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Hawa Abdoulkader Ali

Argwing Khodek Road* 0796-5480-71*

To obtain an internship position in a dynamic organizational environment where I will be able to practice
and strengthen my skills and my capacities and where innovation, creativity, efficiency and effectiveness
are encouraged. Thus, a challenging experience brilliant career is the essence of my motivation.


Multilingual, fluent with two United Nations official languages ( English, French,) and
two Horn of Africa local languages ( Somali and Afar) and with good knowledge of
Excellent multi-tasking capabilities and strong analytical skills
Very detailed and result-oriented and able to work well under pressure
Strong communication skills (written and spoken)
Excellent working experience in administrative tasks
Strong Computer skills Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Power Point ,
Internet research)


Master of Peace and International Relations (Hekima University, Nairobi, Kenya)

2017-2018: First year Second semester
2016-2017: First Year, First semester
Research Thesis The refugees Impact on Culture and Social Well-Being of Djibouti Women
Bachelor in English (University of Djibouti, City of Djibouti, Djibouti)
2013-2016 : Graduated with Honors
College Diploma, (Lycee de Djibouti, City of Djibouti, Djibouti)
2012-2013 : Management, Major: Marketing.


April 2017: Assistant Diplomatic Affairs (Internship Position) for 2 months, ending July 2017.
Embassy of Djibouti in Nairobi, Kenya
June 2016-july-2016: Administrative Assistant, Human Resource Department in the Ministry of
Communication (DJIBOUTI).

Hawa Abdoulkader Ali *0796548071*

Communication Officer, Youth Organization (NGO), ( Djibouti) 2014-2015
Collecting, Producing and Disseminating reports and photographic and documentary evidences of
youth events
Advocating youth issues with government officials
References available upon request