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Inner Meanings of Tantra: Satyen Rakshyate Dharmo, Vidya Yogen Rakshyate,Mrijya Rakshyate Patram, Kulam Sheelain

Sunday, August 12, 2012 The Mother

Shiv Swarodaya: Some interesting aspects

A yogi says that I can not control my mind, my senses but can control my breath. Thus
through control of breath, he controls every thing. This science of controlling the mind and
the senses through control of breath was explained by Lord Shiva to mother Parvati. Many
people have written similar texts on the science of breath taking the basic scripture in focus
and adding their own experiences to it. One such text is available from Bihar School of Yoga,
Munger, another is written by Yogi Yashpal (Randhir Publications, Hardwar) while another
one is written by Swami Charandas. As per the story, Swami Charan Das was given darshan
by Shukdev muni and taught this knowledge. He wrote it further in poetical language and the
book was printed by Venkateshwar press, Bombay by the name of Gyan Swarodaya. One
found that this book dealt more with the practical aspect of this science. Hence an effort to
assimilate both i.e. basic principles explained in Shiv Swarodaya and practical aspect in
various other publications is being tried here so that it becomes easy to understand and Shodashi

Body is covered by a network of nerves. A Yogi must have knowledge of it. From navel to the
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shoulders, there are 72,000 nerves. At the point from where they start, there is kundlini which
is coiled like a snake. Around this kundlini there are 10-10 nerves going angularly. Out of all Radheshwari
these, ten nerves are important. These nerves move in various directions like up, down and
crooked. They represent like a chakra and on them our prana-shakti is based.Out of the ten
nerves, three are the most important which are called Ida, Pingla and Sushumana.

Ida and Pingla run upwards on the sides of Sushumana and criss crossing each other at
regular intervals. Where they criss-cross each other, different chakras are located.

Inside Sushumana further concentric nadis of Vajrini, Chitrani, Brahm nadi are there. Brahm
nadi is the inner most of all the concentric nadis inside Sushumana and some time it is Blog Archive
referred to as the centre of Sushumana itself and not a separate nerve. As per yogic
August (5)
knowledge, all the chakras are located on this nadi and are not seen physically but
experienced in the deepest states of meditation. Ida located on the left side of Sushumana is
cooling and represents moon while Pingla located on the right side of the Sushumanan is
heating and represents Sun in our body.In other words it is also said that Pingla represents Followers
Prana while Ida represents mind.
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Chart no 1:
Sense Organ Element Cosmic Quality Attribute in our Body

Ear Space Sound Sex, Anger, Greed, Attachment &

Skin Air Touch To assimilate, to move, to throw,to
To contract.
Eyes Fire Form Sleep, Hunger, Thirst, Lethargy & Klanti.
Tongue Water Taste Semen, Blood, Urine, Stool and .
Nose Earth Smell Bone, Nails, Skin, Flesh and Hair.

The whole practise of this science is based on being able to first distinguish which nadi in our Follow
body is working at any time, whether Ida, Pingla or Sushumana. This is to be checked
through the flow of breath in either of the nasal passages. After that one has to distinguish
which element is flowing at that moment to draw further conclusions. As per scripture of
Swarodaya eight different types of symptoms have been explained to understand the whole
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process. They are Element count1, Breath sandhi2, Swar form3, Place4, Element detail5,
Element measurement6, Taste7 and Speed8. Subm
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To experience this, first one should sit straight and focus ones gaze at the tip of the
nose.Slowly mind will become peaceful and one will be able to find out as to which nasal
passage is flowing at that very moment, whether right or left. If right is flowing, it means Akhand Mahayog (14)
Pingla is working and if left is flowing then it means Ida is flowing. If we are unable to
distinguish between the two then it means that Shunya Nadi is working i.e Sushumana is Avdhoot (3)
open. When either of Ida and Pingla is open then five elements keep changing in them. In
normal healthy person, time taken to rotate all the five elements through one nostril is about Banaras (1)
one hour (2.5 ghari).
Charak Samhita (1)
Deepawali (2)

