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Analytical Excellent Good Adequate Weak Inadequate Task not
criteria attempted
10p 9p 8p 7p 6p 5p 4p 3p 2p 1p 0p
Task The content of the article is completely The article covers the The article The article does not The article does not
achievement relevant to the task, fully responding to its requirements of the task addresses the cover the relate to the task
requirements; the format of the article is but the key ideas could requirements of requirements of the
fully observed; an introduction/ a be better substantiated; the task but not task; the format is
conclusion is present; the register is the format of the article all key ideas are faulty (e.g.the
appropriate throughout. is observed; an relevant; the introduction and
introduction/ a format may be the conclusion are
conclusion is present but faulty at times missing or totally
not fully linked to the (e.g. the irrelevant; many
topic; the register is introduction or irrelevant details
appropriate, although the conclusion are included; there
minor inconsistencies are may be missing/ are major
possible unclear); there are inconsistencies in
inconsistencies in register
ORGANIZATION There is a logical progression throughout; There is a logical The text is There is serious The text is not
AND COHESION the paragraphs are well built, well progression although generally coherent inconsistency in the logically organized and
extended, the topic sentence is clear; a minor inconsistencies are but the internal organization of the does not convey a
wide range of cohesive devices is used possible; the paragraphs organization of text; the sequencing message; no control of
effectively. are well built but could some paragraphs of ideas can be cohesive devices.
be more extended or may be faulty; the followed with
balanced;; a range of topic sentence is difficulty;
cohesive devices is used not always clear paragraphing may
effectively. or may be missing; be missing; cohesive
cohesive devices devices are limited
are present but or most of them are
sometimes they faulty.
are not accurate.
VOCABULARY A wide range of vocabulary is used A range of vocabulary is The range of A limited range of A very narrow range
appropriately and accurately; precise used appropriately and vocabulary is vocabulary is of vocabulary is
meaning is conveyed; minor errors are accurately; occasional adequate; errors present; less present; errors in
rare; spelling is very well controlled. errors in word choice/ in word choice/ common items of word
formation are possible; formation are vocabulary are rare choice/formation
spelling is well controlled present when and may be often predominate;
with occasional slips. more faulty; spelling spelling errors make
sophisticated errors can make the text obscure at
items of text understanding times.
vocabulary are difficult.
spelling can be
faulty at times.

STRUCTURES A wide range of grammatical structures A range of grammatical A mix of complex A limited range of A very narrow range
is used accurately and flexibly; minor structures is used and simple grammatical of grammatical
errors are rare; punctuation is very well accurately and with grammatical structures is structures is present;
controlled. some flexibility; structures is present; complex errors predominate;
occasional errors are present; errors are language is rare and punctuation errors
possible; punctuation is present when may be often faulty; make the text obscure
well controlled with complex language punctuation errors at times.
occasional slips. is attempted; can make text
punctuation can understanding
be faulty at times. difficult.
EFFECT ON The interest of the reader is aroused and The text has a good The effect on the The text has not a The text has a
TARGET READER sustained throughout. effect on the reader. reader is relevant effect on negative effect on the
satisfactory. the reader. reader.