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BRR #12 - SOUL

Recorded: 6 th June 2016

Battles discussed:

1. Wee D

2. Matter

3. Grist

4. Sketch

5. Ness

6. Bender

7. Raptor


Going back more than 6 years to DF Scotland – was this event coming about with you being here because of it, or just coincidence?

WeeD 1.

You’re the type to piss yourself to generate some body heat

Words come easy like a three inch clitoris

Soul 1.

Opening gambit – I stay humble spitting ravenous flames

Cap-size that’d put the titanic to shame

Bars so whack they’ll have to disable the high quality button– no wonder this is so one sided – you’re the biggest semi in your circle

Your tracks are so chavvy and messy that a label would never sign you – but Barcelona might

WeeD 2.

He isn’t bad – has confidence

Look like James Blunt after 8 blunts getting face fucked

What was the Scottish battle scene like? Why didn’t DF take off?

Soul 2.

Accuse him of having Cruger’s forehead

Must be hard to think outside the box when it’s the shape of your head!

Views of one of his YouTube videos is as far apart as conservative and labour

Call him a whack kid we’re gonna forgot about like Baby P

WeeD 3.

Doesn’t really say much

Soul 3.

Little choke

Drop a couple of E’s and you still wouldn’t get a W D

There would be a fine line between you and victory, if you could write one

Another little choke – the obvious call for freestyle – little awkward.

Go in on his forehead again – this time it’s stolen Chronicle’s swagger

Aint no one iller than me duke, leave butterflies in your stomach when I wind you with my caterpillar boot

Live recorded reactions at this event? Lego & Deff agree that WeeD takes it but your bars were great.


I love this battle so much. Non tournament battle – yourself against Leeds’ Matter – amazing clash. Chronicle himself chilling on the front.

Clique to call battles inspirational but for me this really was, this was the battle I watched over and over again, I showed friends, I remember when I came home from Uni with my laptop and could finally watch this battle on a bigger screen at home I got it on and bathed in it

Matter 1.

Jed Mitchell, furiously masturbates while listening to the sex pistols – he aint proper Scottish – uncle tom scotsman

Matter for the record, my Scottish accents great –

You’re so English, there’s nothing you love more than queueing in line – you’re so English, you watched the royal wedding and got dewy

eyed – you’re so, bet you’d be tipsy after 30 pints- you’re so English those fucking teeth are worse than mine

Soul 1

State you were bad in the 2v2 – lesson 1: don’t battle people with points to prove

He’s gonna need everything to round, even turn up and find out MA is every judge – you guys had had issues in the past?

Go in on his montone delivery - thought he surfed the beat because they had to wake board people up – little scheme on his girl Anna who is always mentioned as being way hotter than Matter ha, curious to what she looks like


So now he’s preying I lose steam as we go down the stretch, if that’s what you’re hoping for then don’t be holding your breath, just stand staring at the flag bearer, the home that I rep. So if you want to see Saltire this as close as you get.

Straight into another fantastic haymaker – some people think that because we use wordplay we represent the same side – but it’s a spectrum mate, this is heavyweight versus featherweight lines – I only do this, to prove that, your levels aint mine. So if you’re Matter,

then I’m AntiMATTER, because you can’t see me but your existence necessitates mine

Pedro with the gunshots at that one


Funny, compares you to the types of films that build up for a long time to a shitty ending – see if I die and go to purgatory my punishment will be listening to Soul’s never ending setups for eternity

Your general vibe is, I’m ashamed to be alive. Intro should be, hey it’s Soul – sorry for taking up your time

Such a bitch you were born with ovaries and when you posh mates ask what don’t flop you tell them it’s performance poetry – it is Eurgh retorts

Him and The Saurus had an online slanging mate and that was sad, but man o man you really upped the ante fast when you talked about your mate and how you smacked his dad


When I cut my teeth, people said I was a punchbag. When you cut your teeth – people said why have you done that?

Obvious Lunar bars here for sure –

You take meth, it’s responsible for a crew mates death and your roomates next, so he talks about ip op when they do great sets –

you’re a goof mate check that what’s your roommate meant when he said use H less

Lots of teeth on I don’t want you speak on youtube I watch your teeth on youtube

Mini slip-up repeating the bars – this artist grill killed his potential he’s Sylvia Plath!

