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Neyanne Gail Bringuer, Justin Fajardo, Andre Roca & Matthew Martinez
XI- St. Dominic December 11, 2016

Title: Christmas in our hearts

Vocal Artist: Jose Mari Chan
Year: 1990
Art Critique

Neyanne Gail Bringuer, Justin Fajardo, Andre Roca & Matthew Martinez
XI- St. Dominic December 11, 2016

A. Briefly describe your reaction, thoughts and feelings while experiencing the artwork.
When we listened to the artwork Christmas In Our Hearts by Jose Mari Chan,
oscillations of bliss and delight breezed in our ears. From the first verse to the last, every word
that the piece delivers reveal the story of our kings nativity. How our faith diversifies and builds
up the spirit of Christmas in the community. More so, the song reflects not only our Filipino
culture but also the warmth of Christs coming. Altogether, the piece emits perfect calmness
about the vigor of Christmas and echoes through the hearts of every audience around the globe.

B. What do you think is the intention of the work? What does it want to say?
Christmas in our hearts by Jose Mari Chan is not just an ordinary Christmas song, it has a
deeper meaning. It aims to remind the people about the true meaning of Christmas which is
remembering the birth of Jesus and His love for us. The work is trying to say that we should
celebrate Christmas with all our hearts, not just by eating and enjoying but instead celebrating it
according to its true meaning. Also, Christmas is about having love, peace, unity, happiness and
prayers. Prayers should be present during the time of Christmas. It symbolizes our gratitude and
love for Jesus. Overall, the message of the song is letting the spirit of Christmas be always in our

C. What is the social and historical context when and where the piece was created?
Philippines where Christmas is a big celebration for it symbolizes the birth of Jesus, The
Messiah since the people the the Philippines are really religious. The Filipinos are really taking
Christmas in their hearts by preparing noche buena and celebrating it with family while not
forgetting the essence of Christmas. The song itself shows how significant the family is to the
Filipinos for Jose Mari Chan sang it with his daughter. At first, The song Christmas in our hearts
was an arrangement titled Ang Tubig ay Buhay. it was based on a poem written by Chari Cruz-
Zarate. Jose Mari Chan went to Santuario de San Antionio to attend mass. Riza Canizal
approached Chan. He later wrote the lyrics of Christmas in our Hearts using Chan's melody for
Ang Tubig ay Buhay.
This song has a 4/4 beat. It is under holiday/pop genre. The mood that the rhythm creates is
happy and joyful.
Melody is present in the song because at first, the song is low pitched and uses an organ in low
pitched tone. But when it comes to the chorus the pitch turns to high.
The harmony of the song have consonance. In the stanzas, the mood is sad, the artist is trying to
make the listeners feel sadness and longing. In the chorus, the mood changes, from sad to joyful.
There is a shift from minor scale to major.