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Chris$an Hospital
An incorporated unit of the Emmanuel Hospital Associa$on, New Delhi

Annual Report 2016-17

Mission Chariali, Tezpur,

Sonitpur District, Assam
Assam, the land of the hills and valleys, the
land of the mighty river Brahmaputra, lies in
the northeastern corner of India. The name
Assam is derived from the word Asom
which, in Sanskrit, refers to unequal or
unrivalled. The state is bordering Arunachal
Pradesh in the east, West Bengal, Meghalaya,
Bangladesh in the west, Arunachal Pradesh,
Bhutan in the north and Nagaland, Manipur,
Mizoram, Meghalaya and Tripura in the South.
Assams economy is based on agriculture and
oil. Assam produces a signicant part of the
total produc$on of the world. Assam produces
more than half of Indias petroleum.

Society Name North Bank Bap<st Medical Associa<on

c/o Bap<st Chris<an Hospital
Society Registra$on No RS/63 of 1073-74 valid up to 08.06.2017
Hospital Licence No Provisional Registra$on done online as per new CEA rules

FCRA Registra$on 020740009 Vide No II/21022/62(46)/85-FCRA III

PNDT Act Registra$on ASSPR/0016/2005
Pollu$on Clearance WB/TEZ/T-315/99-2000/155/38 & 149/302
Fire and Emergency services
Na$onal Trust 120617131990611/MR/CP/Au$sm/MD
80G exemp$on Memo No: 12/80G(S)/CIT/GHY-I/
2012-13/362531 dt: 14.11.2014
Minority status of School of No. 946 of 2015/5581 dt 05.01.2016
Nursing, BCH, Tezpur
4 Vision and Mission

5 Organiza$onal Chart

6 Reports of Managing Director

9 Reports of Unit Ocers

18 Sta$s$cs

20 Financials

22 Research

24 Quality Team

26 Future plans
BCH is a fellowship of individuals

that contributes to the

transforma<on of communi<es in
Fellowship for Assam and Arunachal Pradesh with

transforma$on a focus on the poor and the

marginalized through holis<c,
through caring appropriate health care, training,
research and community
development in the name and
Spirit of Jesus Christ.


Bap<st Chris<an Hospital is commiYed to

excellence in healthcare, educa<on,
research and outreach through con<nuous
quality improvement.
CORE VALUES Bap<st Chris<an Hospital will endeavor to
Treat all pa<ents with highest
level of skill, empathy, dignity
We strive to be transformed people and
and ethical standards irrespec<ve
of caste, creed and religion.
Our model is servant leadership Ensure safety of pa<ents, sta,
We value team work students and other stake holders.
We exist for others especially the poor and Provide appropriate and accurate
marginalized therapeu<c and diagnos<c
We strive for the highest possible quality in services at an aordable cost.
all our service Develop, promote and maintain
professional competence and
leadership through constant
learning and training ini<a<ves.
Support programmes of
educa<on, research and outreach
Managing Director

HR Manager Dy. Medical Director (Quality)

Quality Manager

IT Manager

Quality team

Nursing Principal
Administrator Medical Director Superintendent Project Director
School of Nursing

Senior Manager Dy. Medical Director Dy. Nursing

(General and Purchase) (Training) Superintendent Vice Principal Dy. Project Director

Manager Dy. Medical Director

(Maintenance) (Clinical Services)


