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\) DOPM ORTH AMERicz c b Os Ba fe o> 9 0 J fam ol ese i—lap) — —| (om —| x) INTRODUCTION ‘THE CONTINENTAL DIVIDE Foundation: The Treaty of Denver Internal Divisions Relocation and Assimilation ‘Anglo Reservations ‘The Sovereign Tibal Council ‘The Council Today Summits ‘THE ALGONKIAN-MANITOU COUNCIL ‘A Nation Divided ‘The Detonator The Hudson Bay Incident ‘The Current Crisis Three Chiefs, No Tribe ‘Civil Authority Miltary Authority Judicial Authority and Foreign Relations The People The Manitou Council Manitou Teritory ‘The Manitou Inner Council ‘Outside the Manitou Lands The Cities Border Areas ‘Thunder Bay: Thunder and Lightning ‘The Superior Side ‘The Traders Lakehead University Eee BSSSSSRRSRSooSoS ‘THE ATHABASKAN COUNCIL fe in the Last Frontier Cultural Extremes The Athabaskan Matric Council Government Law Enforcement Business As Usual ‘Athabaskan Oil: Black Gole Shadowplay Clandestine Trade Gala's Commandos Places of Interest ‘Anchorage Edmonton Fairbanks Kodiak Island Nome Whisperings by the Fire Wildlife Power Sites CALIFORNIA FREE STATE Northern Crescent: Sleeping with the Enemy? Redding ‘Shasta Enclave Gypsy Bands. Corporate Players Waterjacking and Smuggling Central Valley: Interesting Times ‘Sacramento: Ground Zero Chico-Oroville: Invasion watch ‘City by the Bay SSFSSSCSSSSSSSBeRBeesuuesesss ss Rareges QIRSALSSSSeyy SSIFATARAHHIISS ee SSSRBRRESLE Eastern Puebio Phoenix California Dreamin’ «Fallen Angels ‘A Deal You Can't Refuse Hooray for Hollywood UCLA El Inferno: Hell on Earth ‘THE REPUBLIC OF QUEBEC History Recent Politics: Changing of the Guard The Factions Démocrates Mondains Parti Québécois ‘The Minor Parties Cross ‘The Gendarmerie Enterprise Zones Québec City Metroplex The Sights The Deals ‘The Power Montréal Industry Gime Biker Gangs ‘The Hellsouls The Spine Breakers ‘The Devil Riders Le Boueller des Laurentides Power in the Wild Bounty Hunting ‘SALISH-SHIDHE COUNCIL Time and Time Again Turbulent Beginnings Recent Events ‘The Tsimshlan Border War The Build Up Cashes and War Crimes The Situation Now The Salish Milkary Corporate Dogpile Eibisu Biomechanics Gacatronics Kyuusel Blomedical Pacific Cybernetics Incorporated Universal Ornnitech ‘A Smuggler’s Gulde to the Salish Getting In and Out Vancouver: Gateway to the Salish The Cascades: Smuggler Stopover Boise: Gateway to the Tir ‘THE SIOUX NATION Inside the Sioux ‘The Tribes ‘The Sioux Council LUCAS Border Tension A Milkartzed Soclety 417 18 119 119 119 120 120 121 121 121 122 122 123 123 a 2s 125 126 126 28 ww | Shaclows of North America ‘The Office of Military Intelligence ‘The Sioux Special Forces (Wildcats) Matrix Warband Places to Go Cheyenne Devil's Tower ‘The Black Hill, Yellowstone and Badlands Ghost Towns The Sioux Matrix Business Under the Big Sky Ares DocWagon Gacatronics| High Plains Coding. Mesametric Native American Broadcasting Service Shiawase Wind River Corporation Economic Lessons Squeezing Blood from a Stone Rebels of the Spire Organization Factions Activities The Power Elite High Prince (“Se’Har Maera") ‘The Council of Princes ("Ele Arandur") Star Chamber ("Se’Ranshae Elenva’) Paladins ‘The New Economy Telestian Industries New Dawn Corporation Willamette Compustat ‘Andalusian Light Industries ‘Tourism, Shadow Style Portland ("Cara'Si”) TSIMSHIAN Doing the Devil's Work The Great Chief and Progress Party The Opposition Parties (MCT: Tsimshian Life in Hell ‘A Nation Divided Bolling Over ‘Media Control Extreme Punishment War Fever Polsoning the Land Shadowy Tsimshian ‘Organized Crime Running the Shadows ‘The Quick Shadow Tour Shadows of North America 129 129 130 131 1B BI 132 132 133 THE UNITED CANADIAN AND AMERICAN STATES. ‘State of the Union Land of the Free, Home of the Brave ‘The UCAS Government Law Enforcement Economy ‘The Federal District of Columbla ‘The Political Game DeeCee Shadows Hot Spots ‘The Northeast Corridor Boston New York City Prince Edward Island Great Lakes Region Chicago Detroit Toronto ‘The Heartland ‘Minneapolis-St. Paul St. Louis ‘THE UTE NATION ‘State of Confusion Economic Thrashing, United We Stand > Power Above, Power Below Government Wags Native Worker's Union Corporate and Foreign Interests ‘Saints and Sinners ‘Salt Lake Clty Las Vegas Home on the Range Grand Canyon GAME INFORMATION How to Use Shadows of North America Algonklan-Manitou Council Getting In/Out Running in the AMC [AMC Lawlessness Athabaskan Council Getting In/Out Running in Athabaska ‘The Athabaskan Matix The Sea Wolf Denall and Harding, Sage California Free State Getting In/Out Running in Calfree California Magic The CAS Getting In/Out Running in the CAS Denver Getting In/Out Running in Denver High Altitude 165, 165 168, 168, 170 170 170 im m im im im 173 174 174 175 175 176 176 17 178 178 178 183 183 Getting In/Out Running In the PCC Pueblo Grids ‘Magic in the Pueblo Getting In/Out 198 198 Running in the SSC 198 199 199 Running in the Sioux 199 Devi's Tower 199 _Talislegging 199, Tir Talengire 199. Getting In/Out. 199 Running in the Tir 199 Tir Prejudice 200 200 Getting In/Out 200 Running in Tsimshian 200 Cultural Bias 201 Toxic Shock 201 ‘The UCAS. 201 Getting In/Out 201 Running in the UCAS 201 Magic in the UCAS 202 ‘te 202 Getting In/Out 202 Running in Ute 202 203 203 208 Passing through a Checkpoint 208 Running the Border 205 OF NORTH AMERICA CREDITS ‘Michelle Lyons John Brudenell and Rob Boyle ‘Andy Frades and Davidson Cole Diane Piron-Gelman Jon Szeto Elisa Carey Jon Szeto ‘Alexandre van Chestein Ken Peters John Schmidt and Rob Boyle Additional Writing, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Rob Boyle Michael Mulvihill ‘SHADOWRUN LINE DEVELOPER Rob Boyle DmING Rob Boyle Davidson Cole Michelle Lyons ART Art Direction Rob Boyle Cover Art Chris Moeller Cover Design John Bridegroom Layout Jason Vargas Iustration Joe! 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Find us online: (Shadowrun questions) hetp://www shadowrunrpg, com (official Shadowrun website) hitp:// (FanPro website) hetp:// (WizKids website) [ Shadows of North America NY L RI VV Re on Shadows of North America focuses on the thirteen nations and city-states that cover the North American cont- rent in the Shadowrun universe. The date Is August 2062, and the nations are stil feeling the aftershocks of both the passing of Halley's Comet and the fiftieth anniversary of the ‘Awakening, not to mention events like the Corporate Wat fand the death of Dunkelzahn, This book updates previous ‘material that has appeared on these nations and describes the various upheavals, cises and power machinations that influ- ‘ence each of them Internally. Some of the deals are contin- ations of established piotlines and story arcs, while others are completely new and never-before described within the ‘world of Shadowrun ‘Shadows of North America \s presented as a series of ‘electronic documents posted by Captain Chaos, sysop of the vast Shadowland archive and data haven—the number one source for shadowrunners on what's going on in the world of ‘Shadowrun. The documents come from the viewpoint of shadowrunners, for the consumption of other shacowrun- ners. These sources are each unique in outlook and perspec- tive, Influenced by their own particular prejudices and inter- ‘ests. Each article Is marked up with a running commentary by other shadow denizens who add to, revise and contradict the original post. These Inserted comments add innuendo, allegations, opinions, rumors, misconceptions, misinforma- tion, les and sometimes even the truth to the Information presented. It Is left up to the gamemaster to decide what Information Is correct and which is just fling, as appropriate to hs of her game. The fist document, Continental Divide, touches on some key points relating to the most