Talk about how you were compared to Loe – you’ll need reviving more than Lazarus when Soul’s working with cleavers so when I go into Pesh mode you’ll need your own personal jesus


Name flips – I’ll call my self respect for fagogts Scots if ywe’re both naming ourselves after things we haven’t got

Matter’s Real – Soul’s just an abstract concept

Talk about your attempts to get close to Eurgh yes brother, both our people suffered under British rule

Seoul’s the capital of South Korea if we’re being geographical, but when I send this career south, Soul won’t be seeing capital

To reach god mode I’ll flog soul at the crossroads like I’m Robert Johnson


You call Anna an 8 – so I would say Anna is a butters disgrace,e but hse’s an 8, so you have to ask yourself, why is she with you? Because you’re funny, a great, listener like a brother or

mate, cmon mark, soon as you’re fucking away she’s fucking away – letting people bust on her face just for the taste, a rubber’s a waste she wants cum in her waste till her stomach inflates - so when you feel the brunt of aids like NWA , we’ll see an Anna conned a mark – well that’s what you got fucking with snakes Guess that’s why you’re called Matter – cause you make up everything – Chronicle works it out as oyu say that – amazing nameflip

Matter himself says that was a battle mate – amazing battle. 4-1 victory – Matter titles you a sick bastard.

battled three times on Badmouth Battles – Depths who you have some awesome video games bars again- also Lee Scott as well as teaming up with Bloodstro against Eddie P & Frisko – there’s a battle I bet most people don’t think exists. – like some Beethoven symphony to some bait hova shit


Huge name of Grist, introduced by Cruger as part of Team Skype. Big Fringe. Mixy is there in the background – Briggzy abandoned him apparently or something like that.

Calls you Dobby

Strumbles a tad, moves him way through – first opponent that hasn’t scared you

If you had some personality I might actually mislike


Comes at him with his typicalness – choke a little into it –watch the thron is on his phone and struggles to wade through – talk about him being confused – Mark Grist is middle class like middle class people

Rates Graduation over Late Registration and College Dropout – fool – 20 second choke – what is going through your head?

Paint Grist as an Attenborough figure – send him back with sign around your neck

I take the battlefield too fans you’re like battlefield two fans because you keep bad company

Aggression – you want some hash smoking, mad potent, raps flowing or some sad broken dad moaning, half spoken man poems?


Great flip – most of Don’t Flop is white and middle class – I’m the only one admitting it

Grist come with a bad littlee stumble English is your second language, elvish was the first


Embrace the nerd angle never get caught – hide the body under my comic book collections

Add a string vest and a baeard and it’s Rab C Nebsitt

This colossal whale of a man – double dare him to go on a holiday to Japan

Thought it’d be nice to see Under Belly for a change

He’s like how’s this gonna help me – I’m in love with fame now. You want this to go viral there’s another way how – title it teacher battles student but the other wau round

End it with the same outro as the 1 st to reinforce well


Grist struggles it out – been here 3 weeks doing a show

Lots of mishaps – heroin would take you if it wanted to fuck it’s life up

He ends it by saying how tired it is – onestly, you got it, shakes your hend, kinda leaves people in disbelief – still got the round left

SOUL 3 – great round!

You know what rhymes with I think he bodied Blizard bad? Opinion of the middle class?

Go in on the battle – 2million people have viewed

Talk about the mom jokes- the rudness – like you were teaching maths instead because this faggot equalized the difference using the lowest common denominator – don’t co sign your tangents

The lack of thrust he gained through the million – get two million views drop 1 cd, well that’s that opportunity wasted – Mixy behind you mouths two – this operation pointless if you don’t give a fuck if your cast rated

He wants the middle class way of translating, you skipped the 7 circles through Dante with rap’s Satan, it’s about to get hotter for teacher than Van Halen – you title Cruger as the best – Cruger gets you to repeat itwith the crowd - the best bit, interesting to see him

Do the outro at the end – add ‘and choking’ at the end


Leaping aheadi n time quite ab it here, going over 2 battles we’ve covered n the past, Mos and then Olde –

Must be surreal to be there – to hav these stalwarts, Organik Gully talking about GZ battles, Bishop talking about mirrors – beat Wizeguy earlier – rocking the short hair, Soul. Former KOTD champ Sketch – what did the crowd look like? KOTD Bagnall was there apparently which is pretty cool

Soul 1

Building on the great reaction and coming back with the heavy bars – the first time let the animal out like that Trojan ploy, the second time dragging prince face firat along the road to Troy

This motherfucker is dead – ghost of Freud

Open him up to diss Eurgh – move transcendentally, mocking J I catch fire, Katniss Everdeen

My work inspire assassins, I’m JD Salinger (Jamie Lannister – nice rhymes)

Dope Sephiroth punch

See Sketch in chalk like the Renaissance


Again, appealing to the league owner – what the shit is this Organik? - got me feeling like I’ll take anything, man I’m Nicholas Cage

Sketch says that you have the confidence of PH when he’s rolling up to Beast Mode – what does that mean?