Biomedical Engineer
Report of the Managing Director
I thank God as I look back at the year gone by with awe and wonder at what He has done in our lives and
through the Bap$st Chris$an Hospital, Tezpur. I am sure that we did not understand the extent of His love
for us and what He can do through us. He has brought these things to pass, allowed us to dream and
literally made our dreams come true. We worship and praise our God for this.
The Doctors, Nurses, Sta and Students of the Bap$st Chris$an Hospital, Tezpur do whatever it takes to
bring excep$onal, compassionate and evidence based care at a cost aordable to the pa$ent. To improve
our systems to ensure safe and quality care, required, thinking dierently, working collabora$vely and

taking our commitment to the next level. We chose to refocus on pa$ent centered care including safety and aordability. Along with the quality
team, the sta and students developed standard opera$ng protocols and processes and through trainings implemented these in the various
departments of the hospital. This allowed us to make tremendous progress over the last year towards the accredita$on under the NABH. The
quality team has worked hard to train and equip all sta with skills and knowledge to reach a level of excellence that we only dreamed of. We
appreciate and laud the hard work done by them and the en$re sta..
The School of Nursing con$nued to excel in its vision of educa$ng and training young student nurses. The various modali$es of training and
par$cipa$on in extracurricular ac$vi$es enabled our students to perform well in the SNA program in the state and in the na$onal level. We
thank the various people who have contributed to their lives and we are thrilled to see them blossom into young ecient and caring nurses.

The Community Health team has been able to reach out to more of the marginalized people in the far ung areas where they have no access to
health care. They have been able to minister to the community in love and the community has reciprocated with the trust of the pa$ents..
Towards the end of the year we have taken a step of faith by venturing into the Karbi Anglong district, that was under the grip of militancy, for
community development and healthcare.
The administra$ve team have excelled in keeping the expenditure in check allowing various improvements in infrastructure and equipment.
Their commitment to best prac$ces and adap$ng to changes in the processes are praise worthy and we are grateful for this team that stands by
the clinicians and sta to ensure the best possible care is given to our pa$ents.
The common thread driving us throughout has been the organiza$onal values and our focus on compassionate care and service to the poor,
marginalized and most vulnerable members of society. Each day our sta demonstrate their convic$ons, responding will all their knowledge and
skills to improve the lives and ease the suering of the pa$ents and they families. The past year has been a pivotal one with the team working
towards excellence in care and moving forward together as a single unit. This annual report bears testament to this fact and Gods amazing grace
in our lives.
We are grateful to our prayer partners, donors, friends and well wishers who have traveled with us through the journey of 2016-17. We hope to
strengthen this bond and we hope we can make a dierence in the healthcare of this area.
We also thank the district and the state administra$on for their constant support at all $mes and for their partnership in many areas to improve
health care. We are truly grateful for your support.

II would like to thank the Unit Management Comminee for their contribu$on to the growth of this hospital. The decisions made aoer discussion
have been well thought through and I thank you for standing by me through tough $mes. I would also like to thank our Execu$ve Director and
the Regional director and all the ocers of Central Oce for their guidance and support. I thank. Dr. Pra$bha and Dr. Vikrant Milton for their
contribu$on to the hospital over the last 10 years. We will miss you and we pray that God will con$nue to use you in His work at the EHA central

There is so much good work s$ll to be done and Im honored to serve as the Managing Director of Bap$st Chris$an Hospital, Tezpur. I am
thankful to God for my wife, Dr. Lydia John and my two boys Joel and Andrew who love me uncondi$onally and help me to do my best. I dont
think I will be able to thank you enough.

Respec\ully SubmiYed

Dr. Koshy C. George

Vitried $les were laid in the front foyer
as well as wai$ng area of the accident
and emergency unit making it easier and
safer to clean spills

Piped oxygen and

suc$on were laid
across the hospital in
all the wards

Emergency Entrance Gate:

The old structure was modied
and extended with toughened
glass doors for entrance
The new counters
at the entrance to
the hospital were
modied to make
it pa$ent friendly.

were shioed
outside the

Pa$ents who come

here know that the
treatment is ethical
and nancial
constraints are not
an impediment to
accessing care here.
Report of the Administrator

The Earth is the Lords, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it. Psalm 24:1

I praise God for His divine wisdom and guidance during the last year. We have experienced His faithfulness in BCH as we are preparing for NABH
accredita$on. It is such a joy to work with commined team and dedicated sta.
We were able to renovate the medical ward and were able to make the hospital friendly for friends and pa$ents with special needs. New
equipment was purchased and we were able to change the en$re furniture of the hospital to include new and safer pa$ent transport trolleys
and beds. The new entrance to the emergency department was modied to help the larger ambulances enter the porch and transport sick
pa$ents in a safer manner.