Important events in recent North American history—the Ghost Dance War and the Treaty of Denver, It describes the terms of the treaty and the reper- ‘cussions of dividing the continent, especially In terms of "Native American Nation (NAN) Internal divisions and Anglo assimilation. It also briefly covers the Sovereign Tribal Coun- al (STO), both historically and where Its at today. The chapters that follow detail each ofthe nations In turn, Including recent events, power players, key places, uncler- ‘world figures and things to do. This Information provides hundreds of plot hooks and background setting Ideas. Here Is | brlef rundown of the countries covered: &_| Shadows of North America Algonklan-Manitou Council: This quiet NAN nation is now Con the brink of civil war as the secessionist Manitou tribe ras es the stakes. Athabaskan Council: This cold NAN smuggler haven Is known for its natural beauty and natural resources—and is ‘ground zero for conflict between megacorps and eco activists. California Free State: Once independent, much of this state hhas been usurped by the rogue forces of General Saito while the rest bunkers down for the coming invasion. The Confederation of American States: This Is not the South (of "the Good Of Days,” but a bastion of political intrigue and ‘a movement to reclaim “American” ideals Denver: Now under the rule of the great dragon Ghostwalk- ‘er, the underworld alliances in this divided city are in fux as everyone adjusts to the new boss. Pueblo Corporate Counell: This NAN state Is a successful imix of high technology and traditional magic, but a split at the upper levels of power threatens the nation’s stability. Québec: A popular new regime threatens to dismantle Fran- cophone domination, throwing the country into turmoil Salish-Shidhe Counell: A NAN state known for its tribal ‘autonomy and smuggler support, the SSC Is embrolled in a bitter border conflct with Tsimshian. ‘Sloux: This miltrized state vigilantly guards the NAN and SSTC against outside aggression, while Internally the shadows are abuzz with spy games. ‘Tr Talrngire: This elven nation Is suffering for Its Isolationist policies. A near economic collapse has created a growing, ‘mass of disgruntled subjects and forced the princes to open the borders, Tsimshlan: This repressive police state has allowed the megacorps to strip Its land without restraint. Now itis feeling the consequences of this near-sighted greed. ‘The United Canadian and American States: Though hard hit by events ofthe last decade, this diverse nation is on the road, to recovery. Ute: This Anglophobic NAN country is suffering from devas: tating weather and economic instablty, but the current pow- cers are paralyzed until a new catalyst can shake up the system. Following these chapters, the Game Information section provides information on getting In and out of each nation as well as basic eas on using each country in your Shadowrun campaign. This chapter also provides information on crossing borders—legally or otherwise. Wa | shadows across the North American continent. Most of the patrons of Shadowland make thelr home among this sorawiing mess of Cookie cutter nation states, but I'm sit surprised ot how litle some of us know about the folks on the other side of sorne randomiy {drawn border. This entre continent is stil a melting pot of cultures, with each local area hav- Ing its own distinct styles, tracttions and peculiarities, not to mention laws and power bro: kers. I's all too easy to walk into a situation that you know nothing about, breaking rules of etiquette or stepping on the local mob boss's toes, So do us al a favor and scan this com> Plation so you at least have an idea of what fo expect here and there. And if you know you're going somewhere in particular. do your research—there are going to be gps in this dota, and if you're not careful you may fal into some of them, I've broken down this fle collection by nation states. The compilation wouldn't be com- plete, however, without some history to explain how we got where we are today—the rect thing 2s opposed to the publthed tripe that masquerades os popular history for the mase- ‘8, Rather than re-hashing all the major events that we aleady know about, such as the Crash and the Night of Rage. | felt It would be better to focus on how exactly the NAN was formed and how the Treaty of Denver spit the continent apart. More than any other time, that period defined and shaped the political landkcape of North America, Decisions were, ‘made and implemented on a grand scole, with far-reaching repercussions, Some of these. Created animosties and grudges that stil ast to this day. it’s Important to know the facts behind them so that you don’t get caught in the midalle when the frefight breaks out. To that end. Ive contacted an acquaintance of mine to start us off witha ite reftesh- fr course. This s@ topic my friend Is very familar with, having studied it for longer than most of you have been around. Remember that those who don't know thelr history are doomed to be the victim of it, especially In the shadows. Enjoy, ‘© Coptain Choos Transmitted: 14 August 2062 at 15:00:53 (PST) ll) ith al the changes that have been happening of late, | felt it was tine to revisit the Shaciows of North America by Ayita Brightsong Before | offer forth the history lesson that Captain Chaos asked for, let me Introduce myself. | am one of the Aniyun- ‘wiya, or Tsa-la-gl. That's Cherokee, to any non-tribals out there. Im a citizen of the Sioux Nation, and I've made a career out of studying the birth and life of the Native Amer- lean Nations (NAN). Like any stucent of history, I have my own perspective and my own biases on what occurred and how. I will attempt to deal with facts here, and to dispel some illusions and false claims of the past. | am not unbi- ‘sed, however, so you should not take anything I say as ‘other than an opinion. Examine the facts I present and make your own decisions. ‘© Ayita Brightsong is a wise woman, a Wolf shaman with a {900d amount of power in her own right. She teaches history at the University of Cheyenne, She's led a quiet but persistent movernent fo get @ laiger degree of recognition for her tribe within the Sioux government. She was « kid when the re-edu- ccotion camps came about, s0 she lived a lot of what she's toling about. Good choice. Captain, # Rising Eagle | make this clsclaimer because many previously published historical examinations have been largely unrellable. You see, In order to gain exclusive NAN approval and access to reports, officals, cities and travel authorization, publishers have been forced to give the Sovereign Tribal Council (STC) final approval fon their manuscripts. STC bureaucrats have been known to Ceensor, rewrite and substantially modify reports to glorify the NAN and spread lies among the STC's enemies. © Take, for example, tne Danchetker Primer on the Native ‘American Nation series. Danchekker’s monuscript went through some hetly changes in the STC's hands. and in return Dancheker and his publisher recelved a good amount of pocket change (“grants”) to ease their creative consciences. That fine piece of NAN propaganda has become respensiole {for most of the misconceptions about the NAN today. fe Nuyen Nick ‘¢ Whe tays the Ameria never leained the while man's ways, hmm? Anglo You know, your scalp would look dandy on my wall, pinkskin ‘# Black Horse Some historical accounts have also slanted information in favor of one tribe at the expense of another. In some cases, tribes have even been completely written from the picture. For example, a decade or so back, the Sioux Nation was in danger of fracturing into nothingness due to the lack ofa clear leader among the tribes. The ‘Five Civilized Tribes,” as we {| Shadows of North America | - ‘were once known, threw in our lot with the Sloux In order to lend support to the Council, stabilize the government and strengthen the nation as a whole. But the Sioux attempted t0 usurp the' voting rights of the Cherokee tribe, claiming our strength as part of their own tribe in many “official” reports in ‘order to give thelr tribe legitimacy. Officially stripped of both ‘our identities and our former land's, we have been forced to struggle for our own heritage ever since. « Brightsong is grinding her own oxe here, for those who are tempted to believe her. She may be a citizen of the Sioux Nation but she's also a known disident who is linked to more than one subversive group plotting fo bring about the down- fal of the NAN—speciiically tne Ywwi terrorist group. Remem- ber, coyotes can look alot Ike wolves when youre not paying ‘enough attention, © Sequoyah © Ywwi Is @ peaceful group that protests the corruption and Injustice with which the Sloux goverment is rife, Im an old ‘woman, Sequoyah, Don't waste my time with this divel, And next time, choose a nome derived trom your own tbe Instead of steciing one from ous. ‘© Brightsong Still, Captain Chaos did not ask me fo go into my own personal cause here, so I'l move on. I trust that I have made ‘my point clear—in these times, all data Is suspect, unless you fully trust the source, ‘© So much for tibal unity, even within a single country © Anglo © What did you expect? Before the turn of the century, these, ‘were all independent ‘nations’ with their own laws, school. religions, languages and culture. Some even had their own land, in some cases with lucrative mineral rights. You can't just ‘ossume that because theyre all tibal, theyre going to decide to Glve up independence In the name of presenting « unified front. They lived. on thelr own terms for hundreds of years before the Europeans came to this continent. 'm surprised that you expected them to stop now. Holly FOUNDATION: THE TREATY OF DENVER [intend to begin this discussion with the Treaty of Denver, the point of inception for the Native American Nations. Wille the events that preceded it provided important catalysts for the treaty, they are common knowledge and don't directly Influence the NAN tse. Given the audience for this lecture, Tl keep to the items that are most likely to be relevant. © Not citectiy influentiok? What about the Great Ghost Dance? # Coyote Pup MAJOR EVENTS IN NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY 2002-2008: the ResnaceRust—oided by the gverinen,cprtons tegin gating up rte esos prc protected by Kate Anican ‘esrors or Feder prkds. 2009: The Sorin hein Ion Movement (SAM), rsgendig ce | te opgesson, copes 0 Shiohnuden lanch fy, resting ithe | “tone Eagle” inet 2009 The ofr nd faba siete he US (rete sir Nepen Btn Cnn), 2010: Thousands of te Aescns ce ied. 2010: VIS its, 25 percent ofthe population ds by he ed of he er. ‘October 31, 2010: Cutoc sce tom Condo ond becomes eb. 2011 Uneagined Genet Epson ied dos ond es The ak: etn son ols. 2011: Del “owing Cyt Calonan non png ce mi, ssactiite ete! tote SIC, ond th Tea of Denes ino the savtey of he WAN oe rch of Noth Ane. 1: ero ites ods ntl. 2029: Te rsh des the wats compute nanos. [fee The tennant fhe US on Canada merge rd form ‘2044 Seen Sete sts cal fom be WS, foming the (AS. Sat Flea joins the Corbbeon Lenque. 2035: i ingee mau seeps fom He Sesh She Corel 2036-2037: (afin sees, boing he Cllr Fe Sta, ins ‘othe serioy lst o Tir Tagie and southern terior oto Aztlan. Imp i pnese arines din teBay eo, 2037: nstion may wicks fm te ST ond NAN, Asker, 200: Tg dtr Bs tok nd mechs wri, ‘2058-2060: Corporate wor shokes the world. 2061: Tn Yoo he Cet, 0 Holes Camet pases by he ah Asa he ‘0th Aniversary ofthe Anakering, © The Ghost Dance, as important of it was, wasn't the beain- ring of the NAN. Besides, you can look up fifty gazilion articles fon the subject anytime you fee! Ike It—not to mention tree, Gs on Shadowsand tse—It you wont that information. Some, of ushave heard it aleagy. * Pricky Pear ‘Shadows of North America In addition, be skipping over the terms that deal with both Seattle and Denver. The partitioning of Denver and recog- nition of Seattle as a US city are outside the scope of this dis- cussion; they've also been competently covered elsewhere After the events of 2017 and the cessation of hostilities that followed, the leaders of the governments of the United States and Canada met with the president of Aztlan and the, representatives of the Native American sovereignty move- ment to agree on terms for peace and the creation of the NAN. After nearly a month of talks among the various repre- sentatives and their various legal counsels, the treaty was signed on 25 January 2018. The Treaty of Denver itsefis only ten pages long, though ‘those are arguably the most influential ten pages of text wit ten In this century, « Thats completely wrong. The treaty takes up something ike 50 glgapuises of memory. I's traggin’ huge. | don't even wont 10 think cout now many printed pages I © Uberty Belle © No, she's ight. The legal niceties regarcing exactly how, Denver would be spit up ana who gets what land and where borders are, efc.,.0$ well as exactly how and why ond where- {ote everything should be done are what take up so much, room. Those aren't in the treaty. however: they are appended documents that are technically separate, The treaty Ise pretty simple, at least on ts face. Holly The terms of the Treaty of Denver are as follows: *To cede lands covering, most of western North ‘America to the Native American Nations for pur- poses of forming their own Independent nations + To establish and recognize from this point forward the legitimacy of the Native American Nations ‘specifically the Sioux Nation, the Pueblo Council the Salish Council, the Ute Nation, the Algonkian Council, the Athabaskan Council, the Trans-Polar ‘Aleut Nation, and the Tsimshian Nation. + To establish the Sovereign Tribal Council as the International ruling body for the Native American. Nations collectively, along with the duties and responsibilities entrusted to sald Counc ‘To relocate and remove over the course of ten ‘years all United States and Canadian citizens not eligible for NAN citizenship from the lands ceded. to the Native American Nations. ‘To establish reserved lands within the Native ‘American Nations for the residence of those peo- pple who wish to remain In NAN territory but who. are not eligible for citizenship at this time. + To establish Seattle as an extraterritorial extension of the United States of America with the exception ff Mercer Island, which Is ceded from this point forward to the Salish Council and renamed Coun- seal ent inne CONFEDERATION AEC STATE (4, aS ae) =“ il Island, for the purpose of establishing embassies to the US from the Native American Nations. ‘To establish the Council of Denver as a body des- Ignated to oversee the Implementation of this tteaty and to govern the city of Denver, hereafter called the Front Range Free Zone, and to divide ‘control of the Front Range Free Zone among the signatories who share Interests In that area: specifically Aztlan, the Pueblo Council, the Sioux Nation, the United States and the Ute Nation. «© You know, this whole thing Isjust so much cek. Imean, look at it. t's probably the most iresponsible poltical move in the nisto- 'y ofthe United States. This was supposed to be a. compromise, not terms for the surrender of the old US, Oamn polticians. # Gloryhound © Right, tke you were there, Lke Redondo Peak hod just butied your best scientists, ke every weapon in your arsenal hadn't ust been stopped cold. Get over It. ciready. They did 1a _| Shadows of North America | ~ the best they could with what they hod available to thems Nobody tikes « war, especially