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1. Please check if the Patch is installed. Your view may vary depending on your operating system.

The pictures below are for a Windows 7 PC.

Open Control Panel

2. Look for Programs and features

3. And then View Installed Updates

4. Search for updates:

If you have Windows 7, you need to check if this KBs is installed

KB4012212 Win7 (64bit OS X64)

KB4012215 Win7 (32bit OS X32)

If you have Windows 8, You need to check if this KB is installed

KB4012213 Win8

Or if you have Windows 10 you will need to verify the following are installed

KB4012606 Win10 (1511 version)

KB4013198 Win10 (1607 version)
KB4013429 Win10 (1703 version)

The picture below shows you how to easily search for the KB.
5. What to do if:
a. KB Found: If you found the appropriate KB, then you need no further actions. Please
remember it is a good habit to connect your Chess Machine to the Atos Network (from
an office or via URA) once a month for at least four hours to keep your system healthy.
b. KB not found. If you did not find the KB, please click on the appropriate link (end of the
document) for your OS type to install the KB. You will need to reboot when the
installation is completed. Please do not skip the reboot as the process applies the patch
to your system.

Please note that you only need one of the two/three KB mentioned above.

WIN 7 - KB4012212 (64-bit OS X64) or KB4012215 (32-bit OS X86)

WIN 10 - KB4012606 (1511 OS version) or KB4013198 (1607 OS version) or KB4013429 (1703 OS version)

Use the download link for your specific OS at the end of the document.

*To check which Windows 10 version you have go to Settings > System > About.

Please note: You need admin rights on your PC to perform the updates. If you do not have admin rights,
(you will get an error message while installing if this is the case) please ask the owner of the PC to sign in
on the PC or grant you admin rights via the self-service portal.

Should you encounter any problem, please call your Service Desk.
6. To Check for the Operating System version

Right click on Computer and select Properties

X64= 64-bit Operating system

X86=32-bit Operating system

OS Download Link
Windows 7 (x86)
Windows 7 (x64)

Windows 8.1 (x86)

Windows 8.1 (x64)

Windows 10 (1511 - x86)

Windows 10 (1511 - x64)

Windows 10 (1607 - x86)

Windows 10 (1607 - x64)

Windows 10 (1703 - x86)

Windows 10 (1703 - x64)