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Minutes of Meeting:

Meeting of HOD (Mechanical Engineering) of all institutes affiliated to SPPU, Pune on

23.09.2016 at Zeal College of Engineering and Research, Pune. Around 58 members from
various organization participated in the meeting. Agenda of meeting was
Credit system for TE (Mechanical Engineering)
Discussion about the Proposed structure of TE (Mechanical Engg.)
Finalize the Audit Subjects for TE (Mechanical Engineering)
Forming the committees for setting the syllabus

Following points were discussed during the meeting.

TE (Mechanical Engineering) Semester I

1. Dr. Awasare gave brief on the SPPU defined UG rules and structure and guidelines to be
followed for structuring of the syllabus.
2. Some courses like Audit courses, add on courses such as visits, study, extracurricular
activities etc. can be conducted at institute level. These will not have any examination at
university level; however these will definitely help the students of that institute. Only Audit
course details of the students are to be communicated to SPPU to include it in students
mark sheets.
3. Structure of FE and SE was looked at.
4. Discussion on TE structure initiated and following points are noted as observations:
o The structure is discussed and changes in the structure are proposed in consultation
with the BOS members.
o Point of practical exam for skill development is debated.
o Skill development 50 marks-TW to be divided as 25 TW and 25 exams.
o Examination of skill development will be discussed and detailed during syllabus setting.
Assessment requirements will be clearly specified.
o DME oral 25 marks clubbed with DME TW with 50 marks.
o Audit course is optional to the students. To be tought addition to regular structure.
o Following Audit Courses were discussed for TE Mechanical
b. IPR
c. Entrepreneurship development
o It is agreed to conduct OHSAS and Entrepreneurship Development as Audit courses in
the Second Semester.
o Add on courses are offered and conducted for interested students at institute level.
These are in addition to the Audit courses. However there will not be any examination
for these courses, nor these will appear on students mark-sheet e.g. Courses like-
CATIA, any such training course, etc.

T.E. (Mechanical Engineering) Semester II

o Seminar-external oral examination was debated. The exam will be conducted by
internal panel, to be constituted by concerned HOD and Principal.
o The seminar assessment detailing is to be done to give sufficient clarity. An industry
person can be a part of the panel.
5. There will be Google sheet to be shared with all for communicating the names of faculty
members as panel members for syllabus detailing, paper setting, pract. /oral examinations,
etc. All are requested to give correct information in stipulated time for smooth coordination.
6. Prof. Lalit Pawar spoke on question bank:
a. Blooms taxonomy is used for setting of questions.
b. Questions can be set with various types.
c. These are about 9 identified parameters for a question.
d. This system may be implemented from May 2017 exams.
e. At present, chairman will be able to edit the question bank and question paper as
f. Next stage, chairman will be able to see the paper but cant edit.
g. Next stage, chairman will not be able to see the paper, only need to feed the
template of paper.
h. Next stage only template is to be designed and pushed to the system.
i. There will be presentation on preparation of Question Bank from the technical
committee. This will be sent to the people identified for setting such a question bank.
7. All Heads of Department are requested to send names of the senior faculty or subject
expert to the concerned workshop organizers, so that they will contribute their effort in
updating the syllabus and preparation of the question bank.
Venue for Syllabus Detailing Workshops of various Subjects
Sr.No. Subject Name of the College Name of Faculty
1 DME-I DYP Pimpari Dr. K. K. Dhande
2 HT PCCOE, Pune Dr. P. A. Deshmukh
3 TMC ZCOER, Pune Dr. S. G.Dambhare
4 TOM-II Cummins COE, Pune Dr. R. B. Ingle
5 MQC Shri Ramchndra COE, Wagholi Dr. A. D. Desai
6 SD VIIT, Pune Dr. A. P. Kulkarni
7 NMO SAE Kondhwa Dr. S. S. Kore
8 DME-II RSCOE, Tathawade Dr. A. A. Pawar/
9 RAC KJCOE & TCOER, Dr. K. D. Sapate
Prof. S. N. Satpute/
Mechatronics MMCOE & MMIT, Lohgaon Prof. R. S. Patil
11 MP-II & MS-II BSIOTR, Wagholi Dr. R. S. Hingole
12 Seminar PVPIT, Bavdhan Dr. R. K. Patil
13 Audit Course Bharti Vidyapeeth, Lavale Prof. Vishwas Jadhav
Mech S/W (all Indira College / AISSMS / MIT Dr. Sunil Ingole/ Prof.
Subjects) Pune Bhong

8. ME Syllabus Structuring at Various College:

ME Design
Elective-I & II Not to be changed
RM-No change
AM- If required, changes can be suggested.
MS & MB & ASA- Prof. Pathak, NBNCOE, Ambegaon
ME Mech (HPE) - Prof. R.K. Patil, PVPIT, Bavadhan
ME Mech (Mechatronics)-Prof. S.A. Kulkarni, SCOE, Vadgaon
ME (CADME) Dr S G Dambhare & Dr A M Kate, ZCOER, Pune
ME (Energy) Prof. A H Kolekar, VPCOE, Baramati
ME (Automotive)-Prof. Chaitanya, AISSMS, Pune

Vote of thanks proposed by Dr. A.M. Kate

Dr. S.G. Dambhare Dr. A.M. Kate Dr. P.J. Awasare

Convener Convener BOS Coordinator