in thelr own hometown. © Aunt Acid Indigestion aside. | think Gloryhound has a point, Everybodi raves about what an amazing compromise this treaty Wail but I'm not sure | buy It lther. Was Jarman really that incom: ppetent? | wouldn't be surprised to see that there was somes thing ele golng on at the time. It just seems fishy to me, © Uberty Belle « Ityou'te realy interested, | have some Information that you might find worth your while, Hit my Nexus crop box with anole ‘and we can arrange « meeting, i @ Jacob Yeah, and he might even throw in the secret of the J ‘estossination and Jet Black's secret hideout Sidewinder nation, brother. Nothing we need ‘treaty that we'll discuss deals with f the speciic Native American Nations. the NAN, one that only Howling les a testament to his ablities when faced with so many deeply “The division of the NAN into separate 'a number of tribes who may or may Jn common before the Great Ghost ‘There were many tribes, espe- @ wanted each tribe to be allocated Independent national status. The and In fact made that thelr frst offer belleved, however, that such a move YAN beyond recovery. Had the NAN split tribes, the odds that they forces later against a US invasion were States would be able to pick the as internal schisms were lulled to the j The “white man” had lied at than once in dealings with the {Coyote had no intention of giving. 50 again, treaties ttom nearly three hun- the Anglos, enough to keep us sup- aratlof eternity. Howing Coyote alone Ho keep the Treaty of Denver from (broken promises. | feor we wil never {0 happen, Howling Coyote and atives (a formative Sovereign agreed upon a plan prior to the band together, forming nations and geographic location. No lands being granted would be tibes moving to those lands would cultures and belief systems. ‘were not entirely pleased by ad no good reason to reject I. jIthere,s0| thought I'd add in a were named/chosen, for the Ionguages used eh were all part of the Algonklan laccepted the Manitou elven {ibe Into the fold, amending their name to the Algonkian: Manitou Counc Athabaskan Council—so named because the ‘Athabasian tibes suffered heavily at the hands of the corps Conmies in 2016, Their culture is largely non-volent, but they Would place themselves in harm's way to stop the fahting Pueblo Counci—named in honor of the Puebloied shamanic incursion teams that perished during the war. The nome was amended to the Pueblo Corporate Counell soon Offer the signing of the treaty. Salish Counc-so named because of the losses the Sash sutteredin the eruption of Mt St. Helens oso result of the Great Ghost Dance. The name was later amended fo the Salsh- Shidhe Council after the addition of the elven Sinsecrach tbe. Soux Natlon—named for Dr. willam Counciiman, Lokota Sioux professor at the Universty of Wyoming who wat killed in the re-education camps only days before the Great Ghost Dance, He had worked trelessy to free his people. ‘ond was halled as a marty! for the Soux Nation during the. fighting that followed. Trans-Polar Aleut Nation—named both in honor of In ‘nook, an Aleut leader who united the northein tribes and brought them into SAIM, and for the common roots of the Aleut language that spans the ante northern portion of the North American continent, Tsimshian Nation—so named In honor of the many Tsimshian who dled at the hands of the corporate aimies in the north, Ute Nation—named in honor of Daniel Howing Coyote. Who wat of the Ute tbe, ‘© Rising Eagle ‘© What did the TPA ever do to get part of the NAN lands. ony- way? There were no comps up there really. no fighting. no ‘eal unity, no reall population. I've never understood that. ‘© Prickty Pear '* Pear, not every answer comes from conflict, Your exper: fences in the Mojave should have been enough fo teach you that. The Aleut tribe in speciic routed much of their income: ftom thelr mineral tights and corporate entities into tusting the INAN effort. While they didn’t spend as much time interred ot ‘actively fighting as other tribes did, they did their part nonetheless. They simply ci It quietly kon Eyes ‘© What eorned in the Mojave, old man, s none of your bus ess. Funny, but | don't remember seeing you haul your astral hoop out to LA with the rest of us Prickly Pear The end result was the formation of the nations that we know today. The land was portioned out according to the tra- tional lands of the majority ofthe tribes in those categories. [15 | ‘While the apportioning went smoothly for the most part, It was also the beginning of some very deep schisms among the nations. The division between the Ute and Pueblo began over land rights, as an example, as did the current hostilities between the Tsimshian and Salish-Shidhe nations RELOCATION AND ASSIMILATION ‘Our next subject is the removal of all United States citizens not eligible for NAN citizenship from NAN lands. While many sources (including the Danchekker books) interpreted this to mean that all Anglos were removed from the NAN lands, that is simply not the case. While each nation dealt with the relocation of Anglos in its own way, It was far from a complete removal. The phrase “not eligi ble for NAN citizenship” should be examined closely, because that's where the process starts When the NAN tribes took control ofthe lands that the US government had ceded to them, they had the potential for both great success and great disaster. The small amount of self-governing that the tribes had ‘enjoyed in the prior century was no preparation for the larger tasks now at hand. There would ne longer bee the US economy to use as a base for their own: no pre-existing hierarchy to fit into. «© Taking contol of « previously existing nation wasn't a cakewalk for most of the tibes. A few. ke the Pueblo, had ready-made industry and economic pow: ‘erhoures fo rely upon, such as the defense and research Industries. Oe ‘ers, though, receNved lands that were mostly agrarian with Iie exiting ‘economic bax. In uth, I's. compiment to thelr resourcefuness that s9 many of them have done os well as they have. ‘©The Chromed Accountant i's ll dollars and sense.” ‘Chief among the concerns of the day were the US citizens, or Anglos, a6 many of the tbal people referred to them (regardless oftheir actual ethnic: 'y)- In those lands were hundreds of thousands—sometimes millons—of Unit ‘ed States citizens, more population than any Amerind tibe had dreamed of in Centuries, or perhaps ever. Many of those people hac! Important skies; and were needed by the nascent countries if they were to survive. On the: other hand, many Amerind people had suffered greatly atthe hands ‘of Anglos and had no desire to see them stay. ‘The solution to this was, of course, to let many of them é stay anyway, while smoothing the process as much a a = SY ‘Amerind descent. The original method in nations like Sioux, where many of the tribes were accuss ‘tomed to Individuals seeking membership, was based on documented genealogical proof such as birth certificates, mariage records, and family bibles. This method soon fell out of favor as these proofs were based on ‘matching, centuries-old (and ‘often Incomplete) docue ‘ments—another lega- of the mistreatment of the Amerind peo: ples. Instead, most of the nations adopted genetic testing ‘While there are almost 9 significant genetic —clfferences between Anglo and Amerind peopl there were a few hereditary genetic mae cers that had been documented as being lt TH | Shadows of North America with Amerind descent when the human genome was researched and mapped. It would be rare for any one person, {0 exhibit more than a few of these, but two or three would be enough to calm cltizenship. «@ They stil do this, by the way. forall those people who know thelr aunt's third cousin twice-reroved was tilbal ond thik