In all there are five different tattvas in whole of the creation. Same is true in case of human From Puran (23)
body. These elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.
General (1)
Kundlini (1)
Chaturasram Chardhchandram Trikonam Vartulam Smritam,
Poetry (1)
Bindubhistu Nabho Gyeyam Akaaraaiswatva Lakshanam.
Poojan (2)
Take a mirror and blow your breath on it and immediately ascertain the form left on it. If it is
SQUARE it represents Earth element, if it is HALF MOON shaped it represents WATER Tantra (33)
element, if its TRIANGULAR then it represents FIRE element, if it is ROUND then it
represents AIR element and if it a mixture of SPOTS then it represents ETHER or SPACE Teachings (4)
Thoughts (2)
Upnishad (22)
bottom or at the top or in the centre or along the sides or all around. When it is flowing Yatra (10)
along the bottom its WATER element, when it is flowing along the top it is called FIRE
element, when it is in the centre of both the above it is Earth element. If it is flowing along Yoga (14)
the sides then it is AIR element and when it is flowing touching all the sides of the nasal
passage it is called SPACE element.

4.MEASUREMENT(Length of breath):

Sit in a comfortable position and watch your breath for some time. Let the heart beat become
normal and then moisten your fingers with water and place them at a distance from your
nose tip in the direction of breath flow. Try to feel it on your fingers by drawing it closer and
closer from a distance of 25-30 finger width. The moment we start feeling the coolness
created on water moistened fingers, it means our breath is reaching up to that point at that
very time. Here, we should measure the length of breath.

When Air element is there in the exhaled breath then length will be 8 fingers,
When Fire element is there in the exhaled breath then length will be 4 fingers,
When Earth element is there in the exhaled breath then length will be 12 fingers,
When Water element is there in the exhaled breath then length will be 16 fingers,
When Space element is there in the exhaled breath then length will be 20 fingers


Mahiyam Madhuram Swadu, Kashayam Jalamev Ch,

Tiktam Tejo Vayuramlam, Akasham Katukamstatha.

Getting up in the morning, we should experience the taste on our tongue which would
indicate the element working in our body at that time.

Meetha/Sweet taste Earth element

Kshaya/ Alkaline taste Water element
Tikt/Pungent taste Fire element
Khatta/Sour Taste Air element
Katu/Bitter taste Space element


By meditating on the beej mantra of each tatva one arrives at its dhyan. Tantra shastra
explains the various beej dhyans as follows.

Lam Beejam Dharneem Dhyayayet Chaturasram Supeetabhaam,

Sugandham Swarnvarnaam Tvamarogyam Hehladhwam.

Lam beej is the dhyan mantra of EARTH element. It is associated with Mooladhar chakra.
One should sit comfortably keeping one back erect and focus on its dhyan in the chidakaash
chanting the LAM beej in the tone of SA of saptak. The note should sound in such a way that
vibrations are felt in the area between anus and scrotum in males while at the end of cervix
in case of women. It is square in form and of yellow colour like that of gold with fragrance. It
keeps the body disease free and light.

Vam beej Varunaam dhyayet Ardhchandram Shashi Prabham,

Kshutpipasa Sahishnutam Jalmadhyeshu Majjanam.

Vam beej is for WATER element. It is associated with Swadhishthan chakra.While chanting
this beej one should meditate on water element.It is of the form of half crescent moon, white
in colour, shinning. It sets one free from hunger and thirst. It gives one power over water and
such a person can not drown in water.

Ram beejamshikhinam Dhyayet Trikonam Arunaprabham,

Bahvannpaanbhoktritvam Tapagnisahishunta.

Ram beej represents FIRE element. It is associated with Manipur chakra. While chanting this
beej one should meditate on a triangular form, red in colour like that of rising sun. It gives
power to digest food and to bear strong sun light and heat.

YAM beej mantra is for AIR element. It is associated with Anahat chakra. While chanting this
beej one should meditate on a circular form which is dark in colour. It gives one power to fly
like a bird.

Ham Beej Gagnam Dhyayet Nirakaram Bahuprabham,

Gyanam Trikaal Vishyam Aishwaryam Animadikam.

