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BA101- Course Syllabus and Schedule MHCC - Summer 2017

Students, Welcome to BA101.
This is a valuable course and covers a wide variety of business topics. I refer to the
scope and depth of the material in BA101 as A mile wide and an inch thick
The Course Syllabus outlines important information about your course, including professor
information and contact, course materials, grading, technical requirements, and course rules and
policies. Best to review and print this information for your reference throughout this course.

Instructor Contact and Personal Information

Instructor: Mike Brayson, MBA
Department: Business and Computer Information Systems
Phone: (503) 491-7118 (office phone, during office hours below)
Campus Email: (course related; use My Messages in Bb)
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, Noon-1:00, AC2665
Note: Messages left on phone voice mail also gets placed in email
Course Information
Course ID: BA101
Course Title: Introduction to Business
Course Location: Online
Credits: 4 Credit Hours
Description: An introductory course designed to acquaint the student with the various
phases of business. Emphasis is placed on ownership and organization,
marketing, human resource management, management, business ethics,
accounting and financial management, and the importance of technology
in business. The purpose of this course is to show students the
interrelationship between business disciplines and to prepare students for
further business study.
Attendance Policy: Any students who do not participate in the online activity of the first
week of the term (Friday 5:00PM) may be administratively dropped to
allow any wait-listed students ito the course.
Links to MHCC information
MHCC Internet Privacy. - - Go to
MHCC FERPA policies. - - Go to

BA101 - Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of general business principles and the importance
of technology.
2. Discuss and use current business language, principles and applications.
3. Summarize and analyze current business practices in a local business.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of business marketing and its importance to business.
5. Recommend effective business practices for a local business.
6. Research, explain, and analyze a business topic.

Course Textbook & Materials
The following textbook is required, and students must have it prior to the end of the first week. The
text can be purchased through the Mt. Hood Community College Bookstore. Purchasing a used book
is acceptable. You will not need the book access code. You will not be required to access the
publisher online resources for the course. However, there are some valuable study tools available if
you have a code.

NOTE: The on-campus bookstore does have extended hours the first part of the term.
Call (503) 491-7188 and then press option 1 for a listing of the hours.
Kelly / Williams
ISBN 978-1-305-49732-5
Copyright 2017, Publisher: Cengage
Edition 9
Binding Paperback $75.00

NOTE: Yes, you can use an older editions of the textbook (8th is preferred but not older than 7th),
but know that some of the assignments and quizzes will assume you have the 9th edition. No access
code is required.

Grading Table - please print. See Course Schedule and Assignments

Activity Points Percent
Introduction Discussion 10 1% 10
Discussions Bb (6) 25 each 15% 150
Weekly Quizzes (9) 10 each 9% 90
Writing Assignments (3) 3 @ 100 each 30% 300

Education Plan Assignment 150 15% 150

Exam 1 Week 3 100 30% 300

Exam 2 Week 6 100
Final Exam Week 10 100

Total Possible Points 100% 1000

90-100% = 900-1000 = A 60-70% = 600-699 = D

80-90% = 800-899 = B < than 60% = <600 = F
70-80% = 700-799 = C
Note: I reserve the right to change any grading requirements during the course. Students will be
notified in writing of changes by Bb announcements/email. See syllabus for course information.

BA101 Cours e Sc hedule
All Items of each week are due each Tuesday no later than 11:59 p.m. except as noted.

Dates Topics for week Reading Completed Activity

Due June 30, 5PM Introduction Discussion in Blackboard (Bb) Blackboard Discussion 1 (10 pts)

Week 1 Business Now: Change Is the Only Quiz 1 (10 pts)

Ch 01
June 26 - July 2 Constant
Discussion 2 (25 pts)

Week 2 Quiz 2 (10 pts)

Economics: The Framework for Business Ch 02
July 3 - 9 Discussion 3 (25 pts)

World Market: Business without Borders Quiz 3 (10 pts)

Week 3 Ch 03
Business Ethics and Social Discussion 4 (25 pts)
July 10 - 16 Responsibility: Doing Well by Doing Good
Ch 04
Exam 1 (Ch 1 4) (100 pts)

Business Communication:
Week 4 Creating and Delivering Messages the Matter Ch 05 Quiz 4 (10 pts)
July 17 23 Business Formation: Choosing the Form Ch 06 Discussion 5 (25 pts)
that Fits

Small Business and

Week 5 Entrepreneurship: Economic Rocket Fuel Ch 07 Quiz 5 (10 pts)
July 24 - 30 Accounting: Decision Making by the Ch 08 Discussion 6 (25 pts)

Quiz 6 (10 pts)

Finance: Acquiring and Using Funds to
Week 6 Maximize Value Ch 09 Discussion 7 * Last Discussion
July 31 - Aug. 6 Financial Markets: Allocating Financial Ch 10 (25 pts)
Exam 2 (Ch 5 10) (100 pts)

Marketing: Building Profitable Customer

Connections Ch 11
Week 7 Quiz 7 (10 pts)
Product & Promotion: Creating and Ch 12
Aug 7 13 Communicating Value Paper 1: Redesign Package
Ch 13 (100 pts)
Distribution and Pricing: Right Product,
Right Person, Right Place, Right Price

Management, Motivation and Quiz 8 (10 pts)

Week 8 Leadership: Bringing Business to Life Ch 14
Aug 14 20 Ch 15 Paper 2: Personalize 3 Products
HR Management: Building a Top Quality
(100 pts)

Managing Information and

Week 9 Technology: Finding New Ways to Learn Ch 16 Quiz 9 (10 pts)
and Link
Aug 21 27 Ch 17 Paper 3: Baldrige Award
Operations Management: Putting It All (100 pts)

Education Plan (150 pts) and
Exam 3 (100 pts) : Final Exam
Week 10 (Ch 11 17)
Final Exam & Education Plan
Aug 28 Both Due No Later Than
Friday Sept 1 11:59pm Sept 1 (Friday of
Week 10,)
The instructor reserves the right to modify the assignments and the course schedule. Students will
be notified in writing of changes via Announcement/email.

BA101 Student Expectati ons and Course Pol ici es

This section provides information on requirements for student attendance, late work, missed exams,
and overall student responsibilities. By enrolling into this course, the student assumes these
Attendance Requirements
If you fail to participate in the online class activity by 5:00 PM on Friday of the first
week I am required to administratively drop you and allow a wait-listed student into the
class. If this happens in a high demand online course, you might not be able to add back in.
Blackboard Discussions are heavily weighted In BA101 discussions are a major part of
your grade and will take substantial time to research material and write your submission.
There are only discussions for the first six (6) weeks of class.

Assignments, Late Work/Missed Exams, Verification of Grades

Assignment Format: All assignments are expected to be prepared in a professional
(business) manner and are to be saved in formats as required by the assignment. Generally
these formats are to include MS Office file formats and PDF files if requested. No other file
formats are allowed. If the required format is not used the student will receive zero credit for
the assignment.

All electronic files submitted for grading in this course must have your last name in the
file name along with the assignment name: (example: brayson-paper1.docx)

Make sure your last name and page number are on each page of all attachments/
assignments (MLA style as reference).

It is recommended you always check the file that you have uploaded in the Bb
assignment before submitting the assignment for grading, AND have back-up electronic
copies of all assignments and work you do for grade credit in this class.

NO LATE completion of assignments/quizzes are accepted after the due date unless there is
an unanticipated crisis; such as a car accident, a sudden illness or death in the family, or an
unanticipated change in work schedule which prevents you providing a completed
assignment on time.
Plan For It - Problems with technology, most schedule changes at work, car troubles, child
illness, or loss of your day care provider should all be anticipated and have a backup plan in
4 place. It is going to happen. Plan for it.
When stuff happens - rely on family and friends, fellow classmates and other students. You
can send me My Message in Bb, and I will do what I can to connect you to college and
Be sure to turn your work in on time (date and hour:minute) When the Blackboard college
server computer closes the assignment or quiz, will not be possible to submit the work.

If in the rare occasion that the blackboard or college server is down you can email me a note
about the situation. Otherwise all course communication is best in My Messages. I check Bb
course My Messages more often than email (which has over 20,000 unread emails.)

BA101 - Student Responsibilities

Openness to Learning and Growing: This involves becoming aware of you as a

professional student and appreciating differences in others.

Participation: Each student is to be fully and actively involved. Each of you is expected to be
open, try new experiences, and gain expertise in the areas covered in this course. You are
required to log in at throughout the week to participate in discussion activities, check email,
or complete assignments and quizzes.

General Policies:

1. Internet Privacy See Link

2. Student Code of Conduct See Link
3. Syllabus Addendum See Link

Mt. Hood Community College