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Tel-Aviv, June 3, 1991

Mr. Steve Arroyo
15401 Beach Blvd. # 123
Wes tmi ns t e r , CA 92683

Dear Si r ,
We have been asked t o acknowledge
the receipt of your l e t t e r addressed t o the Minister
of Defence.
W i t h best regards,

Yours sincerely,

In Charge of Information
IX tX,r men
1c --
I would praise fXe L w d

f.r 4; 9ood,ess, a n d b r Xis

wonderfu/wods to tXe cXi/d,en

o/ men! %p Xe safi4etX fXe

Ln7in9 soul a n d f L t X fLe

Xunyrty sou m / ~4yoockess.
Leapt is /Led

Y w i / / s i n ga n d giue praise,

euen witL my ghry.

%a',/, 108..d
~ ~ L s e d fX,
%df.r euer andeve, f,r
6 e name

wisdm a n d mi+ are Xis:

Y n d X e c an7et fie fimes a n d

iXe seasons:. . . Xe +oetX wisdm

unfo t e wise, andknow/a$ e e fo

d e m d a t inow undemf andln y X

reueaLtX fAe d9 andsecret tl;nps:

Xe X nowetX wXat is in f Xe darL*ne$s,

andtXe LpXr dAtX w i t +Xim.
ders 4th w o r d a n d
not earers dceioinp

/our own se/oes.
Letter tian ru6ies; an d
a l l fLe tXinps f i a t may

6e dsipedare not

to 6e compared to id

d o n I ? MI
Lt me neuer 6e
put io confusion.
from my L
f,: and

tiYw o ndrous w o rLs.

a n d fo get un&rstandnP


Memorandum to: Joint Staff Deputy and
Or consulting charge d’affaires ad interim:
From: Technical Staff; Def-Con Operates 92649 USA
Aero dynamical Advisory and
Engineering Planitia Descriptor
Date: 15 April 2,005

Subject: IC Security Docket N507 (N 9)

Enclosure’s: 1 AACTGC; copy of subject docket
(Descriptive Encode) SBIC

1. In pursuance to an inquiry on the subject matter of unidentified
radiological transmissions, allocated to include (9. 192,631,770
hertz), par to SFRA standards-within the inhabited region of
distant senses of critical life systems and support, their exists
the unknown regions of warp nacelle quark, and the barometric
value of depressurizing vacuum canisters of a charge. A Party to
such an admission may serve requests and provide a procedure
for written documentation relevant to that matter in an effort to
eliminate otherwise triable issues and to dispose of undisputed
issues as to facilitate a motion for summary judgment thereto.
A Party served with requests for admission only after they have
appeared, and may serve them only on another Party who has
been served with summons or complaint, as I did, to ascertain
facts on which a Party’s contentions are based. To all Party’s and
their respective counsel of record; PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that: to
sustain aquatic and avian understanding for life, contrary to the
nuclear industry’s expectations, perspective to the business
sense, and nothing more, Than flying time machines and less
than that shall be construed as a false agenda wherein therefore
a combinative approach to the nuclear disarmament question.

IC. Security Docket N507

Any questions or disputes concerning the interpretation of global
intrinsic priority firstly is something to disseminate about scientific
teaching and sequences in sequence that can suddenly result in the
unimaginable consequences to they who resurrected enriched
plutonium services abetment reactifying supply levels of more
radioactive cargo than could ever be possible to unload instilled.
Nevertheless it is the opinion of the Star Fleet Communications
Major(s) that the US Department of Defense stands beside the sub
contracting obligations implied, and suspension of all purchase
acquisition requisites from Russia and other countries, such as
reported to be, is cause for degeneration and decay, and nuclear
holocaustological enticement to the charges brought forth my fellow
installation commanders’ whereabouts thereof. A Constitutional
reminder of life, liberty, and a pursuit for a higher mass, a stronger
flag, submerged in denominate compliancy whereby therefore:
2. Mission objectives for the Israeli /Class reminders of a Faith, to
that of which is, in existence:
(a) Descriptive Encode, in Star Based Internal Command and
sentry fortification Corps; a special O, as to:
Make appropriate provision concerning the State and the fate
of rest assured; consider the price of trillion dollar manned
Martian soil samples, and the prices of duly sold implacables
within an exchange of instruments without running a starship
module to a condition ignore, if we do that hereinafter.
(b) To create a suitable atmosphere, incessant of the
obligations assumed we come to de-facto scenarios that the
five permanent memberships to the United Nations have been
regularly visited, complied, and dispelled knowledge of flying
saucer modules, in the face of distorted admissions that flight
patterns to Mars and beyond are very many and ongoing
daily, how now, is this something we really should forget?
In another way we come to understand, a circle of danger(s), and a
line of frequency filament therein. To consolidate a secret scientific
society’s lost within themselves is to carry out arbitrational access of
star gates values now and then. The Party’s agreed to discontinue
nuclear weapons assimilation but can’t be removed from the field
frequencies it implies as sequentially catastrophic; at any rate:
The topographical reminders of an entity on the maps, is an exercise
in advisory function as a common consideration for Justice of the

IC. Security Docket N507

The declarations referred to above may be made unconditionally or on
a condition of reciprocity on the part of several or certain states for an
invitation to an installation of star based acceptance in any question
concerning the institution of Law and Order and settlement dispute.
It is hereby stipulated within 10 days after service of such notice, the
Clerk with copies of such exhibits or declarations of impunity against
the fact I spoke of, will waive filing fees; and Notice of Correction is
entry I’ll discuss further, aside from the elements of surprise attacks
hereinafter thereupon. In lieu of the aforesaid stipulations, Clerk will
mail notice’s, therefore Clerk will certify the record as correct, and
shall certify the original documentation consisting of transcripts,
photographic files, CD Rom and DVD-VHS audio and video optical data
in response to Coroner adjutants denials hereby therefore; in
existence, aero dynamically designed reminders of a lawyer’s progress
report in attachment as so:
Therein hereto wherefore I would consider it a good proposal, (Secrecy
Instilled); Sir.
Descriptive Encode in Star Based Internal Command-the Articles of
Genetic Disclosure,
Discovery and Appeal; (DESBIC AGENDA) inscribed. In order of
Convention wherefore.

Pursuant to Memorandum Scripture Chapter 4, firstly the
faces on the maps are real. It is up to inquiring minds that
want to know that there is a lot to life to lose within the sights
of global telepathic intrinsic espionage in the face of distorted
admissions. At any rate, our Alien entity is an antzee dancee
friend trying to save us from nuclear wars and radioactive
incinerators of the powers. Now there; Proceeding from the
premises that the Party’s do proliferate, as to seek mis-
fortunate circumstances for an implacable ensign, regardless of
star people’s authorized advise to impose a 12 year term limit
on dictatorships in the U N Security Council quarter in 1998-99
and on, also as such, a moratorium on nuclear energy
generating stations scheduled to be built; side winding from
the path and dangers of uninhabitable landscapes of power; in
and that now we’ve come to a partnership subject to the
general principals of arbitrational access to a agreed upon
reality to avoid an occasion of explosive engineer’s advice.

IC. Security Docket N507

All Protocols, annexes, and maps attached to this Treaty shall
be regarded as an integral part hereof. To prevent the
formation or engagement of acts of hostility star gate
commanders will be advised to initiate a third party operation
to undertake binding results oriented accordance’s in view of
this declaration which it shall find as indispensable for the
purpose of Extra-Terrestrial presence entitlement Marquis.
Considered Host delegation member status quo are as such:
USA, France, Russia, China, India, Africa, Great Britain, in order
To protect and serve the U N Secretary General, Kofi Annan, the
United Nations Organizations 10017, U N Plaza NY. NY. thereto
forgo; exiting entry, DEF-CON-5, with all due regards, your
consideration requested hitherto.




DESBIC AGENDA, when implemented and retro-active to in force
completion: will eliminate each side’s nuclear and biological common
arsenals to 0,000, by December 31, 2,017. It will also reduce the number of
nuclear fuel reactors, from 450 to, 000 terminates, in the cause of action
taken, by the will of the Member Status quo, to the Secretary(s') General(s)
United Nation's. Penalty assessments and attributable fines imposed, will
be a consideration the Nuclear Power's, with other revelations in mind
indecisive of a firm decision, will need to consider respective to the
standing exercise of free acceptance and obligations necessary as set
forth, within a condition of combinative Treaty(s') if as so, an effective entry
into force. All Party's to an insignia will be initially subject and suspected,
so to say, for the purpose of extricating accumulative crude devices, such
as dirty bombs, and highly radioactive materials that would pose a
sarcastic danger to society's right to exist.


By the end of the first phase and by incorporative engagement with START
II and beyond, all nuclear warheads will be accounted for along with
unprecedented and numerous sentry contingency's. The AGENDA codifies
the issues of secrecy in an entity of aerodynamic statements, and other
related text, memoranda and conditions perspective to: the most common
estimates of the Nuclear Power's current nuclear warhead and weapons
grade explosive contingencies ;

(a) Russia-20,000 to 25,000 multiple stage nuclear weapon's grade
warheads and/nor nuclear relative activities; in particular to cause, at least
7,000, are reported to have been currently deployed; an additional 4 to
5,000 are said to be actively deployed tactical nuclear ordnance, and the
remaining 10-15,000, are either in storage, awaiting dismantlement, or on a
unidentified flight objective; otherwise feared to be available for sale as so,
the sentencing decrees, in concurrence to underground aerodynamically
transitive significant design aperture, whereby storage envelopes and
mobile activation is a Duty of Support Order referred to as, disarmament
protocol, to that of which is legal tender to a Depositary Signature State.


(b) the U S A has a little less than 1/2 that of Russia's keepsakes thereto,
disclosure(s), discovery(s') and appeals. When in the free standing new age
of wisdom, the Party(s') to an insignia have become dependent on each
other’s nuclear reprocessing hazards, even so, the question still remains to
be seen as to the safe storage and disposal of the said accumulations,
therefore an anti-equation in relative logistical abstracts to the Providence
of avian and aquatic critical life systems. For me and you both breaking out
the cheap remarks and excuses to beleaguer the obligations assumed, and
of all the silly lines, wasted paper and wasted time under, under bitter
moons, the question still remains, are we living just for non-proliferation
agreements that are conjured up for fools with transgender agenda’s that
codifies the meaning of decay and degeneracy in an oxygen depletion
contest, for an end of breathable oxygen supply containers, aspect to ratio
improverb. When you take a second hand look, hear the words that are
spoken, hear the words from his mouth, see the hearts that are broken, I
tell you what? What is a man; if it can’t be the succeeding generation, as
many that will come to deny, so is the critical mass in excess, therefore it is
absolutely necessary to aim high and plan on no nuclear energy
whatsoever, except in or amongst the star people and their said approval
as we come closely now to side winding and red blooded ways, behind the
pictures of malice, portraits of freedom and more the non-proliferation
question is ringing out louder, than it ever did before so it won’t get boring,
see the people snoring. That’s why I call you by rank and file the very mark
of the 6 beast anti’-christ as malicious tongues hang dry in the aftermath of
a true horizon, you don’t listen at all, even if you don’t want to; you’re kind
of hard to talk to; you don’t listen at all; you’re sort of incorrigible. So if you
are go out looking for an answer, all Party’s to this Statement of void and
abominable of formulation, with relevance to a common denominator,
throw away that double standard; there’s always a war we can lose,
winning is only for fools ,if the messages are blurred, my words can be
heard. I tell you what? What. What is a man. You are engaging in an illegal
and void of formula eventuality. Where burning body’s scream; don’t be so
blind; you’re wicked or so it seems; don’t be surprised. At any rate, all
Nuclear Powers are defined as such: nuclear energy utility output
generating insignias to a Marquis and or Party’s to a State of service


abetment. This government says support and defend a global runaway
train of nuclear degeneracy instilled transgender I won’t do’s on a defend
and supply nuclear energy utilities, with no certain protocol or goal of
disbandment indecisive to why I call you, the, or an anti’-Christ 6 beast
authority(s’), breeding nuclear reactors as raise to hell, bird to mouth,
snake to grass, lie to wait; as we come ever so closely now to: life can be
cruel but it’s hard to tell, you know we beat the odds and we’re doing so
well; so now we are at the moral of this entry is “I’ve got more than I can
use, dirty bombers and dirty shoes, if it doesn’t matter what we say, it
doesn’t matter what we do, so won’t you help me change this point of
view; walk the streets of passage with you, on this silent night.

As the analysis presented here shows, fuel enrichment services is like, a
virtue less greed that cuts through red taped reminders of counterpoint
combatative competitive soy lent beckoning to a pen and penmanship
might; to that of which would descriptively encode an aerodynamically
designated sector of research, resources, and re-development with a
condition of, say. Say over a dispute, Say over a matter of artillery barrages
in a distance between senses; to that end, a DESBIC AGENDA; to treat for
the adjustment of differences when the lesson is in the learning; in and
though, the sentence always came, and you can't put out a fire with a
pitchfork, of the sort; intimidation matters, so: the matters at hand may be
resolved with less financial insistence on trillion dollar manned Mars
missions; in and that we move to rescind on the unspent funds as a peace
dividend and disarmament perspective, as overviewed, would evidently
decrease the likelihoods’ of a misfire, as we look into the future fearing
nothing more thereupon.

SQ. Security Docket N507
Memorandum to: Office of the Secretary(s’) of Defense OSD;
Deputy Assistant and Senior Military Secretary(s’)
for Intelligence and Oversight, Program Director
Strategic and Space, Special Programs Scientist(s’);
or Consulting charge d’affaire’s ad interim:

Whenever a Treaty or Convention in force provides for Extra-Terrestrial presences,
standard procedures for dealing with any breach of International Law and security shall
include arbitrational access for a purpose of reconciliation here withal therefore; At the
time reference concurrent to this act or fact of special circumstances, the United States
Chief of Military Staff, General Richard Myers shall head Star based command complex
Major Utilities Networks. Sharing that same rank and file shall be Israeli Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon and his quarter for The Court, whose function it is to decide in accordance
with the principles of Israeli Class standard judicial interpretation and the general practice
accepted as Lawful whereof. In furtherance of the declarations referred to as “Coded”
special programs considered cosmic, with aerodynamic attributes, the general free
standing rule shall be, until the last day all nuclear energy production and insistencies
cease to exist, the U S Joint Chief of Staff (Military(s’) , and the Defence Minister of the
Peoples Free Standing State of Israel, shall keep charge of the peace; distribute vital
SQ. Security Docket N507

commodities throughout the space and spacecrafts; address, advise and call attention to
the telepaths and their telepathic star care coordinator(s’) reference container
submergencies as agents or Party to a state of procedures. They further undertake to
fulfill in good Faith supplemental security vacuum recesses, such as breathable
atmospheric oxygen molecules; water for drinking thereabouts; solid waste disposal
including highly enriched uranium breeding as a result of transgender degenerative
occupations and proprieties forasmuch as decide All Party(s’) to a U N Depositary Status
quo are bound by space aged new wave of discovery’s, disclosure, and appeal(s) herein
between the distance of a side winding adverb conjunction their whereafraids. Entry SQ.,
Status Quo for the act or fact of non proliferation issues and the continual path of nuclear
disenchantment to that flagrance of that May Day, for He, the LORD thy maker, that hath
stretched forth the heavens, and laid the foundations of the earth; pleadeth the cause of
his people to understand love, in and that it is a word of evolvement, unless they
subscribe to degeneracy as they did; and a eye for an eye is something to say about
mortal sinners and again we can’t be removed from transgenetical decay here withal.