Ham beej represents ETHER element and is nirakaar. It is associated with Vishudhi chakra.
While chanting this beej one should meditate on a space with dots of many different colours.
This gives power like Anima and one can know past, present and future.
In the morning one should sit in dhyan and do jyoti mudra to inspect the tatva as per the
colour seen in chidakaash.


Sitting in a comfortable asan one should observe ones breath in the nasal passage. Thus
one can differentiate between Sun and Moon or Pingla and Ida. Then one can further
observe the tattva flowing through it.Thus a combination of the nasal passage and the tattva
prevailing there would help us in predictions later on.


Breath is further differentiated by its speed. Different species breath with different speed.
While our emotions can also change the pattern of breath as has been seen and established
already by our ancient Rishis.

Gamane tu Chaturvinshinnetravedastu Dhavane,

Mathune Panchshashtishch Shayane Ch Shatangulam.

While going and coming it flows for a length of 24 fingers, while running it flows to a length of
42 finger width, while in coitus it flows to 65 finger width length and during deep sleep it flows
up to 100 finger width, while eating it flows to a length of 18 fingers, while vaman it goes up
to 18 fingers.

A child may breath 40 times per minute, an athlete while running 18-22 times per minute,
during sex one may breath 35-40 times a minute. While sleeping soundly our breath may be

A tortoise breathes 4-5 times a minute. Like this different animals have different rates of

Thus with the help of above, we can know our breath at any given point of time. Normally,
each nasal passage works for one hour and in that hour all the five elements rotate. Then the
breath moves over to the other nasal passage and same way the elements are rotated in that
nasal passage too. This way breath keeps on changing throughout the day naturally. Yogis
devised ways to change it at will. Various methods which can help us experience the
changing of breath
are enumerated below.

As per yogis, ones endeavour should always be reduce the length of breath. Normally our
exhaling breath goes up to 12 finger length. One should work to towards reducing it ONE
finger width each time. As it is reduced thus various powers are achieved by the yogi as
detailed below,

Reducing the breath length by 01 to 11 fingers one gets ,Nishkamata or no desire'.

Reducing the breath length by 02 to 10 fingers one gets 'Anand'.
Reducing the breath length by 03 to 09 fingers one develops 'sexual energy'.
Reducing the breath length by 04 to 08 fingers one gets 'power behind his speech'.
Reducing the breath length by 05 to 07 fingers one gets 'power to see things at far off
Reducing the breath length by 06 to 06 fingers one gets 'power to fly in air'.
Reducing the breath length by 07 to 05 fingers one gets 'great Power'.
Reducing the breath length by 08 to 04 fingers one gets 'Asht sidhi'.
Reducing the breath length by 09 to 03 fingers one gets 'Nav Nidhi'.
Reducing the breath length by 10 to 02 fingers one gets 'darshan of ten statues'
Reducing the breath length by 11 to 01 fingers one gets 'Chaya, subtle form'.
Reducing the breath length by 12 fingers and coming to the tip of the nose one becomes
'Param Hamsa yogi'.

When the breath is reduced to the tip of the nose i.e one is able to breath right from the tip of
the nose and exhale just at the tip of the nose then it becomes so subtle that yogis
dependence of the five elements of the world is reduced almost to zero. He is not affected by
nature and dwells in his own self and is called Paramhamsa.

Breath is manipulated by yogi to perform various karmas. Thus they devised methods to
change them as given below:

1. Which ever nasal passage is working lie on that side for some time. Breath will
change to other side automatically in few minutes.
2. If you want to run right hand nasal passage lick pure honey.
3. If you want to run left hand nasal passage then lick pure desi ghee.
4. Which ever nasal passage one wants to close, put some hard round object in that side
armpit and hold it for some time. After few minutes the breath will move to other side
5. Just by concentrating on one nasal passage also it can be changed.
6. It can also be changed just by thinking. A yogi wishes to change his breath and it
changes on its own. But one needs great practise to do it. Further more with the help
of Mudras also, we can also change the element in the breaths though they can be
changed just by thought and concentration by an adept.