Lots of on the nose pop culture references – Trainspotting - only time you hear a great scot it’s Doc Brown


Talk on how he battled Enigma – name gets offered, snap ‘em up, it’s a deal – really funny swap up with the whole lame opponent you travel for – trust me sketch meance, I know exactly how you feel

Organik, sketch menace? Fuck me, I; top 5 in my country he’s top 5 amidst the us 3

Talk of Organik regretting giing Sketch the chain – this is my bars verse your bars and your best bars lame – don’t give a fuck, I’ll sun him anyway, illmaculate conception

What’s the chain of evolution without natural selection?


Why is it the new thing to be a URL?

This click’ll take your kicks off like the wicked witch of the west

Noticed 1 thing about you – every book reference you make are ones that have been made into movies – he wants us to believe he picks up novel and reads (quite clearly he does) – you were obviously – just watching tv.

Soul battles are okay but the books are better - strong


You watch Lo Pesci battle and hear abut Sketch’s nine – smack changing their slogan to we on sketch

menace time – that’s my shit now – yo, just playing dude. You’re literally sketch menace – time

URL wannabe accusations - another URL wannabe who pretends he’s shooting techs because of all the views he gets- but wha’s the point of writing bars that are different from your music sketch – like your adverts are hats and scarves and you only sell shoes and vests

Nicholoson scheme is great – hes never steppedo n crack in street that as good as it gts cause the Ratchet would put him to sleep like one flew over the cuckoo nests

Go in on everyone – every shitty performance aint work the electicty on the rigused to record it

His fam stay in the dock like his last name is Sobotka

Death Note closer – great great round filled with bars


Sketch talks of already going to Don’t Flop and catching a body

Yup – I fuck your girl – let al my dogs poker like a famous painting – haha

Boy Band/One Direction

Caustic is brought up – accusing you of beign Drake for confronting someone over leaving a girl broken hearted – room leveler

Says Fuck Don – when you see Eurgh back in England, yakking crying about our league’s expansion, you can tell him the only thing he jack from his sleazy antics was cheap reactions


Obviously Ness a legend, great opportunity.

Ness 1.

So this the new dude they pushing trying to get him views

I'll get him chewed with one bar in a round, letter Q

What rhymes with Jed Mitchell? Ness hit you – have the swagger of wet tissue – Matter matched that rhyme.

Tal of you not going out to meet Drake at this event – what happened here? Soul 1.

Another round speaking of mistaken identity – Cee Major, Sketch, E Ness mistaken – oh, ness lee, then forget the first 2 bars, he’s whack and I hate this dude

Dopest in the south you ain't that fuckin' hard mate

And no way you're Elliot Ness, cause in his career, he managed to catch up to Scarface

Think about it… dopest in the south… not on my watch

I was on Limewire in '08 freestylin to "My Block"

Other people carry your state, the truth's out liar

I ring bells I'm the new town crier

Dope writing – what did happen to Ness’ house? Heard it on the Saurus too.

Your state's like his new house when you blew out your cookout fryer

Cause you both rely on other people to put out fire

Plus Young Jeezy, Kriss Kross, Andre, T.I, Jon

You need to revisit your status like Timehop

She out all night fucking Heartless and swinging from Conceited's dick

I blame The Saurus, she ain't beat him since Peter did

He ain't seen the chick he sleeping since that Grecian myth like Oedipus

After all that. Ness says he’s gonna smack your dumb ass

Your similarities to othrs - You prolly got a Bender tatt on your back

Come on you can admit it plus the fact that you rap

You ol "you got a trench coat I can borrow" face ass nigga

You ol, "I got a lotta homework I'ma do it tonight

Then go and shoot up the school tomorrow" face ass nigga

His delivery I find a little boring tbh, felt the same way about him v. Heartless, but that’s me I suppose


You see - Ness got flustered, over what Jed's got covered

Down to a science, in cruise control like L Ron Hubbard

Everytime you battle a black dude Go for all the people he has seen past him - And the jokes thing is you

probably helped all those guys

Cause you make incredible beats, and you get bread on the side

And that's Ness' career cause if he tells them he rhymes

He'll be sitting on the shelf till he dies

They say you're ahead of your time, so you wont get any shine

But that's enough about his career, and the dent in his pride

Cause I could spend three minutes on what one sentence describes

Always the Bridesmaid, never the bride


He told you four years prior you might battle?

SOUL 3 – what a round! Amazing

Amazing chess scheme throughout - Lee endgames's a free checkmate

Cause his set ups all over the place, he's playing chess with DNA

So tonight, will B3 L's

like he's playing chess with DNA

When he bish up next to a rook

like he playing chess with DNA

See a pawn's what you be to (B2) these dudes, so that's where he moved

But they opened up the D 2, so the queen took a free rook

Put it simply, he's been used, so call me Aryan, but these views

Is deep blue, a machine too, he lose in three moves

This is Soul Volume 2, that's equal, to Lee cubed

This the PC he use to make beats through

When it crash, and then reboot, but the screen blue

And the CPU freeze too, cause this safe mode to what I'll command c:


Ryu and T-2000 I'm heatproof

He's proof, heat could decease you, cause he breathed fumes

When the gas leak blew on a cheap fuse, that he keeps loose

Left his knee chewed, thats the only time he walked with the steel too

My point it this, it's ironic bitch, that the pain for this recruit

Was when he leaped to the same window that T threw his career through


Hugely anticipated clash – both big writers of respective leagues. Obviously Bender seems to have lost interest in the whole thing really but you go from strength to strength.

Weird battle. Cool event though,

Organik titles you possibly two of the best writers in battle rap. – says happy birthday to Respek BA Bender does?

Anything you could put a difference n that separate these event between DF? Do they feel


Jonestown massacre – one deadly punch can bring an end to your whole following

Send you back to your sheepfarm so you can fuck what you herd

Go watch MacBeth if you wanna play with a king

Jesus fucking Christ he’s even worse than I am with all that nerd shit – he begins to do a similar round.


Huge aggression and enthusiasm – how drunk do you have to be to think a charron bar needs an explanation?

Sorry player, nah fuck a remix – begging for attention in battles I call him Queenzflip

Talk about how they just keep him battling for legacy and memories - you just keep him around for heritage and to remember some crap that should be left in the best- you’re like a battle rap version of the confederate flag

Action Bronson looking motherfucker just about to feel like he dissed the Wu

This round’s your grace period – next is your intervention,

Talk about your nervous laughing after bars

Says he on some Olive Garden shit – put a knife in his breadbasket

The crowd rile up and Bender slip a little –

The fact don’t even Stand by Me – the kids trying to see a body (deserves better reaction)

You piping up you getting slap with the quickness, you getting asked for forgiveness like an act of contrition, I just ashed on your face like a catholic tradition


You bring up all the nasty shit that happened in London – Bender had battle Arkaic, blacked out in Cruger’s house.

This grown ass man in his sleep pissed himself – what?!

Is this that bad or embarrassing? Blatter’s out of control – president of Fifa – few blank faces like when someone drops a Steph Curry

Horrible image of puling the condom out and the inside looks like yellow phleghm - treats it as a colostomy bag.

Talk of taking a girl out and still pissig – had that bitch stepping puddles like chivalry is dead

Apparently he had said legendary as a drunk – you go in brilliant on how drunk, fucking pathetic like a drink, you wrecked your life

People out there dying based on race, you dying from a path you chose. That’s why black lives matter and black livers don’t


Trying to wipe Soul off the map I’m on that Kim Jon Un

I would’ve put you under the wing like the fuel exhaust by the fuselage but you just crossed the rubicon there aint no moving back

You the champ of DF – You didn’t beat Tony D who gives a shit?

Gassed up like a Vietnam monk

Attacks for you bad personage – Bender just seems a little running on empty –

Bender drops a soul in a box line and asks Organik if they’re still oing it.


Nice MMA – tenth planet system, changing of the guard

Tell him that he robbed Arcane – these days why KOTD think Ben shouldn’t travel cause he pissed th bed in real life and shit the bed in battles

Spun him soon as the card dropping like breakdancing

At the end of the vid as they have the cool credits showing th whole video tea we also have you blowing a kiss to the camera right at the end


Soul gets to choose who goes first – Raptor is picked


Many traps he falls into during this round, most blatantly through his lack of actual reality in his bars which is especially drew up to scrutiny considers the honesty onslaught you project in your three rounds

Likeability like ability is a nice bit of writing, which Raptor shows throughout all three of these rounds

Saws that yu arne’t a man

The title matches matter because they should mean both competitors are rising their writing level above whatever they have done before to fit the occasion – which is why you’re such a great champ as both Cee Major & Raptor are ridiculously good performances, whereas I actually felt Raptor’s Kannon rounds and Tony rounds a lot more than this. Will say be on the lookout for his freestyle against Innuendo on the PPV – seriously one of the best 7 min back and forth freestyles I’ve heard. They both hit personal and come with some great back n forths.

