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3rd International Mobile

Innovation Screening 2013
20 22 NOVEMBER 2013
AUT University City Campus,
WG Sir Paul Reeves Building Level 4,
2 Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland, New Zealand

The Mobile Innovation Network

Aotearoa [MINA] is an international
network that promotes cultural
and research activities to expand
the emerging possibilities of
mobile media. MINA aims to Foreword
explore the opportunities for
interaction between communities, This years MINA screening program features
pocket films, mobile-mentaries and smartphone
content and the creative industries
films from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia,
within the context of Aotearoa / France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Sweden
New Zealand and internationally. U.K. and the USA. More than 70 films were
received in an open call for submission.

At the time of writing this screening program the

iPhone 5 was launched. The video capacity of
various mobile, smartphone and pocket cameras
(including web-cams like Sony Bloggie or Go
Pro) without doubt has now reached a standard
that allows mobile filmmakers and creatives to
produce work for the creative industries and
film festivals internationally. This years MINA
screening also includes the work of first time
filmmakers from Poland and New Zealand
amongst internationally established filmmakers,
photographers and designers.

Sponsors In 2013, the circulation of smartphones

outnumbered the volume of mobile phones.
Most mobile devices (including tablets and
pocket size digital cameras) have a HD video
capacity and provide Internet connectivity.
Since the proliferation of apps five years ago,
new opportunities for creative mobile media
production emerged. Mobile filmmaking is
now an established format ranging from music
video to TV commercial production. A number
SYMPOSIUM COST: $45 - $130 of contemporary apps feature location-based
REGISTER: max services that can create new experiences and
HTTP://MINA2013.EVENTBRITE.CO.NZ/ @MINAmobile representations of places.
For more info go to ISBN 978-0-473-26514-4
/4 /5