Normally, breath takes a set pattern in Shukla (waxing moon time) and Krishan paksh
(waning moon time). On the pratipada (first day) of Shukla paksh /waxing moon at sunrise
IDA or left nasal passage works first. It happens for three days continuously and then next
three days PINGLA or right nasal passage starts working from the sunrise time. Thus they
alternate every three days. While in case of Krishan paksh/waning moon time from the
pratipada sunrise for first three days Pingla flows. Next three days Ida starts in the morning.
Thus it keeps on alternating for 3-3 days.

Karm indriya for WATER is TONGUE; for SPACE or ETHER is EARS; for EARTH is NOSE;
for AIR is SKIN; for FIRE is EYES. Anyone who tames all of them gets peace.

Agni has five attributes; Sleep1, Sex2, Laziness3, Thirst4 and Hunger5.
Water has five attributes; Blood1, Semen2, Cough3,Urine4 and Fat5.
Earth has five attributes; Skin1, Bones2, Nerves3, Hair4 and Flesh5.
Air has five attributes; to apply power1, Run2, getting up and down3, Expansion4 and
Ether element has five attributes; Sexual desire1, Anger2, Greed3, Pride4, Fear5.
Thus the five senses of cognition, five senses of karma, ten pranas,five elements etc
become 25 in number but actually they are all one only.

Generally the elements flow in a particular sequence inside our nasal passage. They
change from Air to Fire to Earth to WATER and to SPACE.

When Sun arises run Right and when Moon arises run Left, it will give success.
During the flow of right nasal passage even the most difficult knowledge can be easily

Chandrah Sampadah Kaaryo Ravistu Vishmah Sada,

Poornpadam Puruskritya Yatra bhavti Sidhida.

When left swar is working put left foot front and when right passage is working put right foot
front, one who does like this during all yatras gets desired fruit out it.

Yatrange Vahate Vayustadang Karastaat,

Suptouthito Mukham Sprishtava Labhate Vanchitam Phalam.

Which ever side is flowing, touch ones face with side hand to get desired fruit.

Pardate Tatha Grahe Grihannirgamanoapi Ch,

Yadange Vahate Nadi Grahm Ten Karanghrina.

Which ever side is flowing, perform work with that side hand and put that side foot front to
move out, doing this way one achieves the desired fruit.
No result is achieved by making anybody sit on the flowing side of the swar, result is received
only when the person is made to sit on the non flowing side.
Moon flow or left flow even neutralizes poison.
Sun flow or right hand flow helps control even the powerful.
Sushumana flow is only for moksha. Bhajan etc done during this time is millions of times
more effective then other times.
During eclipse time if a husband cuts anything with a knife, when his wife is also pregnant
then the child inside the womb is affected. This time is good for yogabhyas or remembrance
of god.
When Sushumana is working at that time both boon and curse are ineffective. Only poojan
and alms giving should be performed during this time.
Earth element is Mercury, Water element is Moon, Fire element is Sun and Mars, Air
element is Saturn and Rahu while Space element is Jupiter.
When Right swar is working and Air element is there, it means at that moment Rahu/Saturn
are there with Sun. The traveller will travel from one place to another.
When Right swar is working and Water element is there, then he will return from his travels.
When Right swar is working and Earth element is there, Where ever he has gone he will saty
there only.
When Right swar is working and Fire element is there, then his worldly stay may even finish.

If he asks a secret question then,

If Earth element is flowing then question is regarding trees and vegetation.
If Water element is flowing then question is regarding any propitious endeavours.
If Fire element is flowing then question is regarding some metals.
If Space element is flowing then there is NO question at all.

