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Heavy Metal Toxicity

andthe Unborn Child

by Janine Bowring fetal tissues. Heavy metals also pass through ception. The average time I suggest is six
breast milk. During fetal growth, and then months to a year before conception. The

T he topic of heavy metal toxicity later in infancy, the youngster's vital organs length of time for eliminating toxins varies
became a personal quest for answers are not yet efficient enough to filter and dramatically from person to person based
when my son was diagnosed with detoxify these heavy metals. Adult organs on the level of toxicity and the efficiency
epilepsy at age three. He began to have have difficulty dumping heavy metals, so of the organs in detoxification.
grand mal seizures that came out of imagine an immature nervous system and Detoxification of heavy metals is a
nowhere and were horrifying to me as a liver that are challenged from day one to three step process. First and foremost, the
first-time mother. Being a naturopathic eliminate these toxins. source of toxicity must be identified and
doctor, I quickly became a detective to One of the main problems with heavy removed. If the source of heavy metals
determine why he was having seizures. metals is their ability to bio-accumulate. cannot be determined, adopting a healthy
Knowing that most disease comes from Bio-accumulation means the metals do lifestyle and avoiding toxins as much as
some form of toxicity, I wondered what not leave the body by their own accord; possible is the best alternative.
he was exposed to that was so toxic. It instead they accumulate in certain tissues. Secondly, the organs of excretion
dawned on me that the source was not Due to bio-accumulation, heavy metals must be "opened" for detoxification. The
his exposure, but what I had inadvertently are passed up the food chain from smaller main organs of excretion for heavy metals
passed to him in the womb and through species (fish) to humans. include: liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive
my breast milk. Looking back at my his- The main tissues targeted by heavy tract and skin. If these organs are not
tory I realized that I had received a high metals include the liver, kidneys, bowel, excreting efficiently during the metal
level of exposure to pesticides in my teens brain and nervous system, spleen and detoxification process, the individual may
while working on a fruit farm. Pesticides eyes. The metals will not be cleared by become more toxic and experiencing more
and fungicides contain heavy metals. the system unless some type of interven- symptoms of this.
I had my hair analyzed and my son had tion is used to chelate the metals and fiush
them out. Some heavy metal toxicities are Liver. A simple way to encourage the
hair and stool analysis for heavy metals. detoxification of the liver is to drink the
The results confirmed that my suspicions more prevalent than others, like mercury
from dental fillings and mercury and alu- juice of V4 to Vz fresh lemon in warm water
were correct. Thankfully, after eight first thing in the morning. Herbal and
months of detoxification, my son never minum in vaccinations.
homeopathic medicines are also readily
had a seizure again. The Vaccine Link available for liver detoxification.
What Is a Heavy Metal? Thimerosal is a preservative in many child- Kidneys. To detoxify the kidneys, drink at
A heavy metal is defined as any metallic hood vaccines that is 49,5 % ethyl mercury least one litre of water per day and urinate
chemical element that has a high density by weight. Mercury is toxic, especially to frequently. Sipping small amounts of water
and is poisonous at a lower concentration. infants and young children. Recent studies throughout the day, rather than gulping a
Many heavy metals exist naturally in our have shown a link between autism and thi- lot at one sitting, is important since only
surrounding ecosystems and generally are merosal exposure in children who have dif- 2 ounces of water can be absorbed at once.
not a problem in small concentrations. ficulty with mercury. Many vaccines also Herbal medicines such as dandelion leaves,
However, with industrialization, heavy contain aluminum, another heavy metal corn silk and horsetail cleanse the kid-
metals are contained in many products we that has an affinity for the brain and poten- neys.
use daily and have leached into our food. tial effects on neural development. Lungs. Lungs can be detoxified by deep
Our exposure to these low to moderate Unfortunately, the issue of vaccination breathing exercises. Most of us only use the
amounts of metals over long periods of is very controversial. Even more alarming top Vi to Vi of our lung capacity. Use the
time can cause ill effects on our health. is that most people and unsuspecting par- entire lung while breathing to exchange as
ents do not even know of the controversy much stale air as possible with each breath.
How Are Heavy Metals Harmful? and risks surrounding vaccination. Exercises like yoga and Pilates are wonder-
Heavy metals are especially toxic to a grow- ful because they incorporate proper breath-
ing fetus. Unfortunately, heavy metals are Detoxification
ing and train the lungs to detoxify.
not filtered by the placenta from mother to I encourage all women who are planning
child and are directly deposited in growing to have children to detoxify before con- Continued on page 67