Mobile filmmaking also provides prospects partner mobile film festivals in Korea, The The aim of this MINA showreel is to We hope you enjoy the program and would
for citizen journalists to expand the domain Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film demonstrate the current state of mobile like to use this opportunity to thank the MINA
of videography. Contemporary forms of Festival SESIFF, and The Mobile Film Festival in filmmaking and its contribution to the field of screening committee: Assoc. Prof. Andre
collaborative filmmaking projects connect Macedonia provide means to develop a national media, arts and design. As a new genre it has Ktori (Massey University, New Zealand), Ben
21st century citizens and filmmakers across the cinema in these countries. achieved an international recognition. This 2013 Lenzner (University of Waikato, New Zealand),
globe creating new forms of digital, networked screening program illustrates the innovative Assoc. Prof. Frances Joseph (Colab, New
and transmedia storytelling. As an egalitarian Mobile filmmaking and mobile creative practices, capacities of mobile media. Moreover the show- Zealand), Karen Curley (Massey University, New
filmmaking tool and technology, mobile such as iPhoneography and mobile-mentaries reel aims to inspire young filmmakers. While Zealand), Laurent Antonczak (AUT University,
filmmaking provides access to a new generation are challenging existing communication forms. we have the tools to make films in our pockets, New Zealand), Assoc. Prof. Mark Jackson (AUT
of filmmakers. In alignment with the ubiquity of Some projects were produced entirely without the challenge is now to convince institutions University, New Zealand), Dr Marsha Berry
social media, mobile communication is shifting desktop computers. Next to this trend that and creative industries to embed this new form (RMIT University, Australia), Felipe Cardona
towards an increasingly visual realm. Micro continued from last years program one can of creative practice and storytelling into their (Universidad Externado de Colombia), Tony
formats of mobile filmmaking can be compared also note the unique combination of tools and agendas, policies and day-to-day businesses. In Meyers ( and Dr Max
to early cinema and actuality film, while mobile technologies. Mobile phones and smartphones a recent interview by the Next Web I stated that Schleser (Massey University, New Zealand) and
short films resonate approaches are used to record micro-cinematography and mobile innovation as an enterprise model that MINAs partner film festivals: iPhoneFF (USA)
and practices known from the field of use apps to link mobile videos to video platforms aims to be sustainable should aspire and strive SEISFF (Korea), Cinephone (Spain), Mobile Film
experimental documentary and avant-garde or the Korsakow database filmmaking system. to establish strong social interactions and links Festival (Macedonia), Mobil Film Festival (USA),
moving-image practice. Some mobile projects should be understood as through engaging local communities. Ohrenblick and Mobile Streifen (Germany).
vernacular videos or more broadly vernacular
The background of the filmmakers, designers creativity. The reference to Super 8 filming is Mobile media can be described as an With a special thanks to the School of Art &
and artists is as diverse as the program itself. present and sometimes illustrated in an obvious ecosystem within an increasingly dynamic Design (AUT University) and CoLab (Creative
Mobile Media provides a dynamic approach fashion through the use of apps. Some mobile mediascape. As new forms of creative Technologies Research Institute for the Faculty
to creative media production and continuously films explore classic cinematic themes and production demonstrate, mobile media has an of Design and Creative Technologies at AUT
develops new practices and formats. While update them for a contemporary context. impact on the creative industries and will soon University) and continued support from the
some work could be labelled as video, It is especially encouraging to see work from become the driver with strategy development School of Design and the College of Creative
performance or installation art or documentary, young filmmakers who will define the next and creative transformation. Arts (Massey University).
it is the original mobile form that is providing generation of creativity. Mobile filmmaking
innovation within these established disciplines. makes some HD equipment look like a In this context one should not only consider Dr Max RC Schleser,
By means of exploring this rich digital diversity, cumbersome academy 35mm format. MINAs mobile media as screen media like TV or MINA co-founder
the MINA program spans across a range of partner festivals Ohrenblick Mal and Mobile desktop computers, but a social interactive
genres from music video to animation. The Streifen in Germany are producing mobile and multi-nodal network media that links to
program demonstrates that mobile filmmaking filmmaking projects in High Schools. Teenagers communities, provides new insights through
is a global phenomena. Beyond the cinema or learn to use the mobile phone as a creative tool, visual communication, while providing access
mobile screen mobile filmmaking is making a which further illustrates that smartphones in many respects for a global audience. The
contribution to art and culture and involving and mobile devices are creative and notions of sociability and connectivity are and
audiences in the creative practice. MINAs educational tools. will be key in the future of mobile media.
/6 /7

