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Tingkatan 4 SCIENCE 1 Masa: 1 Jam
Answer all the questions (40 marks)

1 Study the following statement. B Analysing and interpreting data

C Forming a hypothesis
The bigger the resistance, the
D Identifying variables
smaller the electric current.
4 Which of the following is true about
Which of the following is related to the manipulated variable in a
above statement? scientific investigation?
A a hypothesis A The variable that is kept constant and
B the aim of the experiment does not change throughout the
C a problem statement experiment
D a collection of data B The factor that is being studied in the
2 Diagram 1 shows two pieces of white C The changes to the responding
cloth A and B of the same size and variables
material. D The changes to the constant variables
5 What is the function of a control set in
an experiment?
A To ensure that the collected data is
B To ensure that data can be collected
C To control the hypothesis made
D To compare the changes that occur in
an experiment
Diagram 1
6 In order to win a dancing contest,
Both pieces of cloth are hung under
the sun. Cloth A dries faster than cloth Mary must maintain good body
B. coordination. Which of the following
What is the inference of this is required?
experiment? A The nervous system and the muscular
A The rate of drying is affected by the system
colour B The endocrine system and the skeletal
B The rate of drying is affected by the
surface area exposed to the sun system
C The hotter the sun, the higher the rate C The endocrine system and the nervous
of drying system
D Both cloths A and B receive the same D The nervous system and the skeletal
amount of sunlight system

3 Which of the following steps in the

scientific investigation may require
the use of graphs?
A Making a conclusion
7 Diagram 2 shows a type of neurone 9 Diagram 4 shows a human action.
found in the human nervous system.

Diagram 4
Diagram 2
Which of the following shows the
What is the function of this neurone? correct pathway of impulse in order
A Enables impulses to move in one to react to the stimuli?
A Stimuli Nerve
direction only
B Brings impulses to the muscles and Response
glands B StimuliNerve endingsSpinal
C Connects the sensory neurone to the cordEffectorResponse
motor neurone C BrainEffectorResponse
D Brings impulses from the sensory StimuliResponseSpinal
organ to the central nervous system cordNerve endings
D StimuliResponseBrain
Nerve endings
8 Diagram 3 shows the structure of the
human brain and a part of spinal cord. 10 Body coordination is inherent in
every living thing. Which of the
following statements pertaining to the
function of body coordination is not
A Body coordination involves fast and
short-lived responses mediated by the
endocrine system.
B Body coordination helps to decide on
an appropriate course of action in
response to various external and
internal stimuli.
C Body coordination is essential for
survival of all living things as it helps
Diagram 3
the body to adapt to the changing
Which parts of the body are connected environment.
through the nerve labeled X? D Body coordination helps to maintain
A Balance and movement of muscles hormones at normal levels so that all
B Ears and nose body activities that are so regulated
C Nose and eyes can function correctly.
D Ears and glands

11 Diagram 5 shows one of the human 13 Diagram 6 shows the human nervous
endocrine glands. system.

Diagram 5
What is the immediate impact on a
man if gland X is removed from his Diagram 6
A His blood sugar level increases. Which part, P, Q or R, controls reflex
B His ability to overcome stress actions?
A P only
weakens. B Q and R only
C His body muscles and bones weaken. C P and Q only
D His body metabolic rate becomes D P, Q and R
14 Which of the following body parts
12 Which of the following is true about controls the blinking of the eye to
prevent the entry of small insects?
the components of the central
A Cerebrum
nervous system and peripheral B Spinal cord
nervous system of humans? C Spinal nerve
Central Peripheral D Medulla oblongata
nervous nervous
system system 15 Which of the following parts of the
body does not contain
A Brain, spinal Cranial
cord nerves, A Calf muscle
spinal nerves B Tendon
B Spinal nerves, Spinal cord, C Knee join
brain cranial D Spinal cord
C Cranial nerves, Brain, spinal 16 A stomach cell of a female mouse has
20 chromosomes. How many
spinal nerves cord chromosomes are there in its skin cell
D Spinal cord, Spinal and embryo cell?
cranial nerves nerves, brain
Skin cell Embryo cell
A 20 20
B 20 40
C 40 20
D 40 40