Subject: Telepathic Acute Hearing Perception, for heavens sake;
Understanding the word of Love that I saved; asking for forgiveness, or not showing
recourse for mortal sinning, and what it has to say about the nuclear disarmament
question? Whence fore he had Power’s to Give Life unto the Image, by reason of
the virtue less and implacable sinners received a mark on the
top of their foreheads, many lies ago thereupon; while defending
constitutions, whereby new Solutions; non proliferation; Love
and survival; Treaty terms, and intimidation matters, de facto.
SQ. Security Docket N507

Another Place: Texas 1996* The good Samaritans:

Subjective: Proceeding from the premise that Vice President Cheneys’
quarter was standing in an in crowd, where in people go;
because his secret service is a dead ringer about his intent
to deny accessories to the articulation discussed in protocols
to now and then, and if it bothers you, it’s a coded X files for the
note to need, a world’s greatest organ tissue plasma of phantom
devils who bid on your breath, like it is though; so troublesome
and now, or my telephone would ring to answer inasmuch as. So
to the act or fact of accessory to disdain and disaster; knowing
all to well the tricks and treats of October moonshine and the
case’s of the vanishing space shuttle; as engineers snored away.

“ Now if I were the President of this land, I’d declare total war
on the sorcerer man, I’d cut him with a gavel and I’d shoot
him with an M 16, and if you ever knew his path, you’d know
what I mean”. The real magician is not a real man, he’s a bird
to mouth, snake to grass, so troublesome and now need to put
some evildoers, in an eternal as it will excuse, vacuum curse.

The Articles of Genetic Disclosure, Discovery and Appeal(s)

Descriptive Encode in "Star Based" Internal Command


Hereby Order of Therefor a Convention:
The Official Text as Follows:

The United Nation's International Organization and the Nuclear Power’s referred
to hereinafter as the Party(s'):

Reaffirming their obligations under the Treaty(s') between the Party(s');
"Descriptive Encode in "Star Based" Internal Command"; the Articles of Genetic
Disclosure, Discovery and Appeal(s), referred to herein as: DESBIC AGENDA.
Stressing their firm commitment to the Treaty of de-limitation of nuclear and
biological weapon's grade ordnance within a State, and nuclear energy policy
incorporative of START II and beyond; decisive in their purpose for strengthening
the Will, security, and the Republics for which it stands for.
Taking in to account commitments to universal Laws inasmuch as Providence,
benevolence, and abounding equality walks within a Depositary of Faith whereof.
In and then a common code of conduct for the obligations assumed thereto,
solemnly affirm and uphold true Faith and allegiance(s), as to sustain interests in
a Charter of collective and continuous settlement in the choice of judgment and
cause of actions as so, to negate the nuclear weapons, and contemporaneous
disarmament question thereto.
Mindful of the note to need, and the need to note; that until nuclear weapons of
any frequency yield, cease to exist; it's a fine line between Life, Liberty and the
pursuit of Truthfulness thereupon.

Desiring a world's new fertile soil, and a stand for human rights, for the purpose
of expertise and youth, to that of which succeeding generations will intermediate
far and free away from the distance, between senses; whereas, life set is hard
enough to question the lesson's too well learned, hereinafter thereto.

Taking note of United Nation's General Assembly Resolution 47/52K of
December 09, 1,992 to undertake and apply additional Protocols, in and that a
Treaty(s'), treats, for the adjustment of differences which affect the permanent
interests of peace and security within a Charter of jurisdiction and transacting
business, as to act in the place of the principal, thereto hereof.

Whereby the promotion of common understanding and the foundation(s) of
International consciousness and consideration for human rights can be secured
with the blessing's of Life, Liberty(s') and the pursuit of Truthfulness, unto that
end it is established and scripted herein as; We the People for a United
Nations Security manifest,

Have Agreed as Follows:
Have agreed as follows:

Article I (The Establishment of Treaty(s')

1. In conformity with therefor, it is established as "Israel", of a Faith as understand sanctioned for
a purpose of Convention hereof thereto, the term 'Treaty" means:
(a) the act of treating or negotiating for the adjustment of differences wherefor, a document
Set forth for a purpose of reconciliation, is established as a table of Law thereupon.
(b) an amending agreement which becomes a Party to an impasse; an international accord
concluded between State(s') in written form and governed by the balance of majority
Partisanmenship therein, pursuant of, and with special reference to: the "Vienna Conven-
tion on the Law of Treaties", inscribed herein thereof.

Article II (Disarmament Conditions)
1. Each Party shall reduce, react, dispose and destroy all ballistic missile warheads and heavy
bomber nuclear and biological armaments thereby, in and then, the aggregate numbers for each
and every side is absolute zero 0,000 hereon. Each Party(s') shall recognize the entry into force
of START-II and continue to resolve the particulars of verifiable conclusion by extending START
to III, -IV, and beyond, to the points of mutually assured and satisfactorily cohesive concordances
thereby hereto; pursuant of START II, but within the limitations set forth as so activations limited
to warheads of chemical formulation properties hereto, shall not exceed as so:

IC. Strategic Arms Limitations

2. (a) the United States of America-----------------------------------------4,250
(b) the Russian Federation and the former republics to,-----------4,250
(c) the Peoples Republic of China---------------------------------------4,250
(d) the Republic of France---------------------------------------------------650
(e) the Republic of the United Kingdom----------------------------------650
(f) the Peoples Republic of India------------------------------------------650
(g) the Peoples State of Israel----------------------------------------------650
all due regard as condition, (DESBIC)
(h) the Republic of Japan----------------------------------------------------650
* Subject to the Secretary General's U N note(s) of charitable
checks and placement(s), indiscrete thereby*
(i) all other State's, Countries, Republics or Independent Marquis
of any such insignia shall not exceed the aggregate postulation of 50* warheads,
or ordnance of charge or device limited to that of which is considered by the U S,
Russia, and Israel, subject to the Secretary General's advice and consent in as
much as chemical formulation contingency(s') herein whereas.

Article II (Disarmament Conditions)
3. Revised and extended fulfillment of the obligations for the purposes set out in the proceeding
Section and pursuant to the process of reduction, elimination and destruction thereto in the
application of procedures, it shall be the aim of the Secretary General's quarter to establish a
time reference, such as in the common interest of the present Plenipotentiaries, as to agree to
undertake verification and disposal not later than upward of December 31, 2,012; mindful registry
of in force interest specified by an engagement expectancy herein thereon December 31, 2,007
thereabouts, except as concerns precedence, performances and discharge in accordance to the
principles and languages of the descriptive as Duly Established for a purpose of Treaty(s')
hereby therefor; in accordance with this Provisionment structure, and in pursuit of His Truth for
A purpose of Faith whereas, this Treaty shall remain engaged of determined effort for an
unlimited duration, and is not intended to supercede either on or under an impositionment
herein, as an interest of "ordre public", to the extent possible and pertinent for clari-
fying a matter(s) as remedies taken to the satisfaction of that matter submitted thereto.

Article III (Obligations to Non-Proliferate)

1. The States of Contracting Party(s') undertake to prohibit within their respective jurisdiction, or
territorial boundary(s') and reserves, to use, or make available for side or purchase, nuclear
weapon's grade devices or explosives of any sort, under due process of Law, thereupon. A State
shall not traffic an import nor an export within its countenance such military grade nuclear or
biological formulation properties weapons or accessories for let or sublet, from this day forth
hereinafter. Of such a file, administrative, or military rank that conspire to do so, they shall surely
be put to death or held accountable thereon.
2. Nuclear warheads of any dispositionment, pursuant of START--II, and beyond, in pursuit of a
Truth of a Faith forasmuch as to reaffirm, are to be destroyed thereto whereupon; the same
forasmuch as biological stockpiles or arsenals of a charge.
3. The Provisionment of this Article(s) shall also apply whereby materials of servicement, facilities for
plutonium extraction, and uranium enrichment shall in any like manner be used to exact an alliance
nor to kill any Man; it is abomination and a damnable offense; unto that end henceforth inasomuch as
hitherto, lest any Man vow an loafe of propositionment and offer an holocaust in a day of propitiation,
the Israeli Shin Bet or the Mossod have been given unto the Day of Atonement, charge of Faith and
Reverence and are authorized hereby to render equal judgment in an event of absence nor presence
of Law hereunder thereto unto thee that of which is perpetual to a holocaust.
4. Within the limitations provided for in Article's II and III of this entry, the aggregate postulate for
chemical formulation weapon systems is inclusive to any such device or attribution of deploy ability.
Each Party shall reserve its specified mode of operable application or projection. Each Party to this
entry agrees to destroy its MIRVS and ICBMs and are not to be used as a chemical weapons vehicle
platform thereof.
5. The process of reduce, dispose and non-proliferate as provided for in this Article is subject to a
12% upgrade and provisional margin of surplus stockpiles; as to allow efficiency operative standards
of modernization wherewithal. Pursuant of Article II Section 2 of this Testament, the Provisionment
provides for 12% upgrade margin of surplus stockpiles to all Party(s'); until or unless further
reductions formulate a less numerical contingency(s') hereby therefor.

Article IV (Terms of the Treaty(s’)

1. For the aspects of descriptive (coded) special sciences, and to signify obedience and homage to
certain presences, in as such, being regularly visited, the five permanent memberships of the
Security Council U N shall ascertain the term "secrecy" in a manner consistent with such purposes
that are relevant to assure compliancy and arbitrational access of a dispute thereof. In order to
assure due diligence and peaceful resolution to the nuclear warfare and disarmament question and
moreover, to establish mutual and respective ground, competent financial incentive oriented
assistance to the Russian Federation, based on an ability to capitalize and rescind on unspent funds,
bearing in mind the course of judgment and legal actions instilled without a sense of Provisionment is
something to say about certain sales of nuclear ordnance; in and then, 60 billion biennial U N USN
NATO, coinage as expressly earmarked to a collaboration on mutual assured disarmament shall be
due upward of December 31, 2,007 and no later than post facto December 31, 2,012, for a duration
of 20 to 40 years as special budgetary conditions of compromise which form an integral part of this
entry to a Test of Will and a treatment of under signatory procedure to this Convention to undertake
further measures in the fields of verification for the enactment of an arms embargo and terms for a
qualitative sustained nuclear disarmament protocol hereinafter. Five years after the entry into force of
this Treaty, and five years there after, December 31, 2,007, a conference of Party(s') to this
Convention shall be held in Tel-Aviv, the State of Israel, in order to review the operation, and take into
account any relevant technological developments thereto hereunder.
Cont'd. Article IV (Terms of the Treaty(s')

2. The term "fissile" or "fissionable material", means: plutonium 239; uranium 238; uranium
enriched in the isotopes 235 or 233; any material containing one or more of the foregoing, as
provided in this Article(s); to that of which is most suitable for use in the core or pit of a nuclear
weapon(s), (for sale), herein thereby. Fissionable refers to decay by spontaneous fission; the
splitting of an atomic nucleus into two nuclei, not limited to, but usually they are 235U, 233U, and
239Pu. Only 235U is said to occur in nature relative to anti-matter and anti-equation pertaining to
theory(s) of Mankind’s relative ness to that of which is mathematically an uncontrolled
hypothesis, or risk assertion therefor: a nuclear or atomic weapon derives from a nuclear fission
or fusion reaction, and consists of two stable sub critical masses of uranium or plutonium. On
being brought forcefully together the critical mass is exceeded, initiating an uncontrolled nuclear
fission reaction thereto huge amounts of energy and harmful radiation are released thereupon a
nuclear weapon may be categorized as a harmful radiation device(s), or as such whereas: (a)
nuclear explosive warhead(s) or device as an atomic or nuclear bomb, deployable on any or
most conventional missile or rocket propelled projectiles hereby wherein they may also be
deployed from land, air, or sea hereto therein. (b) exspent and/or processed or reprocessed
corresponding highly radioactive waste, is a nuclear weapon of attack, of sort hereon, referred to
also as "nuclear fuel enrichment" hereby means: separation of the fissionable isotope U-235 from
the more abundant uranium 238 isotope thereof gaseous uranium hexafluride undergoes
diffusion separation, and high speed centrifugal- force separation wherefor oxygen depletion
molecules are subjected to an atmospheric condition in natural thesis henceforth, all 450 nuclear
energy systems are technically a dangerous grade of inter-reactionary procedures hereby
whereas to that end; (c) the term ERA refers to Expent or Radioactivity; the emission of a particle
which consist as two protons and two neutrons and form a radiation gamma, and X-ray field
frequency that when human embryo are exposed, immediate death, genetic mutations,
cancerous disease, and/or asphyxiation occurs thereto hereof therefor; (d) the term ERA-A refers
to Expent or Radioactive Accumulation(s); (e) the term ERA-B refers to a Expent or Radioactive
Bomb or crude device; an explosive units' measurement as a lethal act; (f) the term ERA-C refers
to an Expent or Radioactive Condition(s) thereupon; (g) the term ERA-E refers to Expent or
Radioactive Energy therein hereof; (i) the term ERA-F refers to Expent or Radioactive Fuel
hereby therefor; the ERA term may also provide an aesthetic connotative for security codes and
a primary sub-space band to a radio frequency thereby.
3. The term “atomic energy”, the same is for “nuclear energy”, refers to atomic reaction
synonymous with nuclear reaction; the arrangement of protons and neutrons in a nuclear
field, such as high-level waste for reclamation, in the nuclear field, high-level waste refers
to radioactive waste generated from used fissile materials; material that is easily subjected to
nuclear fission and is suitable for use as a weapon; the same is that of fissile materials in as such
that plutonium-239 and uranium-235 are elements of , in effect, the Depositary Signatures
hereunder, and are the most common relative violent materials used in nuclear elimination
midrange frequency yield whereby “fallout”, refers to, any particular device or explosive(s), where
a presence of certain radioactive isotopes may “fall out”, if released from a sub flight altitude, as
will sustain effective, from within a low field of frequency range(s) thereupon herein.
4. The term “anti-equation” means: not relative in theory, void of formulation to the Providence of
Mankind; against the Will of GOD; an anti-Christ or anti-Man numerical configuration 666
thereto. Wherefore the existence of a new peremptory norm of general Law, (jus cogens),
constitutes in effect, an essential basis of interpretation, taken into account, as set forth in this
entry, the nature of relativity and the Laws of deductive reasoning hitherto.
5. The term “atomic” with reference to a frequency used is that of radiation, not limited to
(9,192,631,770 hertz), absorbed when cesium-133 atoms change between two different energy
states in a magnetic field; a subliminal reference, refers to a means of particulars with all due
consideration thereto whereas chain reaction becomes an unstable arrangement of protons and
neutrons hereunder thereto.