MINA Team MINA Partners

MINA CO-FOUNDERS Dr Thom Cochrane David Sinfield

Dr Max Schleser AUT University, New Zealand AUT University, New Zealand
Massey University, New Zealand Karen Curley Tim Turnidge
Laurent Antonczak Massey University, New Zealand Massey University, New Zealand
AUT University, New Zealand Dr Ocane Delleaux Daniel Wagner
University of Haute-Alsace, France Unitec, New Zealand
ORGANISING COMMITTEE Dr Stefan Greuter Assoc. Prof. Charles Walker Virtuo (NZ) AlphaByte OCTANE Digital
[by alphabetical order] Commercial Partner Commercial Partner Commercial Partner
RMIT University, Australia AUT University, New Zealand
Laurent Antonczak AUT University Virtuo is an intelligent collective AlphaByte is a multidisciplinary It offers digital copying, wide
Dr Ella Henry
Assoc. Prof. Mark Jackson of experts in serious experimental design studio in Auckland format, Digital Printing and
AUT University, New Zealand KEYNOTE SPEAKERS
AUT University play. other services.
Assoc. Prof. Craig Hight Assoc. Prof. Larissa Hjorth
Assoc. Prof. Frances Joseph Colab
Dr Max Schleser Massey University University of Waikato, RMIT University, Australia
New Zealand Helen Keegan
SCREENING PROGRAMME Dr Stanley Frielick Salford University, England
Coordinated by Dr Max Schleser AUT University, New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Mark Jackson SYMPOSIUM TECH & AV SUPPORT
SCREENING COMMITTEE AUT University, New Zealand Wenxin [Willliam] Lu AUT University
[by alphabetical order] Assoc. Prof. Frances Joseph Tim Turnidge Massey University
Laurent Antonczak AUT University Colab, New Zealand IT Support Crew AUT University Cinephone (Spain) International Mobil Film Festival (USA) iPhone Film Fest (USA)
Dr Marsha Berry RMIT University Desna Jury Festival Partner Festival Partner Festival Partner
Felipe Cardona AUT University, New Zealand SYMPOSIUM COMMUNICATION
Universidad Externado de Colombia Helen Keegan & MARKETING
Karen Curley Massey University Salford University, England Rebecca Foote Colab
Assoc. Prof. Mark Jackson Assoc. Prof. Andre Ktori AlphaByteTM Auckland
AUT University Massey University, New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Frances Joseph Colab Benot Labourdette SCREENING EVENTS & CATERING
Assoc. Prof. Andre Ktori Quidam, France Rebekah Foote Colab
Massey University Dr Mark Mcguire
Ben Lenzner University of Waikato Mobile Film Festival (Macedonia) Mobilstreifen (Germany) Ohrenblick Mal (Germany)
University of Otago, VIDEO EDITOR
Tony Meyers Smartmoviemaking Festival Partner Festival Partner Festival Partner, working in
New Zealand Rachel Smith collaboration with JFF, Munich.
Dr Max Schleser Massey University
Dr Dermott McMeel
University of Auckland, EVENT DOCUMENTATION
New Zealand Victorio Burcio-Martin
Coordinated by Laurent Antonczak
Dr Gjoko Muratovski CfLAT, AUT University
AUT University, New Zealand Chris Smith Colab
Dr Maria OConnor
[by alphabetical order] AUT University, New Zealand VISUAL COMMUNICATION
Laurent Antonczak Assoc. Prof. David Parsons AlphaByteTM Auckland SBP Productions (USA) Sesiff (Korea) New Zealand Film Archive
AUT University, New Zealand Massey University, New Zealand Commercial Partner and Festival Festival Partner Screening Partner
Dr Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath Dr Miriam Ross Partner The Archive collects, protects
IT University, Denmark Victoria University, New Zealand S. Botello Productions created and projects New Zealands film and
Assoc. Prof. Lynne Ciochetto Dr Max Schleser the International Mobil Film television history
Massey University, New Zealand Festival
Massey University, New Zealand
rd MINA International Mobile Innovation Screening 2013Y /9

3 International Mobile
Innovation Screening 2013
20 22 NOVEMBER 2013
AUT University City Campus,
WG Sir Paul Reeves Building Level 4, WEDNESDAY Screening
2 Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland, New Zealand Title Filmmaker
Wilhelm Jerusalem - Koacze ukasz Krysiewicz
6.00pm Symposium networking drinks
Movies are made of light! Maria Donata Napoli
7 8pm Mobile film screening
The Girl with The Red Balloons Nathalie Giraud + Timothe Corteggiani
Break Benot Labourdette
Hydropscope Kaihei HASE
A Short Term Effect Simon Woolham
Absent VIII & Sincerely Yours Anders Weberg
I See What Is Here Kristian Day
TransmiLoop Lorena A. Daz Herrera + Stefania Ramrez Lpez
To Have & To Have Not Kevin Logan
Slivers of Necessity Marsha Berry
Damp Jake Ngawaka
December 28th Ian McClerin
Two Stories Zaher Omareen
North Patrick Kelly
Yours and Mine 2 Anne Massoni
24 Frames 24 Hours 24 Frames 24 Hours Mobile Filmaking Crew and
Max Schleser
Indeterminate Hikes Leila Christine Nadir
Digital Trust Hike Paul Taylor
Artmobile Symphony Mobile Giuliano Chiaradia
4 Editions
MINA International Mobile Innovation Screening 2013 /10 FILMS /11

