not only jalapenos and avocado. The housemade
cocktails at Sixth Engine, the restaurant wait times), the overall eect is charming. welcome, they are encouraged, with a large spicy Michelada can be made with your
already has the building blocks of a stellar Youll nd just a few snacks on hand dog run built into the center of the beer choice of beer, or opt for any of the well-
waterfront establishment. including toast topped with uni butter, garden, and while theres no food menu, priced cocktails, like the Black Eyed Wolf,
If you yearn for clear New England Maryland crabmeat and slivered radishes patrons are allowed to bring in take-out. their version of the ocial Preakness
summer days, the Salt Line is the place and the ubiquitous oysters on the half The beer menu is ever-changing, with about cocktail, or just kick back with a Dark n
where you can try to forget about the shell and a couple of cocktails and beer, a dozen oerings, which have been brewed Stormy and watch the sailboats gliding
sweltering mid-Atlantic humidity. The but were here for the ros, summertimes on-site in a glittering array of stainless steel past Hains Point.
raw bar features a rotating selection favorite wine. Your best bet is to order a beer tanks, on tap at any one time.
of fresh oysters hailing from Maine, bottle or two for the table, as there are Keep an eye out for the Chinook Pacic
Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well only a few wines available by the glass, Northwest Ale, which oers up plenty of
KRISTEN HARTKE is a D.C.-based food writer;
as varieties farmed a bit closer to home, and this is your opportunity to sample bright hoppiness on a hot day, and the follow her dining adventures on Instagram, @
and the dinner menu is packed with ross that are not from France. Bunbaberg Ginger Lager, an Australian kristenhartke.
S U MM ER I N TH E C ITY J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 3 7

DAVE FRANCO and AUBREY PLAZA in The Little Hours.


Indoors or out

Its summer in the city and outdoor NoMa Summer Screen (@nomabid) MEANWHILE IN kicks o its summer programming
movie screens have sprung up all over oers Robin Williams in the political satire with a number of amazing series
the Metro D.C. area. If youre staying in Man of the Year on Wednesday, July 12. VIRGINIA, SUMMER including tributes to Lina Wertmller,
the city this week, heres a quick guide to The Union Market DC Drive-In (@ SCREENINGS ARE Jonathan Demme and Diana Keaton
whats showing on screens both inside UnionMarketDC) welcomes Eddie Murphy and retrospectives on Harry Potter
and out. in Coming to America on Friday, July 7.
HEATING UP AT: and International Crime Cinema. The
D.C. Outdoor Films (@dcoutdoorlms) (Ground seating is free, but there is a $10 Canada Now series include lms by
has a complete updated guide to free charge for drive-in parking.) Summer Movies at Arlington Mill (@ gay wunderkind Xavier Dolan (I Killed
alfresco screenings, but here are some of ArlingtonCPRO) is oering the 1987 My Mother and Its Only the End
the great movies that will be showing this Coen brothers hit Raising Arizona on of the World) and the delightful 1987
week (as well as their Twitter handles in case
OUTDOOR SCREENINGS Thursday, July 13. lesbian drama Ive Heard the Mermaids
of inclement weather). In D.C., check out: IN M ARYLAND INCLUDE: At Strawberry Park in the Mosaic Singing, the debut feature of acclaimed
Capital Riverfront (@capitolrvrfront) District (@mosaicdistrict) you can see lesbian lmmaker Patricia Rozema.
will be hosting Moana on Thursday, Columbias Lakefront Summer Festival Little Giants on Sunday, July 9. AFI Silver also oers free outdoor
July 13. Movies at Columbia Town Center (@ Outdoor Movies at Penrose Square screenings in August.
Movie Nights in Chinatown Park (@ ColumbiaAssn) oer three fabulous on Columbia Pike in Arlington (@ As part of its Summer Season, the
dcmoapia) will also be welcoming the screenings this week: Pirates of the ArlingtonCPRO) brings sizzle to the Washington Jewish Film Festival oers an
popular Moana on Wednesday, July 12. Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl screen with the original Dirty Dancing encore screening of Fannys Journey
The Dumbarton House Jane Austen on Friday July 7, Cars on Monday, July on Saturday, July 8. on Tuesday, July 11.
Film Festival (@DumbartonHouse) will 10, and, Marvels Guardians of the Other summer screens in Virginia In Baltimore, summer movies are sizzling
be screening the classic Sense and Galaxy on Friday, July 14. include the City of Alexandrias screenings at the newly-renovated Parkway Theatre.
Sensibility on Wednesday, July 12. The Blairs District: Movies Under the at Waterfront Park, the Lovettsville Movies In addition to exciting programming on
(General admission is $6.) Stars at Sonnys Green in Silver Spring (@ on the Green, the Rosslyn Cinema, South three screens, the Maryland Film Festival
Georgetown Sunset Cinema (@ liveatthepearl) kicks o its season with Riding Movie Night and Stonebridge at oers a variety of special features. This
georgetowndc) presents the evergreen Captain America: Winter Soldier on Potomac Town Center. weeks events include The Shining as
A League of their Own on Tuesday, Saturday, July 8. On indoor screens, queer favorites like part of the monthly Gunkys Basement
July 11. National Harbor Movies on the Wonder Woman, Beatriz at Dinner, series on Wednesday, July 12 and Black
The Golden Cinema Series in Farragut Potomac (@NationalHarbor) oer the The Beguiled and The Big Sick Girl, the 1966 feature by acclaimed
Park (@GoldenTriDC) will be showing camp classic Mean Girls on Thursday, are still going strong. Openings include Senegalese director Ousmane Sembne
the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters on July 13. Spider-Man Homecoming starring as part of the Free Thursdays in July
Friday, July 7. Other weeks you can also check out Rihanna impersonator Tom Holland, the program on Thursday, July 13.
Library of Congress Movies on the the great free screenings at Outdoor French psychological thriller Moka, and Finally, the week closes with some
Lawn (@librarycongress) will be oering Movies at Shamrock Park in Bel Air (@ the pansexual delight The Little Hours, interesting openings on Friday, July 14.
the classic The Princess Bride on belairmainst), Bethesda Outdoor Movies a loose adaptation of Boccaccios The Woody Harrelson battles a CGI Andy
Thursday, July 13. (@BethesdaUP), Fredericks Movies Decameron starring Dave Franco, Molly Serkis in War for the Planet of the Apes
Mitchel Park Films in the Field in on Carroll Creek (@dwntwnfrederick), Shannon, John C. Reilly, Nick Oerman and two very dierent ghost stories come
Kalorama brings back the original Hagerstown Outdoor Movies (@ and Alison Brie, Kathy Micucci and Aubrey to D.C. screens: the romantic fantasy A
Raiders of the Lost Ark on Thursday, hagerstownparksandrecreation) and the Plaza as a trio of lusty nuns. Ghost Story and the documentary City
July 13. Wine Bin in Ellicott City (@winebinec). AFI Silver in downtown Silver Spring of Ghosts.
3 8 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

