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Julian Letizia Current Address:

1055 Pine Street

Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 269-377-9385


Ball State University, Muncie, IN December 2016
Bachelor of Science in Public Relations

Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN April 2017- Current
Warren Golf Course (Home of the 2019 Senior PGA U.S Open) - Grounds Crew
Progressed from a team member to taking the initiative as a team leader in excellent lawn and landscaping care at a PGA level
golf course.

Patrick Industries, Elkhart, IN January 2017 March 2017

Marketing/Social Media Intern
Managed all social media platforms, as well as created digital advertisements for job openings.
Created content and took all photographs for the #IAmPartick campaign, to promote the company brand by highlighting
employees daily tasks on social media posts.
Oversaw all employment search engine listings and communicated to potential candidates for openings.

Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise, Chicago, IL May 2016 August 2016

Barton Division Marketing Intern
Selected from a nation-wide search for a 12-week internship opportunity, which through excellent performance
resulted in a offer with the company.
Created Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tracking documents for 12 divisions restaurants by creating efficient user
account management account process. Monitor media reports for the Barton division, managed 12 restaurants social
media platforms. Created and published content viewed by over tens of thousands of followers.
Prepared detailed performance reports on all marketing activities. Coordinated various marketing plans with marketing
managers and support staff.
Attended weekly presentations cultivating my entrepreneurial side by examining all aspects of the hospitality business
with top executives from the company.
Planned and executed 12 events, both professional (conferences, meetings) and social (weddings, company outings).
Upon a 6-month period I followed up with my manager who recognized my performance lead to an increase of views,
followers, and sales. Although I cannot quantify the sales increase, I was told it was more than anecdotal.

Hope For Women Magazine, Muncie, IN September 2015 December 2015

Social Media Intern
Created all social media accounts and coordinated a social media and marketing plan to attract new
Developed and implemented concepts with a viral potential including a calendar with repeated social media content.
Formatted news and press releases.

Vivint, Fort Worth, TX

Customer Service Representative May 2014 August 2014
First point of contact between customers and company with face-to-face customer service while installing high-end full
home automation systems in Fort Worth, TX.
Make requested policy and account changes, respond to questions and concerns about service and escalate calls
Consistently improved customer satisfaction through expert resolution of conflicts, issues, and concerns.

Jr Irish Soccer Club January 2017 -
U13 Head Soccer Coach.
Providing two decades of soccer experience while communicating and implementing game strategy on the field.
Taking responsibility seriously and pride in being a role model for 12-13 year old boys.
Balfour Leadership Training Workshop
Selected as a representative for Ball States Sigma Chi Chapter to participate in a four-day leadership seminar to improve the
quality of leadership for their fraternity though presentations, discussions and problem-solving sessions.

Student Volunteer Services August 2012 December 2016

Member since freshmen year participating in off campus community service events throughout Muncie.
Provided 160 hours of service in events throughout Muncie, In.

Secret Families Christmas Charity December 2013 December 2016

Fundraised and provided manual labor with my fraternity to give Christmas to over 1,000 local families.

Sigma Chi Fraternity December 2013 December 2016

Rush Chairman
Created a 1-week campaign with a partner to effectively communicate to freshmen and sophomores about the
principles and leadership opportunities within our Fraternity.
Set up and planned events for over 100 members and 50 potential members while working with a budget.
Mom and Dads Day Chairman
Selected to plan two separate, weekend-long events for the mothers and fathers of the Fraternity members.
Created newsletters and invitations to be sent out to parents supplying a detailed itinerary of the weekends events.

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