Winter 2005 Midwifery Today

A Call to Action: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) in Crisis in Florida Cards and Letters
Continued from page 42 Continued from page 49

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hurtit really hurtsbut the strength
12. College of Midwives of British Columbia, op cit. p.l. I felt after my second one was delivered
has stayed with me to this day. I under-
stand that things can go wrong; my first
Heavy Metal Toxicity and the Unborn Child
are two types of chelation therapy, intra- labour was very difficult. However, very
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venous and oral. I prefer oral chelation often nothing is going wrong and still we
Digestive Tract. The howels can be detox- because it is easy to administer and most of interfere, or worse, we deny ourselves the
ified by increasing the amount offibrein the heavy metals are excreted via the bowel. real experience and the point to being a
the diet. There are two types offibre,sol- Intravenous chelation usually causes excre- woman and a mother.
uble and insoluble. Both are important for tion via the kidneys. Wendy Richert
health, digestion, and preventing diseases. Detoxification of heavy metals is best Sidcup Kent, England
Solublefiberslows digestion and helps the undertaken with the guidance of a natu-
body absorb vital nutrients from foods. ropathic doctor who has experience in this Dear Midwifery Today Family,
It can be found in dried peas and beans, field. Heavy metals maybe eliminated too Although human I am faced with the
psyllium seed, barley, oranges and apples. quickly, causing a variety of side effects limits my species puts on communicat-
Insolublefiberadds bulk to the stool, help- that can be unpleasant. ing my response to my experience at this
ing foods pass more quickly through the conference (2005 Bahamas conference).
stomach and intestines. It can be found in Editor's Note: For more detailed information This weekend I felt as though I have
wheat bran, flax seed, green beans, cauli- on heavy metal toxicity see Dr. Bowring's come home. Home is a safe, loving space
flower and fruit and root vegetable skins. article in the August issue of Positive Health where ideas and words are expected, chal-
Magazine at For
Increasing the number of bowel move- lenged, accepted and received.
more information on mercury toxicity, see
ments per day is imperative when detoxi- Home is where love is freely exchanged
"Mercury Rising: Warnings in Pregnancy and
fying heavy metals. I usually recommend and felt in one's spiritual core. Home is
Infancy" by Jeanne Ohm in Midwifery Today.
that patients aim for at least two bowel where touch, hugs and eyes caress the
7A: 46-47, 68.
movements daily while on a heavy metal mind, heart and body.
detoxification protocol. Dr. Janine Bowring, ND, graduated Home is just that: home.
Skin. The skin, as the largest detoxification from the Canadian College of Naturo- Thank you for bringing the best of the
organ, eliminates heavy metals through pathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, best yet again to fill my mind and to chal-
perspiration. Perspiration can be induced in 1998 with a special interest in the mind/ lenge my soul.
through exercise or by the use of far infra- body connection and relationship to disease. Love and compassion are keys to our
red (FIR) saunas. FIR saunas are reported Dr. Bowring is trained in both craniosacral and trade. I feel as though I have learned from
to have better detoxifying effects than tra- Bowen therapy. Due to Dr. Bowring's unique the bosom of midwifery.
ditional saunas and steam rooms. abilities as a medical intuitive, she is able My joy is inexpressible.
Lastly, chelation is necessary to remove to help others heal the root cause of their Thank you for these gifts.
the metals from the body. Chelation means disease, be it from a physical, emotional or Demetria Clark
binding of a substance to the heavy metal spiritual cause. Visit Springfield, Vermont
so it can be excreted from the body. There for more information. US Midwifery Today Winter 2005