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| Ya a a MOONTONE P“] g Pm Seay CLT C1 (ole MO, 7} = : REA adh ere EL a Eh A Rage of Honor story: Foe Centife wt © color: Fermnde Plapco batocing: Tertt Poy fe wdltors: CF, Hhewdarton Han Skemp Lor! Stromt cour: Fernando Planer MOONSTONE Soe Gentile = vtfortn-chiefe Date Yanks > wr director Garrett Andétion - edttortal atthant Kin Wolak protection manager Lort Serout = markehing drsapor Kathleen CBrten - vob matter Toe Cente 2 Dave barskp pillars White Woff editorial. Han Skemp Rich Thomas Wie Tovey ‘The Legend of “Werewolf. the Apocalypse” ‘We are Garav;,weremolves) shopeshifters. We Gre crectures cof human falklore, their rightmares @nd their legends. But we ‘ore not who they believe us 10 be. We walk between worlds: the worlds of hunian Kireland or Mather Earth, the woblds of ‘lech AND spirit, and. the worlds of fage AND reason, “ThrouehaUr history, our brothers ond sisters finye. fought with fang, cla, and spietkterpratect Goia-the Earth Mother. This J Her Find! hour-our apocalypse ‘ThoUserids 6f years dgo, before humans used Winguage. to describe the events.of the past, the Earth Mother created ‘hres supernatural forces the Weaver ,the Whyd, and the Weym -to maintain bre:universe) The Weaver was she reality fabric-spinner force of Order ahd stricture. ‘The Wiyd was" ‘the breath of titein theinitg nature, which bréught an ener= Getic unpredictability-and:ehaas to all things, The Wrym was ‘originally the balence between eeder‘ard chaes.. Now creation ‘has tilted out of Bolance .and the Wyrm (has gral insane, cor: ‘rupting everything in its path.* Ee Tt Was the Earth Mather, thy. soy. who first taugh? ‘change. our shape. Ant it was ot Her command that we fos tered the fledgling human cace.-Many were-the shopeshitting linda, bute ware eon poverty hagest fegres: the Gardu, the werewolves. Together, welKept the humatt herds in. Mf ‘check. A conclave of qur tribes ruJet our kitid ‘and wejwere the ie Earth's dominant species’ oo 4 We reveled in our dominance and we sought to Contac al. shopeshifters. When tot ll wauld bow to oimmioht, Ane laimed aur ki to be a thredt to: Gaia's human children: retaliation for their defiance, we raged a'savage bcttle-agoinst ‘our changing Kind, "We rieverexpected That thade ve saught t0 protect would be the next to dissent, “The vidlence as do terrible that hurion kind furned tts backs an us all. While we carved igut-a‘paih in-blded, humand rele ‘ated us te myrhond legend, and begantheir own story. "Ge much did human kind deny our existence that to this day, hnumars who See Garou recent imo madness and forget what ‘they have seen ; fess rece Maa eeu loo come e Suns u ee CC uray an MM eR NR eae ial et ake teed Re eRe teen ae oa Ma eu RE dL 2 Tee nea oe Us esa cuCe a eu od Rie neice WE CAN SMELL THEM NOW. THEIR STEWCH FIRES RIGHT THROUGH YOUR SENSES, UNTIL YOU ARE ALMOST BUNT WITH RAGE.” "WE DION'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WE'? FIND OUT HERE, BUT THIS ISN'T A SURPRISE. THis 1S A TEST. WE WERE SENT HERE TO SURVIVE A TRIP TO THE CAVES AND BACK, NOTHING IS EVER THAT SIMPLE.” “THEY AZE TRYING 10 SEE IF WE ARE WORTHY OF BEING A PACK, WORTH IN BATTLE Is WHAT WE GET OF FENRIS AZE ALL ABOUT, BABY. WE DON'T SURRENZER, ANI? WE ZON'T TAKE PRISONERS. MAKES THINGS MUCH SIMPLER THAT WAY.” “THE GET OF FEWEIS PRIZES ITSELF ON BEING HE MOST HARZCORE OF ALL THE GAROU TRIBES. We PROVE IT EVERY DAY, TWENTY FOUR-SEVEN.’ "We ARE THe FAVORED "AS THE BLACK SPIRAL DANCERS = a 2 1E ARE ABOUT TO REMEMBER...’ "...AN? WE CERTAINLY ENIOY INE OF MOTHEZ GALA. HERE ARE ABOU Tecate we cota WE ARE THE REAL GAROU." “THESE FREAKS USED TO BE GAZOU UKE Us, BUT HAVE BEEN “TURNED”, CORRUPTED BY THE WYRM..." y *..6O THAT MEANS THEY'RE WEAK, AN? WEAKNESS IS A ROTTING INSULT 10 BUERYTHING WE STAND FOR.” "EVERYTHING THAT SPIRIT ENERGY OF BIL TOUCHES, WE "GET WiLL DESTROY. SIMPLE AS THAT.” “THIS GUY UP FRONT is MAN “LIGHTNING STRIKES "EACH PACK MEMBER HAs AROLETO FULFIL, ONE DEPENDENT UPON WHICH PHASE. OF THE MOON THEY'RE BORN UNDER." "WE CALL THAT "AHEOUN", AND His JOB Is OF THe “wareior/pRorector” fl VARIETY." Corrs in PERE ABOUT Piak” the elders think we should Work together. "THIS I "BLACKSTONE OF THE TWO-FACES' Blackstore! FOR HER, THEZE'S A VEZY THIN WALL BETWEEN HATE AN? LOVE. DON'T PUSH THROUGH IT.” ‘SHAR? TO GET THE FIRST TIME AW HER OUT OF MY HEAD.” "AND THAT VOICE! GO00 GOD, T WOULD Ear Ee an GLgS8 "WEAR THAT 8 COUPLE Ties & ORY! lon re JeLL, T 20, BUT NOT IN THE WAY 1 WANT. .AUPWMAX” “THAT'S MY MAI MAN, “ARROW TO THE HEART’ Blackstone! "He's OUR "FHILOPOX”, THE HALE THe JUDGE, THE Meee: of ARROWS DAMN LOGIC-BASED THOUGHT PROCESS 5 WELL SUITED FOR THE JOB, ALTHOUGH IT JUST MAKES IT HARDER TO ARGUE WITH HIM.’ "WED RATHER REA? A GOOD DETECTIVE STORY, THE ONLY THING HE REALLY Sees 10 ENJOY, FOR IT PLAYS INTO His SENSE OF Justice." ILL CARRYING THE WEIGHT Z| OF WiTNessING His FATHER'S DEATH YEARS AGO, BUT YOU'D NEVER KNW THAT STRAIGHT OFF. HE KEEPS IT ALL IN.” BURIES IT DEER” lag We CONNECT CALLED "SILVER TONGUE OF THE MANY MASKS", Bur JUST "siLWER" 7 THANK YOU." THE GIBBOUS MOON "GALLIARP” OF THE GROUP. TIM HE “TALE-SINGER", AND THE RECORDER OF DEEDS.” strong as its Arrow [s just as Weak as his stupid Father was. SafeP Nothing's safe, old man. There are guarantees in ‘this life, You find a way to let us know next time, or I'l run you through myself. had a varnina, ve could have vreally finished those guys. Hey, hey, I dian’ see any of about “saving your ase! Calm iver hae a And Siver, gift we weren't, we're a pack suse to always be thinking of Let's start thinking of how we can best use that to our advantage next time. ry about It, “little Buddha”, you'll bring us bck stronger places where’ ee next time. you neve to Pay far hat, you Know, Welll be Blackstone, am honored to Fight beside you day. T am clad kick ass, nny friend, One strike, and boom Yeah $0 what else do I need you for, give what's mine, ar ‘Sure. I can do business else- Where, no problem, “TURNS QUT, THE COUPLE SPIFALS WHO GOT AWAY BEFORE, WENT ANZ GOT SOME FRIENDS. AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT T HOPE IS GOING ON.” ‘There. don't come round here no, more. Nor no. come and see me Hey, dull-arrant, or whatever you call yourss self, COME ON down! I see through your now. Whet ig thet gfbberisssh supposed fo ssscare ‘Temperature Arrow, Is a state of you cool? ‘mind. an Blackstone, what are yeu gonnz da, card tricks? Always. And thanks for ze Show. rks. for watching they wake, they vill tell the others. They vill Fear us. I looked , it Hight in the chrough w the largest Fomor 2 tt looked FMA eword) then T tool poche air seer like the stinking, a bite out of It was over three 2 oulless coward its hide just stories tall because! we gotta do this one right mar, ust watch che Fireworks. “YOU SAI? ARROW