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Invoice: INV1

Customer Name
Issued Date: 24-05-2017

Contact Name Due Date: --

Shipping Address
vtiger Billing Address Lead1
95, 12th Main Road, 3rd Block, HN Sales Order
Bangalore ,Karnataka 560010 Bo gi gi KH-->KH t mua
Phone: +91 9243602352
Fax: +91 9243602352

Product Code Product Name Quantity Selling Price Discount Total

PRO1 eGold 1 3,500,000 0 3,500,000


Net Total 3,500,000

Discount(0.00%) 0
Tax:(14.5%) 945,000
Shipping & Handling Charges 0
Shipping & Handling Tax:(0%) 0
Adjustment 0
Grand Total:(in ) 4,445,000

Terms & Conditions

- Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the supplier all invoices are payable within thirty (30) days of the date of invoice, in the
currency of the invoice, drawn on a bank based in India or by such other method as is agreed in advance by the Supplier.

- All prices are not inclusive of VAT which shall be payable in addition by the Customer at the applicable rate.