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UBD Lesson Plan Template Stage 2 - Evidence of Learning

Performance Task
Title of Content Standard:

Students will understand the basic needs of animals.


Student is a zoo keeper creating a habitat for a zoo animal.


First Grade Science Students


Students will research a zoo animal and identify the needs of that animal. They will then create a model of
the animal in its natural habitat and include/label its needs. Students are to include plants related to this
habitat in the model.

Students will work in partners to research and create the animal habitat.

S1L1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the basic needs of
plants and animals.

1. Develop models to identify the parts of a plantroot, stem, leaf, and flower.
2. Ask questions to compare and contrast the basic needs of plants (air, water, light,
and nutrients) and animals (air, water, food, and shelter).
3. Design a solution to ensure that a plant or animal has all of its needs met.

Other Evidence
(e.g., tests, quizzes, prompts, work samples, observations)

Teacher will monitor and assess the students understanding and assist as needed. In addition, the
teacher will take up daily research.

Student Self-Assessment and Reflection

Students will reflect and include their findings in their interactive science notebook.
Rubric for Performance-Based Assessment


List Criterion Beginning 0-3 Developing 4- Accomplished Exemplary 9- Score

points 6 points 7-8 points 10 points
Presentation Student was not Student was Student was Student was
prepared and prepared, but prepared and prepared and
showed no showed little showed some showed
10 points
knowledge of knowledge of knowledge of excellent
the animal. the animal. the animal. knowledge of
the animal.
Research Student did not Student Student missed Student
complete completed most only one on the completed the
research sheet. of the research research sheet. entire research
10 points
sheet. sheet.
Quality and Project is sloppy Project may be The project is The project
Creativity and hurriedly well thought well thought shows great 10 points
completed. out, but is out, neat and thought and
sloppy and put complete, but effort.
together may not be
quickly. original.