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BizX Project Plan Overview and Guide

Updated August, 2013


The BizX Project Plan, drafted for edit and use with Microsoft Project application (.ppt), is being released
to all SuccessFactors Project Managers for ongoing management of current and future implementations.
This plan employs SuccessFactors new global BizXpert methodology and attempts to identify product-
module specific tasks that you may need to track during a typical implementation of that module.

This Project Plan should be considered a template for your use. You are encouraged to add, edit, and
delete tasks, as applicable to your implementation. Once you have drafted a version of this plan that
outlines your project, it is recommended that you share this plan with your project team and customer,
in either .ppt, Excel export, or pdf snapshot. However. the .mpp version of the plan owned and
maintained by the SuccessFactors Project Manager should be considered the plan of record for the

Guide to Use

You can find the latest version of the BizXpert Project Plan in the PS Templates folder on the Partner


As the Project Plan will remain a living document in its template form, it is recommended that
you obtain the latest version of the plan template from this Sharepoint folder at the outset of
new projects.
If you are a new or beginning user of Microsoft Project, and would like additional training on the
application, you may download Microsofts Quick Reference Guide to the application at:
For a high-level overview of this Project Plan template, please review the PMOs recorded
template tutorial at
Basic Template Suggestions
o The template includes project dates that will not be accurate for your project. You can
easily adjust this at the plan level by re-setting the Project Start date to align with your
project. You can reset the Project Start date by selecting Project > Project Information
and entering a new start date, then clicking OK. Project start date and all related
dependencies will immediately re-align.
o There is a column in the Project Plan template that identifies certain tasks as being
specific for certain product modules. These are not needed in your plan if you are not
implementing these modules. If a task is not labeled with a specific module, it is
considered a global task, and we recommend you keep the task, edited for your needs,
within your plan.
o It is recommended that you scan this entire Project Plan and delete tasks that are
identified for product modules that you are not implementing. Once you have deleted
those tasks from your version of this Project Plan template, review the dates and
dependencies for remaining tasks as you continue your plan edit to ensure these remain
aligned with your needs.
o Traffic lighting has been included in the column Project Status. This is triggered by
values in the Complete, Start, and Finish columns. The formula will only
recalculate when a date value has changed; it will not automatically update based on
current date if no changes have been made to values in either the Start or Finish
columns. So, all the end user of the MPP needs to do is change Complete from 2 to 1
when a task is fully completed. Colors represent the following:
Red Overduenot complete; finish date is less than current date
Green Complete
Blue Not startednot complete; start date is less than or equal to
current date but finish date is greater than or equal to current date
White Not startednot complete; start and finish dates greater than
current date
o You may elect to Search and Replace for your Resource Names (i.e. replace Project
Manager with your name). Please be aware that Search and Replace functionality is
inclusive of the entire plan, so if you Replace All on the word Customer, you will
overwrite mentions of Customer Community and Customer Service.
o Note that the project plan will automatically fit all milestone dates to the begin date and
end date you enter. Please keep in mind and adjust the plan as necessary for the typical
weeks to implement modules:
PM/TGM (12 Wks)
360 (8 Wks)
Succession Planning (14 Wks)
Compensation (18 Wks)
CDP (8 Wks)
Recruiting (12 Wks)
VarPay (24 Wks)
Employee Profile only (9 Wks)
Calibration (4 Wks)
LMS (24+ Wks)

o If you need to create an Excel version of the .mpp, it is recommended that you select,
copy and paste all tasks (and their columns) from Project into Excel.
o If you need to reduce a schedule duration, please review this 10 minute recording:

o Timeline Display and Milestones:

The global project plan includes a Timeline display at the top of the template.
This can be removed from your version by selecting View and then unchecking
the Timeline box.
To edit the timeline to include additional callout tasks, such as milestones
specific to your module/project, do the following:
- Select the task you would like to callout. This will open the task
information box for that task.
- On the advanced tab of the task information box, you can select the
Milestone checkbox.
- On the General tab of the task information box, you can select the
Display on timeline checkbox.
- Once on the timeline, callout tasks can be dragged for optimal
placement, and font can be adjusted inside each callout.