it might apply to them. How shict the standaras are vary from ‘ation to nation. They can be faked, and the dificuty varies from nation to nation as well It you've got great cheekbones. ark coloring ond the right fake ID, you too can go native. © Gitchigoom| '© Why didn’t you just mention that you'te in that line of work Gite? i's not Ike you to poss up a chance to drum yourself wa tie be. # Cherokee Pride: # Suck wind, featherbrain, Ty being subtle, sometime, *® Gitchigoom| ‘The second way for the original Anglos to become citizens ‘was to be “grandfathered” In. Under this method, the existing fesidents ofthe area could receive provisional citizenship and be granted fll citizenship at a later date, usually a year. In that way, those who wished to change citizenship from the US to the NAN nations could do so. OF course, this did not ease the socal stigma caused by years of racist action on the part of the US government, so In some countries this method was barely applied. The Ute is a good example of a country that “encour- ‘aged Anglos to move out, regardless of the good that might be gained by letting them stay. Most nations eventually grant- fed ctizenship to existing residents who stuck it out, though in fimost all cases non-‘tribal citizenship is second-class, without the full rights accorded to Amerind citizens. ®t shoud be noted that people of Latino/Hispanic descent ‘were considered to be native and automatically eligible tor {tizenship, since Aztlan was c member of the NAN atthe time, ‘Tumbleweed ® There cre aso Immigration laws based on economic need, "¥e0s ond other methods of obtahing permission to enter one of the nations. These laws vary by such a wide degree, however, that you shoud refer tothe specific nation for that information. ‘Troveler Jonet For individuals who did not want to stay in an Amerind on, the US and the NAN airanged a 10-year relocation petod. This program was one ofthe least success hth entire treaty, ue in no small part to the fears and pre “cess ofboth NAN ofcias and private Anglo citizens. Much “fhe violence that has marked our history a8 nations sprung fom this time and these efor, instigated by both ses ati Jett times. The price we paid In both Amerind and. Anglo od was heavy, and many innocents were hut or Kile! ® Yeah, pity the poor Anglos whe couldn't figure out that ‘everything had changed hands. My brother worked on one of those reldcation teams. He showed up to move some guy's furniture, only to be shot in the street because the guy thought lt wos another version of the bloodthisty Azache raids against the brave white setters. Seeing the SWAT team fake the guy ‘out was the highlight of my fe. Fraggin’ apologkt © Two-Fists [ANGLO RESERVATIONS For those who did not wish to renounce thelr US ctizen- ship, but also didi not want to leave their homes, the Ath term ofthe treaty provided for thelr wellare. By treaty, the NAN set aside “reservations” for the Angios who wished to stay, These enclaves bore a greater resemblance to the expatriate worker ties in Saud! Arabia or military bases than they did to the reser- vations the US “gave” the tribes so long ago. They are autonomous and self-governed, making them litle more than ‘unnamed Anglo nations in tal territory. They are all controlled by the Bureau of Non-Tribal Peoples, a division under the con- trol of the STC. The BNIP deals with mediation between the enclaves and the NAN and Is staffed by appointment from both the enclaves and tribal members with a history of tolerance. #@ Security on these places varies rom country to county. Usu: ‘ily, the perimeter is guarded both inside and out, just as for- ‘eign borders cre. Depending on the reigning philosophy inside, though. you may find anything from armed guara to ‘magical security to flower chicran holding the poss. © Rising Eagle ‘¢ They aso have their own Matix systerns, on occasion, Places lke the PCC do thelr best to pull the plug on that, but in ‘Athabaska, for example, you can pretty much do as you ie. ' Slicon Spint ‘© Some of these enclaves are experiments in social and poi Cal reform. Freed from national constraints, the people Inside—wnhether they moved In at the beginning, were born there or moved in later—ore taking adventage of thelr ‘autonomous situation. The BNIP doesn't do much more than Investigate issues of prejudice and make sure supplies are 1un- ning feel. So you've got one that's o pacifist utopian com- ‘mune, one that's an extremely conservative Christian there: ‘ey and another that Is pettioning the Salih Shidhe Council 10 ‘become a tribe ofits own, saying that they've renounced thelr ‘mbxedt-breed inherltance." And there are mote, covering the socio-poltical spectrum, Holy ‘© Ive known some criminal types to attempt to we these eserves as sheer ftom NAN poice, Sometimes this works, espe- ‘aly if the reserve locas are In your pocket and the NAN cops {eel ke humoring the reserve's sovereignty. Otfcialy, the cops ‘Shaciows of North America | 15 «£0 supposedito callin the BNTP for stuctions ke this, butin most ‘coses they simply waitzin and do what they need to do. After Gl. what cre the Anglos inthe reserve going to do, deciare war? «© Roaring Mouse ‘© The NAN actions as a whole have been tying to pressure the people living in the enclaves to vacate them, either by accept Ing trol cttzenstip oF by vamocsing back to the UCAS or CAS. ‘Many of the people living n those enclaves are coming close to bbehng senior citzens, and any break in services hits them pretty aid, The Nations that are more tolerant of Anglos have been Offering nice repatriation deals, while those not so tolerant have ‘been reguaty ring runners and gangers to cause rouble. | 245 the hbase ied of funding what are rapidly turning ito Anglo retirement vilages ® squeaker ‘Try Angio dens of iniquity. Where do you think a lot of the homegrown pharmaceuticals in the rural ates come trom? Not fo mention low-grade BTLs, prostitution. and a numiber of other social ils. Hel, | get more contract work taking out the scum that lve In those places than I do corp workin his part ot the county, fe Tworsts ‘© Speaking of which, Ifyou need to get hooked up with some cargo, know of a couple great supplies in the enclave outside Cf Santa Fo, Just a8 ox me when you get Into town. * Gitchigoomi THE SOVEREIGN TRIBAL COUNCIL The Sovereign Tibal Council's function in the NAN was a point of great contention during the original intertibal negot ations. Each nation felt differently about the Idea of a group ‘with an overreaching mandate. While some felt that such a _70up was necessary, others balked at the idea of interference from the other tibes. As Howiing Coyote sald once when asked about that time, “IIs one thing o pull together In the face of a common enemy. It fs another for once nominally independent nations to continue working closely when self sulfciency is nea.” In the end, the STC was approved, taking the European Union from the late twentieth century as a loose model. Each nation has a single vote In coun, with a counel-elected Speak- «er who votes only inthe event of ate. The STC was given the folowing responsibiles and jursdietion: international diploma ‘9, Induding mediation powers among NAN memberstates; pproval for and command of joint milly efforts in the event of war wit a major power: and the administration ofthe Native ‘American National Reserve Bank (NANRB),incuding. seting interest rates, ‘The main headquarters forthe STC was placed in Cheyenne, Sioux Nation. That location Is where the bureaucracy ofthe STC ‘makes ts home, and the source of most ofthe STC infrastructure ‘5 well as embastes from each ofthe NAN nations. coe ‘© Needless fo say, the SIC headquarters con make for some Pretty nice work it you can get it. Ant-Anglo bies & prety strong, though. Scag ‘* Spe0k for yours all depends on who you talk to ond who you know. Get a.good rep going. and is amazing how roce-tok ‘ant the Johnsons become. eRbK ‘The problem withthe STC quickly became evident, howev- just as with neary all loosely constructed governmental bod Jes. While the STC could make judgements on NAN member states, it had no method of enforcing those decisions. The whole (of the Counci’s power rested in the memberstates, and there ‘was no mechanism in place for punishing a nation who refused, to accept or abide by a ruling made by the STC. In the beginning, the STC attempted to give themselves more clout through such measures as adopting a unified curren- ‘gy. The measure was defeated by the economically stronger nations, however, who dd not want to suffer the drag caused by supporting the weaker ones. ‘8 Wow, Just magine it © Scag we actually could have had wampum, © Gost yousel, ou racks Anglo pl. ® soguaro © Goer, grow a sense of humor akeacy, Scag Inthe end, no unifed currency was adopted, though each nation succumbed to economic pressures and has since adopt= ‘ed the nuyen as thelr primary currency. Similar unification mea sures, such as a universal NAN visa, were also attempted, but With the exception of a NAN citizen SIN registry, few passed. I anything, these Issues fractured the councll more than strengt- ening it, and in the end, the STC retains litle beyond is original powers. While I serves to full the duties the members allow it fo undertake, the true power of the NAN lies within each nation, rot within the Counc THE COUNCIL TODAY Despite its declawed nature, the STC remains an impor ‘tant forum for both Inter-NAN relations and for addressing for clgn relations through a common front. The councilors ofeach nation tend to be strong political igures in their own ight, ‘with connections at all levels of government and. sodety. Here's the breakdown, ‘Mary Nightwind (AMC) is the longest-running, Cound having warmed her seat for over a decade. A Dog shaman for the Algonklan tribe, she serves her country faithfully. The curent isis within her country, however, has laden her with conflicting loyalties. Her tribe expects her to keep the “Manitou issue” from reaching the STC’s agenda, but her immediate boss, Ceremonial Chief Hawksford, Is sympathetic to the Manitou cause. It's not yet certaln which way Nightwind wil go. John Collle (Athabaska) Is of Inuit blood, though he may «as well have been constructed in an Athabaskan Oil research lab. He's a slick and olly mouthpiece for corporate interests. He per ‘cically engages in a pre-programmed rant about the threat of ‘eco-tertorism to the NAN'S stability and resources, ® Colie’s a tavorte target for eco cells: Somehow he's sunived! numerous hits ond near-fatal accidents.” Hi luck’s golng to un ‘ut eventually Groen Piece William Evehema (Pueblo) Is a Hopi and a former Vice President of the Pueblo Corporation. He's a visionary, the type of ‘By who always has a plan and a way of convincing others to Support it. Even without the economic weight of the PCC and the tid of the Speaker, Evehema could still dominate the STC on Pueblo's behalf by strength of wil alone. J * vcherna easly sees through the schemes of other coun: {los—he has the eyes of Eagle. "Cloud Top Lona XAwulets (Salish-Shidhe) Is a Salish, the sister ofthe fube's Chief Shaman, Leaping Salmon. Xawulets used to be a ‘aim, mediating force on the STC, but since one of her cousins ‘was klled in the Tsimshian border clash, she's been an uncom- “promising war hawk. Ray Simon (Sioux) of the Blackfoot tribe Is an agitator, ‘inays seeking to stir up trouble between the STC and the UCAS, Theres alot of indication that Simon Is racist towards Anglos. ‘Word is that others in the Sioux feel that Simon is letting the Pecblo lead the STC around by the nose, so he can expect & on really hos c bug up his youknow-what about Aves. He Ben specks out about Ares meddling ih Sioux atfis. and he's {Been known to call Roger Soaring-Owl an “Anglo lackey.” He's suspected of hing runners to sti up trouble with Ares oF to Hn smear campaigns agaist ther, (Cheyenne Huster ‘Mary Northstar (TPA) has sat In on STC business only twice ‘ayear over the past decade. Even then, she simply observes. The hasn't registered vote In many years: they offically abstain all decisions, and forall intents and purposes are part ofthe in name only. They'@ playing It sate, though, keeping the seat warm in tenything comes up that they realy want to stick their ut fr. ‘Ward Upchego (Ute) is allegedly a shaman, but iFhe follows tem, i's Greed. Ward holds interest in two casinos in Las ‘Vegas, putting him squarely In the pocket of the Comanche mob. Ward is constantly trying to push through trade agreements in the Ute's favor, though his efforts haven't kept the country from sinking into a major recession. Facing an early retirement, Ward takes whatever chances he can get to jab Pueblo for thei annex ation of Los Angeles. David Blacksllver (Speaker, the former Pueblo Councilor, now facilitates STC meetings and makes the callin case of ate He talks a lot about “modern tribal thinking” and the need to adjust old customs to fit the changing times. He has to make an effort not to roll his eyes whenever one of the Council shamans backs up an argument with mystical overtones or claims of cu tual heritage. Despite his bases, he Isa shrewd negotiator when it.comes to foreign relations—the NAN has had few foreign rela- tions crises under his tenure. {Since the TPA abstain from most STC decsions, led votes between the other si nations are not uncommon. With Blacks! \er's decisons pushing thingsn Puabio's favor, you can see what Power hs postion gives o the PCC. © king Eagle © Blackslver's not just o Pueblo lackey. He takes his role very setlously and hires “freelance assets” to “independently vey” Issues that are at stoke. He likes to Impress the shadow crowd by spreading the rumor that he used fo 1un as a decker named Artemis. Don't believe the hype—Artemis wat one of Blacksiver's fist hres. and he set the poor slot up, betrayed him, then stole hs reputation. ‘ Fastlack ‘© What? Do you have proof of thi? If so, I've got a 15-year old Score to settle with Mr Blackstver. fe lron Eyes SUMMITS Though the STC meets one week a month in Cheyenne, also hosts a yearly summit between the government leaders Of the NAN states. The privilege of hosting this mega-event Totated among the NAN states (with the TPA declining. as usual). The next summit is scheduled for November in the Sal Ish-Shidhe city of Bellingham, just a short skip from Seattle, ‘The purpose ofthe STC summit isto set broad policy guide- lines, discuss topical international issues and negotiate trade ‘agreements. This year’s summit promises to be a doozy, with a ‘number of potentially Inflammatory topics: Manitou secession, Joint actions or sanctions against Tsimshian, and Pueblo-Ute bor. {der disputes. In preparation, some forces are doing their best to keep certain ters off of the agenda, ‘© Meso summits craw a lot of action—ftom protestors and sreet- fighting rioters to sples and shadowrunnes tearns. A regular free- oral, Don’t mis it! eo NaOst AX, f VE R/) Dx VGN : eo oo cc 4 NOE NG AANA | Weer Y he fle that follows it an excellent cross-section of inte from the Land of Perpetual Frost bite ond Very Nasty Mosquitoes. the Algenkian-Manitou Council. An old pal trorn ry rmisspent youth, Billy Deuce, dd me the favor of rounding up some local experts to. com pile this stuf. Pay special attention to Aztechnology's activities and the Manitou uprising — you'll need that Info If you're in the neighborhood. Let me repeat myselt for the millonth time: If any of you roadhogs or runners have bet- ‘er intel than what Bliy’s scraped up, shout and let the whole world