HAMMER, WAS KILLED BY THE GIANT. YOU DIONT KNOW THAT HAMMER'S RAGE WOULD CARRY HIM BACK 1 YOU, WOUNDED, Bur AVE." Relax, buddy-boy. Er...con't forget who your friends are. “HE ACCUSED YOU IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SEPT, AND EVERY "GET" FROM ANYUIKERE NEAR WAS THERE THAT NIGHT. YOUR HONOR WOULON'T STAND FOR SUCH AN ASSALILT.” "MOST LOOKED AT HAMMER LIKE HE WAS A STRANGER OR ALUNATIC. SHORT MEMORIES. HAMMER WAS A TRUE HEZO MANY TIMES OVER. HE SAVED THis SEPT MORE TIMES THAN T CAN COUNT. PEOPLE FORGET, AND THE YOUNG CAN'T RELATE 70 HisTORY. ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF THElZ SMALL WORU? OF EXPERIENCE MEANS NOTHING 70 THEM. “HE TRIED TO TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU) BLOOD SEEKER, WERE A COWBED AND TANK OF THE HIYEM. = wee 7 BUT HE WAS MOST CONCERNED WITH SPILUNG YOUR BLOOD, SO HE DION'T CARE IF ANYONE BELIEVED HIM O@ NOT. His RAGE WAS BEYOND REASONING WITH ANYONe.* EVEN INJURED, HAMMER ACCEPTED. ON YOUR STRONGEST DAY, THERE WAS NO WAY YOU COULD BEST HIM, AND PROBABLY NOT THEN EITHEE, EVEN WITH THE CONDITION HE WAS IN.* "YOU HA? TO HAVE SOME PLAN ALZEADY PREPARED. I NEVER DID FIGURE IT OU BUT THERE HAP 10 BE SOMETHING...” “THEA, THE TIPE TURNED, “HAMMERS BOY ARROW WAS WITNESS TO THE WHOLE THING. “MAYBE WE SHOULD HAVE JUST LET HIM @O. A YOUNG PUP WOUL? NORMALLY HAVE NO CHANCE AGAINST YOU, BUT..." “ARROW DIP HAVE RIGHT ON HIS SIZE, AN? WHO KNOWS, MAYBE WE WEE WRONG 10 STOP HIM.” Cimon, pup. T'll plant you next to your fulleof-shit father. Enough! Blood Seeker, If tts more blood you want epilt, try to take mine. I'm ro kids and Tim not Injured “L ENJOYED THE MOMENT, BUT THE DAMAGE WAS DONE, IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. Your heart Is bleeding, and you're swimming in fury. Now is mot the time. Choose your moment wisely. T know, son, I know. "IT GAVE ME. PAUSE. THEN. HE HAZ UNTAPPED POWER TWAT WOULD EVENTUALLY THERE WAS A RIFT NOW IN THE SEPT, AN? THOSE ON My SIDE WERE Few, BUEN TO Tals DAY.” “THAT IS A SIGHT I WILL TAKE TO My GRAVE, THE BOY SeeMINGLY MASTERED HIS CONSUMING RAGE IN AN INSTANT, YET THERE Was A PALPABLE ENEZaY AZOUND HIM. who needs ya? ey AMT yor jakking's) These guys must be stepped betare they get too good. oh this GOH becatud. A We stou/a se Ye trekets, iso YEAH, THAT ALWAYS: LEAVES THEM 'STANDING/, “THEY ARE THE WYRM HUMAN EXPERIMENTS. THERES NOTHING HUMAN SO THAT'S WHAT I SMELLED. YOU KNOW, THE LAST. BATTLE HERE, ONE OF YOU KILLED YOUR OWN AND RAN AWAY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL T ALMOST PEED MYSELF TLLAUGHED ‘SO HARD. | 7 Ty ao You are staying down, bastard! Rican aero dood Peek for both of us. What really ors Coed Eee ae! iw Rio hat Foul Ce a] occas Coen Ded Seay way oF galning eer ceo of me." "SOON AFTER...” bi Aa? 7 nt es (NS ac eee | 4 aN T cannot abide your existence any longer! I'm This was sorry, but my last we all chance We got you justice, Arrow, my brother. I didn’t Ah: you want any are generous more of your to be $0, deaths on my kind. You had conscience. z, earned my uese the respect a long an's stil time ago, jot It, ehP I never Talon. doubted It. It doesn't take much effort: to be kind to such @ proud and wise warrior, Iam sorry for konored to Was it your loss, have Fought by{ you who brought ‘Arrow’ side | Karin Uarledobtir some time anybody for some fomor-head ncourage her) Lazarus. « See iat eee EOL oie oer ae eee eee ae