"Uproarious... brilliant... authentically joyful."

The Washington Post


Leigh Ann Larkin, Jon Peterson, Tommy McDowell and the 2017 company of Roundabout Theatre Companys CABARET. Photo Joan Marcus


A Brand New A Cappella Show
DIVINELY, DANGEROUSLY from the Chicks with Schticks!


THEATERJ.ORG | 202.777.3210


KENNEDY-CENTER.ORG | (202) 467-4600
Tickets also available at the Box Office. Groups call (202) 416-8400.
For all other ticket-related customer service inquiries, call the Advance Sales Box Office at (202) 416-8540.
M-TH 11:30AM-10PM F-SAT 11:30AM-11PM
Theater at the Kennedy Center Major support for Musical Theater Kennedy Center Theater
is made possible by at the Kennedy Center is provided by Season Sponsor

322 MASS. AVE. NE 202.543.7656


IDINA MENZEL makes her debut at MGM National Harbor this weekend.

Menzels musical magic

Tony-winning Broadway diva has two upcoming Md. concert dates

Idina Menzel is a household name performer is in much demand in theater, love letter to the LGBT community for that club, then I hadnt made it, she says.
(outside of the Travoltas that is), and is TV and lm. Shes currently on a world Billboard, in which she wrote: You are As soon as I felt like I was being included
beloved by young and old alike. tour and thinking about her next projects, the courageous heroes who have showed and appreciated and supported (by the
After making her Broadway debut in which will include a sequel to Frozen. the rest of us what it means to be true and LGBT community), it just really meant
Rent, she won a Tony Award for her Thats one of the reasons more young honest and stand up for each other and everything to me.
performance as Elphaba in Wicked, people are showing up at her concerts. to love that very thing about ourselves It was while working on Rent when
a show that gave us Defying Gravity; My audience is such a wide that might set us apart from others. Menzel rst started to notice the
and shes the reigning queen of Disney, demographic and I love that, Menzel says. She says she has long been inspired by connection. She often received letters
having voiced Elsa in Frozen, the movie I used to have kids coming because they her LGBT fan base and is honored to be from kids struggling with their sexual
that had the world singing Let It Go. loved Wicked and now many of them are considered something of a gay icon in orientation who thanked her for helping
Once a decade I have had a great older and thats the nice thing about my the entertainment world, something she them be brave and come out by playing
project I have been lucky enough to be a journey, we kind of grow up together. aspired to be when she was young. such a strong and empowered character
part of and audiences stick with me, says Menzel, who played lesbian Maureen Just look at all the women that Ive as Maureen.
Menzel, who plays the MGM National Johnson in the original Broadway revered in my life, theyve all been beloved Wicked, Frozen and her most recent
Harbor this weekend. production of Rent, as well as in the by the gay community and I always knew
Her vocal prowess is incredible and the movie a decade later, recently penned a when I was starting that if I wasnt in with CONTINUES ON PAGE 49

4 0 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 Q U E E RY : 2 0 Q U E ST I O N S F O R O LI V E R ST A BBE


How long have you been out and who What was your last Facebook
was the hardest person to tell? post or Tweet?
I came out as queer at 13, but I dont think My last tweet was: How do I unlink
I ever had a moment where I vocalized that I my FB and my twitter? I only follow Cher
was coming out as transgender. and have 9 followers. The world doesnt
need to know that.
Whos your LGBT hero?
I have countless LGBT heroes! There are If your life were a book, what would
so many people who have made waves, I the title be?
PHOTO BY LORI EANES; COURTESY POINT FOUNDATION could never name just one. In the D.C. area, I Im Taller on the Inside
consider Ms. Ruby Corado to be my hero. Her
story is testament to what change just one If science discovered a way to change
By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO person can create. In my own life, I really look sexual orientation, what would you do? up to Katherine Ott at the Smithsonian, whos Not a damn thing.
been an endless source of love and support,
Getting a haircut is no big deal for most of us, but for Oliver Stabbe, one he no matter what. I also would hate to leave out What do you believe in beyond the
