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1. ---- great advances are being made in the 6.

At room temperature, unsaturated fats, such

treatment and prevention of neurological as those found in oil, are usually liquid, ----
conditions, there is still a long way to go. saturated fats, such as those found in
butter, are solid.
A) Until
B) Although A) whereas
C) However B) indeed
D) Whether C) moreover
E) Since D) whether
E) so far as
2. Ten percent of the population is allergic to
thimerosol, ---- the health of millions of 7. ---- obesity results basically from an excess
babies and children worldwide is being of calories, in some instances, genetic
compromised. background may be a contributing factor.

A) if A) Since
B) so B) However
C) while C) Nevertheless
D) unless D) Even though
E) which E) Unless

3. Some researchers believe schizophrenia is 8. ---- the body has manufactured antibodies
a single disorder, ---- others believe it is a against a particular antigen (such as the
syndrome based on numerous underlying measles virus), it remembers how to make
diseases. them the next time it is attacked by the
same antigen.
A) if
B) since A) Until
C) even so B) Once
D) while C) Unless
E) unless D) Even though
E) Whereas
4. The doctors are pleased with the progress
he is making; ---- they expect him to make a 9. ---- she gave up smoking, she has enjoyed
full recovery. the best of health.

A) nevertheless A) Although
B) in fact B) If
C) even so C) Since
D) but D) For
E) as a rule E) When

5. It is as if children with serious illnesses lose 10. He was advised not to discontinue this
their childhood ---- they have to grow up medicine ---- this might bring a recurrence
quickly. of the complaint.

A) so that A) so that
B) whereas B) despite
C) until C) until
D) while D) as
E) since E) due to

11. ---- our bodies are exposed to cold, their 16. In infants 'low-level' lead exposure may
first rule of survival is to maintain the brain produce serious impairment of mental
and internal organs at a temperature of development ---- there is any awareness of
37C. the intoxication.

A) Since A) as if
B) Although B) once again
C) When C) just as
D) Just as D) even if
E) Until E) even before

12. ---- the immune system is intricate, its basic 17. According to geneticists, genetic testing
strategy is simple: to recognize the enemy, (also called genetic screening) is useful ----
mobilize forces and attack. it is presented in such a way that people can
understand what the limitations of the tests
A) Although are and what the results mean.
B) If
C) Because A) whereas
D) In case B) only if
E) When C) even if
D) so that
13. Scientists are developing various counter E) before
technologies, from vaccines made of DNA to
proteins that prime our blood to attack the 18. Millions of children in these third world
malaria parasite ---- it is still inside the countries will suffer and die ---- these
mosquito. infectious diseases remain uncontrolled.

A) so long as A) if
B) as soon as B) unless
C) while C) as soon as
D) just as D) however
E) whether E) so as

14. Cellulite forms where the body is least 19. Many human characteristics are quantitative
inclined to consume fat deposits, ---- traits; ----, they represent some measurable
reducing it takes persistent good dietary quantity ---- height.
A) for example / just as
A) whereas B) on the other hand / like
B) as if C) moreover / as
C) so D) that is / such as
D) whether E) in other words / as regards
E) even if
20. The effects of hypothermia depend on ----
15. The whole of society may suffer if its there is whole body exposure ---- exposure
government is attacked; ----, the entire body only of parts.
is harmed if the brain is damaged.
A) both / and
A) otherwise B) whether / or
B) similarly C) if / but
C) on the other hand D) so / as
D) nevertheless E) even / so
E) however

21. Certain drugs and some molecules found in 26. Recommendations to reduce cardiovascular
dust are ---- small to be antigenic, ---- they disease risk include ---- screening ----
do stimulate immune responses. intervention.

A) both / and A) neither / but

B) rather / even B) as / as
C) enough / thus C) such /as
D) neither / nor D) some / just as
E) too / yet E) both / and

22. Research suggests that older children are -- 27. Women are ---- likely ---- men to discuss
-- likely to develop allergies ---- their mental health problems with their general
younger siblings. practice physician.