Too bad you can’t write delivery

He says that if he wanted to match you referencing all that scientific shit could make this the same on either side like it’s a line of symmetry.

What he has on you then is the authenticity behind his delivery - I can end up behind bars much quicker than you can write them

Love this bar – well if you want bars, well then I’m coming in abundance with punches in explosive rounds that’ll blow up his defense like puffer fish – so good – is explosive rounds meant to

count? Like the Tony – fin to give her that white tip like a reef shark. Keep those fish bars coming man – against Shox, get on your Krill shit.

I hate you more than a Monday shift after a Sunday binge

Lacks the real sting of Raptor at this point- some of the bars get slept on , performance built up seen the cracks appearing like a builders bum – but then the actual punch at the end of this section isn’t really a punch at all, feels like he is almost doing your history reference game but with no real, - stretch? Attila the hun? Doesn’t sit with me.

Attacks your performance – you cant even give them replay value? How the fuck you giving them their moneys worth?

How the fuck can they accept you as a champ when they can’t even respect you as a man? Dat irony.

Done anything you’ve done and in less time – well, wasn’t Don’t Flop so much smaller as we’ve discussed Weed D

Laid down the material to edge it in the room like carpet fitters (can’t quite hear that word) – not sure if that bar is dope or sucks

Again with the , we don’t give a fuck about (empty multi aping intelligence) – then of course he caps it with one of his own wink wink, choking’s your Achilles heel like talos when he start to form in Jason and the Argonauts -

Seen you punch Caustic, why would I want a right like Soul?

He’s starting a graveyard, one that holds spirits – do graveyards also hold spirits? Put Soul in it


Address Don’t Flop first not opponent as Raptor did

Brilliantly address in this direct ot the entirety of the fanbas that the logic of actually doubting was suspect, you do the same with Cee and the foundation of the crop that was tilled for him to walk on – battle rap can be these 24/7 upload cycle kinda paradigm but you defeat that flawlessly – like I hadn’t been beheading like 2010 and just kept it stepping – like I hadn’t done 28 rounds in a year where the legends resting – like I was them and left you stressing – like I hadn’t spent it representing – like 6 months before you hadn’t elected Jed by referendum NICE – like I hadn’t won the battle of year after Sketch & Ness – like, you know what? False choke kinda - you wanna talk shit about my memory? Yours the one been forgetting. Cause I forgot one round, you forgot 27! Wow

Like he can just be aggressive, and I’ll tuck my tail and probably choke. Well I got a gameplan for this rowdy bitch I’m Holly Holms boxing coach.

Heavy Stone Cold bar – so many haymakers. Like JC’s 3 rd against Chilla

How the fuck can I be scared about a man that hits a woman? Great transition between weighing up the opponents currently the chain helping to set up a sense of legacy, taking Gem’s absolutely brilliant big t to a string vest - thatl ine’s there, but you’re more like a stringvest,

because you’re a see through wifebeater – you swing your feist here and in any other context it’d be like a little rascals golly gee

Mick Foley punch – big wrestling fan?

Like the big t line you morph the probably only memorable line from the entirety of the real diassapintment of Pass Raptor When he’s drunk he gets aggressive but that’s when he writes best - 1 2 12 like a mic chec aint what the guy – meant you wanna fight yeah, put on a nice dress

Most women tie the knot it’s the most romantic thing you do for them, his woman tied the knot in the bandages you put her in – Raptor is rattled, it’s all lies bruv he starts the scream at the crowd as you spit – not seen such blanat refusal

Standing at the atlar going over her vows / got a hole in her face before she even opener her mouth – JESUS – the people jumping on the back of the bar too is crazy, easy to fllow but still so heavy

The spinning off multis that were tweeted – came to replay scars like milli and dan – what is that bars

You rapping against the battler im rapping against the human – that why he says bitch at the end of battles that he’s doing – cause he’s such a bitch he has to pretend he’s battling a woman


After such mighty lyricism he sees it fit to just call you a weasel

You are right Jed, I’ve hit a bitch and I wont hesistate to hit a bitch again no reaction, yeesh. Somone laughs and he chokes it out –

Again as the 1 st speaks of his accomplishments – title shot after only 8 battles – they don’t want you as a champion Soul – people cheer that they do though.