THURSDAY Screening

Title Filmmaker
Diameter Andrew B. White
Midtown Max Schleser
24 Minutes Jillian Roberts
Wilhelm Jerusalem - Koacze
SIM-Ki Alexey Abramovich ukasz Krysiewicz
On the Run Tam Webster This is a music video of a polish band shoot entirely on iPhone 4S. The script
is as simple as it gets - a man chasing a dream of a woman. The song is very
Mobilarte Gerda Cammaer simple, so we wanted the video to be as simple. There is a wider description
The 57 Leo Berkeley on Vimeo with all the difficulties that we encountered while shooting with a
phone. [0:03:19 duration]
About 7am: The First Quarter Adrian Miles
A Grand Mother Candy Elsmore
Ramblings of a Post-industrial Seth Keen
Movies are Made of Light
Media Maker
Maria Donata Napoli
Global Warming Vadcz Pter This is a video is a simple motion vertical tableau, influenced by Bill Violas dis-
Honeymoon 1976 Andrew Ferguson solving figures and by Dennis Hoppers obsession for light. [0:03:06 duration]

Icies second year Smiljana Glisovic

Box Me Dumb Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath
------------- The Girl with the Red Balloons
Nathalie Giraud + Timothe Corteggiani
This is a 1 minute video shot in one afternoon, It was a first great experience
shooting with a phone. [0:01:00 duration]

FRIDAY Screening
Title Country Break
------------- Benot Labourdette
SEISFF Korea This is a video that captures the working day in which humans are placed in a
Cinephone Spain non-productive state finally. A break when the students of the Universit Paul
Valry (Montpellier, France), the narative is through the assembly, the music
Mobile Film Festival Macedonia (built from extracts of Ludwig Van Beethoven), by addition or subtraction
Mobil Film Festival USA of pixels in a stated shot, the intermingling of image loops, extracting, as
extracted essential oil of a flower, a collective expression of inner feeling of
Ohrenblick Germany
Break, rather a physical and temporal sensation. [0:03:36 duration]
Mobile Streifen Germany
iPhoneFF USA
This screening is a selection of films representing the above film festivals.