A) more / than A) so / much

B) most / from B) also / as
C) less / as C) more / than
D) least / than D) too / for
E) so / as E) as / that

23. Excess vitamin A can cause toxicity, ---- it is 28. In his book Beyond Laughter, the
taken all at once (acute toxicity) ---- over a psychiatrist Martin Grotjahn claims that ----
long period of time (chronic toxicity). an infant begins to smile and laugh, ----
intelligent he is likely to prove.
A) whether / or
B) not only / but also A) the earlier / the more
C) both / and B) the earliest / the most
D) neither / nor C) earlier / more
E) so long as / and D) as early / as much
E) as early as / the more
24. Scientists wondered ---- Dolly, the cloned
sheep would live a normal life span ---- 29. Health is not merely the absence of disease
simply live out the remaining years of the and infirmity, ---- complete physical, mental
sheep from which she had been cloned. and social well-being.

A) more / than A) as for

B) so / that B) as well as
C) whether / or C) as if
D) neither / nor D) including
E) just / as E) but also

25. Hopefully, ---- science can provide evidence 30. Childrens appetites begin to diminish
of the physical damage done to a neglected around one year, ---- the slowing of growth.
young brain ---- money will be poured into
preventing the neglect in the first place. A) regardless of
B) in spite of
A) more / even so C) in case of
B) the more / the more D) consistent with
C) either / or E) except for
D) so / as
E) as if / so 31. ---- repairing nerve damage, glia may also be
critical to learning and to forming memories.

A) Contrary to
B) As regards
C) Just as
D) As well as
E) In spite of

32. Many severe hormone resistance 37. The capacity of the kidneys to alter their
syndromes are ---- inherited defects in excretion of sodium, ---- changes in sodium
membrane receptors. intake, is enormous.

A) in terms of A) apart from

B) in case of B) in addition to
C) due to C) with reference to
D) in view of D) in response to
E) in place of E) so far as

33. Japan, which is the world's second largest 38. --- what was once believed, it is now
market for mobile phones, plans to limit generally agreed that marijuana use is far
their use ---- growing concern about the from benign.
impact of electromagnetic radiation on the
brain. A) In case of
B) According to
A) in case of C) Contrary to
B) as a result of D) Due to
C) in spite of E) As far as
D) by means of
E) in terms of 39. In vertebrates, the central nervous system
(CNS) consists of a brain and a spinal cord,
34. The inquiry into the foot and mouth which are linked to the body's muscles and
epidemic will bring together veterinary organs ---- the peripheral nervous system.
scientists, virologists and epidemiologists -
--- the representatives of farming and A) with regard to
consumer groups. B) instead of
C) in case of
A) as well as D) by means of
B) such as E) according to
C) especially
D) as to 40. In recent years the trend in the study of
E) but for child development has been an increased
emphasis on the processes underlying the
35. His research focuses on the changes, ---- simple descriptions of age
interrelationship between the upper and changes.
lower airways ---- on the development of
new treatments for asthma. A) as if
B) just as
A) so far C) rather than
B) if only D) even so
C) including E) such as
D) rather than
E) so much 41. Poisoning ---- drug overdose is a frequent
and still increasing cause of admission to
36. His criticism of the ancient Greeks is largely hospital.
---- their reluctance to back up theories with
experiments. A) according to
B) due to
A) on account of C) on behalf of
B) in case of D) in excess of
C) according to E) in spite of
D) in spite of
E) compared with

42. Dizziness is a distressing symptom in
advanced old age, and alarms relatives ----
the patient.

A) no less than
B) as little as
C) in accordance with
D) consentient on
E) in case of

43. The bellies of countless African children are

swollen ---- severe malnutrition.

A) contrary to
B) besides
C) apart from
D) due to
E) regardless of

44. There is no reason why man, ---- the other

animals, should have a monopoly on
laughter ---- a social tool.

A) in addition to / so
B) compared with / such
C) in opposition to / thus
D) as opposed to / as
E) on account of / just

1 B 11 C 21 E 31 D 41 B
2 B 12 A 22 A 32 C 42 A
3 D 13 C 23 A 33 B 43 D
4 B 14 C 24 C 34 A 44 D
5 E 15 B 25 B 35 D 45
6 A 16 E 26 E 36 A 46
7 D 17 B 27 C 37 D 47
8 D 18 A 28 A 38 C 48
9 C 19 D 29 E 39 D 49
10 D 20 B 30 D 40 C 50