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Lubricant list for AUMA products

AUMA products
Grease or oil filling in the gear housing

F = Grease
O = Oil

AUMA code Manufacturer Remarks Article no.
Fuchs former designation: low temperature grease R;
F11) Glissando TR
(formerly DEA) former designation: DEA ETG 4159
F2 Discor R EP 000 former designation: ETF K003.981
(formerly DEA)
F3 Zepf AR 12 K K002.265
F4 Oest Special grease EP K000.001
F5-S Klber Klbersynth GE 46-1200 for oxygen plants K003.959
for use in drinking water sector in Germany
F6-T (-TH) Klber Klbersynth V64-300 K003.915
(for the food industry)
F8 Klber Isoflex PDL 300 A K003.982
F9 Fuchs Gleitmo 805K K001.003
F10 Oest Special grease EP-02A K000.702
F11 Fuchs Renolit LST 00 K006.287
F12 AUTOL TOP 2000 for adhesive lubrication in gearboxes GST/GSTI K006.288
F13 Oest V 2900 worm gearboxes GSIxx.3 for use Inside Containment K006.714
F14 Klber Klbersynth UH1-14-1600 for the food industry K006.848
F15 Shell Alvania 1029 K007.161
F16 Klber Klbersynth BR 46-82 K007.190
F18 Bremer & Leguil Cassidia RLS 00 for the food industry K007.741
F19 Shell Gadusrail S4 HS EUDB for output drives A and AK K007.743
O2 Fuchs Unisyn OL 32 K002.642
O4 Klber Syntheso D 460 EP K004.337
for the food industry
O5 Fuchs Bel-Ray (for use in drinking water sector direct contact with K005.635
drinking water not permissible)
O6 Klber Polyhub HVT 500 A Spray K000.481
O9 Oest SAE 75W-90 K006.999

1) Formerly used, replaced by F15; only a small quantity remaining.

We reserve the right to alter data according to improvements made. Previous documents become invalid with the issue of this document.

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