Article IV (Additional Terms)

6. Within the limitations provided for in Article's II and III of this Agenda, the aggregate postulate
for chemical formulation is inclusive to any such device or attribution of deploy ability. Each Party
shall reserve its specified mode for operable application projection, in and that ICBMs are not to
exist hereon, nor as a chemical weapons vehicle platform thereof.
7. The process of reduce, disposal non-proliferation as provided for in this Article is subject to a
12% upgrade and revision margin of surplus as to allow efficiency operative standards for
modernization revisement projection there under hereof; the reduction pursuant to Paragraph 2.,
Section(s) (a) through (g) as provided for in this Paragraph allows for 12%, to all Parties for
excessive Provisionment surplus', unless, or until obligations for further reductions formulate a
ess numerical contingency(s) hereby thereto.
8. For the purpose as entered into force, of the Convention concern descriptives (coded) in
special sciences' aspects of obedience and homage to a presences, in as such, being regularly
visited, the five permanent memberships of the Security Council U N; and others forasmuch as
withstanding; secrecy shall be construed for such purposes that are relevant in accordance with
this Statute. In order to assure compliance and peaceful settlement resolutions, the Western
Nuclear Powers, based on an ability to capitalize and other purposes set forth to this information
supplied, shall establish their mutual and respective ground, by competent financial incentive
oriented assistance to the Russian Federation, bearing in mind deductive abstracts in order to
ascertain, the course of judgment and legal actions instilled without a sense of Provisionment is
for certain sales of nuclear explosives' ordnances' any way you see it; therefore 60 billion biennial
U N USN NATO, coinage is expressly earmarked as set forth in the Protocols and
Memorandum of Understanding, collaboration to mutual assured disarmament is non-compliancy
with its obligations under this Treaty, subject to budgetary de facto compromise post facto
December 31, 2,012 whereat wherefore. In order to form a more perfect union of authorative
concern hereafter moreover, each Party, especially France and U N Delegates such as Great
Britain, the U S A, espionage hotlines, as stated in the Protocol and Memorandum again thereof
hereby, will need to enforce your under signatory to the Convention on Procedures Governing
Conversion of Nuclear Reactor Fuel and Energy Servicement and Alternative Solutions in
accordance with this Statute therefor; none of the provisions of this Treaty shall be construed as
impairing the rights and obligations of the Parties under the United States doctrine of Faith
Declaration, to the Charter of the United Nations or, in the case of State Members of the League
of Nations, under existing regional treaties thereof hereby. Therefore: the Parties to this Treaty
undertake to continue negotiations in good Faith concerning further measures in the fields of
verification for the enactment of an arms embargo hereinafter. Five years after the entry into force
of this Treaty, December 31, 2,007, a conference of Parties to the Treaty(s) shall be held in Tel-
Aviv, the State of Israel, in order to review the operation of this Treaty(s) with a view to assuring
that the purposes of the Provisionment are being recognized. Such review shall take into account
any relevant technological developments thereto.

Article V (Implementation)

1. Each of the Party(s') to this entry undertake to prohibit and prevent, the testing, use,
manufacture or remanufacture, production acquisition, exportation, and importation of any
nuclear weapons, or what may be deemed as nuclear weapons grade materials. The Country, or
insignia's of origin also undertake to refrain from providing source fissionable materials to a
receiving State, in and though nuclear medicine shall be provided for, on an internal basis, while
nuclear metal alloy and test composite defeats the purpose to incidental or accidental outbreak of
nuclear retaliatory propitiation, and the increased likelihood of such an occurrence therein.
2. The Party(s') to a State shall undertake within and about their bounds and respective
jurisdiction or command control, to refrain from carrying out nuclear, atomic, or in the course of
scientific discovery, any device relating to, thermo fusion or fission test explosions; in the
atmosphere; beyond it's limits including outer space; under and upon the water, in particular
external or internal waters and/or sub regions thereupon.
3. The Security Council Memberships U N, being all nuclear energy dependent, and in the
forefront of nuclear weapon proliferation and incidental or stolen and/or accidental non-chelance
of dealings are bound by this Treaty(s'). Russia, France, Great Britain, the U S, China, NATO and
others, are not to be assisting and aiding in abetment to nuclear energy construction investments
to deal dirty bombs indecisive. Virtue less greed shall not be a bilateral or multilateral
arrangement of molecular displacement of genetic function and mutation in human embryological
aftermaths within the drafts of this Provisionment ensignia.
4. Each signatory to an anti-equation shall recalculate their nuclear energy dealings, and a report
along with a pledge in written and signed Standing's on the State of nuclear energy disassembly
and terminates thereof, shall be recieved by the Secretary Generals' quarters upward by
December 31, 2.007, continually five years thereafter. Fines shall be assessed in reasonable
standing order for those Party(s') to an emblem that do not provide an assessment date for
operational closures from this day forward and from now on in; and fines of 10 million dollars per
unit are advised post facto of December 31, 2,012 and upward through December 31, 2,017 shall
be the scheduled time references for complete nuclear energy terminates thereby.
5. Pursuant to Paragraph 2 of this Article, non-nuclear warhead(ed) anti-missile systems such as
lasers and high performance aerodynamic principles of self-defense apparatus shall not be
classified as a nuclear or biological weapon or nuclear weapon. An anti-ballistic system either
propelled by nuclear means, or possessing a nuclear detonation device or nuclear warhead to
destroy a potential in coming projectile or ordnance, shall be considered a threat to the
environment and may cause more harm to the inhabitants as that of the targets intention;
therefore it is considered a critical frequency device, or an atomic weapons hereinafter thereto.
6. If after such observation reasonable doubts remain concerning the fulfillment of the obligations
assumed under the Treaty(s'), the State Party having such doubts and the State Party that is
responsible for the activities giving rise to the doubts shall consult with a view to removing the
doubts. If the doubts persist, the State Party(s') concerned shall take up the matter with a 15
member conciliatory commission authorized by the Secretary General U N composed of, 3
Austrians, 3 Finns, 3 Pontifical assignees, 3 Israelis, 3 non-uranium export African delegates.
The sending Party(s') to a State agrees solemnly to not coerce, intimidate, penalize or bribe in
any manner the Conciliatory Commission. The Commission is required to act on the best interest
for the Providence of Mankind, and shall be considered a multi-purpose Standing Conciliatory
Commission. The multi-factional Commissionaires are to remain as the domicile specified in this
Paragraph for unlimited duration. The Standing Conciliatory Commission shall be considered an
Integral part of arbitration to a dispute, especially in the interest of the International Court hereof;
Nuclear Powers and Nuclear States partisanship imbias. In effect the Standing Conciliatory
Commission is a primary and aesthetical definition of an International Court thereto hereunder.

Article VI (Space Payloads)

1. Within the framework of this Convention and to promote the objectives and uphold the
Provisionment of this entry, the Secretary Generals' U N, and the Party(s') to a State shall use a
Standing Conciliatory Commission for the purpose of providing assurances related to the subject
matter, forasmuch as the supreme interests may validate a scientific matter of development, in
and that a matter shall be considered subservient to the fate of all who come to pass hereby.
2. Imprescriptive to existing alliances, and any additional facts upon which the claim of common
property is based, the order appointed on the use of outer space has been amended to provide a
United Nation's General Assembly a say, and /or a voice of judgment rendered against a military
matter of conduct, posture, maneuvers as such activities carried out by governmental and non-
governmental agencies, to that emphasis which is of rocket propelled payloads placed in or
around the Earths orbit. In the interest of maintaining International security and mutually assured
qualitative understanding, pursuant of Article V Section 6 the same Standing Conciliatory
Commission, under the condition of "motus nuetralis", shall decide to give issuance and service
approval to all scaled integrated payloads placed in or around the orbit of our planet, and the
zone of application governing the activities of sub-gravitational space thereto. For the purpose of
a Treaty(s') each Party undertakes to non-proliferate in the systems development of competitive,
combatative, and counterpoint launches as to defeat the purpose, incessant to, jamming
equipment, surveillance technologies, orbiters, deadly acts of clandestine inexcusability hereby,
which could constitute a combatative, competitive military chain reaction in the field of
technological arms proliferation. To be effective, the Standing Conciliatory Commission is hereby
established as a principal organ. To the Secretariat and Delegation Memberships', Charter, the U
N. The Standing Conciliatory Commission otherwise referred to as S-COM, shall work within the
scope of conciliation needs, as an unbiased and impartial secondary and primary to the
International court. To be employed 4 days per week, 6 hours per day, 40 weeks per year, the S-
COM shall be available for arbitrational access, and when special sessions deem necessary and
the circumstances so require. The S-COM:

(a) may consider and decide on any matters or questions covered by this Treaty, within
the limits thereof, including those referring to power and function of any organ provided
for in this Treaty(s') herewith.
(b) shall establish procedures for the control system to ensure observance is in accord-
ance with its Provisions.
(c) shall have their right to exist on payroll and be recognized by the Membership
Delegates and the secretary's quarter's thereto.
(d) shall initiate and consider studies designed to facilitate the optimum advancement
of the aims of this and other existing Treaty(s'), without prejudice to the power of the
General Secretary; as to carry out similar studies for submission to and considera-
tion of the mission to the International Organization of Governments, to be paid by
Member States, taking into account the criteria is that of the same purpose as the
United Nation's.
(e) shall have 1 electoral vote apiece and 9 votes decides a matter, of the 15; if in the
case of a filibuster, after three separate deliberations, an 8 to 7 count may prevail.

3. Unless the Party(s') concerned agree on another mode of peaceful settlement, any question or
dispute concerning the interpretation or application of U S/U N, electronic photon anti-
ballistic defenses; the Party(s') accept the fact that accidental or incidental and coded conditions,
do apply in secrecy oriented safety, approved as aforementioned in this Article(s) hereunder.
The Party(s') to a State represented by the undersigned Plenipotentiaries undertake to abide by
the rulings of the Standing Conciliatory Committee, and also agree not to proliferate. All space
delivery payloads are to be pre-approved by S-COM, and submitted with flight plan itinerary one
year prior in advance as to account for systems data and flight controls hereinafter.

Article VII (Registry of Treaty(s')

1. This Treaty shall be registered pursuant to Article(s') 102, in accordance with the Charter of the
United Nations and to the Republic for which it stands of a Faith inter-alia, under GOD, with the
blessings of honesty and virtue set forth hereby for all to accept thereof herein.
2. In respect of duties or charges of black books and black projects and other, such as escape
clauses as in "Star Based" Internal Command implied, some excerpts of this Treaty are
considered secrecy coded, sensitive TOP SECRET EYES ONLY clearance classification only, as
so the case hereon. This Section reserves a delete from the record as applicable to fundamental
tactically reserved reckoning's of "Star Being ness'" telepathic transmissions and "alleged"
AGENDA'S in the "give and take" aspect of who's calling who a liar hereunder. Reference taken
in the Memoranda and Protocol to this entry and discussion require the Depositary to the U N
Charter, (the United States and the State(s') of Israel), to execute, on a case by case basis a
"proces verbal" code of communication, as to address advise, and call attention to, and give a
special order to only a few, but in like manner arbitrate disputes without shots being fired with the
capability of authenticating whose a side of a matter, it is to say thereto. WE understand a
FLYING SAUCER'S IS NOT A Flip Flop in your details descriptive interpretation OVER AND OUT
to thereon. (Coded: sensitive matter). (Dulce descriptive-PROJECT ALF-1-AQUARIUS-SRI,
Dugway exit entered OUT).

Article VIII (Function)

1. The function of the Depositary, in particular shall be to keep custody of the original text of the
Treaty and keep charge of its Statutes; prepare certified copies in such additional languages as
may be required and transmit the relevant data to the Plentopotentiaries entitled to become
Party(s') of a State, to the Treaty(s'); receive signatures and keep custody of instruments,
notifications and communications relating to it; examine whether the information thereto is in due
and proper form and, if need be, bring a matter to the attention of the State(s') in question; inform
the Party(s') to the State(s') of ratification, acceptance, approval and accession required for entry
into force of the Treaty(s') after it has been recieved or deposited; register the Treaty(s') with the
Secretariat of the United Nations dictates thereby; perform the functions specified within the
framework and Provisionment of the present Convention and the Convention of International
Diplomacy, done at Vienna, May 23, 1969 thereat herein.

Article IX (Anti-Missile Defense)

1. Proceeding from the premise that nuclear confrontation would have devastating consequences
for ever and for all mankind alike; each Party(s') undertake not to deploy anti -ballistic defenses
armed with a nuclear or multiple nuclear warheads as system deploy hereto.
2. Pursuant to the Anti-Ballistic Missile Limitations Treaty, Article XV Section 2., "extraordinary
events" have transpired such as the proliferation of Russia's current arsenal alone estimated to
be, between 20,000 to 30,000 nuclear weapons of fear; of these say 7,000 currently deployed,
4,000 are said to be deployed tactical nuclear weapons of war, and the remaining 10,000 to
20,000 are either in reserve, for sale, on standby for extraordinary alarm herein. Notice is hereby
given including a statement of concern. Anti-Missile laser technology is a way to defend from an
accidental or incidental occurrence without compromising security perspective to non-nuclear
warhead anti-ballistic missile proliferation. In viable standing of Article IV, to this treaty, and with
exception to any nuclear warhead ABM system proliferential, Russia is selling nuclear weapons
anyhow and is endangering the Israelis right to exist unscripted herein therefore the U S
entry is as reasonable withdrawal right assertion; Done on December 30, 2,004 HB CA.92646.