Hydropscope TransmiLoop
Kaihei Hase Lorena A. Daz Herrera + Stefania Ramrez Lpez
This is a video prepresenting a short poem of Japanese traditional style in flim. This Videoloop was filmed by an Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini pro.
The work Suichu-megane is Tanka Film. The work expressies Kaihels everyday TransMilenio is a urban transport and we decided to make a video about it
life thorugh movie cuts and a short poem. The cameral is held whenever it because you can hear various noises which generate music.
is necessary to capture emotion and discovery in the everyday. The movie [0:02:07 duration]
consists of visual impressions caputred on mobile phone.
[0:00:41 duration]
To Have and To Have Not
A Short Term Effect Kevin Logan
Simon Woolham Kevins cross-disciplinary practice spans over two decades, comprising
A Short Term Effect is the title to my proposed digitally manipulated image installation, digital media and sound composition/design. He has exhibited
and sound piece. The piece is a photograph from outside my old studio win- and performed internationally, has had sound works on compilation CDs
dow, of a bird on an old telephone wire. The bird is then subtly made to move and audio-visual works screened in festivals worldwide. He is currently a
as if with the sound of my mobile, its ringtone, feedback and frequency. The PhD student at University of the Arts London, where his research explores
idea of the piece is that the effects of this mobile is so powerful that it even the sonic through gesture and performance. [0:03:49 duration]
makes nature, the often unsighted and unmovable be effected. The piece was
made specifically to be viewed on a mobile phone for the full effects of the
piece. [0:00:14 duration] Slivers of Necessity
Marsha Berry
This video was shot on an iPhone using applications that evoke 8mm
Absent VIII & Sincerely Yours cameras through the use of filters. The soundtrack is Heschs voice against
Anders Weberg the background noise of a projector. The intention was to create a sense of
Anders is an artist working in video, sound, new media and installations and he nostalgia so that video of contemporary mundane scene would be infused
is primarily concerned with identity. The human body lies at the root of projects with a sense of otherness the aura of time and the dislocated histories of
that formally and conceptually chart identity and its construction as a preamble those who reside in suburban Australia
to broaching matters of violence, genders, memory, loss or ideology in which [0:001:49 duration]
personal experiences co-exists with references to popular culture, the media
and consumerism. Specializing in digital technologies, he aims to mix genres
and ways of expression to explore the potential of audio visual media. Damp
[0:00:29 + 0:01:09 duration] Jake Ngawaka
This is a video looking through the foggy lens of a pocket camera. Jake
wanted to capture the visual indistinctness of the central North Island of
I See What Is Here New Zealand, damp little town during the winter months, a physical parallel
Kristian Day to the quality of image captured by the device. Utilising the dexterity of the
This is a video piece filmed using an iPhone 4S with a microscope lens device allowed Jake to show his take on the Waikato directly, in extreme
attachment and was captured with the Filmic Pro application (encoding settings POV. He has captured the insularity of fog, the way that the external world
were at 1080p HD, 24fps,and bit rate of 50mbps). is swallowed into grey obscurity leaving only the immediate present, and
Post-production was done by capturing the raw H264 footage using Apples this requires a human element around which to anchor the experience.
Aperture program and then was encoded into the Apple Pro Res format with [0:00:55 duration]
MPEG Streamclip. The footage was edited using Final Cut Pro 7. The shots
used in this piece were from Kristians very first test shots with the Mobile
Phone 60x microscope. [0:02:24 duration]

December 28th #24Frames24Hours

Ian McClerin #24Frames24Hours Mobile Filmmaking Crew and Max Schleser
This video is a selfexpression of how memories work. Using a self created This is an international collaborative mobile-mentary (mobile documentary).
montage technique comprised of over 3,000 Hipstamatic photographs Participants contribute personal stories about their local surroundings and
and December 28th documents an entire day in New Mexico. Shot on capture their experiences on smartphones, pocket cameras and mobile
an iTouch camera, the film stands as a testament to the cross-pollination devices. How do you explore places through the lens of a mobile phone and
between digital and analog as todays technology slowly blends the two show the world people that are important to you?
until they are indistinguishable. The camera itself not only physically alters [0:02:27 duration]
the images but also begins to alter filmaker and audience perspective of
those images, similar to how the brain processes information and creates
sometimes-unreliable memories. Indeterminate Hikes
[0:03:24 duration] Leila Christine Nadir
Indeterminate Hikes+, a mobile media app created by EcoArtTech, transforms
everyday landscapes into sites of bio-cultural diversity and wild happenings
Two Stories through a series of walking tours. IH+ re-appropriates smartphones, which are
Zaher Omareen generally used for rapid communication and consumerism, and turns them
This is a short documentary called Two Stories planned to be a personal into tools of environmental imagination and meditative wonder, renewing
portrait. The narrator, the filmmaker himself, used an interview technique to awareness of biological, cultural, and media ecologies and slowing participants
tell two stories separated by ten years, addressing the issue of human rights down at the same time. The app works by importing the rhetoric of wilderness
violations under Assads dictatorship in Syria into virtually any place accessible by Google Maps and encouraging its users
[0:08:10 duration] to treat these locales as spaces worthy of the attention accorded to sublime
landscapes, such as canyons and waterfalls. [0:02:03 duration]

Patrick Kelly Digital Trust Hike
This is an interactive documentary utilising Instagram Video and the databse Paul Taylor
film creation platform Korsakow to examin Patrick Kellys experience as a This is a video that explores the issue directly of the digital divide. Walking the
visitor, new resident of Melbourne, Australia. The film engages with concepts length of Taylor Street in San Francisco without looking up from a smartphone.
surround the areas of aura, autoethnography, interactivity, remixability and It was nspired by the zombies seen daily, shuffling by with their eyes glued to
slow media. the screens of their devices. Pushing this tendency to the extreme, a foam
[0:03:00 duration] cubewas donned that acted as a safety helmet, making the walker highly visible
to others while limiting the field of view to the phone in the hand.
Navigating via Google Maps, recording various data with a GPS tracker, listen-
Yours and Mine 2 ing to music to drown out sound, and live tweeted of the walkers progress.
Anne Massoni Friends stationed at every intersection. When they saw the walker coming,
In part diary/pen-pal exchange, in part a reflection on social media, Y&M2 they called and talked the walker safely across the street. While immersed in
shares the lives of four women over the course of one year. digital experience,the walker was outsourcing the act of paying attention to
The series is in progress. It will include three parts, stand alone curated videos physical realityvehicles, other pedestrians, buildingsvia the social network.
for wall display, an algorithm based projection of all 2000+ videos, and an [0:02:52 duration]
interactive monitor/tablet piece.
[0:04:20 duration]
ARTmobile Symphony Mobile 4 Editions
Giuliano Chiaradia
The Experimental Set born in the 90s when its founder, Giuliano Chiaradia,
brings together a collective of artists to bring new experiences and connect
people through art. Blending new technologies, social networking and art,
always looking for the unusual in allowing people to communicate new life
experiences and visionary, the Experimental Set gains prominence on the
global stage and becomes the brand in the forefront of innovative projects
of its creative director, Giuliano Chiaradia.
[0:00:59 duration]

Diameter On the Run

Andrew B. White Tam Webste
This is a film and music collaboration betwen Andrew White and Lascaux Proxy. This film is a result of an exploration into the relationships between play,
Diameter is an example of mobile film making combined with conventional leisure and recreation. If play is a primary component of leisure then repetition
processes. Although this is not pure mobile content creation by way of using is the active element of play. Through the display of repetitious physical
a computer and a non-mobile app for editing, Foremost, without the mobile activities, experiences associated with leisure can be observed in new ways.
technology to capture the footage there would be no end result with this out- [0:02:50 duration]
come. Concept, choreography, performance and music by Lascaux Proxy.
Directed and shot by Andrew B. White. Shot on an iPhone 4S using Filmic Pro
and ClassicCam. Edited in Final Cut X and music mixed and mastered in Logic Mobilarte
Pro by Andrew B. White.
Gerda Cammaer
[0:02:41 duration]
This is an iPad video. Mobilarte is fundamentally about the difference between
real time and experienced time, especially when travelling. The guide
Midtown track for the piece is real time (the TukTuk ride as is) complemented by
Max Schleser how time was experienced (= more fleeting) and how it was filmed.
New York midtown @ midnight. Mobile video by @MaxMobile with // [0:03:02 duration]
Mobile music by Karen Curley // Filmed on iPhone 4 with mCAMLITE, mobile
video created with Time Piles app, edited with Splice app and music produced
with iMaschine app.
The 57
[0:02:21 duration]
Leo Berkeley
The 57 is a short essay film about a tram route in Melbourne, which was shot
entirely with an IPhone. The film explores the potential of this accessible,
24 Minutes everyday technology to create new and more diverse approaches to
Jillian Roberts filmmaking.It is the first of a planned series of short essay films that creatively
The use of an iPhone resonates with ideas regarding social media and the examine aspects of everyday life through the medium of screen production.
increasing way that people document their own moments on their smart It is also designed to investigate the potential of the essay film to integrate
phones. Social networks and the digital sharing of information have created a creative and academic practices, as a form of personal documentary that
new way for people to communicate. Instead of a person having an individual incorporates critical reflection and an engagement with public experience.
solitary moment, new platforms have been created to turn this private [0:05:20 duration]
experience into a public one, for anyone to view and critique.
[0:02:21 duration]