During Abhijit yog all endeavours will be successful. Timing should be between 11.30 to
12.30 duirng day time. If one is not able to finalise anything then work should be done during
this time only.
If questioner comes during Sushumana flow tell him to perform pooja etc ONLY and nothing


Tuesday, Sunday and Saturday are three auspicious days for Sun while Monday, Friday and
Thursday are three days for Moon.
If on the days of Sun pingla starts first it s good for body and beneficial for worldly pursuits
and if during Krishan paksh moon flows, its again good.
If during Shukla paksh, Sun (right nasal passage) flows it gives pain, mental agony, loss,
fever and clouded thinking.
If during Shuklapaksh, moon flows it is good.
When right nasal passage is working and someone comes on left side and asks a
question,and it is not shukla paksh, it will not give positive result.
If right side is working and the questioner sitting on right hand side asks a question, then
work will be successful provided tithi, day and lagn all match.
If left side is working and person asks question sitting on left side, with all the above
conditions same then also work will be fruitful.
If during Right passage working any one asks any question, then counting the letters or
Varnas of question one can predict the success. If they are 5 or 7 or 9 or 15 or 25, work will
be a success.
If during Left passage flow we count the letters, then for success they should be 4 or 8 or 12
or 14 or 16.
If during Right passage, KARK, TULA, MESH and MAKAR are working then all CHAR karya
will be successful.
If during Left nasal passage working VRISHCHIK, VRISH and KUMBH rashis are arisen then
all the STHIR karya will be a success.

During Mesh Samkranti:

During the Left passage flow when Earth or Water elements are flowing in the breath, if any
one asks a question, it will be a success.
If Fire, Air or Ether are flowing any time in the breath, no work will be successful.
Water and Earth are always for Sthir karya while Fire and Air are for Char karya in the right
side flow.
If any one asks about the well being of a patient sitting on the left side and earth element is
flowing in it, the patient will survive. If during this time right side passage is working then
chances of survival are bleak.
If coming from the non flowing side, questioner sits on the flowing side and asks a question
then all the worldly pursuits will bear result. If coming from the flowing side and sitting on the
non flowing side such a question is asked all worldly pursuits will be a failure.
In general whether left or right what ever is asked sitting on the flowing passage side will
bear good result but will take about one year time.
If coming from the flowing side and sitting on the closed side a question is asked about a
patient his chances of survival are nil.
If in the left flow, Earth element is arisen then it will be good for the country and its citizens.
Agricultural produce will also be good. If Water element is flowing in the left passage then lot
of rains will result and give bumper crops.Thus Earth and Water both elements are
During Mesh samkranti, Fire element flows all he citizens will face problems, rains will be
scarce and difficulty for the country.
If Air element is flowing in the breath then a state of war inside the country.
When Ether element flows then there will be no rains and no crops.

In the Month of Chaitra:

During shukla paksh, Earth or Water element flows in Left flow then abundant rains, people
and King happy.

If Earth and water flow in the right hand flow then the results will be medium.
If right in the morning Sushumana starts working, it is not a good omen for anything. There
may be uprisings in the country and killings may occur.
If Ether element flows right in the morning then great disturbances takes place in the state.
There will be no rains and people will be distressed if Ether element is working.
If FIRE element flows in the breath people will become distressed and king will lose his glory.
If AIR element is flowing the breath then fear and Klesh will prevail in the state and whole
populace will be distressed.


Marriage, Daan, visiting of sacred places, buying of new clothes, ornaments, writing of
books, yogabhyas, growing of medicinal plants, take diksha or any mantra, buying of lands,
building of houses, making gardens etc all these things should be done during the flow of