Article X (Israel's Right to Exist)

1. The Party(s') agree to recognize Israel's right to exist and see her territorial sovereignty over
greater Palestine as a legal and binding claim thereof. This Treaty shall apply for rights, titles,
deeds, and actions in an affirmative manner suggesting to the U N Security Council
Memberships, and the International Court(s) of Justice, to fulfill in good Faith and interest, and
act in a constructive manner, as to not promote civil unrest or dissolution within the bounds and
perpetual ranks of both respective sociological order's of Palestinian and Israeli society(s').
2. In order to provide maximum security for the Party(s') to the State(s') on the basis of reciprocal
engagement, the office of the Prime Minister, and Prime Ministry Defence, will have final say on
internal security arrangements including limited force zones to the most reasonable extent,
unless mutual qualitative procurement is requested by the offices of the Prime Minister thereat.
3. The Party(s') agree that unless specified by the Administrative Ministering Officials for the
Peoples State of Israel, the Palestinian Enclaves is territory entrusted to the Jewish People's
State, and with this historical bonding consent, the Party(s') further agree to limited and
supervised self sufficiency government process for the Palestinians, which include de-facto
diplomatic association and representation, and semi-independent statehood hereby thereat.
4. Each Party undertakes to ensure that acts or threats of social upheaval, hostility or violence do
not compromise the justice of the peace. It shall be construed that any such leader proscribing to
edify combustive disdainment as to perpetuate violence, are disturbing the peace and will respect
each other's right to live in peace within their legal actionary framework, far and free away from
disdain and dissidence therein.
5. The United States agrees to cancel its trillion dollar, 20 year scheduled manned Martian soil
sampling expedition and while rescinding on the peace dividend unspent fundings; to allocate 6
billion dollars biannual as tributarial supplemental security for the Jewish People's Status-quo; in
and that the sacrifices made by the Hebrew Propagation made it possible for Catholicism to
come of age, and with that age, enlightenment, inventions, industrial revolutions, scientifical
achievement hereby. Pursuant to the Memoranda and said Protocols of this entry, the Peace
Dividend Initiative is a 50 billion dollar biennial answer to disarmament and is an integral part of
this Treaty, for duration of 40 years. The supplementary security funding for the Israelis are to
include a 25-30% sub contractual self-sufficiency program(s) for the Palestinian restoration, jobs
and quality of life assurances in contestant of the fact that the Israeli's will control and administer
the unprecedented peace overture that will dispel notions of dispositionment and uneasiness
within the Party(s') to that State, as called for by the U N Security Council interpretation, with
respect to disarmament Protocols and the Russian question(s) hereunder.
6. The Russian Federation undertakes to employ 5,000 duly sworn officers to protect the
Israelites and offset the nuclear sales implication of Party(s') to the States therefor. The Party(s')
agree to the stationing aspect of Russian soldiers for hires and agree further that the U N
observe and approve personnel, and that these personnel will not be removed unless such an
answer to the disarmament question can be ascertained within the scope of détente hereto.
7. If, and when, the Treaty(s'), (DESBIC AGENDA, INF, START II and up) serve to subjugate the
aggregate numbers provided for in Article(s) II Section 2 of this entry entered in to force,
December 31, 2,007 and every five years there after, a conference of the Parties to the Treaty(s')
shall be held in Tel-Aviv, the State of Israel, in order to review the operation of disarmament and
the institution of progress thereto. It is also required that at or around these same time tables, the
Party(s') to the Convention(s) convene and assign ordinate accounting's to the Minister of
Religious Affairs, the State of Israel. A report and/or conference no later than January 31, 2,013
and say every 5 years there after is also required to the attention of the Vatican, Secretary of
State in and that a Convention and a State of Revelations within the Pontifical Commission and
the Supreme Pontiff may serve in reverence, to prepare and review authentifications and save, to
the flagrance of the hour, Our Love. In Faith whereof, Done December 31, 2,004 HB CA.

Article XI (Disbandment of Nuclear Resources)

1. The Provisions of this Article, in so far as each Party is concerned, shall take due account of
the depletion of oxygen molecules characterized by escaping radioactive nuclear products and by
products, and the field frequency of escaping charged particles accumulated therein.
The Party(s') hereto establish to make Provision, in accordance with this Statute and the
application of this Treaty(s'): to dismantle and decommission all 450 nuclear power plants of
Planet Earth's inter-dependency, on the basis of nuclear safety regulations and the concerns over
security and disarmament to the point of none, 000, incessant with:
(a) A U N that undertakes to subcontract a U S Navy as the principle maritime emergency 911
Policing frequency(s'), also reserves exclusionary, pending extended revisionment(s).
(b) Special fissionable material, when it is used in gram quantities or less as a sensing compo-
nent in instruments used to establish a condition of security clearances thereof.
If exempted nuclear material is to be processed or stored together with nuclear materials subject
to safeguards under this agreement, provision shall be made for such re-application thereto.
2. The recourse and the Subsidiary Arrangements to be made with organizations of the Trust,
(the Depositary), calls for upward of two to near four or more nuclear reactors, commercial or
non-descriptive, per country or Party to a State to decommissionary and disassembly standards
biennially as part of the Subsidiary Arrangements to be agreed upon herewithal.
3. For the discharge of the functions and the exercise of the powers mentioned in the present
Article(s), and pursuant to Article III, Section 3 of the present agenda, a moratorium and
construction ban in the field of nuclear power generation assembly, and nuclear power research
and development for peaceful purposes, entered in to force no later than December 31, 2,007
hereby. Therefore, to promote the objectives and implementations of the Provisionment to this
Treaty(s'), the Party(s') will be advised, on a voluntary basis to dis-engage, or suspend those
reactors that are scheduled to be built, or that are currently under construction hereinafter.
4. Within the framework of paramount consideration, a penalty assessment fee of 12.5 million
dollars, U S/U N, per reactor, biennial, sequentially continual, shall be paid to the International
Organization the United Nations who bear the burden of maintaining International security with
the objective of achieving, as soon as possible, agreement on further measures for the limitations
and reduction and eventual phasing out of the 450 or so reactors. Therefore an assessment
citation is in good standing order, to they who operate any such kind of nuclear fuel services,
and/or abetment conscriptive entruant of December 31, 2,007. Subcontracted maritime services
notwithstanding, pending extended revisionment, would qualify as an exempt thereupon.
5. In view of the contributions the use of nuclear energy has seemed to facilitate, each of the
Party(s') to a State undertake to cease and desist in the supplemental categories of providing
source, and/or fissionable materials such as uranium enrichment for commercial use at plants, or
other purchases and/or purposes we don't sequester therefor. Having regard for a spirit of
sincere co-operative settlement consistent of an order to, ensure accession to this accordance(s),
regardless of whatsoever in each others internal affairs, exportation, importation, for side, let, or
sublet; along with marketing strategies, in and that, all general contracting or sub contractual fine
lines of a specified frequency(s), shall be subject to the penalty assessments, under due process
of Law, as mentioned in the previous paragraph(s) hereon thereto.
6. In order to make a reasonable contribution to the common objective of confidence building, the
participating States accordingly, without the necessity of any special agreement, will come to re-
affirm a Faith in and that radioactivity as specified herein, depletes the oxygen molecules that a
breath of fresh air is a right to pursue as common ends whereof. The existence of any fact which,
if established constitute an anti-equation, is a matter of authorized to have a say. This is ours to
say; take any such actions as may be required to save a people therefor, operating permit
continuances for no later than December 31, 2,012 may reduce penalty 3 fold hereof.
Article XI Con’t.
Section 7
World Nuclear Power Summary, 2,005
Reactors In Operation in Number of Units


Argentina -------------------4 Lithuania---------------------2
Armenia---------------------1 Mexico------------------------3
Belgium----------------------8 Netherlands------------------1
Brazil-------------------------3 Pakistan----------------------4
Bulgaria----------------------5 Romania----------------------1
Canada----------------------15 Russia------------------------38
China-------------------------15 Slovakia-----------------------8
Czech Republic------------6 Slovenia-----------------------1
Finland-----------------------5 South Africa------------------3
France-----------------------61 Spain------------------------- 10
Germany--------------------22 Sweden-----------------------11
Hungary---------------------4 Switzerland-------------------5
India--------------------------23 Taiwan-------------------------9
Iran---------------------------2 to 3 Ukraine------------------------18
Israel--------------------------1 Undisclosed-------------------5
Japan------------------------60 United Kingdom-------------34
Korea North----------------1 to 3 United States---------------106
Korea South----------------22 Total Estimated-----------460

Article XII (International Waters)

1. For the purpose of this Convention: the "area" refers to International Waters and the sub-space
within its jurisdictional limits; the same as "external waters" herein. The sovereignty of a coastal
State, or a land locked State extends to the sub-space referred to as territorial sea. Except where
otherwise provided for in this Article, the standing domain to the sub-space of internal waters, or
territorial seas is 12 nautical miles, subject to the conditions of this Provisionment, and 200
nautical miles from the points of geological reference and/or submergence within the reaches of a
shoreline in contestant to objective trespass thereof.
2. To collaborate more effectively for the greater utilization of International Maritime Security, Support and
Service thereto, a sub contractual award shall be entered as Duly handed down to the United States
Navy and Marine Corps. The award shall be accompanied by a supporting opinion, which shall be
adopted by a majority resolution in the chambers of the Secretary General's, United Nations. Subject to
the Memorandum of Understanding, the Protocol, and to the agenda for which it stood for, the North
Atlantic Treaty Organization shall act as an inter-compartmentalized componency, hereby therein,
support and service to the U N. The High Contracting Party(s'), (U S Department of Defense), shall rank
and award inter-agency contract services as remedial and supplemental service to meet its growing
needs hereof. Any differences that might arise in regard to the interpretation or execution of the award
shall be submitted to the floor of the General Assembly for a confidence measure resolution whereby the
dissenting arbiter(s) shall have a right to state their grounds for dissention. North East Asia Pacific waters
and within the bounds of the Black Sea co-ordinates thereto, the "charge' d'affaires" to U N may wave
service descriptive as so to agree to the terms and conditions of the Global Maritime Security Act, which
are inclusive of the fact(s):

(a) A U N mandate that assures a principle of multi-latteralism is in force.
(b) U N authorities are on board U S carrier groups and escort ships, co-monitoring
Actively on ship(s), as to establish a program of work.
(c) an open line of International Maritime Communication further the operational status.
(d) reconcerge in the establishment of the International Maritime Committee'(s) thereto.
(e) advise and consent be granted to "motus operandus" status mindful of the vulnerab-
ilities, perspective to the use of U N intermediaries on board.
(f) their exists a need to limit the uncontrollability aspect(s), associated with International
Naval Proliferation, and the threats imposed by the states of combatitive competitive
dangers, as so the nuclear-biological and chemically laden warships go not out to sea.
(g) and need to limit the construction therein, of new transitional navy weapons of attack;
Navy(s') in general terms; restrictions, shipyard construction, maritime patrol within
A designated sub-space of internal waters, unless otherwise permitted thereof.

3. In conformity with this entry as entered, unauthorized usage of a Party(s') to a violation or citation
thereto is grounds for penalty assessments, seizure of a naval flotilla, loss of permanent membership
status-quo to a Security Council in and that, unless otherwise given permission by the U N General
Assembly(s') determined efforts, any vessel deemed to be laden with nuclear, biological, chemical
weapons grade formulations, descriptive to illegal or suspicious cargo herein, shall be inspected and
subject to this Provisionment to the Law of the sea, Charter of the United Nations General Assembly(s)
hereinafter wherefor.
4.In carrying out the foregoing responsibilities, the United Nations Organization of International
Government may annex as an "eminent domain trust", the Pan-American Isthmus, and the Suez Isthmus
hereby; use for the aforementioned purposes, without cost except as provided for in this accounting for a
purpose of orderly transit, accepts the grant of such rights and undertakes to exercise them in
accordance with this Treaty(s') and related agreements hereto thereby.

Article XIII (Principles of Exploring Celestial Bodies)

1. The exploration and use of outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies
as is scheduled, so is the "manned Martian" soil sampler expedition(s). Of a Faith
inasmuch shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all Party(s') to an
ensignia, imprescriptive of its own rules hereinafter; adjudged in accordance with;
mission control, or in the chamber's of the Secretary Generals’, United Nations whereof.
A Party to a controversy over procedures to affirm a Faith for us in the face of distorted
admissions for a charge to an order. Respective of all the duties and responsibilities, that
one trillion dollars brings to the tables that turn a numerical configuration, to that of which
is void of formulation and against the Will of GOD, and Law of relative origination and its
existence, perspective of International Law. Or be it an impermeable and inconsequential
contention of a Truth, inscribed under bitter necessity, out of a Faith and sand, and of
whose it was to say: untangling the rumors hereinafter for a scheduled duration of 20
years, at a 33% touch and go ratio to that of which is here and now; therefore.
2. The Party(s’) to the Treaty(s’) reaffirm their Faith and commitment in the purposes and
principles as to live in peace with all people’s and all governments, yet here we are
determined to place a higher value on celestial adventurism’s then the costs of nuclear
disarmament, associated with the price of patience and virtue herewith.
3. When a Treaty(s’) specifies that it is of unlimited duration, or the terms are that of
START II, and is entered into force, as stated, upward through December 31, 2,007, with
exclusionary implication that it role forward toward a START III phase; an earlier or later
act, or fact which takes place, unless it is an act of Nature or Nature’s Law, hereof, the
breadth of it; a State is obligated to refrain from actions which would defeat the purpose,
or the object of acceptance by the designated instruments of Deposit hereunder thereby.
4. If, in its opinion such non-compliancy constitutes a social order with reasonable
expectations to fulfill a “peace dividend initiative” wherefor, and rescind on the trillion
dollar unspent funds, in an unalienable figure of conditions, and on behalf of an
international standard of diplomacy, the considerations set forth in this Article is such that
one trillion dollars U S/U N, to that of a 33% percent chance of a homecoming success,
of which is, the going success rate for a manned mission to Mars, to the day this
Testimony was read, in an analogy as wreck less disregard for disarmament, at the fires
of life, with a capital resource which is repudiated therefor. Consistent with this Article(s);
a Party(s’) to a Statement will come to understand that virtue less greed lead the weak to
deceive, and could possibly bring the world to its knees hereunder. The present pact is
not in contradiction with any International obligation. This pact shall be open for
accession to all Member States, in and that the emphasis in the aforementioned
Provisionment, is to utilize that trillion dollar adventure shot, as a 50 billion dollar biannual
peace dividend initiative, for a duration of 40 years, within the framework of purpose
before the expiration date of Providence comes crashing on some barricade, to conclude
and derogate from the oxygen supply molecules in a canister and supply company some
Naval Intelligence Operatives thought they were in control under, at Groom Lake;
providing for joint defense, prohibition of atomic, hydrogen, and other weapons of mass
destruction hereinafter thereby. In conformity with the purposes and principles of Global
theater nuclear disarmament, the Party(s’) understand to the fullest extent of a
Depositary Signatory status, the consequences of negligible dissention of a charge to an
order, as we come closely now to the last address, advise, and call attention to, and give
command herein thereto.

