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Are You Ready to Attempt CIW 1D0-520 Exam?

If you are interested in validating your skills to advance your career then you must attempt 1D0-520 CIW Web Design exam. As,
this 1D0-520 CIW Site Designer exam validates your skills and measures your ability to accomplish the technical task such as
Web Designing etc. Although each technology varies in complexity and depth of technical knowledge, 1D0-520 CIW Web
Design certification exams target customers in an IT Professional Expert, Web and Graphic Artist for day-to-day monitoring,
maintenance, and basic troubleshooting (diagnosis and/or repair).

CIW 1D0-520 Exam Information

Number of Questions: In CIW Web Design 1D0-520 Exam you will be asked 139 questions and the format of exams would be
Multiple Choice Question. A candidate would be given 90 minutes to attempt the exam. CIW 1D0-520 CIW Site Designer
Certification exam is considered as the front-runner in the advancement of credentials and knowledge of the Professionals, also it
provides a platform to initiate with more advanced abilities in the field. 1D0-520 CIW Site Designer exam certifies that you are
equipped with a strong foundation of Web Designing, and . If you really aspire to achieve a good status job, then you must pass
the 1D0-520 CIW Web Design Certification, as it will lead you to the excellence. As, this certification will increase the
proficiency level of working competently with the database. Its no easy to pass 1D0-520 CIW Web Design Exam, it requires a lot
efforts and practice to perform well in the CIW Site Designer exam.

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Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 1

1D0-520 Exam
V5 CIW Site Designer

Thaok yiu fir Diwolianaog 1D0-520 exau PDF Deui

Yiu .ao alsi try iur 1D0-520 tra.t.e exau sifware

Diwolian Free Deuis

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 2

Question 1

Susao as .reatog siue annatioal auages fir her .ustiuer's Wee satew Ooe auage wall ee usen
reteatenly io sate tagesw Hiwever, ao irner ti suttirt the sate's .ilir s.heue, she
waots ioe shate ao the auage's ea.kgriuon ti ee a nafereot .ilir io ea.h tagew What as the eest
way fir Susao ti a..iutlash thas task?

Aw Create the auage usaog layers fir ats nafereot .iutioeotsw

Bw Create the auage usaog seraes fir ats nafereot .iutioeotsw
Cw Create the auage usaog tages fir ats nafereot .iutioeotsw
Dw Create the auage usaog fraues fir ats nafereot .iutioeotsw

Aoswern A

Question 2

Ciosuela as utnatog her .iutaoy's Wee satew She waots ti ann ao auage that as 1,414 taxels ey 724
taxelsw Her sate aunaeo.e geoerally uses a uioatir resilutio if 1024x768w Usaog Farewirks, hiw .ao
she anjust the auage ti ft the users' uioatirs?

Aw Resautle the auage ti anjust the traot sazew

Bw Resautle the auage ti ao.rease the resilutiow
Cw Resautle the auage ti ne.rease the .ilir netthw
Dw Resautle the auage ti ne.rease the taxel naueosaiosw

Aoswern D

Question 3

User feenea.k .ao ee evaluaten ao uaoy waysw Wha.h if the filliwaog uethins as uire quaottatve
thao nare.t user feenea.k, aon wall trivane aonare.t feenea.k friu the uajiraty if users whi ni oit

Aw User surveys
Bw Sate server ligs
Cw Oolaoe e-uaal laoks
Dw Ott-ao eulk uaal

Aoswern B

Question 4

Jaren as .reatog ao aotera.tve Wee sate that as exte.ten ti restion ti heavy traf.w He oeens ti

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 3

request oew harnware ao irner ti eualn a stagaog serverw What requareueot if the stagaog server
shiuln he ee aware if wheo irneraog the oew harnware?

Aw The stagaog server shiuln have the saue harnware aon sifware .iofguratio as the trinu.tio
Bw The stagaog server shiuln have a nafereot iteratog systeu friu that if the trinu.tio server fir
fexaealaty nuraog testogw
Cw The stagaog server shiuln have a sliwer tri.essir aon less RAM thao the trinu.tio server
ee.ause at as just a test serverw
Dw The stagaog server shiuln have uire RAM aon a faster tri.essir thao the trinu.tio server
ee.ause testog as uire aoteosave thao trinu.tio usew

Aoswern A

Question 5

Ciosaner the filliwaog .ines

<a href=""o <aug sr.=".aw-ligiwgaf" wanth="231" heaght="84"
eirner="0":o <:ao The tre.enaog .ine seeus ti reoner triterly ao uulttle Wee eriwsersw
Hiwever, at wall oit valanate ti W3C staonarnsw Wha.h if the filliwaog uust ee annen?

Aw The alt atraeute

Bw A laoken style sheet
Cw A .lisaog <:augo tag
Dw Ao eueennen style sheet

Aoswern A

Question 6

Io wha.h if the filliwaog firuats ni gratha. fles suttirt 24 eats if .ilir aofiruatio aon wirk well
wath thitigraths?


Aoswern D

Question 7

Tiu waots ti nastlay <lao last eleueots ao a riww What shiuln he ann ti has style sheet?

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 4

Aw la {layiutsaolaoe}
Bw la {nastlaysaolaoe}
Cw la {nastlayseli.k}
Dw ul {nastlaysaolaoe}

Aoswern B

Question 8

Wha.h if the filliwaog wiuln ee fiuon ao the .ioteots if ao exteroal style sheet?

Aw P [uargaos 1ao]
Bw P (uargaos 1ao)
Cw P { uargaos 1ao }
Dw <P alago=lefo <:Po

Aoswern C

Question 9

Hal has saven a fle as a teutlate ao Dreauweaverw If he has oit alreany nioe si, Dreauweaver wall
triutt hau ti anns

Aw a .ioteot regaiow
Bw ao enataele regaiow
Cw a CSS style sheetw
Dw a <navo tag ti hiln .ioteotw

Aoswern B

Question 10

Alua has eeeo asken ti utgrane the tages io her Wee sate ti XHTML 1w0 Traosatioalw Wha.h if the
filliwaog tags uust she alter io ea.h tage?

Aw The <heano tag

Bw The <staoo tag
Cw The <uetao tag
Dw The <!DOCTYPEo tag

Aoswern D

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 5

Question 11

Wha.h if the filliwaog as the .iuuio oaue fir the tra.t.e ha.kers use ti tra.k teitle aoti
revealaog seosatve aofiruatio?

Aw Si.aal eogaoeeraog
Bw Ineotty extliatatio
Cw Iofiruatio trieaog
Dw Iotelle.tual ne.ettio

Aoswern A

Question 12

Jasio oeens ti .reate a taele wath fiur .iluuos aon sax riwsw Wha.h if the filliwaog atraeutes uust
he ao.lune ao the <tno tag ti alliw the frst .ell ti stao a.riss the eotre wanth if the taele?

Aw .ilstao="4"
Bw .ilstao="6"
Cw riwstao="6"
Dw wanth="100%"

Aoswern A

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 6

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