To attack enemy, go to war, to eat food, to take bath, to make love, to write accounting
books, to buy horses, elephants and chariots, to undertake learning of new knowledge,
mantra sidhi etc are all works during the flow of Sun or pingla or right nasal passage.
When SUSHUMANA starts flowing then duality starts.When breath is changing again again
and again in left and right then it indicates Sushumana flow. During that time do not do any
work, as it will be a loosing proposition. One will get mental pain or distress only. During this
time do only yoga and atam chintan.
When left nasal passage is flowing do not undertake journey towards EAST and NORTH,
one would face failure. Even one may not come back.
When Right is working do not travel in WEST and SOUTH direction, else it will result in mild
When right passage is working then do travel towards EAST and NORTH. It will result in
peace, money as all works will be successfully completed.
During the LEFT passage flow, go to countries which are in SOUTH or WEST direction. One
would get peace and anand there.
When questioner comes from right side and sits on the right side and right nasal passage is
blocked and not working then the work will not be successful.
If somebody comes and puts up a question while inhalation is on then work will be done
while on the other hand exhalation is going on then no work will be completed.
One should sleep on left side, eat on right side and drink while left is working. It will result in
If on the other hand one sleeps on the right side, eats when left passage is working and
drinks during right passage working then within ten days one attracts disease.
One should urinate when left passage is working.
One who runs his left side passage during day and right side passage during night, he gets
long life.
If right side breath flows for 8 prahar without any change then one lives for only 03 years
If right side breath works for 16 prahars then life expectancy is only 02 years.
If right side continuously works for 03 nights and days, then life expectancy will only be 01
If for 16 days it flows continuously on the right side then life span is only 01 month.
If for one month right passage flows continuously then life span is 02 days.
If Sushumana flows for 05 ghari( 24x5 minutes) then on completion of it one immediately
If neither left nor right passage is working but breath is working through mouth then life span
is only 04 Ghari i.e 1 hr 36 minutes.
When left passage works for 4, 8, 12, 20 days continuously then one should predict long life.
If for three days and nights Ether element is working then span of life is only 01 year.
If during the day Moon works and during the night Sun works then death is far off.
If at night Chandra or left passage works and during the day Sun or right passage works then
life expectancy is only 06 months.
When a yogi comes to know that his life expectancy is only six months, he should
immediately retire to a cave in mountains. Lift APAN up and join it with PRAN and sit in
Samadhi so that kaal may not kill. He should raise them through Suhumana and rest in
Amarpur where Yamraj and his attendants have no control or say. Reaching the nabh mandal
(sahasrar) he should dwell in UNMANI (no mind state) where there is no kaal or death and
one is free of all kinds of pains and bondages.
When mind disappears in unmani then one looses one self from one. At that time one should
practice tri bandh (Mool bandh, Udiyan bandh and Jalandhar bandh) and move in
Sushumana then he will be able to watch great leela. Where mind disappears, there Shakti
meets Shiva and Mahakhechari is experienced. At that time great knowledge dawns.

One should sit in padamasan, keep one back straight and meditate on space or nabho
mandal. Both sun and moon should be balanced and chin be locked. Piercing all the six
chakras one should reach shunya shikhar i.e Sahasrar. Then one should dwell in
Sushumana and have darshan of param jyoti ( light) and ones faith get more stronger. One
who has thus practised will only be able to save oneself from kaal or death. All the practise
should be done during youth only then it can be used at the time of death. A yogi who is
adept in movement of pran through various channels can leave his body at will and through
any of the ten doors as per his desire.
Yogi who leaves his body piercing the Sun gets Sayujya mukti.

When Sun is in Dakshinayan and it is krishan paksh (waning moon), yogi should not leave
his body.

When Shukla paksh is there and it is the time of Utrayan then only he should leave his body.
There is no doubt he will get mukti as a drop mixes with ocean and looses its own self and
becomes an ocean itself.
A yogi should always be busy in yog and observing his breath and when he sees time of
death approaching he should move his pran up in to nabho mandal. Slowly slowly who
practice like this, kaal can not eat him.
One who goes to fight battle with right passage flowing wins. If both side attackers are
running right swar then whosoever attacks first will win.
When Sushumana is flowing do not go in to battlefield at all as it may result in your own
If left passage is flowing with EARTH element in it and enemy attacks then one would very
easily neutralise it.
When ever WATER or EARTH element is flowing, hear with attention, it will give positive
When AIR, FIRE or ETHER flows, never do anything as it will always be a loosing
While going on yatra if right passage is flowing put right foot front if left passage is flowing
put left foot front.

During FIRE element flow, one will face death like pain.
During WATER element flow, one gets PEACE of mind.
During AIR element flow, one gets success in Uchatan.
During EARTH element flow, then one gets success in Stambhan.
During ETHER element flow, one gets ordinary results.