Article XIV (Assurances of Compliancy)

1. The arms subject, to the limitations provided for in this Treaty(s'), shall continue to compromise
a dissolution of order to that of which is a Testament of Will and understanding. The actions and
the proceedings within the subject matter in which verification is mandatory and desirable, in
addition to those specifically mentioned herein, provide a framework for which the Party(s') to the
State shall honor their word of age that has come to a table in a pleading. 2. In and when a
sworn statement as to the Truth of a matter alleges to be established as the facts necessary to
solidify the mathematical void of composition; each Party(s') undertakes, as authorized to make
this verification for and on behalf of the said State. In and when he has read the foregoing
Testimony and as plaintiff, defendant and petitioner in the above entitled actions, agrees and:
does solemnly swear before the Law of the Lord, to reprove and certify under penalty of perjury
that the form of verification by declaration in writing is believed to be a truthful interpretation of an
arbitrarily binding solution to the nuclear and biological weapons question; to know all men by
these presents and such as in the choice of judgment shall lawfully do or cause to be done,
under the authority of this power:

(a) descend upon a mission of nuclear weapons disarmament.
(b) recognize the consequences of false and rhetorical statements under bitter Oath's.
(c) aspire to procedures and dates for relevant matters proposed as appropriate.
(d) undertake not to use deliberate concealment measures to entice and deceive a side.
(e) rescind on the trillion dollar manned Mars shot and consolidate the funding
thereto, as to engage on a constructive optimized quantum resolution conduit.
(f) stand up and be counted and consider the relationship to order with a view to a
"sudden occurrences", perspective of the aforementioned re-assignment of funding.
(g) acknowledge and deliver contracts of assignment to the "On Site Inspection Agency.
and the International Atomic Energy Agency(s'); increase the staff and budget thereto.
(h) consider, as appropriate, proposals for further measures aimed at nuclear energy
disassembly standards and unintended interference.
(i) notice how, where and when to go about initiating a Convention of diplomacy
contentious of the fact, insignia's to a Marquee are suspect States unless otherwise
cleared by security overtures in "Star Based Internal Command".

3. The Party(s') will continue to pursue negotiations, in accordance with the principles of averting
the risk of an outbreak of nuclear confrontation within the wave of independent pre-emptive
operatives thereby. For the purpose of providing assurance of compliancy, a standing full-time
Multi-national sentry detail, consisting of upward and to 150 monitor-guardsmen per post, shall
be stationed: at nuclear weapons facilities, designated procurement zones whereby multi range
nuclear missiles and launchers may operate notwithstanding thereupon; any space within a
particular course of support and procedure, such as a base, inoperative to, operative deploy
ability in and that as may facilitate a launch, or a missile flight principle condition thereby; missile
silos with specific emphasis on destroying the warheads, as is cause of action therefor; entrance
and exit positions where nuclear or biological weapons are being readied for, in concurrent with,
thereto; all 450 nuclear energy reactors, in as much as where expent fuel rods are cured; specific
reckoning to France's germ and nuclear threats, to an all in lack luster business sense's, and
nuclear acceleration facilities; the same as for Germany, Belgium,, the Swiss, Japan's
defoliancies; East and West Europe’s theatre nuclear missiles of long trajectories off course and
on standby; and of all the nuclear technology shared and share alike, the United Kingdom of
Great Britain; Spain, South Korea, the U N insignia's to a diplomatic intention, off the mark, but
not forgotten; the U S , the Russian Federation, and her neighboring relationships and the loose
caches of nuclear explosive detonation devices, and other, with due regard for capitalistic virtues
and the ticking time bombs waiting patiently forever; now we're at the secret locations of
Kazakhstan hitherto. Standing fully manned, and full time, and visa versa in and though exspent
fuel rod storage and highly radioactive waste reclamation accumulation, is giving and granting
requisite for all intents and purposes to a Convention thereby whereto.

This Protocol is an integral part of this AGENDA, and of this Treaty(s') and shall enter into force
on the date of entry into force of the Treaty(s') and shall remain in force for an unlimited duration
pending sound extension and revisionment(s). As provided for within the Provisionment of the
Treaty(s'), the Party(s') may agree upon such additional measures as may be necessary to
improve the viability and the effectiveness of disarmament and the related terms thereupon. The
Party(s') agree that, if it becomes necessary to make changes to the conditions of a
Provisionment to this Treaty(s'), the substantive interpretation was to the point of 0,000 nuclear
and 0,000 biological warheads, as, and/or relating devices, were to be the common and level
sound approach that was grounds not to have been forsaken; along with 000, nuclear fuel
reactors, except as prohibited as Naval Global Enforcement Duty(s'). In the occasion of upgrade,
extend, revisionment, detractions, and aesthetic settlement of contents, It is advised that non-
nuclear powers have a say in this matter as to descend upon an unbiased Commissionment to
reach an accord on such changes, without resorting to the procedure of making amendments to
the interpreted principles hereto thereupon.

DONE at Huntington Beach Ca. 92649 on January 03, 2,005; one copy in the English language
text as officially authentic.


Protocol on Procedures Governing the Disarmament
Agreements and Relating Agenda's Of Disclosure
And Strategic Command and Control Specification
Pursuant to and in implementation of the Treaty(s') between the Depositary Signatures, the
Plentopotentiaries, and other Independent Insignia's to a Marquis, and the United Nation's
Headquarters’ N Y on the Strategic Arms Reductions and Nuclear Energy Terminates
Accordance, (STARNET-A) Descriptive Encode in "Star Based" Internal Command, (DESBIC),
the Articles of Genetic Disclosure, Discovery and Appeal(s)-(DESBIC AGENDA) the standard of
Protocols and their relative description, HAVE AGREED AS FOLLOWS:




Article 1 (Databases)

1. To promote the objectives and implementations of the Provisions to this Convention, all
insignia's to a Marquis, be they independent or clandestine in "motus operatus", shall be bound
by this Testament, and for the purpose of verifiable conclusion, the establishment of a data base
Committee whereby the United States in Support and Service to the United Nations and Atlantic
Treaty Organization, referred to hereinafter as U S S' U N A T O, may collaborate to promote well
calibrated abstracts of contingencies thereto. The Commission is to act as an inter-
compartmental Agency and provide secrecy coded quantifiable data as follows:
(a) the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff and Administrative Branch--Top Level Priority A
(b) the United Kingdom--secondary predetermined Top Level Priority B
(c) the Russian Federation-- Senior Co-Administrative Level Priority Clearance B
(d) the United Nations Chief Military and Administrative Officials--Top Level Priority B
(e) China--Senior Level B
(f) India---Senior Level B
(g) Israel--Senior Level (A to B)
(h) Japan--Senior Level** B
*(i) NATO Headquarters, Chiefs of Staff, (multi-national) Joint Administrative-Security B
(J) All other insignia's to a Marquis subject to a “need to know" condition Priority C to F

Article 2 (The Principal’s)

2. The above mentioned embodiments of governing principalities shall be referred to as the
Principal's, and/or the Party(s') to a State(s); or Party(s'); and/or the United Nation's Atlantic
Treaty Organization hereby. The Party(s') to this Treaty reaffirm their Faith in the purposes and
principles of national and International sovereignty, to a declaration of Charter governments
unscripted in the past Signatures on file at the United Nation's Descriptive Coded here as.

Article 3 (The USS U N and Celestial Claims)

3. Pursuant to its responsibilities under the Charter of the League of Nations, the United
Nation's shall submit to the present charges in observance of the Provision descriptive and inter-
planetary extra-terrestrial questions of celestial aerodynamic properties and activities herewith.
These reports may include particulars of decisions and recommendations whereby relevant
information has previously been furnished to the United Nations decompartmentalized study
reference to an event of alpha-scientific preconceived notions of Law, to do with governing
principles of unidentified flight operatus and the responsibilities of a receiving State, whereas
accommodations are made regularly to an inner and outer space condition and an entity(s')
intimidating universal respect for human embryological function, achieved as a condition of give
and take and flight performances endowed by a political, cultural, economic and moral right to a
condition absorbed and sub coded as hereinafter whereof; a Secretary General's shall falsify
another specialized agency to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its application of alien
framework unintending, as appropriate, a Truth to seek in and though the sentence will
unbalance the changes in certain strategic situations of concern hereby thereupon.

Article 1 (Disposal of Warheads)

1. To promote the objectives and implementation of the Provisions of this Convention, the
Party(s') shall agree upon procedures for safe disposal and elimination of nuclear materials from
dismantled warheads and excess stocks. For the purpose of providing assurances of disposal,
the obligation shall require that each Party destroy its warheads as provided for, in compliance
with the aforementioned procedures. The U S On Site Inspection Agency, (OSIA), and the
International Atomic Energy Agency(s'), (IAEA), shall be entitled National and International
technical means of verification in a manner consistent to that of which is generally recognized as
principles of International Law hereof. If, in the event no certain failsafe method exists to
terminate these 35,000 indicated arsenals, to that of which would pose a greater unexplored
and/or uncontrolled risk, in the face of ecological desecration hereby, the subject of International
long term standing sentry duties must be seriously considered until a means of transporting these
contingencies to the dark side of the moon becomes a category of unanimous consent hereby

Protocol 5 (Naval Proliferation)
Article(s) 1

1. In order to consolidate good relations between the Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Power's on the
open seas, and the far corners of the earth's inhabitants it shall be necessary to facilitate an High
Standing Order whereby Aircraft carrier's, with a capability of landing fixed winged aircraft, in
Addition to the descriptive assigned; shall not exceed, as follows:

I. C. Strategic Naval Class Limitations

(a) Aircraft carrier--------------------------40,000 tons standard aggregate displacement
(b) Battleships------------------------------40,000
(c) Cruiser Class Warships------------- 12,500
(d) Destroyers-------------------------------04,000
(e) Frigates Armed W/Torpedoes------03,500
(f) Amphibious War Ships-------------- 06,500
(g) Missile Patrol Boats------------------ 03,500
(h) Special Warfare Crafts---------------03,500


Article 2

In line with rights, duties, and awards to the United States Navy-Marine Corps in exercising its
global enforcement obligations, all shipbuilders and all insignia's to a Marquis shall not exceed
the aggregate postulation standards aforementioned in this Article. The aggregate numbers
provided for shall be initiated no later than December 31, 2,012 and special permission from the
U S S' U N must be given to all and all, who come to call for an Aircraft Carrier of any such
contract projection to be constructed, as is the same for Ballistic and Attack Submarines or
Submersibles, by permission only, subject to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's
authorization and his agency, in order to assure protection and service thereto. In accordance
with the provisions of this Article, the Party(s') shall agree to the limitations provided for in this
agreement(s). Any such breach of what can be unanimously construed as impositionment of
Law, shall be subject to excessive fines, detention and/or suspension of permanent membership
status to the Security Council U N, (if -applicable), in and that the Law enforcement authorities as
a matter of Protocol and principles agree that as long as there are nuclear, biological and
chemically laden ships going out to sea, the arms subject, and the balances of security, remain a
highest priority. Respective to the subcontracting waivers for service in the Northeast Asia Pacific
regions and the Black Sea region of co-operative engagement(s) thereon; pursuant to the
Provisionment set forth in Article XII of this agreement hereinafter.
Protocol 6

Article 1 (Network Communication)

1. The Party(s') undertake to notify each other through the diplomatic channels of the United
Nations, or by direct communication access to the charge d'affaires ad interim, or a diplomatic
Head of the Mission, in the event of an accidental, unauthorized, or any other unexplained
incident, such as launch code piracies, and incidents considered a possible breach of security
thereto. Counterpoint espionage in launch code accessibility, and/or attempts, along with
nuclear warheads being made available for purchase, as so to report, in and that the threats
imposed by nuclear fuel enrichment proliferation is a cause of legal action and an obligation of
conveyance as to rectify hereof. The Provisions of the present Convention are without prejudice
to any obligation which may arise taken in conformity with the disarmament Protocol.
In and that each Party undertakes to maintain and improve, as deemed necessary, it's existing
organizational and technical obligatory arrangements, so as to protect any such informants'
who do come forward to reveal the actions, activities, and/or whereabouts of such an event of
sabotage or dissidant factions thereto. The United Nation's Organization, Charter of Global
Government shall act as a receiving State whereby the Secretary General's' quarter may permit
and protect the freedom of the communication on the part of the Consular Post if a breach of
security is being reported. If as so, corresponding testimony to a violation or act of retaliatory
preemptivity, shall be anticipated from time to time, regard fully so, in effect thereto; and shall, for
the most part, be considered or taken, as factual, if reported from a Consular Post headed by an
Honorary Consul General Officer hereby thereto.

Protocol 7 (Understanding Laws of Nature)
Article 1

1. As a common standard of achievement, and to secure the blessings of pro-creation, we come
to understand Love. Love; Love is a word of human rights and a side of safety to those who come
endowed with reason and consciousness. In another way we come to understand self realization,
in and that, so shalt thou do unto other's, breach thoughts, as shall be done unto thyselves
Understanding that of which is of paramount importance, perspective of a higher power, to that
which an equal opportunity of give and take in the fields of development should be made uniform
through continuous cultural emergence thereinafter.
Holy is the Law of Nature, and water that flows down the River Nile. Within the insignias of
colorfast and common approach, and to promote and approve rules and limitations regarding the
exercise of equal opportunity status quo; all Party(s') to the Treaty(s') undertake, and undersign
in conformity to this entry, that there be no such transgender orientation, or transgenetical
intransigencies, in Faith whereof in accordance with the statutes of Carnal Knowledge inscribed
and assigned to the Vatican and His Holiness The Pope(s), thereof to that end thereto.
Nothing in this Article shall be interpreted as affecting the unalienable rights of a naturalized
Universally accepted common standard of genetic respect and consistence to the vise and virtue
connotation inscribed for a purpose of understanding love and survival. From the Halls of
Montezuma, to the research and development whereabouts of such a sector 4 at Groom Lake.
In and that once more: their shall no man shall lie unto Mankind as with womankind it is
abomination thereto; and a visa versa; furthermore it is mutation; it is an anti-equation; it's when
you don't, can't, or won't, see eye to eye for a fight; in furtherance, that of which is of great
importance, like this current detail descriptive, becomes a "blind spot", or an I won't know and
don't see; for the purpose of de-generating and using nuclear ammunition; was told thereby. This
Article calls for a Moratorium on transgender infidelity, by and for the U N Secretary General's
quarter for the full realization of an pledge to affirm a Faith whereof hereupon.

Article 1 (Stellar Diplomacy)

1. In the absence of a specific destination within a sector, or in cases where priorities are
ambiguous, in and though specific Ops approval is required, the universal laws such as, "we
come in peace and goodwill", implies in the event of a saucer module captain's May Day. From a
time traveled, and of he who tried to warn a people of a coming nuclear isotopic specific
condition; in and that, through a network of molybdenum-jacketed triphase wave guides, which
distribute a field of energy operated within a controlled differential of integrity real-time subspace
field generation hereof, the Head's of a Mission(s) are to have considered taken up diplomatic
directives as well as interpretation and compliancy(s'), to serve as designated junior officers
during crisis situations, as is in such a scenario as when rules required a specific mission of
providing atmospheric integrity, with all due regard to aerodynamic properties and Stellar physical
credentials whereto thereof.
2. Except as concerns etiquette and precedence, the Party(s’) to a DEF-CON-5 shall promote
hospitable acknowledgement to a receiving Status-quo, and ascertain by all viable means, the
“Star Elder” question; in and though, how secret do we need it to be with all due consideration to
that which is of oxygen molecules depleting to the present Statute of limitations hereof?
3. Whenever a Treaty or convention specifies to authenticate our presences as real in order to
arbitrate disputes without shots being fired, so to say; within a descriptive encoded, the size of a
mission is advised to be kept within four highest ranking able-bodied ambassadors to a State
herewith therein. File photography is shown and recorded preferably in medium resolution and is
centered on gravity wave lengths of a pledge and a certain Truth(s) to seek, in an order of a
charge(s), and a Treaty(s’) to treat, and if as necessary, to question a people who:

(a) bury their problems burdened by cargo they’ll never unload, notwithstanding.
(b) appropriated 1 trillion dollars to pretend that we are not here in existence, evolution.
(c) side wind like cobras shunning danger, in the face of distorted admissions thereto.
(d) are abuses of claravoincy masters, performing in sideshows to see a side of fate.
(e) cry wolf in sheeply clothes on the innocent and elderly concerning Law degree’s as so.
(f) are relatively a mark of the beast anti-equation to the subject matter of disarmament?
(g) for heavens sake, pretended the faces on the maps never exist anyhow.
(h) raise hell, just for the hell of it, so shall be uninhabitable the landscapes of powers.
(i) subscribe to carnal transgender degeneration, mutation, without a sense of shame.
(j) walk inside a circle of danger just to step outside a line of conformity, for a side of

4. If a Party to a State of the United Nations consorts, consents or has forged an alliance with
“Star Elder” Being ness” or Space travelers, or other descripts of higher intelligence other than
non-supernatural Homo-Sapiens modern Mankind, the receiving Party to that State are to
undertake to bring to the attention of the Secretary General(s’), in a report, file footage and/or a
special invitation to receive instructions and accurate conveyance of orders, analyses and
opinions so that it may be applied inasmuch to the paramount necessitation of nuclear
disarmament inasmuch as the questions may be redressed therein hitherto.
5. If as a result of applying the Provisions of this Chapter, serious discrepancies emerge and
occur over a sector of theater implicated submergences in secret agendas that are void of
formulation to the survival of mankind’s existence and for the planet and time reference that is
known as Earth, then the Secretary General’s’ quarter’s are to consider this Treaty as Official as
can be, delivered by they who come from the stars thereto. In the event that such an occasion
comes to light or of timely manifestation thereto, all reasonable Party(s’) to a State are to submit
such an encounter to the Global Political Institution, care/of: Scientific Commission, Secretary
General United Nations NY thereby for evaluation hereunder whereupon.

(Groom Lake Sentry Detail
Black Restricted Coded)
Article 1 (Stellar Diplomacy) (This Section is Coded)

1. Although the best known base said to be operated (at least partly), by "Star Elders", is area 51;
Groom Lake Condition Absorb types of research and developmental oxygen and supply
companies are reputed to be scattered throughout the United States and various ensign's to a
status quo. The unexplained occurrences of "chupacabre" activity(s') is a result of a chemical and
natural in balance of dietary sustenance, or cannibalistic eating habits of man, women and child.
Noting that; meat & dairy consumption leads to transgender infidelities, in and that cardinal and
mortal sinning within general specimen sample blood work may eventually be scaled down to a
multimode operational matrix; nevertheless; by this Treaty(s') regard for a distress signal as
stated hereinafter, from time universe pixxels, in carrying on in time space travels, each leader to
a Party of a State to a United Nation's Assembly(s') shall be informed that they have come to an
universal antipas, and we did not go to authenticate their presence enough in a way that would
indicate to with this light, to all men by these premises, as to aesthetically utilize us/they, to
arbitrate disputes without shots being fired, so to say thereupon. (arbitrational access evaluated).
2. Primary operational control of the Israeli Galaxy Class Starships is provided by the Main
Bridge, located at the top of the saucer module usually on deck 1+. Every Star by name is Israel’s
today. Sir. Sir: This Treaty not only implies but denounces the 5 and other Permanent
Memberships to a Secretary's nod, and/or heard, that we (mankind’s), are not only visiting
human embryological inexcusability, but as Star people we were here for the most part, all the
while, and dwell within the planets as within a blink of star dust clusters somehow about it; and
that most all the leader's mortally and or cardinally errored, and that’s why you didn't, and won't
cease and desist with nuclear intolerable fuel service and abetment anti-equations, in and though
this is not your average solicitor general whose field frequencies are coming through light, and
are speaking to all people telepathically through the maps of Africa and through light. But you all
said let's go the devils way to me. And I'll always have been right no matter what your status quo
may be; black as the print on the New York Time’s lies. Expiration date is 80 years for the
multitudes from the year 2,000, because you all lied about this specific mention of Article VIII
Section 7, and you all anti-Christ’ the situation; so you are not going to get reincarnated to
something you can ever think about let alone as being a future plane of challenging earthly
existence; because you disrespected me and us to our faces bold faced as can be. You take that
E mail pal? Be clandestine black then, and slick as oil, double agents on a mission; not dramatic
or crude though, or it’s still and still; that goes for everyone and every thing that’s human and than
some, 80 till you are no more existence; I saw it happen every time- in time future’s scenarios
too; I was also taken to the big bang creation, and up in 1962; but anyone without a grain can say
I won't be here 80 years. Now the Joint Chiefs of Staff need to be slick for they, not too slick
though. And don’t rest judgment with all the leading news anchors, 85% killers with other
Revelations on their agendas and all the clergy, the same problem. They’re easily your friend.
That's why I call they the anti-Christ. So when this was breaking news, like everybody said to:
"let's go raise hell, and to hell with me and it”, because they disrespected the U S Military
establishment. How are you ever going to make it right and pay back your debt? I’ll still take the
growing ranks in; but I’m not really a toy E mail partner, it’s not a crime to stand up and be
counted when we are global telepathic Protocol; that means the Russians and everyone who’s
anyone can fancy wild notions of what dishing the dirt; and of they with other Revelations of their
own can sight. I ordered you to invoke a U N 12 year term limit moratorium both administrations,
in the Security Council on dictatorships. But you disobeyed me and disrespected me to my
presences and now look what you sewed. No hard feeling’s DoD; Sir. Straighten it out then. (The
representations conveyed herein are not necessarily that of the sponsors thereto)

Article 1 (Kashmir Conditions)

Noting with satisfaction; appreciation was expressed for Pakistan’s initiative in
participating in a results oriented dialogue with India to a view for resolving all
outstanding dialogue, in a choice of judgment and legal actionary framework and of the
advice and consenting opinion of this entry.

Recognizing that, the best of all intentions was yet to be instilled;

Reaffirming the commitment(s), of the International stand on Kashmir territorial

For the purpose of the Law; under Declaration and Order dispensing with Findings of
the Court relating to the claimant’s Filing of Petitions and Grantee of Title deeds:

By The Peoples State of India VS.

(B) The Sovereign Republic of Pakistan

Name of Claimant A Name of Claimant B
Petitioner Petitioner-Respondent

STATE OF ISRAEL by the Peoples Republic of Pakistan
United Nations New York Name of Claimant B
10017, USA Respondent
Appellate Department of
The World International Courts--Arbitrator

Article 1, Record of Transcript and Ad judgment
Bureau of Manhattan Clerk: Will follow local court rules; Clerk waives for Petioners
A and B, Power of Attorney Military Entered; Clerk waives Notice of hearing to
attorney’s available for conciliation; The Joint Chiefs of Staff concur in the absence of
Law a State and Statement’s
Entered on The World International Court of Justice’s’, behalf; a decree of default on
the property and encumbrances has been entered as Procedure.

Notice of Entry of Judgment
By virtue of Declaration under this Petition, Resolution and Military Coded Secrecy
docket # N507 Subtitled Protocol Article 9 to the DESBIC AGENDA (Descriptive
The People for the Planitia Earth find “Kashmir” as the State of India’s to SAY.
What is now Pakistan in prehistoric times was?
“The Indus Valley Civilization (c. 2500-1700 B. C.)”; Pakistan and India agree to cease
hostilities and respect the Oath and findings of this Entity(s’) behalf and legal actionary
framework thereto. Perspective of seniority mass assessments, 25% withholding, give
and take, title holder’s consideration, would be a ready reserve, advisable, hereby thereat:

Judgment for the State of India
To be entered into force by 31 December 2,012

It is our opinion that compliance extends to “irregular’ placements in any action of
military service, in a matter of the State of the United Nations, a Party to this
proceeding and all foregoing instruction regarding the armistice agreement
hereof whereby the commanders of the opposing sides shall order and enforce a
complete cessation of all their military forces, supplies, and equipment from the
demilitarized zone(s’) so as to facilitate an attainment of a civilized, and uniform code
of mental and psychiatric standards therein. Each Joint Observer Team of the
Military Armistice Commission(s’) shall adopt such rules of procedures as it may,
from time to time, deem necessary as to settle through negotiations of this Armistice
Accordance, an order to comply with: at the present time, Joint Chief General Richard
Article 2 (Entry of Armistice Advisor’s)

Myer’s peace strategy and projection of space based accepted protocol; whose
credentials and distinctive opinion(s), shall not be construed as so, to resurrect
cells or disrespectful connoisseurs of civil disobedience, to the charge of im-
placable opponents, as so to provide for a common defense analogy therefore;
In furtherance of the aforementioned disclosure, all memberships are considered
bonded by the US Department of Secret Services thereto wherefore The United
Nations’ Depositary Charter of Administration is insured by security guarantees
of proxy, association, or coded descriptive embodiment, as Party to this proceeding
for better or for a reasonable opinion of what constitutes a just cause of action;
The under signatory affidavit and support of a peace program is scheduled to roll
in to effect, in concurrence to the 5 year follow up defacto phases of START II and
beyond, as so, 31 December 2,012 is the very latest calendar demand and timetable
for the reunified State of India and Pakistan to settle and adjust, for the treatment
of the Kashmir question? Herein therefore no later than six months to the above said
time reference, so shall, for the most and defacto part, the Pakistani Military and
Administrative authorities have been, or should ever be somewhat reasonably yielding
To that end under signed of a; “Wisdom is better than strength thereto:

Depositary under Signatory
Date____________ ____________________________________

Respondents under Signatory

Pakistan X
Date_____________ ____________________________________

Date_______________ _____________________________________

Protocol 10
Article 1 (Cypress Dispute)

1. “To speak a word in due time; the things which eyes have seen, utter not hastily in a quarrel: lest
afterward thou mayst not be able to make amends. Treat thy cause with thy friend, and discover not the
secret to a stranger; Grace and friendship deliver a man. Prepare thy work and diligently till thy ground:
that afterward thou mayst build thy house hitherward.”
Having considered the reports: and relevant to particular resolutions to facilitate monthly meetings of
political party representatives from both sides; the question still remains to be settled as to which Party is
more entitled to exclusive rights of sovereign over the provincial island.
Recognizing that the best of all intentions is yet to be discerned; and prescriptive of a firm decision, under
Declaration and Order, dispensing with Findings of the Court pertaining to the joint filing of Petitions and
improverbial claims;

For the purpose of a Law in the foregoing entitled cause of actions:
By the Hellenic Republic of Greece
Name of Claimant A and Petitioner

The Republic of Turkey
Name of Claimant B and Respondent

United Nations New York
10017, USA
Appellate Department of
The World International Courts

Record of Transcript and Ad judgment

Bureau of Manhattan Clerk: Will follow local court rules; Clerk waives for Petitioners A and B, Power
of Attorney , Military entry encoded for a cause thereto,; the Clerk waives Notice of a hearing to attorney’s
available for reconciliation; The US Joint Chiefs of Staff concur in the absence of Law, a State and
statement’s entered on the World International Court of Justice’s’, behalf, on the matter of a decree of
default on the aforementioned property and encumbrances, has been entered in for a record as Procedure:
Protocol 10 (Article 2)
Notice of Entry of Judgment:
By virtue of Declarations under this above and
entitled decision, Resolution and Military Coded Secrecy docket # N507 Protocol, Article 10, of DESBIC
AGENDA, (Descriptive Coded), is as follows: The Greek Government and the people for which it stands ,
agree to compensate the Turkish Government 6.2 billion dollars, of which 1.1 billion dollars goes to the U
N , for it’s role in peace keeping coverage’s in and though the full title ship deed and Trust is awarded to
the Greek and Cypriot side, whereas Greece is the responsible caregiver and agrees to provide
supplemental security to the minority Turkish Cypriots residing in the balance of a natural new world’s
fertile soil; and agrees further to not discriminate; and to exercise as much equal opportunity for the
Turkish minority within the guidelines of acceptability, to they of who are of administrative consent, as to
recognize an up to 20% eventual ratio growth, whereby a degree of naturalization maybe expected
hereunder thereto. The Greek Navy and People to the Republic for which she stood, also undertake not to
deploy missile batteries of any sort on, or within 200 nautical miles of mainland Turkey; and the same goes
for Turkey, and both alliances undertake to cease and desist all hostilities, taking in to consideration the
notes of Trust administered as remuneration hereof be recieved no later than December 31, 2,012 in and
that the military commanders of Turkey relinquish their positions no later than 3 to 6 months prior to the
date that this Treaty goes into effect: December 31, 2,012. This decision is formal and final thereto.

Protocol 10

Article 3 (Cypress Dispute)

Notice of Entry of Judgment
We the people for the Planitia Earth for a Charter to a United Nation’s Assembly, have come to agree and
undertake to discern and respect the Oath and pledge to reaffirm commitment and inter-planetary goodwill
to a choice of judgment and legal actionary framework whereas the Plenipotentiaries have agreed to stand
beside and guide the decision entered as of record to this age of enlightenment we’ve come to see hereby

Judgment for the Hellenic Republic of Greece
The Colonized Island of Cypress herewith:

To be entered into force by 31 December 2,012

UNITED NATIONS 10017, NEW YORK USA March 30, 2005
Continued—Article 3 (DESBIC AGENDA TREATY’)

Protocol: 10 The Undersigned Plenipotentiaries

Depositary under Signatory(s’), for Greece:-



For Turkey
Respondents under Signatory(s’) Dated -------------------------------------------

------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

_______________________ ____________________________________


Dated___________________ ____________________________________

_________________________ ____________________________________
Protocol 11

Article 1 (Kuril Islands)

Convinced that the system for freedom of trade is our responsibility, and limitations,
prohibitions, or restrictions are an essential foundation to reinforce the links between the
general conditions of peace and security;

Conscious of the favorable national treatment of nuclear weapon designs with respect
to trade and economic salutations of the Party(s’) to a State of nuclear proliferation, and
the concept of “originating products” for the purpose of co-operative interests indecise;

Inspired by a common determination to promote understanding among our people; in
existence, special service star based intellectualities whereof a Faith be established
thereupon; forasmuch as, an assumed higher power under God hereinafter thereat;

Determined to provide for a common action on the part of those States in the event of
a dispute, and to prevent possible cause of difficulties, as so to ensure the pacific
settlement of dialogue whereby a solution to the International Community(s’) position, or
side to the above entitled arbitrator; as such, may be resolved herewith a results oriented
mutual consent decree and Order, dispensing with Findings of the Court;

For the purpose of the Law hereby relating to the claimant’s Filing for Petition and
Grantee of Title deeds:

By; The United Russian Federation, (The Republics For) VS.