The Finance Manager and his team were able to strengthen the accoun$ng system and fresh SOPs were put in place. This helped in the addi$on
of new assets and equipment to the organiza$on. Financial assistance for higher studies were oered to nurses, doctors and other sta as part
of the professional development program.

The Purchase Manager and her team were able to ensure a steady supply of medicines, surgical and other items through a strict standard
opera$ng protocol which is rou$nely reviewed and modied to ensure there are no bonlenecks in procurement. There was a strict control in the
expenditure in this area. The annual maintenance contracts, nego$a$ons with suppliers and maintenance of the biomedical equipment was also
done in a proper and scien$c manner with proper calibra$on of the equipment.
The maintenance team and their manager were able to ensure that work was not hampered in any way and the maintenance of the generators
ensured a 24 hours supply of electricity. WE thank and praise God for his protec$on for our sta during the re that guned our 250 KvA
generator. The quick response and training of our sta in regh$ng helped in dousing the re before the re brigade arrived on the scene.

The hospital implemented the biomedical waste management system according to the 2016 rules and conducted regular trainings for all sta
and the biomedical waste management handling persons to ensure a safer environment for all. The drainage system of the hospital campus was
redone as per the master plan of the hospital.

Training and development of all categories of sta con$nued through this year and many persons were sent to various other hospitals to learn
and bring back best prac$ces to our ins$tu$on.
The progress towards entry level NABH is also moving in a posi$ve direc$on and we hope to have the inspec$on of the hospital in the month of
May 2017.

My sincere gra$tude also goes to the Unit Management Comminee and Dr. Koshy C George, Managing Director, for his dedica$on and

commitment in playing an important role in the steady development of BCH. Last, but certainly not least, I must express hearqelt thanks to my

362 colleagues, whose dedica$on, compassion and professionalism are core to the achievement and reputa$on of the Bap$st Chris$an Hospital,

Tezpur as a leading private health care provider. By con$nuing to work together, we will set new heights and excellence in health care in the

North Bank to safeguard the health and well-being of our community.

I express my sincere thanks to the Execu$ve Director of EHA, the Regional Director, Finance Director, and all the sta of central oce for their

support, coopera$on and prayers.

Respec\ully SubmiYed

Jagdish Solanki

made include the
use of natural
light and
adequate space
for eec$ve

The inpa$ent services

went online with the
introduc$on of the new
sooware developed in the
hospital by the IT

New pa$ent
furniture to
provide bener
facili$es and
improve pa$ent
Report of the Nursing Superintendent

But those who wait on the Lord, shall renew their strength Isaiah 40:31

I feel blessed to express Gods faithfulness through the year 2016-17. Our main focus during the year was preparing
for NABH accredita$on to improve the quality of nursing and safety of the pa$ents. Classes were conducted for
Ward In-charges and Sta Nurses on various topics. Monitoring of the work of all sta were done periodically to
ensure adherence to standard opera$ng protocols. Mrs. Ruhini Here, Ms. Kipgen and I anended a workshop on
Nursing Excellence organized by NABH at Kolkata.

The recruitment of nurses includes assessment of the knowledge and skills of a nurse. This is done through OSCE
and interviews. Regular In-service training and CNE enables the nurses to update their knowledge and skills.

Nursing audits are done on a regular basis to help improve the care given to the pa$ents .We acknowledge the
support and inputs of ENFI Na$onal Leaders and Rev. Kirubakaran of HCF for conduc$ng sta retreat which
encouraged all of us.

Regular Training programs for the support sta encouraged them to understand their role in quality health care and
to do their work in a safe environment. Spill kits and other protec$ve devices are kept in every ward. We appreciate
our sta nurses for their commitment towards con$nuous quality improvement. Sta reten$on and sta
accommoda$on con$nues to be a challenge.

