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6/20/2017 Supervisor Mid-Evaluation

Supervisor Mid-Evaluation
Please rate the student who completed an internship in your area based on their skills and performance thus
far. A meeting with the student for a mid-internship evaluation prior to the returning of this evaluation to the
course instructor is recommended. Include any comments that will assist the course instructor in assigning a
satisfactory/unsatisfactory completion.

Student's Name: *

Billie Schaub

Date: *


Employer: *

Yoga International

Department: *

Business Operations

Rating Scale:

1= completely failed to meet expectations; 2= minimally adequate but less than expected
3= met expectations in a satisfactory manner; 4= exceeded expectations; 5= exceptional
performance 1/6
6/20/2017 Supervisor Mid-Evaluation

Responsibility and Reliability: Demonstrates a consistent level of self-

discipline, organization, and dependability. *
1 2 3 4 5

Consistently Early to work

late, misses and other
meetings, appointments,
misplaces/lose completes
s work material, assignments on
does not time
complete tasks
on time

Oral Presentation: Effectively communicates verbally in a concise,

articulate and professional manner. *
1 2 3 4 5

Di cult to Well articulates,

understand, shows
poor grammar, appropriate
uses emotion and
inappropriate or expression,
unprofessional uses gestures
language, appropriately to
frequent user of convey
ller words information 2/6
6/20/2017 Supervisor Mid-Evaluation

Written Communication: Effectively communicates in writing in a 1 point

concise and professional manner *

1 2 3 4 5

Written work is Tailors written

di cult to language and
understand, style to
poor grammar different
and sentence audiences, well
structure, uses articulates,
inappropriate or always uses
unprofessional proper grammar
language and sentence

Initiative/Self-starter: Seeks new tasks to work on without 1 point

direction of others. *
1 2 3 4 5

Needs to be Begins new

told what to do, projects or
does not seeks tasks without
new tasks when being told, lls
all others are downtime with
completed, work-related
requires activities,
frequent displays
reminders to enthusiasm
complete tasks 3/6
6/20/2017 Supervisor Mid-Evaluation

Interpersonal: Appropriately interacts with others. * 1 point

1 2 3 4 5

Rude, treats Goes out of way

others poorly, to value
does not listen individual
to others, does opinions,
not allow others expresses
to speak or sincere interest
frequently in others
interrupts them

Teamwork: Works well with others to complete projects and meet 1 point

objectives. *
1 2 3 4 5

Causes Facilitates
disruption in group
group work, effectiveness,
disturbs voluntarily takes
cohesiveness of leadership role,
groups, does volunteers for
not participate tasks when no
in team one else does
activities 4/6
6/20/2017 Supervisor Mid-Evaluation

Problem Solving: Identi es problems and generates/evaluates 1 point

solutions to problems. *
1 2 3 4 5

Does not learn Generates novel

from previous solutions to
mistakes, problems,
frequently evaluates
overwhelmed alternative
by problems, solutions,
suggests including
inappropriate or practicality,
impractical executes
solutions solutions,
future problems

Planning & Organization: Organizes and prioritizes tasks and 1 point

materials in order to manage projects, complete tasks and locate

information easily. *
1 2 3 4 5

Does not Adapts

prioritize tasks, schedule to
procrastinates, unanticipated
cannot locate events or
information or changes,
materials, distributes
unorganized tasks
systematically 5/6
6/20/2017 Supervisor Mid-Evaluation

Overall Performance & Skill Review: Provide ranking and any 1 point

comments. *
Billie has been able to jump in and make an immediate impact across multiple tasks

Recommended Completion (at this point): *



Site Supervisor Signature

Travis Head

Student Intern Signature

Billie Schaub

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