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Ronnel T.


BSA - 2

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Bill

This Bill seeks to define, prohibit and penalize situations and practices wherein discrimination on
the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity occur. It also aims to protect members of the
LGBT community and guarantee their rights as citizens of the Republic of the Philippines and
their rights as human beings.

Although it is claimed that Philippines society is tolerant and accepting of members of the LGBT
community, in practice and in terms of legal protection, they are no specific national laws that
address this kind of discrimination from which this sector of society suffers. Although the very
Preamble of the Philippines Constitution enshrines equality among the core values of our
Republic, there is no law which enables and guarantees this provision for the members of the
LGBT community.

As a result, members of the LGBT community are treated unjustly and experience inequality in
diverse situations such as the workplace, the family, schools, social, leisure, sports and business
establishment. More adversely, members of this community have also suffered hate crimes
leading to their loss of dignity, if not life and limb without the protection of the laws that
faithfully reflect the true nature of the crime of violation.

It is hope of this proposed law to put an end to this situation of non-protection and neglect, while
upholding the fundamental rights and human dignity of members of the LGBT community
towards the attainment of an inclusive society where all citizens are equal.

Cons on SOGI Bill

a. Cross Dressing
Cross Dressing for me is unconstitutional because this may lead to much confusion. And
because of these confusions, many will take this as their advantages to others. Like for
example, public comfort room will become generalize meaning theres no restroom for boys
and for girls, all have the freedom to go in any of the two as long as you are in right dress.
But what if someone pretends to be a girl for example and go to the restroom of girls just to
peep; do you think it is good? It may lead some confusion especially in company. We know
that in companies you need to be formal, formal clothing, a clean and presentable look. If
some cross dress in the company and he is going to a company meeting to report, what do
you think what the investors will think about his clothing?
b. Spread of Diseases
We know the fact that when this bill passed, the senate will give the LGBT community a
freedom to do what they want to do that is related to their sexes. Like for example, a gay will
have his freedom to have a same sex partner and because they have freedom to genders they
will do unnecessary things and from this the problem will start. Lots of diseases will spread
and no one can stop it like the HIVs, Herpes, Syphilis and many more.

c. Sanctity of family
If the bill will become law, they will have their freedom to have a relationship with their
same sex and this bill will pave its way to same sex marriage. So if these two persons
decided to build a family and adopt a child they will violate the section 12 of article 2 which
mentioned the sanctity of a family and what is a family. It is made up of a father (male), a
mother (female) and children.

d. SOGI laws can lead to costly lawsuits against businesses.

They invite disgruntled employees to sue for discrimination over a characteristic (in the case
of sexual orientation) which is not even visible and of which the employer may have been
unaware. In the case of public employers, such laws at the local and state level have led to
large settlements being paid at taxpayers' expense. Disgruntled customers have sued
businesses in the wedding industry under such laws for declining to participate in same-sex
weddings(even when the business made clear that they would serve individual homosexual
customers in other ways that would not involve celebration of their homosexual partnership).

Pros on SOGI Bill

a. Equal rights to everyone

This bill promotes the equal protection to everyone people whether they are lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender. Some gays are taken for granted special in work. Many businesses
prefer to have a male or a female employee. They wouldnt hire any person beside those two
and that is so unfair. One of the examples is the course of criminology. Have you ever know
any person who is a gay and taking up a course of criminology? Some guys who are gays
sometimes dont want to be a police in the first place because their physicality is not that
strong unlike a real man. If some of them want that course, they will be discouraged to do so
because they are afraid of discrimination. If this bill will be passed, all of us will have equal
rights especially the LGBT community and those persons who have disability.

b. Cross Dressing
Cross dressing will be one of the acts considering as part of gender identity because of
the definition of gender identity refers to as personal sense of identity or expression as
characterized among others by manners of clothing, inclinations and behaviors in
relation to masculine or feminine conventions. Because of this, any restrictions,
punishments and discriminations to any person in relation to this is strictly prohibited and
Although the bible said that God only made two opposite sex; male and female and there
is no room for other genders, many pros has answer to that. James said that, There is
only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you- who are
you to judge your neighbor.