We acknowledge the support and inputs of our Managing Director, Dr. Koshy C. George as well as all the Unit
Ocers, my colleagues at BCH, the central ocers and all the sta and students for their prayers and co-opera$on.

Respec\ully SubmiYed

Mrs. Vijaya Solanki

Report of the Medical Director

Its a privilege to share of Gods goodness as I highlight some key events during the past one year.

One of the biggest challenges was maintaining high quality care and service with the limited manpower and
increasing pa$ent load. We thank God for raising a dedicated workforce who made Christs love known through
their faithful service and love.

Perhaps the most exci$ng as well challenging task was prepara$on towards the NABH entry level. One learning
experience was how a mo$vated community can bring about any change, rstly within oneself, which then
translates into improved quality of care and service to our pa$ents.

Few seniors and key members relocated to other places, but God was faithful in raising people to carry on the work.

In the Pharmacy department, implemen$ng stringent processes have improved stock keeping and smooth ow of

The laboratories have increased the spectrum of inves$ga$ons and also con$nued to maintain quality work in spite
of increased workload . Periodic EQAs are done to monitor quality.

In research, along with ongoing studies on Stroke, new research ini$ated during the past year includes BASIS (study
on Streptococcus pneumonia), Hepa$$s B study (In collabora$on with ILBDS, Kolkota) and INORMUS (Trauma).

Unavailability of a Radiologist for Ultrasonography was a major setback for pa$ent care, and we hope to have a
Radiologist this year.

We are happy to collaborate with the Pushpagiri hospital and the Chris$an Ins$tute of Health Sciences and
Research to provide training for their students in Pediatrics, General Medicine and Emergency medicine.

We are indebted to the many visitors and medical doctors who visited and helped us during the past year.

We also pray and look forward to more people joining us as we build the Kingdom of God.

Respec\ully SubmiYed

Dr. Asolie Chase

New services of ENT

Dedicated $me for
teaching and research

Networking with
students and medical

Strong IT team and


O site back up of

Paperless systems

Support services

Pharmacy, lab,
nurse and therapy
assistants trained
Report of the Dy. Medical Director
(HR & QM)

Human Resource and Human Capital con$nued to be most essen$al asset of BCH, Tezpur, in the year gone by.
Today our hospital makes a dierence, and is relevant in the communi$es because of our commined sta at
all levels. We thank God for each sta member and their families for being part of this movement of BCH,
Tezpur and of EHA.

We were unable to meet all our human resource requirements but God was faithful in sending suitable people
from $me to $me. The con$nual improvement in the HR processes and systems contributed to the eciency
and quality of the health and community care delivery. Spiritual growth, professional development and
capacity building of the sta con$nued to be our focus. This was done through sponsorships for various
courses, workshops/seminars, in-service refresher trainings, retreats and family enrichment seminars. All sta
trained and prepared enthusias$cally towards the pre entry level NABH accredita$on.

We con$nue to depend on God for his grace and guidance. We thank all our friends, partners and volunteers
for their help and prayers. Our prayer and desire is to see a community which loves the Lord, understands His
purposes, and con$nues to contribute to the transforma$on of the communi$es.

It was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors
and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up un>l we
all reach unity in faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, a@aining to the whole
measure of the fullness of Christ. - Ephesians 4:12

Respec\ully submiYed
Dr. (Maj) Vikrant Milton
signage in two

Mission & Vision

Statutory licences
Fire safety
and training Training
on emergency Medical Audits
codes Death Audits
Error Repor$ng
Pa$ent safety

Up to date

High Risk Med
Opioid use (SOP)

Report of the Project Director
The Lord has done great things for us and we are lled with joy Psalm 126:3

The year 2016-2017 marked 10 years of our walk with communi$es. We have experienced Gods faithfulness, providence, care
and protec$on in our lives and we want to Bless His Holy Name.