A newly born child during his first year urinates during left swar and defecates during right
swar. But during coming of teeth this system is broken and hence pain is experienced. If one
puts a bangle of copper then pain is reduced and teeth come out easily. Copper belongs to
both Sun and Mars.

If any one questions about the gender of child yet to be born then observe the breath. If left
is flowing then girl child and if right is flowing male child.
If he comes at the moment when right passage has just started else left was working then
chances of survival are not there.
If ETHER element is flowing and questioner asks about the gender of the child, then it will
result in a neuter gender.
If AIR element is flowing and one comes to enquire about the child then it will not increase in
the womb and wont result in a birth.
If the breath flow ALTERNATES between left and right side and questioner asks coming on
the flowing passage then no child if on non flowing side then child will be born.
One whose breath flows for 21,600 times in twenty four hours, he experiences a life of 100
years i.e long life.
When death arrives, one should control all the senses and use this technique of breath. This
way untimely death is transcended and one lives full life.
For this to happen one should EAT subtle food, should not SLEEP too much, should DRINK
less water and should SPEAK little.
If one wants moksha then one should let go of all the desires and dwell in the name of the
lord always. Thus chanting His name one should forget this body of five elements and taste
of all the senses. This is the way of mukti as told by the Guru to the writer Charandas.

Chart 2

Element Door Colour Food

Earth Mouth Yellow Eating and Drinking

Fire Eyes Red Greed and Attachment
Water Organ of White Sexual act
Air Nose Green Fragrance and bad smell
Ether Ears Dark colour Good and Bad wordings

We can infer from above that whose earth element is predominant he would always like to
eat, or if a person is in the habit of eating too much we can say that he has predominant
earth element. This way one can infer all the five elements and their effects on personality.

One should burn the antahkaran chatushtaya Man(mind), Budhi(intellect), Chit and
Ahamkaar(Ego) with the knowledge of fire.

In the Mooladhar lotus which has four petal of red colour where lord Ganesh dwells one
should 600 jap of LAM beej.

In the Swadhishthan lotus which is with 6 petals and is of Yellow colour, where Brahm Savitri
is established and one should perform 6000 jap of VAM beej mantra.

In the Manipur chakra which as ten petals and is blue in colour and where Vishnu and luxmi
reside one should do 6000 japa of RAM beej.

Twelve petalled Anhat chakra is located in the heart and is white in colour. Shiv shakti reside
here and one should perform 6000 japa of YAM beej.
Sixteen petal lotus is located in the neck, it is like moon and one should do 1000 jap of HAM
beej here.

After this comes Agya chakra in the eyebrow centre which has two petals and where great
light is seen. Here one should perform 1000 jap of the beej mantra OM.

After this comes Sahasrar chakra inside skull top. It has 1000 petals and 1000 jap of mantra
is done here too. Beej mantra here is THAM. This way we do 21600 times mantra jap duing
the day.
A yogi who moves in his Sushumana all the time also is able to hear the ten different antar
naads as below:

1. Like a bee 5. Taal 9. Nafiri/Clarinet

2. Like Ghungaroo(Jingling bells worn by dancers) 6. Flute 10. Roar of a Lion.
3. Like a Conch 7. Bheri/Siren or Drum
4. Like a gong 8. Mridang or Pakhawaj

A yogi moves in these ten naads all the time. Thus he experiences all the ten pranas, three
bandhas, various mudras and ten gates in the body out of which nine are open and one is
closed. The nine which seem to be open are actually closed while the one which seems
closed is open.
If during earth element one goes to battle both sides will remain equal.But during Fire
element one would loose, During ETHER element one will lose prana in the battle field and
will not come back.
A child born in Earth element will be a king. He will have great wealth and good looking body.
In FIRE element, even if one conceives, it will not result in deliver and mother will have very
hard time.
If a man mates with his partner during right passage flow with Air element in it then child will
be born but disease will come in to the body.

Skandweye Sthito Vanhir Nabhimoole Prabhanjanah,

Janudeshe Kshitistoyam Padante Mastake Nabhah .
Both the shoulders are the place for FIRE element, Navel is place of AIR element, Knees
are the place of EARTH element, feet are place for WATER element and head is the place
for ETHER or SPACE element.

