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Building Capacity for Enterprise Development

AT fresh diary (JAN FEB 2017)








I ARINAITWE KENETH, declare that this Field attachment report is my original piece of work

and has never been submitted to any other institution for any award.

Signature------------------------------------------------ Date---------------/----------/---------------------



This internship report has been written by ARINAITWE KENETH under my supervision is and
ready for submission for examination.

Signature------------------------------------------------ Date---------------/----------/---------------------


I dedicate this report to my beloved parents and family more so my parents whose prayers,
affection and support is always a source of my encouragement to reach for what seems to be a
higher destination, and also to my aunt, friends and to everyone who has always wished me well
or given me real eyes to lead myself and others in this world. Praying that the Almighty Living
God awards you generously.

The credit for the completion of this report goes to a number of people. First of all, I thank the
Almighty God for providing me with the strength and resources all throughout my internship
I am very thankful to staff members of Fresh Dairy Ltd who have rendered close supervision and
guided my efforts towards the right Direction all way throughout my internship.

I want to give special thanks to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for consenting to be my supervisor of

internship Program and for setting time to witness the actual field ground.
I would like to thank all those people who in one way or another offered me their time and effort
in my struggle to complete this internship

Gratitude goes to my parents who tirelessly ensured that I acquire good practical experience and
for their effort to make me reach this level

Above all I thank the almighty God, the deliverer, the guider for all he has been with me.
Glory Is To You Lord.


MTAC Management Training and Advisory Center

IT - Information Technology

Ltd limited

GM General manager

Training was done in Fresh Dairy ltd is located in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The purpose of this
internship was to have a transformation of the theoretical skills acquired in class into practical
skills like vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

I used different methods and techniques to accomplish the various tasks that were given and
among these include, vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv among others.

Different skills exhibited at work included computer skills, vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvamong others. I

had vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

However I faced some challenges like managing to accommodate myself and weather
disturbances, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx among other. Out of these challenges I have in this report given
recommendations to MTAC and Fresh Dairy.

1.0 Introduction
This chapter talks about the background of the organization, name, Location, Mission, vision, core,
values and the organizational structure

1.1 Background

1.1.1 GBK group of companies (u) ltd

Currently, the company processes 30000 liters of milk per day at an installed capacity of
96000 litters below 5%. This is due constraints like market venders, power shortage and
high power tariffs ,and weather problems that affects the farmers production of milk. In
addition, the company produces xxxxxxxxxxx that is, xxxxxxxxxx.

1.1.2 Vision
To become the dominant diary producing company in Uganda and within the great lakes

1.1.3 Mission
To achieve the largest market share of dairy products in Uganda by providing the highest
standard, quality product and reliability as well as competitive prices hence satisfying the
requirements of all stake holders of the organization.

1.1.4 Objectives
To strengthen our business practices, though better internal control system that will be

To continuously improving our technical skills through continuous technology


To provide our shareholders a return on investment which is higher than the ordinary.

To be a preferred by establishing meaningful partnerships with the farmers and other.


Board of



Production Plant Finance Marketing Operations

Manager manager &Accounting Manager Manager

Quality Electric Sale manager Ware house

Controller Technicia Accountants Cashier
Sales men Store Keeper


Area of Placement for the structure

The leadership and authority of the employees at Fresh Diary ltd, flows from the board of
directors, to the managing director, and to the general manager. Then under the GM,
there are other managers who report to the general manager and these are the production

manager, plant manager, finance and accounting manager marketing manager and the
operations manager.

Under the productions manager is the quality controller in charge of maintenance of the
required quality of the products and under him is the laboratory technician who ensures
that the preservatives and other chemicals need to test the milk like ethanol are in good
condition. Under the plant manager is the electric technician who ensures that power is
well supplied and maintained at the particular plant.

Below the finance and accounts manager are the accountants who job is to ensure proper
book keeping in the organization and the cashier who receives the money from all the
products sales and banks the cash collected every evening. Under the marketing manager
who is responsible for the advertising the organization and its product, is the sales
manager who is responsible controlling the sales of the organizations products and
ensuring that the sales are maximized under whom are the sales men who move to
different areas selling and marketing the products.

The operations manager is responsible for all the activities that are concerned with the
movement of the raw materials to the different factories and also the movement of the
products to the different distribution centers and depots. Under him is the ware house
manager and the store keeper who receive the raw material, and the products and then
control the issuing of these raw materials and products.


2.0 Introduction
This chapter covers the activities, tasks and assignments that the intern performed during
my field attachment training at Fresh Dairy Ltd;

2.1 Activities undertaken

During the course of my internship at the Fresh Dairy Ltd, I was assigned various
activities, tasks and assignments by supervisor to accomplish which included the

Orientation and induction

This is the act of making somebody to get to know the social, cultural norm and the
values of a given society. It was conducted on the first day my internship at Fresh Dairy
Ltd in the records department where I was able to get to know the work ethics that were
to be observed at the company. I was also in position to meet with other interns from
different institutions. This was to majorly to help me familiarize with the environment
and the staff at large.

Arranging files in the shelves

This involves putting files according to their serial numbers for easy identification. These
Files included the xxxxxxxx, empties files, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. This done so that it is
accessible incase of references of certain document for review.

Sorting of files
This is the process which involves arranging all files with in their respective classes.
Sorting involves pottery a group of things that are similar in a particular way. This was
done purposes fully to aid easy identification of records and also easy reference. And if
its not done, it might lead to disorganization of records /mismanagement.

Making of Archival boxes

This was done manually using card boxes, cell tape, and staple wires. This is where
records are kept for easy storage. The Archival boxes were used in keeping the records so

safely by protecting them from dust and other climatic conditions thus prevents
misallocation for correspondences and thus proper management

Dusting of the files

This is the process of cleaning the dusty records. It involves blowing off the dust from
the records however making the records look so clean and neat making them easy for
references and reading. Whenever files were not dusted, it could lead to accumulation of
dust on them hence leading to loss of some information and not understanding the
literature need especially in terms of referencing.

Bundling and shelving of records

This however involved tying and wrapping a number of records together and putting
them in the shelves according to their classifications for easy identification. The main
reason or importance of bundling and shelving was that it helped in easy identification of
similar records. However, if it was not done, this might lead to loss of some Records
which is a disadvantage to the division and the individual complaining for it.

Indexing of correspondences
This involved a list of company records that are referred to in a book. They are usually
arranged in alphabetical order, numerical and even listed in separated files in a book.
We indexed the correspondences according to their date and type of case. This helped in
easy reference in case some information was needed. And to identify the missing indexed

Data entry
I was also involved in data entry electronically into the computer system I entered various
kind of data into the computer system showing the purchase number the name of accused
customer, quantity purchased and amount paid. This system could make work easy by
checking data in the computer for easy retrieval of information if its needed by any
worker for action.

Weeding out files
We identified which files are no longer needed in the records that must be taken to the
archives and those records that need to be changed. These files were later disposed and
put on fire for destructions.

Filling of Records
This includes an organized set of data that is stored in a computer and can be looked at
and used in various ways where we organized a set of data about the client records. This
was done for the purpose of managing a large amount of data, location, and
identification. I also filled case files in different folders on the transit ladder by putting
and listing the minute which had been filled on top of the transit ladder and recorded their
dates after filling them.

Transferring files to the archives

I also transferred information from torn folders to new folders and this was done to avoid
further damage of the files inside the torn folders. This was done to create space for other
files on a regular basis by checking the state of every folder on transit ladder. The
repaired folders were then taken back to their respective selves in the archives.

Opening and Closing of folders

Whenever folders were full, I was tasked to close the folders which were full in volume
by putting the date when its closed and transferring the same date to a new file which
had been opened for the same information the volume number had to change from active
to semi active records on the new file opened.

Typing organizational documents

I also typed company documents using Microsoft office documents like office word,
excel, power point among others where for example I involved myself in entering various
kind of data into the computer system showing the purchase orders the name of client,
quantity of milk required, amount to be paid. Given the above task I was in position to
gain increased typing skills.

Printing and scanning documents
I was also assigned with the duty of printing and scanning documents like purchase
orders,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx which were stored in the archives. This was done to keep
copies on the organizations records. This activity tested my computer skills on how to
operate electronic devices like scanners, printers and photocopiers.

3.0 Introduction
3.1 Lessons Learnt
According to (Merriam-Webster 2015) a lesson is an activity that you do in order to learn
something or something that is learned through experience
Arrangement of files

I learnt how to arrange files according to their order. This was done through arranging
files according to their numbers in the shelf. Every client has a file and every year has got
its own files and so every morning they are supposed to be in order for easy reference.

Time management
I learnt that time management is the key to effective work performance. It was the companys
rule that the reporting time for all the workers had to be 8:00am as it helped me and other
workers to accomplish work in time and relax their minds for refreshment. However, if one
reported for work late, there would be work overload which would cause tiredness and lead to
poor performance. I learnt that keeping time enables one to perform work in time and prepare the
necessary reports in time.

During field attachment in the records dedaprtment, it was learnt that confidentiality was
very important in an organization in way that not every information was always supposed
to be aired out any how for example salaries of different employees and organizational
weaknesses among others.

Respect of the Boss

I also learnt to always listen to the boss as the boss is the one who recruits and selects, controls
the organization as well as questions. Therefore I learnt to be humble and always show respect to
the superiors so as to keep the job as well as keeping an environment to be favorable to both the
employer and the employee. I did not only learn to respect the boss but also fellow workers.

Ethical behavior and conduct

I learnt the ethical behavior and code of conduct, right from the organization value. By
following these cultural values, I was able to appreciate professional behavior and ethical
conduct by respecting the dress code, confidentiality and others.

Working relationship
The organization is made up of a number of workers that are of different cultures, origin,
religions and have different goals, objectives and beliefs. Learning this enabled me to
have good relationships and understanding with them throughout my internship. In fact
this explains why I didnt have any misunderstanding with any of them.

Office communication
Communication involves sending and receiving of messages from a person to another.
During the attachment, I learnt on how effectively communication can be undertaken in
offices whereby there is need for both parties to introduce themselves to one another and
then the client can communicate to an officer on how he or she wants to be helped
.During communication period maximum listening must be exercised.

3.2 Experiences
According to (Cambridge Institution, 2015) experience is the process of getting
knowledge or skill from doing, seeing, or feeling things. Also something that happens to
you that affects how you feel. In addition to this, (Baguma, 2004) explains an experience
as a particular instance in which one personally encountered or underwent. Its an active
participation in an event or activity leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skills.

Experience in using Photocopying machine

I got experience of using photocopying machine this was through an assignment of
Photocopying different documents (decisions). The documents were always first stamped
and signed recorded in the outgoing book, photocopied and distributed to the various

Experience in recording minutes

I was involved in recording minutes during various meetings at the organization. I
recorded minutes of the general staff meetings, departmental meetings and meetings with
the field supervisor who occasionally wished to find progress.

Office preparation and management
I was practically engaged in organizing and managing office. I used to arrange stationery,
documents, chairs before the start of daily work. This made work a bit easy in form of
movement and a location of the document and hard work ethics like code of dressing and
self-conduct to people. By doing that, I gained experience on office design.

Filing documents
Filing means keeping documents in a safe place and being able to find them easily and
quickly. Documents that are cared for will not easily tear, get lost or dirty.
I gained an experience of filing different important documents of a company for example
case files among others.

3.3 Skills attained

A skill is a proficiency gained in carrying out a particular business task or technique
learnt in the field. I was able to attain new skills from the assignments and guidance I got
as I executed them.

Interpersonal skills
The term "interpersonal skills" is used often in business contexts to refer to the measure
of a person's ability to operate within business organizations through social
communication and interactions. These are skills used in day to day interaction with other
people. These skills were gained through interaction with workmates and the bosses
during the internship irrespective of the difference in cultures, status, beliefs and others.
This made the internship successful.

Computer skills
This was as a result of the use of very different computer programs in the records
department for example, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel that the intern used in drafting
different documents such as letters, weekly and monthly reports.

Photocopying skills

I attained skills of using photocopying machine. This was through an assignment of
Photocopying different documents (decisions). The documents included case files
documents and departmental documents; they were always first stamped and signed by
recorded in the outgoing book, photocopied and distributed to the various offices.


4.0 Introduction
This chapter highlights the challenges and limitations, enjoyments and disappointments
encountered during my attachment.
4.1 Personal Challenges during the Field Attachment

Work Overload
As work accumulated day after day, the end resulted into work over load which made me
fail to complete work in time. This exposed me to inefficiency at the work place; it also
caused tiredness to me and thus leading to errors in the records management. This was
solved by coming early for work such that the assigned work for the previous day would
be completed very early in the morning. This helped me to be ready for the days work
after completing the other days work before serious working hours.

Limited finance
The training was hard as the organization and the institute did not provide any allowances
to me. This caused a number of problems during the interns stay at the organization for
example lunch was not accessible as I did not have money to support myself during lunch
hours. This was solved by getting up keep from home for lunch and transport costs.

Lack of information from the company

Sometimes, the information from the company was never revealed of which it was
necessary for report writing. This kept me in misery thinking I was in a wrong
organization and this reduced on my performance. However this was solved by being
cooperative to everyone within the company in order for them to help the intern in case of
a need.

Financial challenges/ constraints

Since the work done resulted to no payment, there was a big challenge in meeting
facilitation both out and at the work place, For example, getting transport, lunch,

breakfast and many others proved a great challenge during the period. Such inadequacy
in finance could make me reach a bit late at the work place, and I could forego some
meals. The financial challenge however was withstood by persistency, determination to
do field attachment and assistance from the parents.

Mixing up of files
This was as a result of files not being placed in their respective shelves. The practice
caused difficulties in looking for different files in search of different documents as most
of the files were misplaced and thus not easy to access any document required for
documentation. This made me to always listen to my field supervisor properly in order to
avoid the same mistaken happen again.

Undermining by different Employees of the Organization

This was a challenge to me as most employees looked at me as being young and
therefore, incapable of performing any accurate wok. This demoralized me from
performing my work confidently as I thought that, my work was always doubted by the
officials and full of mistakes. I managed this by doing good work expected of me with
due diligence.

Locating records
It was difficult to master all the records and their location in the repositories, and there
were some instances where some would retrieve records and fail or forget to indicate the
shelve reference number on them which would be difficult to shelve them back to their

Missing labels
Some box labels were not clear and some dont even have the box labels which were
therefore hard to identify the records location during retrieval process, notably there are
these boxes having the box labels, clear and visible, but do not give all the reference
number of all the files as per their classes inside.

4.1.2 Organizational challenges

Conflicts amongst workers

There existed several forms of conflicts amongst workers inform of backbiting, direct
abuse just for small or simple reasons say like one having a higher post in the
organization than others. These conflicts were at times extended to the internship students
in form of being so harsh and bitter. This affected the learning process since lessons
tended to be shorter than planned, however these conflicts were being harmonized.

Lack of Communication among the Employees

During the period of internship, I found this problem as a biggest problem that, they are
not very effective in communication between themselves. They do not share the
experience with each other and do not care about other employees.

Slow internet
The internet we used at the Fresh Dairy Ltd was slow and to perform tasks in a required
time duration . When performing such tasks which were required in a short time, I used
my phone to tether the intern onto the work station hence solving the issue of slow

5.0 Introduction
This chapter contains the conclusions drawn from the entire field attachment undertaken
at the Fresh Dairy Ltd and Recommendations to the Challenges Faced;