The work with Children at Risk grew with interven$on in 9 tea gardens and 5 villages. The communi$es have started taking
ini$a$ve and leadership and a young boy of 16 was returned by the agent in a tea garden aoer being away for 10 years. He was
reunited with his family. The migra$on facilita$on unit at a tea garden prevented a minor from being tracked and taken to

Despite severe challenges our work with persons with disability con$nued to grow with work being established in Sonitpur
district and 17 DPOs taking ac$on. The work with learning centres and home visits for children with disabili$es con$nued and we
are currently reaching out to 350 children with disabili$es in two districts of Assam.

Work was ini$ated again in Arunachal Pradesh with a Hepa$$s B screening, vaccina$on and linkage to care program. This
provided and opportunity for more than 100 pa$ents to be linked to aordable specialist care and provision of more than 10000
doses of Hepa$$s B vaccine.

We were praying for several years for Karbi Anglong and God opened the doors for us to start work in Karbi Anglong with a
comprehensive health and development program in partnership with the community based organiza$ons.

As a team we grew in faith and unity as we experienced Gods faithfulness and provision through the most dicult $mes. We
were able to say though the g tree shall not blossom and there be no grape on the vine yet will I rejoice in the Lord.

The end of the year saw a transi$on of leadership and as I hand over the baton, we look back and marvel at His amazing grace in
the past and with the new leadership look forward to a great and glorious future.

Respec\ully SubmiYed

Dr. Pra<bha Milton

Project Name Districts (Name) Number of Villages and Number of Beneciaries

Tea Gardens
Children at Risk Udalguri 11 Villages 3450
Sonitpur 7 Tea Gardens
CBR Udalguri 20 Gaon Panchayats 1332

CBR Sonitpur 5 Gaon Panchayats 775

(33 Villages)
2 Tea Gardens
Kiran: A ray of hope West Kameng District 6 Circles 13000
(A Hepa$$s B Preven$on and (Arunachal Pradesh) (78 Villages)
Awareness Program)
The Deputy
of Sonitpur
given by the

Educa$on and
street plays helps
the community
focus on preven$on
of tracking. The
law enforcement
gives us the
required support

Retreat for
students of
the School of

SNA week

ac$vi$es like sports
and games,
compe$$ons and
cook outs help in
shaping the whole
Report of the Principal
School of Nursing

At the end of this year we take this opportunity to thank the Almighty Lord for his abundant blessings and guidance.
We thank God for keeping all the students, teaching stas and their family safe and healthy. Thank God for the
talents and abili$es which he has given to our students.

We praise God for permirng us to admit student for the year 2016-17 by the Indian Nursing Council. The selec$on
process was held on 29th & 30th June16 and 26 GNM students were admined. A pre orienta$on programme for
new students to equip them with Christ centered and clinical excellence through the DIL SE curriculum was
organized for 10 days. All the 82 students who appeared for the Assam Nursing Council Examina$on in October
2016 were successful.

As we share the yearly updates of our ac$vi$es, we are proud of our students and teachers who strive hard to
achieve beyond expecta$ons. We have focused on the overall development of the students.

Apart from the daily clinical and classes students need to develop and strengthen in curricular and extra curricular
ac$vi$es so every year we celebrate the SNA week. This year in the month of April2016 the SNA week was
celebrated. All the students par$cipated ac$vely and won many prizes. Various ac$vi$es were organized by the
nursing school on various occasions like Breasqeeding week, Independence Day, World Hepa$$s Day, World AIDS
day, World TB day, World mental health day, World Diabetes Day, Hand Washing week, Prechristmas Childrens day
and freshers meet.

To enrich the nursing students spiritually retreats were held with visi$ng pastors in November and December.

Aoer three months of evalua$on for the rst year students, Lamp ligh$ng was held for 26 students. Along with lamp
ligh$ng, 25 students graduated aoer their Internship. We were happy to have Mrs. Roseline Jayakaran, former
Dean, CON, ENFI Secretary and Mr. Stanley Jones as our guest of honour during lamp ligh$ng and gradua$on.