got as a sophomore in high school proved to be a life-altering moment. Drago Renteria, everyone involved at Trans physical world?
Stabbe, whos transgender, says after years of hating my feminine Lifeline, Jacob Tobia (also a Point alumnus!), I believe in the power of Brittany
hairstyle, he made a snap decision one day to go to a barber. Janet Mock and Mara Keisling. Spears. She transcends space and time.
I didnt think through what I wanted before I sat down in the chair, the
21-year-old Washington native, says. I saw a picture of the barbers 8-year- Whats Washingtons best nightspot, Whats your advice for LGBT
old son with a faux-hawk taped to the mirror and told the barber I wanted past or present? movement leaders?
that style. It was a ridiculous haircut, but I loved it. Im not much of a night person, but Im Social justice advocacy, no matter the
The reaction at home, unfortunately, didnt go so well. a sucker for a cup of coee at the Coupe intention nor experience of the person
There was a lot of screaming and it became clear that I had to rely on my and a live performance. Theyve got leading, will never be perfect. Make
friends support from that point on, Stabbe says. My moms response was some real talented performers there. mistakes, listen and learn.
the toughest to deal with. She wanted me to look like a normal girl. It just
wasnt me. In retrospect, Im still glad I was brave enough get that cut and Describe your dream wedding. What would you walk
begin to live my truth. Everything youd expect, but instead of across hot coals for?
Last week, Stabbe was named one of this years Point Scholars one of 52 to bouquets of owers, wed have puppies. Id do it just for fun.
receive scholarships from the Point Foundation, the countrys largest scholarship-
granting organization for LGBT students. This year, 27 were named scholars and What non-LGBT issue are you most What LGBT stereotype
another 25 were recognized in the Community College Scholarship Program. passionate about? annoys you most?
About 2,000 applied. A full list of recipients is online at Im passionate about deaf and That all queer people know each
This fall, Stabbe will enter his senior year at the University of Rochester, disability rights. Systematic inaccessibility other. Its got some truth to it, but
N.Y. where he studies sign language and psychology. He has encountered is a life-changing barrier for anyone doesnt mean that I cant be annoyed by
really ignorant attitudes and transphobic comments at times on campus deaf and disabled. Twenty percent of the stereotype.
but says the school itself is arming and has great policies in place for trans the U.S. population has a disability of
students like gender-neutral bathrooms, name change procedures and more. some kind, yet few people are aware Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology. of how to adequately accommodate But Im A Cheerleader will always
I feel completely empowered knowing that people see me as a future people with unique access needs nor are make me crack up.
leader and believe in my ability to create change, Stabbe says. Im thrilled, people aware of discrimination that this
thankful and overwhelmed. population experiences. Whats the most overrated
Stabbe enjoys crocheting, hiking, board games, movies and reading in his free time. social custom?
What historical outcome I hate small talk. I want to know about
would you change? your dog, your childhood and your baggage.
Is it too soon to say Trump winning
the election? What trophy or prize do you
most covet?
Whats been the most memorable pop Id like to set a Guinness world record
culture moment of your lifetime? one day. Im not sure which category, but
Im incredibly lucky that I got to go to it could happen!
Obamas rst inauguration. I was stuck so
far back that I couldnt see anything. When What do you wish youd known at 18?
he was sworn in I had no way of seeing I wish I knew that though things were
what was going on, but there was a wave tough, my life was going to improve
of cheers and chants that reverberated drastically very soon. I wish also I knew
back that let me know. Being there with how to pronounce colonel.
so many likeminded and hopeful people
made that day impossible to forget. Why Washington?
I was born there and I wouldnt have
On what do you insist? it any other way. Im not sure what my
I insist on my tea steeped for two immediate plans are after getting my
202.747.2077 minutes and I insist on equal rights,
thank you very much.
degree but I miss D.C. and Id like to be
home for a while.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 4 1