5.1 Conclusion
Generally the field attachment training was so rewarding considering it objectives like
enabling students get hands-on real life experience, providing an opportunity to students
and academic staff to interact with the stakeholders and potential employers among
others. During the field attachment I was able to understand the practical side of what
was taught in class and what employers will always expect of employees. I was able to
understand how organizational policies work. I learnt many lessons like time
management, team work, ethical behavior and conduct working relationship, stock
reconciliation among others.
I also acquired many skills and experiences that would not be taught in the lecture hall
such as filing documents, photocopying skill, interpersonal skills and listening skills. It is
therefore imperative to say that the Fresh Dairy Ltd did a great work in enhancing the
professional and a credit also goes to the Institution for initiating this kind of learning that
is practical.
5.2 Recommendations
5.2.1 To the organization
The organization should provide financial facilitation to the students during the course of
their training. It is only fair and ethical for either a full time or temporary employee to be
compensated for his or her efforts toward the achievements of the organisations goals
and objectives. Employee compensation does not only improve his or her welfare in
society, but also ensures employee commitment towards the goals and objectives of the

The organition should also ensure the trainee is provided with the necessary requirements
for executing the tasks assigned to him/her. These requirements can range from a well
equipped work station and a less rigid organisational structure that will facilitate efficient
and effective inquiry for any problems encountered during execution of the trainees
organisational tasks.

The organization should ensure proper allocation of students to the different departments
in the organization in which they submit their applications for internship, they should put
the students in departments relating to their courses or programs studied at the institution
to ensure understanding of the different activities and tasks and relate them to the content

5.2.2 To MTAC
The Institution should train, orient and brief students on how to conduct themselves
during the training, emphasize the essential aspects of the internship training like;
submissiveness and eagerness to learn. By briefing the trainees are reminded that the
benefits are intangible and thus motivated to work hard despite the fact that they are not
rewarded monetarily.
The Institution should introduce two sessions of supervision through facilitating the
supervisors. This is because the one supervision session does not monitor the progress of
the students, some students have on several occasions attend their places of placement on
the days next to the supervision times, this leaves the students with less time and
involvement into the organizational activities.

Institution authorities should through dialogue, meetings, and seminars invite and talk to
the corporate world about the position of internship, the employees in the organizations
should not look at the students as a threat to their jobs but as people who seek
professional training in their organizations.

The Institution should first place the students into its administrative departments to the
students in addition; it should contact its partners to seek opportunities to students as
some students miss internship just because of lacking placement positions and

The expected report formats should be given out together with the log book formats as
students go for internship. This will enable the students prepare the report during the
training or collection the necessary information thus taking less time in preparing and
writing the report during the semester.

The office of the dean of students should further undertake the skills development
sessions and it should be supported by management. Students should be equipped with

practical skills, visit organizations for part of practical bit if it and diversify the grounds
of employability of the students.

5.2.3 To the Students

Time management
While undertaking the training, the students should always ensure that they manage time
while performing different tasks in order to accomplish the tasks in time. According to
Orpen (1994), refers to time management as a technique of effective time use when
performing any given activity.

Good relationships
The students should ensure that, good relationships are created during the training period.
This will help the students have an upper hand of good integrity in case she came back to
the same organization in search of a job after graduation. Therefore, the students should
try hard to leave a positive legacy to the organization for in case purposes.

Internship in home areas

The students should try by all means to ensure that, they get internship placements in
their home areas to reduce on unnecessary expenditure. This also could reduce on
problems of facilitation during the training as being near home would enable one access
the facilities from his or her home other than spending on them.

Dressing code
Students mostly ladies should change on their dressing when in office during internship.
Most ladies used to put on as if they were going for clubbing, this created bias and doubt
to the workers on whether the student were going to office or club. It also left the
organization wondering on the type of students they were dealing with. Therefore,
students should dress as officials during the training in order to create a good image to the
public and the organization of work as a whole.

Discipline and respect

Students should be able to show maximum discipline to their supervisors during working
hours. For example, the students should be able to complete the work assigned to them in

time other than Face booking on their phones. Proper discipline and respect will show a
good image to the supervisor and the organization as a sign of commitment to do work
assigned as required.

Orpen, C. (1994) The effect of time management training on employee attitude and behavior; a
field experience. The Journal of Psychology vol.125, page 393-6.

Pina, T, Joel. (2002), Employee team work and social interdependence, a formula for successful
business, Team performance management Vol.8


Appendix One.A Copy of the sample Acceptance


Appendix A copy of the sample log book