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Charlotte DAmbra

Lisa McAlister

ENG 112-103

July 2, 2017

Annotated Bibliography: Global Warming

Global Warming Is Human Caused. National Wildlife Federation,

Human-Caused.aspx. Accessed 2 July 2017. Human impact is a main point to my

research for this topic. This source does a great job explaining how global warming is

somewhat caused by human activities such as driving a car. This article is well written

and is easily understood. It was meant for education.

Global Warming. National Wildlife Federation,

Wildlife/Global-Warming.aspx. Accessed 2 July 2017. My overall topic is global

warming. This source does a great job explaining what that is and how it can affect

people all over the world. This will be great to use in the introduction of the paper as it

summarizes my big topic so that readers will get to understand my topic.

Harrison, Roy M., et al. Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Control. 4th ed., Cambridge, Royal

Society of Chemistry, 2014, docID=10621182. This

source is great for explaining a lot of concepts about my overall topic of global warming.

It focuses both on air and water pollution. For air pollution, it breaks it down by

explaining how it effects different layers of the atmosphere. Additionally, it explains the

different sources and how it effects people, marine life, and ecosystems throughout Earth.
It also guides the reader through legal aspects of pollution and environmentalism. All of

these topics are ones that I can surely use throughout my paper.

An Inconvenient Truth Then and Now: What's Changed for Our Climate Since 2006? Climate

Reality, 17 Jan. 2017,

now. Accessed 2 July 2017. This website was filled with useful information, but because

researchers want the most up-to-date information, this portion of the website is most

useful. It compares what is happening with climate change and global warming in 2006

and now. It talks about solar power, carbon emissions, electric cars, rising surface

temperatures, and rising sea levels. It also speaks briefly about the Paris Agreement and

what the future hold for Earth.

Mehling, Michael. United States. Encyclopedia of Global Warming & Climate Change, Edited

by S G Philander, 2nd ed., vol. 3, Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2012, pp. 1391

1396. Western North Carolina Library Network,


This source is great for dealing with legislature and legal aspects of environmentalism

and global warming. It also focuses primarily on the United States, which my paper is

focused on as well. It gives information on state and regional legislation. It also talks

specifically about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the Western Climate Initiative,

and the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Accord. At the end of the source, it also gives

further references based on presidential terms and policies and acts.

Pollutants. National Wildlife Federation,

Wildlife/Pollutants.aspx. Accessed 2 July 2017. Aside from human impacts on global

warming, another big subtopic is pollution. There are so many different kinds and are

both man made and natural, but all are affecting Earth. This article explains the different

types of pollution and how it is effecting climate change and global warming.

Murray, Robert, and Joe Kernen. Big Win for Big Coal. CNBC, 17 Feb. 2017,

Accessed 2 July 2017. This video interview is a main point for my counter argument. The

CEO of the number one coal mining company, Robert Murray, believes that global

warming is a hoax. He is backed by Donald Trump, the president of the United States.

Because these two men are very important people, this could be influencing Americans to

not care about this topic as much as they should.

Sea Levels: Then and Now. Climate Reality Project, 17 Jan. 2017,

-SeaLevel.png. The most important piece of evidence in support of global warming is the

rising sea levels. The sea levels rise due to melting ice. Alaska, Antarctica, and Greenland

are just some of the places where they are seeing significant levels of water rising. This is

due to the surface temperatures rising and then melting the ice. This picture is a good way

to show the statistics of this phenomenon.

Trump, Donald J. Donald Trump Tweet. Twitter, Twitter, 6 Nov. 2012, Accessed 2 July

2017. This is a direct source from Donald Trump himself. This a direct tweet that he

tweeted out in November of 2012. This was a main point for Hillary Clinton's campaign

during this years election. Even though he tweeted this 5 years ago, it is still relevant

today as he still believes this. This is a counter argument to the point my essay is trying to
prove. The president of the United States is a very influential person so many people

were impressed by this tweet.

Trump, Donald J. Global Warming Tweet. Twitter, Twitter, 2 Jan. 2014, Accessed 2 July

2017. This source is very similar to the other tweet from Donald Trump. This tweet said,

"This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is

freezing, record low temps and our GW scientists are stuck in ice." This is where readers

can really see his true opinion.