Classic Collection


Stand Up, Podcasts,

Sketch Comedy, Music & More!

July 2022, 2017


with appearances by
Rockville, MD | Dulles, VA | Jane Krakowski & Tituss Burgess with the National Symphony Orchestra Pops
The Daily Show Correspondents Tour with Roy Wood, Jr.,
*Discounts off of MRP. See your sales associate for complete details.
Ronny Chieng and Gina Yashere Louie Anderson Puddles Pity Party
The Second Citys Almost Accurate to America: Divided We Stand
SheffBladeJuly7AL_VF.indd 1 6/30/17 10:17 AM
The Improvised Shakespeare Co. Night Train with Wyatt Cenac
SATURDAY, JULY 29 How To Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black Judah Friedlander
Aparna Nancherla Jo Firestone Brandon Wardell

Boast Rattle with Kyle Ayers Mortified Reductress presents Mouth Time Live!
Leah Bonnema Brittany Carney Petey DeAbreu Ryan Donahue
Chris Duffy Sam Evans Jared Freid Violet Grey Stavros Halkias
Benjy Himmelfarb Jamel Johnson Sean Joyce Matty Litwack
Dylan Meyer Joyelle Nicole Molly Ruben-Long Cerrome Russell
Paris Sashay Chelsea Shorte Justin Smith Kasaun Wilson Will Winner

Splash &
Brightest Young Things presents The Bentzen Ball Podcast Studio
Underground Comedy



METRO ACCESSIBLE Roy Wood, Jr. Aparna Nancherla Louie Anderson

BALTIMORE PRIDE Tickets also available at the Box Office. Groups call (202) 416-8400.
For all other ticket-related customer service inquiries, call the Advance Sales Box Office at (202) 416-8540.