know. Happy hunting! © Captain Chaos Transmitted: 14 August 2062 at 16:23:36 (PST) by Billy Deuce You're wrong, you know. ‘You used to think that the Algonklan-Manitou Council was a boring place. So did I Well, ten years ago we were right. Not anymore. I've lived here most of my lfe, chummers, and I can tell you one thing for sure: it's always a little drab up close to the Arctic Circle. Even the populated sectors of the territory have always been a “nice place to ralse a family." Times have certainly changed. Welcome to a nation of eco-terrorism, megacorp bullying, and quite possibly a fragging civil war. A NATION DIVIDED Lets start at the top, shall we? ‘There's a few basic facts you need to know about the Algonklan-Manitou Council (AMO). First, the Algonkian tribe runs the country, and has since day one. The other tribes play their part, but the Algonklans have the real clout—at least until now. * That's only tr In the poltical celebrity sphere. Both the Iroquois and the Ojibwa have a lot of influence in the country, especially in the underworld with all the secret societies they have running around, Sultzman 16 | Shadows of Nort srica ‘AMC TIMELINE 2045: fen shanan hime Shemown sical lends 0 conpign 10 esulh he den Manto tie; te grkion Coe amends name 1 ind is efor. 2050: Th cout yey engined cops sero stich ec av rd stot os. ceo bon ene enec aplensodotinl stis for Wl osnds n exhnge ey gn ex sins, oan ging techno orapcisc srl the nin’ mn eer 2050: Sremaa nay ose ino pi psch. Mast of he oppestin dies nde mses roses. 2051: Dr ihn eka cop os Shemoc, who pd ds cher a it sh soot ts nt February 2061: et ond deste Atel bung ogo, ling bath pop Cie Boty enon Wr Chi bo, November 2061: Te son Boy niet, when mia od Atclogy afk o bonhase ty spats wed by eters. Mie ue The ed i at ob nde of he Non ibe. ‘May 1, 2062 The Monto Coc formed and ees wil ner Standen oc ey hoe deh atthe Chil a Second, the AMC Is lousy with elves. No one’s really sure why the population percentage Is so high, it just hap- pened that way. Given the stunts pulled by the pointy-ears down south (namely, Tr Talrngire seceding from the Salish). many of these elves got the cold shoulder from other tribal ‘members. Dally racism also played its part. So be it, they sald, and started a movement to establish a separate elven tribe called the Manitou. A smarmy environmentalist named ‘Adrienne Silvermoon led the campaign to victory, even con- vincing the country to change Its name. She also Injected a strong anti-technology/back-to-the-land character into the tribe, which remains to this day ‘* Sivermoon's theatrics won @ lot of suppor at the time, but It inevitably created opponents who stil hold a grudge ‘against the Manitou. They were smart enough to dump her before her lunatlc ravings polarized the country, but hey just postponed the inevitable Cree Dog, Third, the AMC Is governed by three chiefs—Civl, War and Ceremonial. These three persons call the shots, and all three must agree to national policy decisions. If they don’t agree, nothing happens—which leads to the current leader- ship ctisis, with the chiefs deadlocked and thus paralyzed, This brings us to the Fourth Chief in the country: Aztech: nology. Ever since the chiefs granted the Azzies a bunch of exclusive rights in exchange for a bailout when all of our ‘crops were falling a decade back, the Big A has kept a firm @O | Shadows of North America sgrip on our collective shoulder. The corp's local outfit Genetique ‘AMC AT A GLANCE has gobbled up hordes of smaller | Pepulation: 566,000 ANG Gapes tan: 51% Fifth, the Coun: BE 30% ci’s land is HUGE, Duct 7% chummers. Scan a 7% map and take a long, Tol: 4% hard look. Calgary, on Other 1% the western border, I , ‘only 500 klicks from: Wid Aiichone 5th GE ve Pactic Ocsdi Cjbwa (Chigpewa: 33% the caster sige | Htdnanee (og: 31 (that’s the right-hand ‘Agonkion: 20% siieiol themapicrek- Mou: 5% head) Is Hudson Bay. ter ies: 11% ‘As in the “Hudson | Pr Capita Income: 18500% Bay of the Atlantic | Estimated SiMless: 2% Ocean." Extend the | Suow poverty eve: 22% ol” longitudes and you're talkin’ | Corporate Affiliation: 18% Spokane to Buffalo! | Edveation: That's a lot of ground Les Tan Toe Yeo: 16 for security and corp igh Schoo Equieeny: types to cover, mak- (ologe Degrees 25% ing Ie easy for smug fide less, eco cells and ne'er-do-wells like [amar Usgpenes Seok ime to operate ae 35h ‘THE DETONATOR a Us Our present trou bes. stem’ from two sources: Manitou rad fealsen and Aztech- nology meddling Though Adienne Sit vermoon and other radial extremists were eventually purged from the Manitou leadership [AMC saw a high level of eco-sabotage—and in some eco-terrorsm-for most of the 2050s. Aztechnology source of foreign Influence, was offen the target Chiefs" claims, many of these actions had popula th Februar of 2061, someone detonated a cat bomb side the Azzie building in Calgary, vaporizing the sip and burying about wo thousand Aztechnologss under ‘of rubble. The Blast also killed both Cl Chet Bobby Bea War Chief Cat Hillbor, who Just happened to be wth Azle officals a the time. That bomb set of cli tin that we're stil feeling repercussions fom today There were some mighty pssed Algonklans afer te incident, and a lt of them blamed the Manltou. ever claimed responsibilty, but Azzie press report blame on “elven eco-teroriss.” The replacement War Doxtator, di’t waste time ordering a crackcown on mractvists. Homes were raided, hundreds were arrested some folks Just “disappeared.” The Manitou elves took a loffak that they didn't deserve, and Aztechnology took an, more aggressive stance within the country. IMy sources tell me the Crying Masks were reeponsible, not (ond I've also heard that the False Face, the Seneca Society, Ceremonial Chief Hawksford and Adtienne Si eon dict Are there any other patsies we can pin this on? HUDSON BAY INCIDENT Half @ year later, the boys in charge had their turn. cording t0 official reports, the War Chief received a tip fia “concerned citizen” about an eco-terrorist cell prepat- an action. A large force was quickly mobilized to and contain the cell, which was meeting onboard houseboat, dry-docked next to Hudson Bay. You can guess’ what sd. The trigger ‘troops. didn’t do Investigating, and certainly didn't give ene Inside the boat a ee to explain. They hit with incendiary and magical fire Everyone on board Killed, most of them ed alive. Among the ties were a dozen Manitou leaders five well-known anti- chnology activists. not o scrap of evidence that there was any legal rts" action planning going on. Pre ou. That litle cabal was responsible for planning and 9 hundreds of eco-sabotage actions in the past ode. Al the proof was bumed with them, Huskon Howe Some tri station happened to catch the whole thing on ‘and publicized It, so It couldn't be covered up. The clearly revealed that a company of Aztechnology Security guards tagged along on the outing. ftigid north to tape a boat and ice. There were more fragging [ACS goons than regular army, by a long shot. ® Crooner Aztechnology representatives did little to explain th pat In the incident or apologize. Instead, they spoke about the fear their poor workers have experienced during the ‘numerous acts of terrorism committed against thelr facilites. They made all sorts of law and order statements, sprinkled with implicit threats. Neither they nor any army troops were Indicted for any wrongdoing, The situation spun even further out of control when an. unverified newsvid reported that Civil Chief Joseph Bear had ordered the attack. He was quoted by the inside source to hhave sald, “Frag ‘em all. [don't care.” ‘THE CURRENT CRISIS Unless you live in an arctic cave, you know what hap- ened next. The surviving Manitou leaders called an emer- ‘gency policy meeting in