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University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Letter of Recommendation
January 30, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write a recommendation letter on behalf of Fahad. I taught him three courses; Engineering Statics,
Machine Design, and Finite Element Methods in three different semesters. He secured extremely good grades that
only a few students managed to get. He is surely one of the brightest students of his class.

Fahad was an active member of the class, learning all key aspects of what was being taught. He is a careful and
creative thinker with an eye for detail and a focus to logic. He has a great ability to draw on his own experience and
observations to develop thoughtful opinions on a variety of issues. I remember Fahad was invaluable in class
discussions by regularly providing his comprehension of various topics. He performed really well in assignments
and unannounced quizzes, showing how well prepared he was in all lectures. Also, His performance in the laboratory
was first-rate, completing every task in an apt manner. I consider his analytical abilities among his greatest strengths.
I was impressed by his ability to perform under pressure when he scored highly in the final exam that was extremely

Complementing his interest in mechanical engineering, he chose challenging projects and completed them
successfully with distinguished members of our faculty. In the Finite Element Methods course, he led a group to
perform structural analysis of a human knee and did a great job completing it. He has also participated in research
as part of his final year project. His final year project won the third position out of all our departments projects in
Open House and Job Fair 2016. He has also participated in internship programs to complement his theoretical

I can state that Fahad breaks the usual student stereotype with his extracurricular achievements. His attitude is
first-rate. He is a team player, who uses his strengths of enthusiasm and creativity to accomplish the required tasks.
His leadership and cooperating abilities are excellent. They will prove to be vital as he develops himself and starts
his professional career. He is a talented sportsman and a mobilizer in the community, both of which he practices
with a passion uncommon in undergraduates. As I got to know him over the semester, I became more impressed by
his broad range of abilities.

Fahad is extremely motivated to pursue a postgraduate degree. I can state unquestionably that Fahad will be a
wonderful addition to your program. Having successfully completed his Bachelors, I believe he will not have any
problem studying for the COMMAS program. His interests lie in line to what you seek for. I can see him as a
competent professional, which I say as a high complement indeed. In case you need to know anything more, please
feel free to contact me.
Dr. Muhammad Ali Nasir
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering