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Technical Data Bulletin

CPX/SDX 30198

Low-Profile Intelligent Plug-in
Smoke Detector

The Chemetron Fire Systems SDX-751 (Photo-
electric) and CPX-751 (Ionization) are Analog, Ad-
dressable, Low Profile (height measures only
1.66") smoke detectors, designed for use with the
Micro 200-I, 300-I, & 400-I Control Panels.

Because the SDX-751 and CPX-751 are address- SDX-751 with B710LP base
able, the control panel can provide a pinpoint
description of where the fire is located. The
SDX-751 and CPX-751 are also analog devices.
The control panel has the capability of not only
knowing the detector's location but exactly how
much smoke is in the chamber of the detector.
The detector may be set for different sensitivity P Sleek, low-profile design (height measures
settings dependent on the environment in which only 1.66 inches).
it is located. P Common Base for both Photo and Ion.
P Compatible with current SDX-551 and CPX-
Analog devices continually send obscuration 551.
values to the control panel. These values may be P Addressable-analog communication.
gathered and allow the control panel to deter-
mine if a detector has accumulated an excessive P Stable communication technique with noise
amount of dirt or dust. A maintenance required immunity.
indication allows the installer to clean the smoke P Low standby current.
detector before an unwanted false alarm occurs. P Rotary decade 01 to 99 address switches.
P Dual LED design provides 360E viewing angle.
The CPX-751 Intelligent Ionization Sensor incor-
P Visible LEDs blink every time the detector is
porates a unique single source chamber design
addressed, and illuminate steady on alarm
to respond quickly and dependably to a broad
(LED blink is optional).
range of fires.
P Built-in functional test switch activated by
The SDX-751 Intelligent Photoelectric Sensor's external magnet.
unique optical sensing chamber is designed with P Listed to UL-268
superior signal to noise ratio. The optical cham-
ber is engineered to sense the presence of
smoke produced by a wide range of combustion

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Technical Data Bulletin
CPX/SDX 30198

Wiring Diagram

Voltage Range: 15 28 volts DC (Peak) The CPX-751 and SDX-751 plug-in detectors use a
Standby Current: 150 FA @ 24 VDC separate base that simplifies installation, service, and
LED Current: 7 mA @ 24 VDC (ON) maintenance. A special tool allows maintenance per-
Loop Resistance: 40 ohm Maximum sonnel to plug-in and remove detectors without using
Diameter: 4.0 inches (10.4 cm) a ladder.
Height: 1.66 inches (4.22 cm)
Mount base on a box that is at least 1.5 inches deep.
Weight: 3.6 oz. (104 g)
Suitable mounting base boxes include:
Temperature Range: 0E to 49EC (32E to 120EF)
Relative Humidity: 10% 93% Non-condensing
P 4 inch square box
P 3-1/2 inch or 4 inch octagon box
70100730: 6.2 inches (15.8 cm) diameter
(B710LP) P Single gang box

Ordering Information

Shipping Weight
Stock Number Description lbs (kg)
70100728 CPX-751 Intelligent Ionization Detector Head (low profile) .5 (.23)

70100729 SDX-751 Intelligent Photoelectric Detector Head (low profile) .5 (.23)

70100730 Low Profile Detector Base B710LP .5 (.23)

1998 Chemetron Fire Systems All rights reserved (3/98). MANUFACTURED BY NOTIFIER
4801 Southwick Drive Matteson, IL 60443 708/748-1503 FAX 708/748-2847