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Features & Benefits

The N extG eneration ofM odularPiping

A complete set of piping circuits with

bronze valves and stainless interconnecting
piping that are user friendly and low

The piping system is neatly arranged into

three convenient modules:
Top and bottom fill
Economizer/Pressure builder
Dual safety and vent

Simple by design yet robust and able to

support a broad range of customer
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Level& Pressure G auges
Standard level gauge is the ITT Barton
Model 227 differential pressure indicator.
Contents units are inches of H2O and cm of
H2O. A calchart disk is supplied with each
manual to allow customers to create
custom contents charts.
Optional level gauges include ITT Barton
Model 288A with alarm contacts, or
customer specified differential pressure
Standard pressure gauge comes with dual
psi/bar units on dial face.
Isolation valves are standard to facilitate
ease of service and replacement of
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gauges. 3
Top & Bottom Fill
Rego BK Series Globe Valves
Industry proven design
Spring loaded packing
Stainless steel stem with single piece seat disc
assembly featuring Kel-F seat
Rego T-Check Valve
High flow check valve with robust brass
body and bolt on flange for ease of service
Rego Hose Drain & Full Trycock Valve
Industry proven ES9450 series valve with Kel-F seat
for positive shutoff
Extended stainless stem for ease of closure when cold
Isolated Pressure Build System
HCV-3 and HCV-11 valves moved to PB circuit. This
permits isolation of PB circuit and maximizes filling
performance of tank

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Top & Bottom FillM odule

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Pressure M aintenance System
Combination Regulator 9
Proven, reliable Cash-Acme design
Provides performance equivalent to individual
Fewer connections and less piping
Single screw simultaneously adjusts both PB &
Economizer functions.
1/4 PBE-1 model used on VS-1500 and less, and 1/2
PBE-2 model used on VS-3000 and larger models
Starfin Aluminum Vaporizer 10
High flow capacity with precision welded
stainless/aluminum transitions for minimal
Y-pattern strainer in liquid line to protect the combination
regulator. 11
Isolation Valves 8
Circuit has three isolation valves (HCV-11, HCV-3,
HCV-17) to permit isolation of either PB or
Economizer circuit.
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Pressure M aintenance System

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Safety & VentSystem s
Herose diverter valve
Simple half turn to switch sides
Always fully open
Dual Relief Valves
UV stamped valves on ASME vessels
BAM approved valves on ADM vessels
Exceeds CGA flow requirements
Dual Rupture Disks
BS&B monel disk standard that provide
flow capacity for worst case conditions
(fire, loss of vacuum, and runaway
pressure builder)
Vent Valve
Rego BK series extended stem valve for
manual venting of vessel
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O therM VE Standard Piping C ircuits

TL/cdols/BulkTankTraining 072600 10
O ptionalPiping Accessories

Auto-Vent (for low pressure

operation of tank in liquid
applications) HCV-20 & PCV-3
Free standing ambient vaporizer
Final line assemblies
Sample ports on diverter valve
fitted with test valves (HCV-16)
Valves at C-1, C-2, C-3 and C-4

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R eplacem entParts BK9412 Series

TL/cdols/BulkTankTraining 072600 12
R eplacem entParts-BKY8408 Series

TL/cdols/BulkTankTraining 072600 13
R eplacem entParts-Tee C heck
TC V8500 Series

TL/cdols/BulkTankTraining 072600 14
R eplacem entParts forBKA8412S

TL/cdols/BulkTankTraining 072600 15
R eplacem entParts
H ose D rain Valve ES9450 and FullTrycock

TL/cdols/BulkTankTraining 072600 16
R eplacem entParts-BK9404

TL/cdols/BulkTankTraining 072600 17
R eplacem entParts-BK9408S

TL/cdols/BulkTankTraining 072600 18
R eplacem entParts PBE-1

TL/cdols/BulkTankTraining 072600 19
R eplacem entParts PBE-2

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