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Significant of the Study

The study aimed to determine the satisfaction

level of customers on the food and services offered by
the OLPC-SM Canteen as the only canteen inside the
campus. The result of the study will help the School
canteen to determine their customers, satisfaction
level to their services and make assess ways on how to
improve their operation. This also helps the regular
customers in having easy access place to eat which is
in the school canteen and also the safety of the food
offered. This will also help the researchers to have
knowledge and help exercise their skills in executing
difficult task and to gain about managing a canteen
business. And for the future researchers to have
further knowledge and provide them the necessary pieces
of information that will serve as a bases in conducting
a parallel study.

Scope and Limitations

The study entitled, The Satisfaction Level of
Customers on the Food and Services offered by the OLPC-
SM Canteen, will focused on the satisfaction level of
regular customers like student, faculty and staff of
OLPC-SM that regularly experience the services in the
school canteen. This also focused in the services
rendered by the school canteen like the food offered,
facilities, spacing, cleanliness and overall impact of
the school canteen, from School year 2017-2018
We delimit our study on the relationship of
employees and the management.
Definition of Terms:

The following terms are operationally defined:

Cafeteria. It is the other term for a school

Facilities. Are pieces of equipment or services that

are used and available in the school canteen.

Personnel. It refers to the provider of the services in

the school canteen of Our Lady of the Pillar College-
San Manuel.

Pricing. It usually depends on the food cost of the

product, and on the customers perceived value of the

Regular Customers. The student, teacher and staff who

buy daily in the school canteen of Our Lady of the
Pillar College-San Manuel.

School Canteen. A place inside the school campus where

students, parents, faculty and staff buy and eat their

Spacing. A particular kind of space in the canteen that

is available for putting something.
Statement of the Problem
This study aimed to assess the Satisfaction level
of customer on the food and services offered by the
OLPC-SM canteen as the only canteen inside the school
Specifically, this study aimed to answer the
following questions:
What is the satisfaction level of the customers in
terms of:
a. Personnel & Services
b. Pricing
c. Cleaning
d. Spacing

Which part of the Canteen needs further development:


What other product do you like to be offered in the