Cams got his death covered like life insurance - ?

Jacket up – heel get raised like womans shoes – you cant rap like this Soul? What, like that bar?

Funny VP16 – fuck Unan for tagging you in – again you’re a bitch to him – say you’re singing a lullaby

Morbid bastard – yu shouldn’t battled Tony – didn’t have the balls to cross that line like a rugby try – if you di would’ve been killed by T like a Russian spy

Says you left the fans down against Caustic –

You do raise the bar just to go ver heads – so, you still raised the bar though?

Graffiti in prison cell – I put my heart in the pen – doesn’t really have a cohesiveness to it as yours did – doesn’t really go forward – again he ends the lame graveyard thing – why is he taking shotty’s slogan and reminding people of Shotty?

SOUL 2 .

Go in on his bars – Kannon aint the same planet when un I verse – that’s crazy. Sno had a similar bar – you don’t ust speak but you

describe words – you’ve srurprised me bro, not just with your pen create, but also, you know an awful lot about S P ace

I’M THE CHAMP OUT of this worl – I don’t Owe Ryan’s best -

Do’t recollection of this concept when you brint it all the way back the heady days of STS10 Briggzy at to the thest 10 I had your sensei served, I rhymed rings around your gass now it’s your SA – Turn

Talks about how he got jealous of Shotty – like a major league pitcher, cause after the cage he turned to his team, first second he back to the base – from this moment on it’s a whole aother level, people ar eepxecting to freak out -

He didn’t even name you homie, just sent me a snake emoji

You traitor – (huge stream of terrific multis and writing here, the patented soul string punch style)

You traitor, Rip your idols down, Hussain you, draw blood for the right cross, like a crusade you ---- see his future up I smoke like a soothsayer, luke saber through vader – you laugh to the camera, the entire place is on fire for you – the quality has came through- what a brilliant story – the old roots, the experience – both hips strapped like Tomb Raider – came with a tomb raider Hayraider – coming for some sugar like a new neighbor – backed into corners otm b raider cee punch too.

He catches the Schumacher miss and you pick it up, deliver it back, outstanding really. Unbelievable speed and anticipation, obvs planned but still so good

Co-ordination – watch the hand die

Think dudes radder – risning up the ranks on whose ladder?

T4 punch – open up with Friends – run Scrubs into the ground and it ent E4 – so heavy, beautifully done. That punch is so intelligent.

Great Tribe punch at the end – what that fife dog


At this point I suppose really knowing that it is done.

I don’t know whose a bigger idck head – you for putting that in a cheme or you lot for pretending you know what that means – that’s insulting

I been killing cyphers since Tynchy Strider was a kid beside –

Again with the real MCs knows – you live for science, I do the math and business minded – put an end to his hweave on screen like window wipers

Lots of good writing here but not coming with that deep existential pain that your bars can bring the sense ofh umilation – the crowd are resectufl and here but not quite on the elvel – nice with the comfy drive in the countryside

You don’t know about my life – talent comes before passion everytime

So many people believe Cee got the split like bible verses – did they?


Walking demonstration that a lack of sex makes you sad –

Rap too much about The Wire Walking Dead – Netflix and chill in preparation for a clash – raptor kinda stumbles a tad here and then just can’t get it back – so difficult, huge- calls time. Difficult. Not even Shotty’ graveyard gets a mention – something you pick up


Funny breakdown , the under sneaks like submatiners - IF HE;S UNDER these people – where the fuck are you?

Crumbled at the bottom like amber leaf – Shotty passed the key.

Great graveyard punch continually – professor Ross Geller I’m teaching raptor lessons – talk of your great decisions owned over Cee, Olde, 13 nil by mouth, don’t open your trap, this shit’s a stich up – the cheek of him

Promotional malpractice – take him out to the body, chris eubanks senior – so enduce that seizure before your body on the avenue - - when you rp, they react, when I rap, the rappers do – raptor agress begrudgingly

Mentions thelosses you have, youlost to Gemini, Quill, Evila, Sleepy


Does he even rap? Is he the DJ? Hilarious. What the hell is raptor on he can’t even beat the guy who produced the beat he’s rapping on

Wait, tou lost to Sleep Gee mate? Sleepy Fucking Gee Mate?

Tonight your pop’s idol like Ryan Seek Rest

Behave yourself closing it out – sumptuous.