42 JU L Y 07, 2017 O U T & A BO U T




W/ THE YOUNG SENATORS Cho to perform at G.W. benet July 13 By MARIAH COOPER
LES NUBIANS Margaret Cho, known for her comedy routines surrounding race and
UP CLOSE & PERSONAL TOUR sexuality, will perform at the Lisner Auditorium (730 21st St., N.W.) at the George Eleanor Roosevelt play
Washington University on Thursday, July 13 at 7 p.m.
SAT, JULY 15 Cho is a longtime ally of the LGBT community and identies as bisexual. She featured at Logan Festival
TOWN MOUNTAIN has appeared in numerous TV shows and is also an author. Her performance is 1st Stage Theatre (1524 Spring Hill
AND I DRAW SLOW a benet for the universitys LGBT Health Policy & Practice Certication Program, Rd., McLean, Va.) presents a new event,
a year-long, graduate-level program for LGBT health ocers. the Logan Festival of Solo Performance,
THURS, JULY 20 Tickets start at $55. VIP tickets include orchestra seating and a meet and greet funded in part by the Reva & David Logan
PARTICLE with Cho. For more information, visit Foundation.
The festival, which runs through July
16, gathers solo performers together for
LARRY CAMPBELL two weeks of performances and events.
& TERESA WILLIAMS Featured in the festival is Hick: A Love
Story, based on Eleanor Roosevelts
letters to journalist Lorena Hickok and
SONNY LANDRETH their romance.
W/ SPECIAL GUEST TORONZO CANNON Tickets are $50. For more information,
SUN, JULY 23 visit
March on Washington
OKKERVIL RIVER lm fest is July 13-22
The fth annual March on Washington
Film Festival runs July 13-22 and features
PETER HIMMELMAN a wide spate of events and lm screenings
related to the Civil Rights Movement.
Rust College, Mississippis oldest HBCU
LIVE AT THE FILLMORE (historically black college/university)
THE DEFINITIVE TRIBUTE TO will explore how the Mississippi State
THE ORIGINAL ALLMAN Stonewall Sports tourney July 14-16 in D.C. Sovereignty Commission weaponized
BROTHERS BAND homophobia to stop campus voter
Stonewall Sports has its fourth annual national tournament in Washington registration drives. It will be moderated
July 14-16 on the Mall and at various locations. by Charles Francis of the Mattachine
AN EVENING WITH INGRATITUDE: Among the weekend events are yoga and spin classes, Stonewall Bocce pick- Society of Washington on Monday, July
A TRIBUTE TO EARTH, WIND, & FIRE up games, kickball, social events at local bars and restaurants, a closing-night 17 at 3 p.m. at the African-American Civil
party at Town and more. War Museum (1925 Vermont Ave., N.W.).
Stonewall Sports is a non-prot organization founded in 2010 with the mission Tickets are $12 for this event.
of providing low-cost, inclusive sport leagues. Ticket prices vary based on event
Weekend passes for friends/spectators are available. Tickets start at $25. For and festival passes are also available.
more information, visit Screening sites also vary. Details at
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 4 3






Now thru August 13 | Theater Lab

One of a kind Nantucket style waterfront custom home with breathtaking You may think you know America, but if the last year has taught us
water views from virtually every room. 4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath Home featured in
2 National Magazines for its unique style and architecture. Lots of large windows ood the rooms
anything, its that there are many different Americas to get to know.
with natural light. Built with quality and craftsmanship of decades ago. Amazing 22 wood beam Alas, there is still one thing the blue states and red states share
ceiling in spacious great room-perfect for entertaining! the need for a good laugh! Age 16+

Anissa Hutchins, Realtor Wm. Darren Rickwood

Cell: 301-643-5707
First Home Mortgage | Mortgage Consultant
NMLS: 170353 | Check my license TICKETS ON SALE NOW!
Ofce#301-862-2169 Phone: 443.968.9256 | fax: 443.725.0494 |
Fax# 301-862-2179
California, MD 20619
cell: 443.532.5660
KENNEDY-CENTER.ORG | (202) 467-4600
Website: Tickets also available at the Box Office. Groups call (202) 416-8400.
For all other ticket-related customer service inquiries, call the Advance Sales Box Office at (202) 416-8540.
4 4 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

with the show
Delaware Comedy Theatre
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 4 5

Synetic Theater Presents the World Premier of...

The Mark of Cain

July 19 >>
August 13

H a lf O
s w i t h
Ticket e :
m o C o d
P ro


4 6 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 CA LE N D A R

E-mail calendar items to calendars@washblade. over cocktails and food. The event begins
com two weeks prior to your event. Space is lim- at 1 p.m. Supplies will be provided and
ited so priority is given to LGBT-specic events there will be a professional artist as well as
or those with LGBT participants. Recurring
events must be re-submitted each time. a party host at the event. Tickets are $45.
For more information, visit