thelr Great Lodge at Lynn Lake to discuss the tragedy. They turned the meeting into an open. ‘council, Inviting all sympathizers (especially elves) to attend. They also issued a press release “Inviting” the War Chief, Longmiles" Long Arms, and any representatives of Aztechnology that wished to attend. Wisely, they declined. ‘After the third day of the ‘meeting, the Manitou politely Kicked all media and non-elven persons out and enforced a Perimeter around the Lynn Lake Lodge. What occurred over the next week has been the subject of much specula- tion. When it was over, the leaders left the lodge without ‘comment and went immedi- ately to work. Six months later, the sovereign Manitou Coun- «il (MC) materialized and declared that they no longer recog nized the authority of the AMC. (On the first of May, Manitou tribes, working simultane- ‘ously throughout central portions of the territory, began rousting non-Manitou, occupying key points and blowing up rnon-vital manufacturing. plants. This move was 0 fill of ‘moxie that It caught the Chiefs with their pants down (hear Doxtator was on vacation in Palm Springs at the time). By the time they assessed the situation and mobilized troops, the MC had established a perimeter, aiming everything north of the Churchill River fo the Athabaskan border. © Sk months to organize ths thing, and In total secrecy? C'mon. They had to have help trom outside, Anybody got an ‘ear fo the ground on this? e Ture ‘Shaclows of North America | 21 «Icon make some educated guesses, hal-shell. Fist, some of, the llega! Haudenosaunee Warrior Societies have sympathies towards the Manitou: ater all, they hold a grudge against the ‘Aigonkian for “keeping thelr people down.” Second, the Manitou have lots of eco-cell and smuggle’ links. © Snipe ‘© Aren't there some folsin the Athaboskan Council that would love to see this happen to the AMC? They've always had dls ‘putes over exact boundries. Your answer i right next door *Glowcir ‘¢ Haven't any of you chummers ever heard of Tr Taingire? '* Cree Dog « Uniess the Athaboskans decide fo Invade, they're not get ‘ing anything out of this deal, and the Tir has thelr hands full with their own population. Besides, the Tir princes and the ‘Manitou don't get along anyway: elven royalty and suprema- lst ctttudes aren't the Manitou style. @ Jikohnsasen [@e | Shadows of North America | Ga ALGONKIAN-MANITOU COUNCIL HUDSON BAY ‘© Gee, guys, hanks, That clears it right up. etutie ‘The current situation Is tense, but stable. A few reports ol ‘conflict between MC patrols and AMC military forces have been exaggerated for media attention, but in reality both p ties are maintaining an uneasy standoff. ‘¢ The word trom the woods is that the MC leaders are putting together a formal proposal to the Sovereign Tribal Cound ‘atking for official recognition of their sovereignty, * Peephole ‘¢ The SIC wil never approve It If they do It once, every dat ‘miero-tnbe that feels i's belng oppressed by a larger tbe ower wil seize a chunk of land and declare indepen Before you know it, the entre NAN would be Bokanized rations with populations just bigger than the population of ‘condo building. Then the UCAS rols In, to “protect tsi Cf course, and that's the end of the NAN. © Anchorhead The current Civil Chief is Joseph Bear, and he's certainly the man his father was. Thats right. the position Is hered- palefaces aren't the only ones capable of choosing. through outdated ass-backwards methods. Only the heir of the Bear family of the Algonkian tribe gets this and he gets it for life. Joey Bear, as | affectionately call Is jst lke a teddy bear—cuddly, full of fff, and some- ‘you quickly outgrow. Frankly put, he's an indecisive who publicly licks Aztechnology’s boots so thor- that it's embarrassing. Oh yeah, he controls the civil ‘servces, from sanitation filth to police fith The Police The contract forall city and state police services belongs long Arms, a local outfit. Long Arms is the brainchild of r David Longmiles, who was a top advisor to Bobby a: Longmiles is the one with his arm up Joey Bear's back, fand with the current crisis he has free rein to run things the Ivay he wants to without pesky government bureaucracy or politcal backwash. The press loves him, and he’s so damn, ‘squeaky-clean it sickens me. long Arms and Aztechnology ore very tight, sharing dota- ‘on “subversves” and “ferrarsts” and backing each IBher up left and right. The Azzies also provide Long Arms Ibeons with crmor and weapons, Cree Dog lsWhen It comes to SiNless types and shadowrunners, Long ‘hams gots away with criminal behavior. They shut down a hot ichiome fer | knew in T-Bay named Piggyback. Poor Piggy- Bock never made ito trio. Dead in his cel. Makes ya wonder, where all his warehouse items went, stu, long Arms hos a training facility near Saskatoon on Long: Personal land. The Long Ranch chums out aggressive through an absolutely brutal paramilitary boot camp, Filowed by a consistently igorous taining regime. No lle, the Fatuctors are tough sons-c-bitches, and many are real word Desert Wars vets, Loose Noose MILITARY AUTHORITY War Chief Doxtator halls from the Oneida tribe (one of the Haucenosaunee, or Iroquois, tribes). He's a pit bull, ‘selected for the position by the AMC military's joint chiefs of staff as the one most likely to get revenge for Hiborn's death. He's been straining at the leash to go after the Mani tou, but he’s been held to hee! so fat. « Part of the hold up has been interference by Ceremonial Chief Hawksford, who consistently vetoes any outright aggres sion proposed by the other Chiefs. Supriingly, Aztechnology is {so urging restraint, thanks to Azie Board Member Oliver McClure. in order to bypass these restraints, Doxtator has been working closely with Longmiles. it anyone pulls the frig- (er fist, It's Just as likely to be Long Arms as is the army, Welt ‘© Bulldrok. The real reason the Azzies don’t have Doxtator’s back is because they're preoccupied with thelr other prob- lems (Denver and the Yucatén). They can't commit the back Ing he needs, so he's forced to walt until they're ready. ‘Feather Duster ¢ The War Pig has pulled most of his roops out of Thunder Bay In order to close off the MC border—that's right, Thunder Bay is wide open. Long Arms doesn't have the capacity to stem ‘off smuggling runs ke the military does. | do belleve it's time {or respectable folk to make themselves scarce, Hickory JUDICIAL AUTHORITY AND FOREIGN RELATIONS (Ceremonial Chief Laura Hawasford Is In her fifth and pos- sibly final term. Though she’s Algonkian, she's very popular among the other tribes, including the Manitou. That's cuz she's the only one with enough backbone to stand up against ‘Aztechnology, and not without considerable risk to her own ‘career. Since the Calgary and Hudson Bay Incidents, she's been one of the few voices of reason and moderation. It may be that she’s the only one holding Doxtator back from invad Ing Manitou lands, thus staving off a civil war. Hawksford’s popularity is waning under increasing pres sure from the other Chiefs who now openly blame her for “stalling” and “deadlocking” decisions. She is not expected by any media polls to win the next election, especialy facing her challenger, Chandra Culpepper (an Algonkian). Culpepper {is campaigning on a platform blaming Hawksford for “mis- takes of the past.” ® Even it Hawssford pulls through and wins the election, het days are numbered. You don't siot off « wannabe dictator lke Doxtator lke she has and get away with it. * Cree Dog ‘THE PEOPLE You don't get much more rural than the AMC. Most set- tlements are small and few and far between. Though Matrix use Is common, It's used more for internal local affalrs than It Is to connect to the outside world. [ Shadows of North America | 23 |