In the earth element flow of breath is slow, upto chin and is good for Sthri karya, in water
element flow is FAST n COOL and good for Good undertakings, in air element flow is
crooked and some time warm some time cold-good for Char karya while during Fire element
it is a mixture of all colours and most successful for Yogis alone and worse for worldly

Apporvpashchime Prithvi Tejashch Dakshine Tatha,

Vayushchuttaredigyeyo Madhye kongatam Nabhah.

In the sky, Earth element resides from East to West; Fire resides in South; Air resides in
North and Space resides in Centre.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday-Left passage flow during Shukla paksha, it is
very beneficial.
Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday during Krishan paksh if right passage is flowing, it is very
In far off lands Left swar and in near by place Right swar, when one enters battle field one
becomes victorious.

If in male Sun is flowing and in a female Moon is flowing it will result in male child.
If in male Moon is flowing and in a female Sun is flowing then it will result in female child.

Generally, as per yogis, gender and attributes of the offspring can also be decided from the
menstrual cycle dates. Leaving aside the first three days, from the fourth day onwards
conceptions will result as per the following details:
4th day conception will result in a son with shorter life span and will be poor and wretched.
5th day conception will result in a daughter who will give happiness.
6th day conception will result in a son with medium life span.
7th day conception will result in a daughter who will not be able to reproduce further.
8th day conception will result in a son who will be wealthy, affluent.
9th day conception will result in a daughter who will also be wealthy, affluent.
10th day conception will result in a son who will be clever.
11th day conception will result in a daughter with bad character.
12th day conception will result in a son who will be best.
13th day conception will result in a daughter who will marry out of cast.
14th day conception will result in a son with all the best attributes.
15th day conception will result in a daughter having great luck.
16th day conception will result in a great son.

Thus on EVEN days boys are born, on ODD days girl children are born.

Thus has been enumerated in shastra by our ancient Rishis.

Trust all will like this knowledge our ancient Rishis blessed us with.....In case of any kind of
mistake in typing or content do inform and do overlook....Om!.....

Posted by Suneet Joshi at 21:23

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Jagdish S Kashyap 31 August 2012 at 22:08

I used to wonder why in the sequence of Ham Yam Ram Lam Vam, the vam beej
comes after lam beej. i used connect it to the sequence of the chakras. now i know
where it comes from.. AUM

Devendra 22 December 2012 at 10:13

Suneet Joshi Ji, I want to discuss some things with you so I would appreciate if you
can provide your Chandigarh contact no. I am based at Mumbai and very much
interested in this Swara shastra as know bit of Astrology and used to be a TAROT
card reader........ this Swarodaya is really something which I feel is very important for
everyone. Hope to hear you soon


gyan_guru 1 September 2013 at 14:09

great work


Rajiv 3 December 2013 at 22:53

I was going through your blog on Shiv Swaroday.
I came across one sentence of your's...
"No result is achieved by making anybody sit on the flowing side of the swar, result is
received only when the person is made to sit on the non flowing side."
But on sentence before this one says .... " Which ever side is flowing, perform work
with that side hand and put that side foot front to move out, doing this way one
achieves the desired fruit."

I found this slightly confusing. If you can explain this further, It would be of great
My email id is

Thanks & Regards,




Shaktanand 19 January 2017 at 11:39

First sloka is for the situation when someone has come and asked you a
Second sloka is when you are performing those acts.
Srry for delayed response. Jst saw it today. Hope it answers your


RPS Sai 29 April 2016 at 00:06

Excellent job


RPS Sai 29 April 2016 at 00:06

Excellent job


Suneet Joshi 29 April 2016 at 20:30

Thanks for inspiring....Om!


Anonymous 17 January 2017 at 07:13

Yam beej text, in Sanskrit I presume, is missing in the text above. It goes directly into
English text/translation. Could you please add or reference the source? Thanks!

Shaktanand 19 January 2017 at 11:40

Will check and let you know soon...Om!


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