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Chapter V

Conclusion and Recommendation

This chapter includes the conclusion and recommendation of the proponents regarding the

proposed system.

5.1 Summary

AMA Senior High School with its purpose of improving online learning system in AMA Senior

High and propose a committee to handle the affairs and problems regarding the online learning system.

Also, to provide an environment that will encourage the students to be more active and be able to

recognize their potential and uniqueness that they can use in the near future. The study would be able

to help the teachers/instructors as they would be able to do their job efficiently and also save more

time. This study would also benefit the future researchers if their study would be related to this as they

would have a reference that they can look information to. The study will also benefit the future senior

high school students of AMA, because all of the problems, bugs, or other matters related to Online

Learning System/Learning Module System that can affect the students academic performance would

have been gone.

The proposed solution, proposing a committee that would handle the affairs and problems

regarding the Online Learning System/Learning Module System, would be a huge help for the current

and incoming senior high schools students of AMA as the students would not have to go to their subject

instructors/professors that is probably busy. The proposed system can also help the instructors as they

would not have a hectic schedule anymore and be able to focus on teaching the students rather dealing

with the online stuff that they were not suppose to do.
5.2 Conclusion

The proponents have successfully developed the proposed system that meets the objective and

solves the statement of the problem with regards to the study. Through the development of the study,

the proposed solution to the problem will make the current and future students of AMA Senior High

School will be active and lively.

The problem that students encounter the most in Learning Module System is that the website

always loops back, one of the objectives of the proposed solutions is to inform AMA to fix and upgrade

the website so it would not have unnecessary bugs or errors.

Other problem was that most of the students does not have complete subjects in their account.

With the proposed solution, forming a committee that will handle problems such as this, will make the

process much faster as it is now.

Also, other students are experiencing the laggy and slow website of Learning Module System,

one of the objectives of the proposed solution is to inform AMA that their servers cannot handle big

traffic of users and tell them they should upgrade it so it would be able to handle a few thousand at a


The overall result of the survey says most of the students disagree with the Learning Module

System because of its current system, but would agree of having it around to help them study if the

servers are upgraded and the bugs or error are fixed.

5.3 Recommendations

Based on the study done by the proponents, the following recommendations were put together

to make the Learning Module System much more interactive and enjoyable.

1. The proponents would recommend enhancing the Learning Module current system,

upgrading the server to be able to handle more traffic of users and fixing the bugs.

2. The proponents would recommend forming a committee that would handle all affairs and

problems of the students regarding the Learning Module System.