Maestro Glenn Pearson and Hasani
Otter Den D.C. is raising money for Allen, a 2017 Helen Hayes Award
immigration equality tonight at the nominee, are featured in tonights
Green Lantern (1335 Green Ct., N.W.) edition of the monthly Show Tunes
with Otter Crossing, an inclusive and Cocktails at the Beacon Bar &
monthly party. DJs Mike Babbitt Grill (1615 Rhode Island Ave., N.W.) at
and StrikeStone will spin. For more 7 p.m. There will be selections from the
information, visit Beacons happy hour menu, as well as
There is an inclusive LGBTQ social theatre ticket giveaways. Admission is
tonight at Pinzimini Lounge (801 N. pay what you can. For more information,
Glebe Rd., Arlington, Va.) at 7:30 p.m. visit
hosted by Go Gay D.C. The club was
designed as a civic booster to foster gay TUESDAY, JULY 11
community spirit and frequently hosts
meetups. For details, visit Georgetown Sunset Cinema 2017
Local gay singer/actor Will begins tonight with a free screening of A
Gartshore performs tonight at League of Their Own at the Georgetown
Signature Theatre (4200 Campbell Waterfront Park (3303 Water St., N.W.)
Ave., Arlington, Va.) at 9 p.m. tonight at 7 p.m. Attendees are advised
Gartshore will read self-penned to bring a blanket. For more information,
poems and works by other poets. visit
Long-time accompanist Christopher
Wingert will play piano. Tickets are WEDNESDAY, JULY 12
$35. For more information, visit Big Gay Book Group will meet
Farrah Flosscett will spin at the this evening to discuss Life and
QREW tonight, a monthly party Adventures of Jack Engle by Walt
designed to present a queer-bi- Whitman. Newcomers are welcome.
trans-positive space. The evening will The group will meet at 6:45 p.m. at
begin with conversation at 10 p.m. at East City Bookshop (645 Pennsylvania
Songbyrd (2477-2475 18th St., N.W.), Ave., N.E.) For more information, email
with dancing beginning at 11 p.m.
There is a $5 cover. For details, visit The Lambda Bridge Club meets tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Dignity Center
(721 8th St., S.E.) Attendees will generally
SATURDAY, JULY 8 play around 20 hands of bridge, no
partner is needed. There will be light
Wolf Trap and the National refreshments. For more information, visit
Symphony Orchestra present Harry
Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in Pride Fund is hosting a happy hour
concert tonight at 8:30 p.m. at 1551 tonight with Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam
Trap Rd., Vienna, Va. The event will at Local 16 (1602 U St., N.W.) at 7
screen the film in high-definition as the p.m. Northam is the Democratic
orchestra performs the score. Tickets candidate for Governor of Virginia
start at $35. For more information, and will speak alongside Chris Hurst,
visit a candidate for the Virginia House of
In celebration of Teddy Bear Picnic Delegates. Tickets are $50 and act as
day, Dawson and & Shane Stiel will DJ the a contribution toward Pride Fund. For
Teddy Bear Romp at the D.C. Eagle (3701 more information, visit
Benning Rd., N.E.) tonight at 10 p.m.
Tickets are $25. For more information, THURSDAY, JULY 13
David Mariner will present volunteer Chris White hosts happy hour
orientation for the D.C. Center (2000 trivia at the D.C. Improv Comedy Club
14th St., N.W. no. 105) today at 2 p.m. The PHOTO BY MINDY TUCKER (1140 Connecticut Ave., N.W.) tonight
D.C. Center seeks to educate, empower at 6:30 p.m. Happy hour trivia at the
and celebrate the LGBT community by KEVIN ALLISON brings his show RISK! to the Black Cat on Saturday, July 8. comedy club has been recognized
promoting health, social support and as one of the most challenging and
the arts. For more information and performers. Allison is openly gay and fun competitions in Washington with
registration details, visit known widely as the Red Head Gay SUNDAY, JULY 9 prizes for first through third place. To
Kevin Allison of MTVs The State from The Slate. Doors open at 8 make reservations for your team, email
will host RISK! tonight, a show where p.m. and the show begins at 9 at Black Paint Nite D.C. will be held today at with your name
people tell stories they never thought Cat D.C. (1811 14th St., N.W.) Tickets James Hobans Irish Restaurant and Bar and team size. Teams are limited to
theyd share in public. The show will are $20. For more information, visit (1 Dupont Circle, N.W.) Attendees may eight people or less. For other details
feature Allison as well as D.C.s local engage their creative side as they paint visit
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 4 7

Apply for Discounts on Your Utility Bills

Discounts are Subject to Income Eligibility Requirements

- Apply for Discounted Rates on -

Telephone Electric
Lifeline Program (Economy II) Residential Aid Discount (RAD) Program
Annual discount on one Potential savings are
land line service per between $300-$475
household. annually.

Natural Gas Water

Residential Essential Service (RES) Program Customer Assistance Program (CAP)
Potential savings up to Potential discount
$276 during the winter could be over $450
heating season. annually.