Alexey Abramovic
Short animation film SIM-Ki tells about good and evil, hero and villain, about
a fairy Princess, and, of course, about love.
[0:03:44 duration]

About 7am, The First Quarter Honeymoon 1976

Adrian Miles Smiljana Glisovic
This movie project was filmed with the same view, at about the same time and This is a collection of home movies that have been reimaged from analog to
place every day, for a year. In this iteration three months of daily clips have digital technology. The film explore the human obsession of recording our
edited together, and then accelerated so that the total running time of the memories for fear of losing them continues from the tangible means 8mm film
completed work is compressed. of the past, to the compressed and encoded formats of digital media today.
[0:04:38 duration] Even though the technology has changed since 1976, the desire to capture,
share and relive visual memories has remained.
[0:04:16 duration]

A Grand Mother
Icies Second Year
Candy Elsmore
Seth Keen
This is a video that conveys the feelings of pride and delight related to how
Icies second year (in 5 chapters), in title and in subject, evokes Jonas Mekas
the family felt when it was discovered that Candys grandmother / great
film Paradise Not Yet Lost, also known as Oonas Third Year (1979). The points
grandmother had signed New Zealands Suffrage Petition over 100 years ago.
of connection in these works is the intimacy between filmmaker and subject,
In 1893 New Zealand was the first country in the world to allow women to vote.
and the celebration of the everyday.
[0:04:03 duration]
Issues of representation are addressed through the home experimental movie
aesthetic (working within avant-garde, amateur and home movie aesthetics).
I put into question how the medium (from 8mm all the way through to the
mobile camera), might complicate or enable a range of approaches to
Rambings of a Post-Industrial Media Maker representation, particularly in a familial context.
Seth Keen [0:02:00 duration]
This is a video riff. It is a remix of a text riff that was written as a theoretical
response to a forum held on the concept of post-industrial media education.
The original text riff explored the question, what is a post-industrial media Box Me Dumb
maker? Reflecting on the shifts occurring in Seths own practice and teaching
Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath
within the field of new media, he put forward a framework for an approach
This is a short film advertises the Box Me Dumb Human installation. In the
towards this type of practice.
installation, a large leather boxing bag is boxed by the player, while insulting/
[0:03:56 duration]
motivating him/her with arguments loosely based on the AI debate.
The player is fighting for all that is good about humanity, what distinguishes it
from abstract mechanism, and he/she is fighting against the machine or system.
Global Warming [0:03:45 duration]
Pter Vadcz
This is a film that shows a visual way of the effects of climate change.
[0:01:00 duration]


SEISFF Korea Mobile Film Festival

A selection of movies representing the SEISFF Korean Mobile Film Festival

[0:08:31 duration]

Cinephone Spain Mobile Film Festival

A selection of movies representing the Cinephone Spanish Mobile Film

Festival [0:08:42 duration]

Macedonia Mobile Film Festival

A selection of movies representing the Macedonia Mobile Film Festival

[0:09:06 duration]

United States of America [USA] Mobil Film Festival

A selection of movies representing the USA Mobil Film Festival

[0:03:06 duration]

Ohrenblick Germay Mobile Film Festival

A selection of movies representing the Ohrenblick German Mobile Film

Festival [0:02:42 duration]

Mobile Streifen Germany Mobile Film Festival

A selection of movies representing the Ohrenblick German Mobile Film

Festival [0:05:07 duration]

Mobile FF / iPhone FF USA Mobile Film Festival

A selection of movies representing the USA Mobile Film Festival

[0:13:21 duration]
/22 /23

Stills from the screening programme





For more info go to
COST: $45 - $130 max
HTTP://MINA2013.EVENTBRITE.CO.NZ/ ISBN 978-0-473-26514-4