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Note Making

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Misconception about note taking:

Note taking is not jotting down all the information you hear

Note taking does not mean that you act as the human audio reporter

Learning does not happens after note taking. Learning happens during note taking.

Advantages of taking notes

Ideas or concepts are remembered for longer time

Helps to excel in your job/profession

Helps to learn faster with clarity

Note Making
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3 steps method to take notes

Do not write facts write conclusions.

How this can be done?

Spend more time on listening than on writing

Use question, answer and evidence format to take notes

Try to understand the concept or idea

Use color pens

Use different colors for questions, answers and evidences.

This will help you to create a set template for your notes

Review the notes

Organize your notes after writing

Revise the notes for ten minutes

Or Teach the notes to your classmate

Why you have to make notes during office meeting?

You will become an efficient team member

You will know what decisions are made and who agreed to do what by when

If you are leading a team it will help to strengthen your leadership quality

Basics of note making

During meetings listen for clues and ask for clarity

Leave lots of addition for later additions and thoughts

Write in short sentences and key words

Take notes with pen and paper, not a laptop

Meeting notes Classroom notes

Discussions are more common Lectures are more common form
form of communication of communication

Keeps you updated about teams Helps you to learn your lessons
work in progress better

Makes you more professional and Makes you a good learner


Note Making
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Sum Up
Do not's

Do not write everything you hear or see

Do not write in long sentences and paragraphs

Do not use laptops for taking notes

Do not write down facts when you listen to lectures


Use color pens for taking notes

Use paper and pen for office notes

Consider using question, answer and evidence format for taking lecture notes

Leave lots of white space to add points later

Understand the concept or information and write your notes

Dont forget to organize and revise your notes