For more info call 311 or visit

To apply for the telephone Lifeline Service (Economy II), call 800-253-0846.

These programs are for DC residents only.

Serving Our Community for 35 years LOGAN 14 SALON SPA/MED SPA

a d v i C e m e d iat i o N L i t i G at i o N a P P e a L S C o L L a B o r at i o N haircuts, body waxing, laser hair removal

FamiLY | eState PLaNNiNG | emPLoYmeNt | immiGratioN

ComPLeX LitiGatioN | CiviL riGHtS | LGBt | adoPtioN | BuSiNeSS

Silber, Perlman, Sigman & Tilev, P.A.

at tor N e YS at L aw d C | m d | va

3 0 1 . 8 9 1 . 2 2 0 0 S P - L aw. C o m 1314B 14th St. NW WDC 20005 202.506.6868

6 9 3 0 C a r r o L L av e , S u i t e 6 1 0 ta k o m a Pa r k m d

JULY 14 30, 2017 202.319.8541 Se habla espanol
4 8 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

Dear Whitman-Walker Health Family,
In preparation for the upcoming redevelopment of our beloved Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center
(ETMC) at 1701 - 1711 14th Street, NW, we will be relocating all ETMC staff and services to
temporary spaces during summer 2017.

All services currently operating at 1525 14th Street, NW, will continue uninterrupted.




Move Date Move Date



To Be Determined

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


New Location New Location
1525 14th St., NW CHURCH STREET 1145 19th St., NW


Move Date IDA
AVE. Move Date IDA

Monday, August 7, 2017 Monday, August 7, 2017



New Location W STREET

New Location

1342 Florida Ave., NW 1342 Florida Ave., NW

CLINICAL SUPPORT INCLUDING THE Have more questions about our

Move Date Contact Jewel Addy at

Monday, August 7, 2017


New Location W STREET

1342 Florida Ave., NW


A R T S & EN TE RTA I NMENT J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 4 9

Menzel nds performing a career validation

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 39 she makes sure to tell fun stories and play
around between songs.
project, the Lifetime remake of Bette Theres always audience
Midler classic Beaches, have all been participation, she says. I nd the
embraced by the LGBT community who, audiences who come to my shows are
like many, have been clamoring to see so supportive and enthusiastic and
the singer in concert. In addition to her theres a warm feeling back and forth so
one-night-only performance at National its easy to talk to them and make them
Harbor, she plays the Model Performing part of the show.
Art Center at the Lyric in Baltimore on The week before the MGM show,
Tuesday, July 18. Menzel will be concluding two weeks of
The concerts will feature songs o her concerts in Europe, which followed some
latest album, idina and of course she tour dates in Asia. Rather than give the
will sing many of the Broadway tunes for pat performer answer of enjoying touring
which she is known. because she gets to see the world, she
I always try to shoot for an intimate admits its not always easy to see the
performance. Im going to do some music sights because shes too busy preparing
from the new album, but Ill also do some for the shows.
of the music people will expect to hear Honestly, what I love more about
and also some other covers, she says. Its touring all over the world is this idea IDINA MENZEL with JAMES SNYDER in If/Then, which played in D.C. at the National Theatre in
an eclectic evening. I have had the same that its such an accomplishment, she late 2013.
musicians for a lot of years and were just says. I can go to Japan and people
having a blast and are comfortable and know my songs. It feels great to make
having fun. Its been great. new friends, to know Ive worked really IDINA MENZEL
Those who have seen Menzel in hard my whole life. I started out trying The Theater at MGM National Harbor
101 MGM National Ave.
concert before know that the singer likes to get 10 people to show up to a club in Oxon Hill, Md.
to interact with her audience and usually Greenwich Village so to go to Asia or the Sunday, July 9
chooses a lucky person from the crowd UK and have people know who I am is a 9 p.m.
come up on stage and sing with her. And dream come true really.
5 0 J ULY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M


Alexandria Waterfront
This updated and renovated townhome in sought-after Rivergate will take
your breath away with panoramic views of the Potomac River from most
rooms. The open design and professional sophisticated decorating begs
to be shared entertaining friends and family. Spectacular gourmet kitchen,
bleached wood floors, luxurious master suite plus two additional en suite
bedrooms, river front patio, family room and two-car garage make this gorgeous
home a must see!

