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Application Example

Wind Farm

Base Case

1 Description
In the Base Case of the Wind Farm example, the model of a wind farm with 6 wind turbines
is represented. The wind farm is connected to a 20 kV distribution network. Each wind
turbine has a nominal active power of 2.5 MW. The machines are equipped with fully-rated
converters (wind turbine type 4).
The wind farm model was built by using a Template of a wind turbine model from the
Library. The template includes the main elements of the wind turbine (Static Generator and
Transformer), and additional dynamic models which represent the controllers, PLL etc. for
dynamic RMS simulations. The Static Generator is a model of a generator which is connected
to the grid via a fully-rated voltage-sourced converter (VSC). It represents the behaviour of
the grid-side converter, as this dominates the electric behaviour. It would be possible to
include additional dynamic DSL (DIgSILENT Simulation Language) models to take the
influence of the generator shaft, pitch control, aerodynamics of blades etc. into account, if
necessary for the analysis.
A model of the central wind farm controller is included for steady-state analysis. In this
example it performs a cos (P) characteristic at the point of common coupling (PCC).
In this Base Case the load flow calculation is prepared. For all other kinds of calculation or
simulation, please refer to the other prepared Study Cases.

2 PowerFactory Project Information

Name of Project: Wind Farm
Name of Study Case: 01 Base Case

Wind Farm - Base Case 1

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Wind Farm - Base Case

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