The Provincial State and Republic For Japan

Name of Claimant A Name of Claimant B
Petitioner Respondent Petitioner Respondent

United Nations New York 10017, USA
Appellate Department for:
The World International Court(s’) of Justice
Protocol 11 Article 2 DESBIC AGENDA TREATY’

Record of Transcript and Ad judgment


In the Matter of Arbitration of:

The 4 Kuril Islands and Statute of the Archipelago
Entitled Kunashir, Iturup, Shikotan, and Habomais

Bureau of Manhattan Clerk: Will follow local and International court rules; Clerk
understands the waiver procedure and agreed to acknowledge Power of Attorney(s’), for
Claimant and Respondents A and B in and that there be no interference, as military
security enforceable entry in secured, as follows: Clerk(s’) acknowledgment is
discretionary, and Notice of hearing is waived herein by attorney’s available for

The foregoing application The States of Israel agreed to formalize our Protocol, which is
an integral part of the Treaty(s’) agenda’ thereto. The Joint Chairmanship for the U S
Secret Service’s along with the FBI and S 4 installation Commando’s concur: If in the
event their exists an “absence of Law”, the State and statements for the under signatory
U N Charter shall be guaranteed by U S marshals and a U N system pursuant to
CHAPTER II, Articles 34 and 35 for The Statute of the International Court(s’) of Justice
hereunder therefore; a decree of default on the property and encumbrances has been
entered as Procedure whereby:

Notice of Entry of Judgment

By virtue of Declaration under this Petition, Resolution, and Military Code(d’) Secrecy
transcription # N507subtitled Protocol Article 11 of the DESBIC AGENDA
(Descriptive Encoded) hereby, in order to form a more perfect union:
Protocol 11 Article 3

Notice of Entry of Judgment

We the people for a United Nations and star based installations, find:
Population density is a consideration, and the expression of trade, particularly in the
ominous fields of nuclear energy, with respect for the nuclear weapons business, is
issues. Japan is required to ascertain a compensation utility, with all due consideration of
the circumstances that lead to warring sides, assessment of $ 6.2 billion dollars to the
United Nations Charter receivable accountings, and the United Nations Secretary(s’)
quarter’s, in entry evaluation, whereby a U N may re-adjust, 5.1 billion dollars to the
Russian people’s State thereto herewith. We the commanders in charge, in the above
entitled cause for arbitration, set the calendar and scheduled date for Japanese re-
unification at no later than 31 December 2,012. The Party(s’) to the Treaty(s’) undertake
to abstain from any hostile emplacements of military grade explosive devices, within the
confines of least 200 nautical miles of each other’s relative boundary lines therefore;
The undersigned Plenipotentiaries agree to cease any hostilities, remunerate the
aforementioned assessment award, and to abide by all nonproliferation Protocol
associated with the nuclear armament enchantment business hereinafter therefore:


The Plenipotentiaries agree to the terms and conditions of its decision;
The Party(s’) to the undersigned also concur to maintain a friendship
relation as before this entry, entered into force:

Depositary under Signatory(s’) Dated;
For The Russian Federation

____________________ _______ __________________ _________
_______________________ _________ ______________________ __________

For Japan____________________________ _____________________

______________ ________ ____________________ ____________

# 12
Article 1 (The Isthmus of Panama)

1. Pursuant of space based Internal Security Clearance procedure, IC. docket N507,
dated February 09, 2,005 commanders in charge of “Star Based” descriptive
encoded, “secrecy instilled”; the United States shall be requested par to
reasonable expectation, incessant of the obligations assumed, underwrite the
active utility resource by theses premises for the permanent and neutral oceanic
corridor here fore: the Panama Canal, by reason of entitlement also come to be
called the Isthmus of Panama, and the Pan American water courses therein
whereupon. The United Nation’s Security Council shall also be requested to
endorse a State of Say as understood, to be an interpretation of policy and actions
necessary to protect legitimate interests in this sphere here withal ascribed
2. Resolved to strengthen the safeguard of peace and liberty by conditioning this
combination of resources in accordance with the principles of stated neutrality be-
tween the various influences of militia status quo and a State of intrinsic emergence.
Intending to dispel obscure and in volute stalemates of various nature from sudden
acquisition of theater ballistics for a purchase order consented to by other insignias to
a Marquis in decisive of fertilizer pestilence to a waken.
Directing their efforts to sanctify a U N subcontracting Mission for common defense
and practical enforcement concern regarding the evolvement and exploitation of
uranium laden warships with fallacies to every piracy need to notice a note at sold.
Mindful of the irregular implacability’s to every coincidental attempt to decide the
matters at hand within the scope of legal expunge ability therefore.
Have Decided to initiate the application of procedures which shall make it possible
to co-ordinate an association to the precepts of star based insignia’s and an agenda for
a de-markification clause whereupon I was to advise, and call attention to the
foregoing provision for a resources availability, as so to disqualify the existing
Convention Organizations as ad interim de facto inevitabilities excused or rescinded
on or with definite implications of neutral favoritisms to that of which will become a
cause for inter-agency counter respondent intellectual deprogramming as U N
specified and approved resolution(s’) pursuant to the fore coming and on going grant
of rights to the Panamanian Countryside and Convention(s’), Commission(s’) and
Consignments of which were in tact prior to the entry into force of these inquiries
thereupon that day. The Panamanian Canal trajectories are hereby there as, to be
recognized by eminent domain in the Regional Depositary Provisional Justices of the
Denomination of Physical Embodiment(s’) whereby, manage and operable custody
may be Internationally aligned.. The neutral balance of arms and nuclear third world
agenda’s will falsify the O. for accessory during the act(s’) or fact , forgo transfer and
transitioning to or from a port of burden weight and tonnage for a citation X file
pursuant of radiological frequency output to a charge in I C Security head quarter’s.
Special attention Def-Con X coded for a black book have disclosed to thereupon so,
initialize the application of defense in a star module as provided under terms thereto.
Protocol 13
Article 1 (Taiwan ROC Issue)
(China and the Korean Issues)

Convinced that the system for freedom of trade is our responsibility, and fearing nothing
more than limitations, prohibitions, and restrictions as the essential foundations to
reinforce the links between the general conditions of a most favored nation stand off
endorsement at the subterfuges of cause; whence so ever Ad Extricate becomes a
common denominate objective, to that of which is the issue of a charge by these
presences wherefore.
Persuaded by the fact that the five permanent memberships to a U N Security Council
are being observed and treated by star people, as the right truth in effective psychiatry, to
that end their lies an answer to the bearer’ of a true Faith and obedience for the Republic
for which it stands. .Moments of truth undeniably, spoiling the fruit of our wisdom
indescribably, imprescriptive of malevolent instructors’ good natured will, in and though
deliverable weapon’s grade means it could be an unknown region of quark nacelle
physical enticement thereinafter whereas.
Distracted by a point of view in the face of distorted admissions to that of which is
playing out just like a movie; a sci-fi as need be, and calls for an underground secret
saucer base installations, an alien entity; a falsified agenda of implacable nay sayers for
elected actors playing out parts for sympathy and beast six reminders of a Love lost, and
forgetting storm as the clock unwinds.; A plot that thickens on a question a people who
bury their highly radioactive waste, burdened by cargo they’ll never unload. That
abandon every moral, it was nobody’s fault in a State of obligations assumed thereto; A
news bulletin service that rapscallion swift double talks at the drop of a dime; Can’t be
removed from the past as we stare at the means and ways to incinerate habitable critical
life systems, wars to forgo, transgender infidelities crying wolf in sheeply clothes on the
innocent and old. Side winding to an earth to unearth the plot as it thickens with every
new day so it doesn’t get boring, no more limitations; and virtue less greed lead the weak
to deceive from the futures past of love and war and Cobras shunning danger. Bird to
mouth, snake to grass and that old tale of trickery saved for passers by; don’t be
distracted. No distractions, at least we do agree upon one item, They’ve got a million
tricks; every heart is being tested; and no matter where it all began, it begins and ends
with a scream thereby no distractions, don’t be distracted by nuclear an’-ti matter
objectives and an iron curtains whereabouts.. By this time on the morrow, as distracted as
the civil service branches might appear to be, the civilian masses are surely not to lead U
S Department of Defenses as we come closely now to the China adjust to the business
sense of give and take in the new age of wisdom, so what does that make the
Pliediearthlings expertise and you if it’s not something to say about getting under
tomorrow, lost in reminders of a charge to a statement of views expressed are not
necessarily those of his sponsors for an escape contraption conjured up for free spoken
words of a Faith whereof exit preamble . Sir.
Protocol 13

Article 2 (Taiwan ROC Issue)
(China, Nuclear Proliferation and the Korean Issues)

“A man’s mind may make him a Buddha, or it may make him a beast. Misled by error, one
becomes a demon; enlightened, one becomes a Buddha. Therefore, control your mind and
do not deviate from the right path” You should respect each other, follow my teachings, and
refrain from disputes” “The Spirit of Buddha is that of great loving kindness and
compassion. The great loving kindness is the spirit to save all people by any and all means.”
“The world is a burning house. The people, unaware that the house is on fire, are in danger
of being burned to death so Buddha in compassion devises ways of saving them.”
The Contracting Republics:

In the spirit of sincere co-operation, declare that they are prepared to participate in a results
oriented space based psychiatric interrelationship with star people in order to communicate
and take actions necessary to put an end to prevent the inevitable outbreaks of first, second
and third Party nuclear pre-emptive rapture therein; whereby an assessment of re-unification
and Taiwan can join upward to December 31, 2,017, pursuant of the non-proliferation
overtures by China and her surpluses understated to a factual findings’ in and that supplying
and completely proliferating in nuclear arms trafficking is not in Israel’s best interest and
China is causing tensions and aggression for a purpose of evil grinning ignorant rejection,
and have no business praying to ICBM trigger happy aspirations of Faith and third world
Mongol retarded want to bee’s with dirty Russia, the an’-ti christ’s’ in cahoots and
supportive of Russia , her enemy and close ally depending on how much nuclear business
each other can provide for one another’s common denominates as is the U S A, buying
Russian weapons grade products and by products whose furnaces burn with devilish
disregard of how and what it was to earn a living with star people present during this time of
reckoning and, so what , if disrespect is being shown to they who come from the stars, who
try to tell you that ; it’s a no, no to buy, sell, and trade in nuclear enrichment commodities;
and if you do that, it’s only under the condition that it be hospital X-Ray equipment and star
based supervised neocolonial saucer modulated standards, fearing nothing more than anti-
matter magnetic gravity atomics authorized and supervised under a star based codes of
security clearances how now therein. In furtherance to a spirit of sincere co-operation in all
international service and abetments syndicates of nuclear dependency’s, acquisitioning, and
the common interest of effective measures taken to stand beside START III, means: “The
Nuclear Powers”, and nuclear disarmament to the point of , 00,000 postulate contingencies,
stockpiles and attributable warheads of any size or dimension on this path of fate under a
spirit to save all people by any means for doors to open when peace is spoken, and if you do
that; they’ll be no more U N joint strike combatative competitive remarksmenship of a
Charter to hold a higher mass and a stronger flag to prevent and prove that mission on and
move that battle line along with ocean breezes out to sea on the edge of a true horizon, the
Party(s’) agree to walk within a straight line, and exist within a utopian order hereinafter.
Memorandum of Understanding on Mission Objectives
and Star Based Jurisdiction of the Courts Between The United
States of America The U N and All Nuclear Party(s’) to a State

Chapter 1.
All Starfleet personnel are hereby advised that any previous technical documentation
in your possession may be suspect because of an ongoing Starfleet program of
disinformation intended to confound and confuse the intelligence assets of potential
Threat forces. Such documentation, if verily prescribed to be counterpoint to DESBIC
AGENDA and relating Protocol, will be considered condemned and corrupted thereto.

Starfleet has long been charged with a broad spectrum of responsibilities to the life
cycles of the galaxies in and that the volume of explored space continues to grow, the
manifest destiny of modern man is being put to the test. The test and Testimony of our
designated procreation duties range from relative domestic civil missions, to cultural
contact and diplomacy, in the primary mission of exploration and research.