Rochelle Gray
Attorneys that are OUTthinking |OUTspoken |OUTdoing

W A SH I NGTO N B LA DE.C OM J U LY 0 7 , 2 0 1 7 5 1


Even Obamas must contemplate renting vs. buying

Former first family mortgage, although a mortgage through a
private wealth banker was likely an option.
purchases home Just for fun, if we assume the monthly
in Kalorama rent was $22,000, then it appears that
would be a much smaller monthly pay-
By ANSLIE STOKES ment versus owning. If the Obamas put
down 20 percent, then they would still
The Obama familysdecision this sum- need to finance $6,480,000. Assuming
mer to purchase the Kalorama home they were able to borrow at 4.25 percent,
they have been renting since they left this would cost approximately $33,000/
the White House created a lot of buzz, month plus an additional $5,000/month
much like when they announced last in taxes, and likely $3,000/month in insur-
spring their plans to stay in D.C. while ance. So, the question is rent at $22,000/
their youngest daughter finished high month or own at $41,000? The house
school at Sidwell Friends. They bought Former PRESIDENT OBAMA and wife would need to appreciate $108,000 a year
the luxury property for $8.1 million and Michelle recently bought a house in D.C. that just to cover the higher monthly payment.
they had been renting.
an Obama spokesperson stated, given We will likely never know how much
that the President and Mrs. Obama will the rent was, and we will surely never
be in Washington for at least another two know how the financing was structured
and a half years, it made sense for them on their purchase. What we do know is
to buy a home rather than continuing to the Obamas are true D.C. residents now
rent property. the DC Metro? rent increases if you rent? and faced the age-old question fellow
This, of course, means that the Obam- How much would it cost to rent a What is the projected increase in Metro residents ask daily, Do we rent or
as faced a decision that millions of Ameri- property in your target neighborhood home value over the time period you ex- should we buy? Just remember to weigh
cans especially in D.C. contemplate with all the features you need? pect to live there? all the pros and cons of renting vs. buying
each year: If you know that you are going How much would it cost to buy a prop- Generally speaking, the longer you expect and do your research before jumping into
to be living in a particular city for at least erty that similarly meets those needs? to live in an area, the more likely it is that a huge financial commitment. Also know
a certain period of time, should you rent What would your total monthly pay- owning will make more sense than renting. it isnt always about what you can afford,
or should you buy? ment be if you purchased (factoring in For the former president and first lady, but also if the home and location match
For mere mortals (not a former POTUS taxes, insurance, HOA/condo fees, etc.)? the decision was likely much more com- your familys lifestyle both now and in the
and FLOTUS), this decision typically hing- What would your tax savings be after plex. It is not known how much they were years to come as your kids grow.
es on the following questions and anyone interest/tax deductions? paying in rent, but some estimate the
contemplating renting vs. buying should How much will you need to budget for property at $22,000/month. The Obamas ANSLIE STOKES is a McEnearney Associ-
ates top-producing real estate agent based
ask the following before making a choice: maintenance and improvements if you buy? purchased their home in a holding com- in D.C. Reach her at 202.270.1081 or anslie@
How long do you anticipateliving in How much will you need to budget for pany, which would not be eligible for a


To be used at the top of collateral:

VALERIE M. BLAKE, Associate Broker, GRI, Director of Education & Mentorship

Dupont Circle Ofce 202-518-8781 (o) 202.246.8602 (c) To be used at the bottom of collateral:

5130 Wisconsin Ave. NW DC (202) 966-6400

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Sophisticated home in convenient location. Elegance abounds in this renovated Stunning home offers breathtaking views
4,200sf on three levels. Generous main floor Kalorama manse with four off-street of the Potomac River. Over 6,500sf of
includes a light filled 2 story foyer. Walk-out parking spaces. Approximately 5,500sf living space, with exceptional main level
lower level has 2BR/2BA, 2nd family room on four levels. Grand, wide staircase is floor plan. Luxurious flagstone terrace
and private entrance. Gorgeous flagstone capped by a large skylight, illuminating with fire pit on garden level and deck
patio, exquisite landscape architecture/ the house. Could easily be transformed with outdoor living/dining rooms on main
outdoor lighting, 2-car garage. into a grand residence. level. 2-car garage. Elevator.
$1,650,000 $4,435,000 $2,650,000

Direct: Direct:

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Operator. 2016 Luxury
do? The survey concerns self-identity www. from 9-5pm, to schedule an interview.
BMW 750Li Sedan.
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