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Body Part Disembodied

Body Part Disembodied The ability to exist as a disembodied body part. This is
only a superpower if the disembodied state makes the disembodied entity more
powerful. Giant eyes generally can see more and/or shoot rays. Giant hands can punch
with superhuman strength and of course hands are pretty strong and a blow to a hand is
less effective than a blow to the stomach or head. This is a good example of a power that
can be identified inductively. Comic books are filled with powerful disembodied body
parts but I think this is the first and for now the only list that includes this state of being
as a superpower.

Jack Jawbreaker is a disembodied arm that goes around punching crooks while yelling
Jack Jawbreaker Fights Crime!!".

The Hand appeared in Speed Comic #13 (Harvey) and mostly fought crime by pointing
not punching.
Body Part Disembodied

Superboy (DC) had to fight some disembodied arms in Superboy V1 #131.

Devil's Heart (Marvel) was a giant disembodied heart that was a foe of Dracula (Marvel
Legacy: The 70's Handbook #1)!
Body Part Disembodied

The Blue Beetle fought a disembodied eye, the Eye of Horus, in Blue Beetle V3 #54
Body Part Disembodied

The Eye (Centaur Publications) is a disembodied eye that floats around gaining
information which it shares with the appropriate person for the cause of justice. If a
giant eye started talking to me I would of course not run in terror but have a good chat
instead (Keen Detective Funnies V1 #23).

The human race must deal with a jeweled disembodied eye in Strange Adventures #25
Body Part Disembodied

There is a disembodied Evil Eye in Strange Tales #4.

Body Part Disembodied

Basil Wolverton has created a particularly disturbing race of Venusian disembodied eyes
in Eye of Doom, Mystic V2 #6 (Atlas).

Doctor Solar fights a disembodied hand in Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #08 (Gold
Body Part Disembodied

Krypto (DC) fights a couple of disembodied hands created by Mister Mxyzptlk in Action
Comics #467.
Body Part Disembodied

Luthor (DC) battles Batman in Batman V1 #130 with a giant mechanical disembodied

Silver Age anthologies loved disembodied hands (Adventures into Terror #5 (Marvel),
Forbidden Worlds #102 (ACG), House of Mystery V1 #45 (DC), House of Secrets V1 #1
(DC), Journey into Mystery #1 (DC), Strange Adventures V1 #110 (DC), Strange
Adventures V1 #168 (DC), Strange Adventures V1 #22 (DC), Uncanny Tales #20
Body Part Disembodied
Body Part Disembodied
Body Part Disembodied

In Mister Miracle V1 #10, the Head gives the hero a hard time.
Body Part Disembodied

In Adventure Comics V1 #292 (DC), Lex Luthor uses technology to follow Superboy
around Smallville as a disembodied head.

The Brain in Adventures into Terror #4 and #6 (Atlas) is actually a disembodied head
and is still waiting to return.
Body Part Disembodied

Occasionally disembodied body parts appear but we then discover the bodies are
hidden. In Action Comics V1 #284, Supergirl enters the Valley of Hands!
Body Part Disembodied

Supergirl battles giant feet, actually part of the Infinite Monster, in Action Comics V1
#285. Maybe the Valley of Hands in the previous issue generated a lot of fan mail!

The Brain-Child is a disembodied brain that inhabits the Savage Dragon Universe.

The Flameskull can launch fire balls (D&D 4th Edition - Monster Manual 1).
Body Part Disembodied

Crawling Claws - WTC11832 - Monsters of Faerun

Body Part Disembodied

Crawling Claw - TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual

Deryth - Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie

Body Part Disembodied

Gallows Eyes - Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie

Lumi - D&D 3.5 - Monster Manual III

Body Part Disembodied

Lurking Strangler - D&D 3.5 - Monster Manual III

Menace of the Floating Head - Tales to Astonish V1 #8

Body Part Disembodied