To provide for these objectives, Starfleet Spacecraft Design Advisory Consensus
recommended an Israeli Class legal actionary framework of designated procurement. As
was often the case, we astral projected angelic forces whose presences were necessary to
attain a higher level of understanding and knowledge to they who came before, if it was
so then. Your manifest was directed to survival of a species in a world that we created by
utopian order and the twinkling of starlight, thence fore Faith and sand, and voices that
told us what to say and do is a matter of subject. We did say to understand our say. We
did say we are Love. Love is a way to understand a destination or origin of fate. We did
say transgender infidelity is wrong. Stop that. We did say to cease and desist with nuclear
weapons and atomic energy threats posed to all of us who live and breathe oxygen.
We did not say to deny telepathic communion existed between all of they and you. We
did not say to murder in cold blood and lie in wait to do so. We did say to “do unto others
as you would have done unto thyself”. We did say this is someone to understand and not
ignore. We did say that when we waive to and from the sign of our Holy Crosses, it’s the
Holy Spirit of our Lord trying to save them from their devices of weapons graded
plutonium and then. We did say that Steve is suppose to be a handy dandy for the Navies
and the “nice Israeli Generals” per say. We did say our name is also Israel and we are, or
were, so may it be, a lady. We did see something in your eyes, and that a U S Treasury
note and a special invitation was in everyone’s personal attention right. We did say a
power of attorney(s’) presented a falsification in and then we waive power of attorney on
the behalf of arbitrational access and its values herein therefore.
Descriptive Encode

in Star Based Internal Command
The Articles of Genetic
Disclosure, Discovery and Appeal
Memorandum of Understanding DESBIC AGENDA TREATY’

Chapter 3

The Party(s’) will consult together whenever, in the opinion of either of them, the
political agenda’s or security of either of the Party(s’) feel they are threatened by armed
aggressiveness, or pre-emptive acts of secondary nuclear status quo to an ensign thereat.
In order to confirm its declaration regarding Russian policy toward the Middle East,
a formal denouncement of ongoing nuclear sales and exploitation is entry to the folder
for which it will decide thereto. The two High Contracting Party(s’) agreed before the
Duma and the Senate to disassembly Protocol, and to account for the nuclear ballistic
emplacements; yet both sides have seemed to walk inside a circle, and stepped outside a
line of conformity hereby therefore. In consideration of the fact that START II ad
deployment is behind schedule, to remain silent in view of the obligations assumed, is
counterpoint to the act or faction thereof. In the chambers of the U N General Secretary
Staff, and the USSRS quarter’, there are iron curtains that can’t be for certain, conspiring
to proliferate in nuclear formulation contingencies thereupon. In accordance to the cold
of the winter, and the heat of the summer, and the aforementioned discussion, attempts
are being made to compromise launch vehicle codes where missile silo emplacements are
housed. For here and now and forever, in the Book of Revelations there’s another place
you can go, that we don’t talk too much about. Sir. In Star Based Internal Command
Posts their lies the breach of subliminality against the State of Israel and the State of
neutrality on the part of the Russian and the High Contracting Party(s’). In furtherance of
military grade explosive resonance, the Peoples State of Israel is suppose to be defended
by the Russian Federation’s quarter, along with Israel’s right to exist for here and now
therewithal. Contributing to the exploitation of an understate denial, while proceeding
from the premise of friendly relations with the Vatican and Israel in various aspects to
common precepts of nuclear explosive acquisition ment, is offensive, to therefore; I
categorically. Within the aggregate numbers provided for in Article IX and II of this
documentary, their existed only one sure way to scorch men with fire and brimstone on
this path of fate. As such, deal nuclear weapon’s grade explosives, to an understate
categorically in denial is wreck less at the fires of life, to a charge. Therefore that of
which is considered peaceful and friendly intentions is ransom demands from hires to that
end; in and though The Party(s’) to a State truffle and say it’s for the best, and, knowing
all too well what a fundamentalist wave of sentencing’ will believe and compromise, as
we come closely now to the Last Supper. The primary responsibility to achieve the
objective of utopian order is disassembly and the decommissioning of all nuclear energy
services and abetments hereby. In furtherance of a moratorium criteria on the
construction of new reactors; accounting, and safe large scale sentry monitoring oversight
of nuclear, bio-hazardous, and chemical weapons of mass destruction as the purpose and
principals of this Chapter thereby; 31 December 2,017. In another way we come to
understand an agreed upon minute to therewithal of a Faith that you have found,
descriptive encode in Star based Internal Command Posts, to that of which we are, we
are; Life, liberty and the pursuit of truthfulness thereto here withal.
The Alien Entity

The Apparition and Reflection of
the Faces on the Maps of Africa
IC. Resume Steven V. Arroyo Resources
Page1 of 7
03-27-05 16941 Green St. # 13
Huntington Beach Ca. 92649
Home # 714 377-8903:
email; sarroyo1@socal.rr.com

This report may contain information bearing credit worthiness, credit standing,
and capacity, character, or general reputation from public record sources in
connection with the Job Search for employment purposes, including, but not limited
to, reassignment, or retention as an associate hereby.

Objectives: by a common determination to promote an
understanding among our peoples and co-operative growth in all
spheres of diplomatic endeavourment;

(a) establish our ground on the basis of a program of work, or
vocational service unto an Oath, to thee I bid, to address,
advise and call attention to, the Office of the Secretary of
Defense herein;
(b) support research and development of aero dynamical
space based resource and analysis to further the cause of
universal Law and Order for which I’ll stand.
(c) Evaluate, interpret, and convey encoded communication
transcripts and Celestial Organized Agenda’s for the
purpose of a Mission, within the bounds of arbitrational
access for the free standing States of Naval Intelligence
inter-agency locations, on earth, or in space.
(d) Research: consolidate and acquire, to disarm numerous
ensigns to a statement of centrifically forged field
frequency contingencies, by order of a star people
consensus and a START Treaty so as to adjust for the
distance between senses and imbalances, and undertake
to arbitrate disputes without shots being fired therefore.
IC. Resume Office’s of Naval Research Employer
Page 2 of 7 Resources
Steven V. Arroyo

Definitive: as coded secrecy allowed, a “telepath” means a person or
being ness who communicates telepathically for U S /U N resident
employers; for the purpose of true beauty and peace worthy to find, and of
praise thereupon. Whence soever acute hearing translation and perception in
moral and civilized majorities of “E.T.’s”; Extra-terrestrial and biological
inner and outer space people’s residences, are forces I obtained to that
extension I can make amends with they herein as will. As transcendental
mediator capability I may be summoned to investigate, inquire, explain,
translate, arbitrate, address, advise and call attention to a condition, a
dispute, an order of protocol, a truthful statement in a time of dangerous and
distorted admissions, perspective to the fact, or act(s) and choices of military
actions, and the concept of “say”; what say is to something I do still; to have
a say over a matter, be it mind controlled reminders of a charge, or an open
plain of distant implacability’s, and whose it was to say. Now there the
applicant claims to be partially an E.T. through blood work and nervous
tensions I’ll explain in their devices I’ll captured to never the word of Love,
in and though words are nervously spoken if there is something to say about
Israeli Class saucer modules, and every star particle by name contrary to the
preliminary disinformation accountings and hand held devices of sentry
instillation’s whereabouts, are my kind of definition of concern over the
courses of Gifts and God sent memorials built out of a Faith and a lesson in
learning, pertaining to a “say’ we understand. We are Love. We understand
someone and something to say and save is neither to us for an extrication of
plutonium services abet enters of who are the an’-ti Christ. I definitely time
traveled in a module to seek the truth and was sworn in and was or should
have been an equal to even all Presidents in carters close encounters’
spokesmen, black as the ink on the what is a truth to seek; “thy will be done
on earth as it will be done on Heaven”. In closing remarks there exists an
unknown region of quark nacelle human performance for programs in
cognitive, precognitive, perceptual and neurological sciences and definitely
so, with relation to phantom forces of drone species, and magicians who best
perform under the cover of antimatter reactionary acts or facts that take
place when questioning a people who are burdened by highly radioactive
cargo, or accumulations, they’ll perhaps never ever unload here withal.
Department of Human Resources Employer
For the United Nation’s N. Y. Resources
IC. Resume Project Ad Judgment Israel
Page 3 of 7
Steven V. Arroyo

Job Qualifications/

Year / 1963
Location / Bayside NY
Was taken up by cigar shaped hovering space craft and released without incident.

Year / 1990
Location / Westminster Calif.
Subsequent to telepathic downloading of neurological syntaxes space travelers like
and as close encounters admonished and ordained, who we call Steve, and
eventually identified themselves as we; and we are a people in a forge alliances.

Years / 1991 through 2,005+
Location / Huntington Beach
Biological blood work; came to be mutually recognized as Israel; Prefer to be
recognized as a Lady; Lightning Strike experiments; Time traveled through
astrophysical dimensions of clone person, place or unknown region, in particular
the Heads of State to my very presences for a test, and of a Testament of will; made
her presences, (the smaller space people now also mind they; just like and or as the
not really a Sci-fi movie “Close Encounters”)-her presences as respective to Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon, Dr. Richard L. Silver and his friends for notes of charity
they seemed to be a Party of thereby. Trained by night and with every new day for a
purpose of existing as a “Top Secret Weapon for Us If I See Straight”, under the
unified Ensign of Israel, and Israeli Intelligence Official; the apparitions on the
maps of Africa were present in 1991-92 however during the course of an’ti-equation
astrophysical propulsion engineering, with one wave of her hand the Lady who
stands on my hands to this very Easter Sunday evening and makes me say Love
Love; with one wave she interfaced to turn clone spirits into real time rapture in
thereabouts, in one evening an’-ti equation rehearsal alone Steve took “175,000
rounds of artillery and was turned into an angel with a halo and a ghost type of
force and the force field was upon the area, and so it was like an obliteration zone
of residential occupation with the sounds of very many dying and trying to deceive
and defend it. We were taken back to the big bang creation of the planet earth
through our eyes, as if a comforting wink of both eyes simultaneously, and
thereabouts she spoke; and stated, “We Love”, and the world came into being(s).
Israeli Intelligence Official Employer
IC. Resume United States Military Forces Resources
Page 4 of 7
Steven V. Arroyo
Summarizations and Associations
2,005+ /
Up unto the present truths, all of Star Fleet, and for a purpose of a common denomination
‘so shall be referred to as Israeli Universes as created by the thunder I saw I can’t explain.

Contac tee since 1963; can communicate with all of Star Fleet; with all
due respect to the natural balances and in balances that result in
isolated but nevertheless misfortunate subjects that are deemed to be
expendable and chupacabre reminders of a flour meal sustenance, and
activities that may and will be construed as “off limits” or human
embryological threats at intervals- to not at liberty to disclose, but then
again we might;
Claims’, to have a subliminal mind control seniority status quo over and
upon all who come to graze and feed; to that end; then train the next
generations STAT, to not be absorbed in carnivores consumption; As so,
is the word of the star elders on this Holiday hereunder thereat.
May be called upon at the tarmac or inside a cave or two or three or
where 18,000 “Greys” and see your 18, and 18,000 more can construe.
Duties may include: Steven “Play G_D” for us for a little while and seize
power in front of a video camera? Also may find necessary to provide
file photographic interpretations of the arbitrate disputes without shots
being fired think tank defacto “Handy Dandy”scenario. In another way
we come to understand employment and equal opportunity for a pledge
to thee I’ll stand, for every new day that passes by, forgetting storms,
the give and take, and an affidavit of cause to obey the space people’s
communications with us all, as so, to write it down in summary section.
At any rate customer service, quality control assurances before the
name goes on; high quality in conformity with the Provisionary rules,
precepts, codes of conduct and utopia civil engineering aspects whereas
to sustain aquatic and avian critical life support systems, mindful of
depleting the oxygen supply’s and S-4 reminders of a canister with
wind, is not oxygen in an atmosphere, to a charge but a hand is not a
handicap if by upward toward 2,017, that’s a 5 million dollar penalty
assessment for every nuclear generating system still in operation.
Department of Naval Investigations
IC. Resume
Page 5 of 7
Steven V. Arroyo

Position applying for:
Communications care coordinator for Dugway and /or, other areas of research and aero
dynamical design in selective services.

Re: Cover Letter and Resume for S.B.I.C. Mediator and Telepath, Utility.

Contact’s Name: Richard Cheney
Contact’s Title: Vice President (USA)
Company of recommendations:
Admiral “Bobby” Inman;
Admiral Brent Scowcroft

March 31, 2,005

Dear Mr. Secretary,

My name is Steven Arroyo and I am contacting you in reference to employment with our
installations whereabouts. Now that I have put forth a draft of protocol called the
DESBIC AGENDA TREATY, I feel that I can wash my hands of critical consciousness,
I feel that I can entertain the thought of letting you utilize my extra sensory objectives for
the purpose of a Pledge; and try to hold a higher mass and a stronger flag without
walking inside a circle of danger, or stepping outside a line of conformity here withal.
My hours are flexible at the present time reference; say upward to 20 to 50 hours a week
or more as need be the courts. I specialize in inter-communion telepathic agenda
translation with star people and are considered a reasonably resonant medium.

I am interested in working in the special scientist field because I feel that, it’s not that far
to Groom Lake Research and Development Containers, or distant green lights of the
galaxy’s, but it is pretty far from just what type of disarmament questions need to be
addressed, advised, and descended upon, as a special order’s in tact Sir, Your Honor’s
Sir. Sometimes it gets difficult to imagine how we succeed, by, for and of a thousand
generations for His Honor; but the renewable resources are said to be free as these spoken
words, and I would tend to believe they.

The star people chose me I believed, because I was a nose for news when CNN first got
started, and in furtherance of denials, I was a behemoth Secretary James A. Baker,
The Department of Naval Criminal Investigations
IC. Resume
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Steven V. Arroyo

George Bush advocate to some extent within the bounds of intellectuality. The peace
overtures of Soviet to independent East Europe I viewed as a light to a not a mutually
assured deplorable trajectory path from iron curtains, to iron mules in the civics there
instead. So they summoned for a Handy Dandy; a Safety Personality, to possibly prove
that mission worthy of praise, in the face of battle lines that need not exist from a sub
marginal degrees of likely and unlikely courses of judgment and legal actionary
framework to every saucer module in U N operative custody(s’) here and now thereto.

As the frame depicts, I am a portrait of a Faith defender. I fight for a cause if it fancy’s
my taste. I am not a rebel. I can be ridged and unyielding on one hand, exercise
precedence and etiquette on the cuff, slow to anger, slick as oil, dramatic and crude, not
too quick to speak though, in and that I get under tomorrow, lost in reminders that my
foreign policy beliefs are that to which is upward of, say 91% up to par U S A / U N
standards. Exception being, a bailout policy if the red Chinese make a try, on Taiwan;
and if you do that, love can be an angry word, and so. The Treaty terms are 31 December
2,017; re-unification, pending disarmament duties assumed here withal thereupon.
IC. Resume
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Steven V. Arroyo

Social Security # 558-15-1463 Date of Birth, April 20, 1,957
Pay Scale Requested: $,36,000 Annual Minimal
Who to Contact in case of emergency:
Mother, Rae Arroyo 1702 431 7222; Uncle Stan Hassan (lawyer) 949 254-4038
Girl-friend Kathy Tierney 714 932-8858 Sister Lori Arroyo 760 420-0224

Position Desired: Care Coordinator; Utility; Communication Liaison; Associate Advisor

Arrest Record: No outstanding felonies Marks, Scars, or Tattoo’s: None

Smoking or Drinking: None Driving License # N5070568 Good Record

Debts: 250$ Visa Card 400$ Master Card (None) Credits: PAu 2-024-232,
Pau 2-659-890, 2 additional Copyright registrations pending

Do you have special training for the position you are applying for? Affirmative
Five degree equivalency’s; Master’s are in Human Relations, Transcendental Meditation;
and in Music Theory; Minors (AAs), Degree of Associates are in Analytical Psychiatry;
Political Science; and general Studies, From 1976-77 Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa
California through DESBIC Institution of Higher Learning 1991 up to, recent graduation
Ceremonies 2,005 Huntington Beach Ca. specialized educational equivalency graduate.

“Steve” Arroyo 714 377-8903;//16941 Green St. # 13 H.B. 92649 Ca. USA
Sarroyo1@socal.rr.com “ a partnership for peace” Memorials, Gifts and God Sent.