On 6th March2017,proposal for CON was submined to the Commissioner & secretary, Health & Family welfare
Department, Guwaha$.

We appreciate the co-opera$on of everyone associated with this Ins$tu$on who have strived to mold our students
in compassionate care and excellence and pushed them to work hard to make their dreams come true.

We express our sincere thanks to the Managing Director, Dr Koshy C George for his con$nuous guidance and
support. Our sincere thanks to all the Unit ocers, UMC members, Colleagues, friends and students for their
con$nuous support and prayers.

Respec\ully submiYed
Eba Basumatary




AND 14000



2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17

Bed Occupancy Total Surgeries

76 3000
74 74 2776
71 2000

67 68 1000


62 0
2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17

OP aYendance 250 Avg. Outpa<ent per day

78000 75968
240 239
74000 230

70000 220

210 210
66000 65553
2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Laboratory Tests ECG

370000 8000
350000 352927
310000 298201 6000

290000 293534 5351

250000 4000
2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17

CT scan

23000 4400


21207 3536
21000 3400

19000 2400
2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17

The number of pa$ents The radiology department

seen through the Accident saw a decreasing trend in
and Emergency unit has Ultrasounds this year.
increased a 100 fold over
the last 5 years. T h e n e e d f o r n e w
special$es is growing by the
The laboratory department day and new facili$es will
i s m o v i n g t o w a r d s be provided over the
accredita$on under the coming years

Revenue 2016-17
68% 66%

50% 2014-15
40% 34%
30% 26%

10% 4% 3% 5% 3% 1% 2%
0% 0% 0%
OP Income IP Income Grants (Only for Nursing School Other Sources

Expenditure 2016-17



6% Pharmacy Supplies
2% Hospital (Other) Supplies

4% Vehicle
3% U$lity
0% 13% 9%
3% Taxes

Nursing School


Other Expenses
ATTEND Trial (Family-led Rehabilita<on Aker Stroke in India) was completed


A new project was ini<ated in collabora<on with CMC Ludhiana and ICMR- Evalua<on

of dietary, conven<onal and gene<c risk factors and outcome of primary Intra cerebral

Hemorrhage: A case control study from Assam State.

Bap<st Chris<an Hospital also became part of the Establishment of Indian Stroke

Clinical Trial Network (INSTRuCT).

The rst trial with the INSTRuCT network is the SPRINT India study: Secondary

Preven<on by Structured Semi Interac<ve Stroke Preven<on Package in India.

Arunachal Research: A Community Based Delivery of Comprehensive HBV Care in

Arunachal Pradesh, India-Popula<on Screening and linkage to Care

BASIS Study Baseline assessment of Streptococcus pneumoniae of Indian Serotypes

(In collabora<on with John Hopkins School of Public Health and INCLEN)


TOTAL AREA: 30000 sq. feet

CONTRACTORS: Mr. Sib Shankar Sharma

Through the generous dona<on of

Dr. Sushil Sethi and Mrs. Florence Sethi
Labs accredited under NABL

Con$nuous Quality Improvement

Incorpora$on of more KPIs

Nursing Excellence

Online Repor$ng

Quality Dashboards

Hospital infec$on control training

BMWM training and monitoring

Extended Fire Safety

PA System for announcements

Infrastructure changes

Training of sta and refresher

courses in BLS

College of Nursing

Karbi-Anglong mee$ng the needs

The Hepa$$s B
vaccina$on and
the research on
this disease in


The community
department of
the hospital
ventured into
providing support
and care to the
people of Karbi
Anglong. We
request your
prayers as we try
to meet the
needs of the
people there in
Bap$st Chris$an Hospital
Mission Chariali
Tezpur, (Sonitpur dist.) Bch Tezpur
Assam 784001
India +91 3712 255152