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7/6/2017 Depression:40%ofMalaysianswillsufferfrommentalhealthissuesintheirlifetimeNation|TheStarOnline


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Sunday, 2 April 2017 | MYT 8:49 AM

Depression: 40% of Malaysians

will suffer from mental health
issues in their lifetime


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PETALING JAYA: Four out of every 10 Malaysians will fall victim to some form of
mental health issue in the course of their lives and psychologists believe that the
numbers will continue to rise.

International Medical University, consultant psychiatrist and addiction medicine

specialist, Dr Philip George said that numbers are often downplayed due to the
stigma that surrounds the condition.

added that the seriousness and the prevalence of issues like depression,
bipolar disorder and other mental health issues should be accepted and Most Viewed in News
acknowledged rst in order to be treated.
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anyone and the World Bank had predicted that 340mil people will suffer from
depression by 2020.
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spat 1/4
7/6/2017 Depression:40%ofMalaysianswillsufferfrommentalhealthissuesintheirlifetimeNation|TheStarOnline

Though the National Health and Morbidity survey says only 1.8% of the Malaysian Student twirls to top prize in England
population are depressed, we think there is a aw and believe that at least 40% of Fruitful outing to Bentong for China delegation
Malaysians suffer from mental health issues.
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The difference is Asians do not talk about their problems. Unlike Caucasians,
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Asians do not have the words for emotions and that is a huge barrier, he said
adding that many people who walk among us are at least facing mild depression. Fuel prices up this week

EPF ruling to help settle study loans

They consider having an emotional problem to be a weakness, so instead they
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attribute it to a physical problem and highlight things like their inability to sleep, narrowed location
back pain, headache and constant fatigue.
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He added that the National Institute of Health had found that depression to be a
most disabling disease as it is not tangible and people nd it hard to emphatise.
Sorry, the Trending list is currently
It is not something one can snap out of, just like how people cannot snap out of not available.
diabetes or a stroke.

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However, with enough help and support, almost 90% of the patients can be
restored to normal. Yes, they may have a relapse as their emotions are more
sensitive, but they can be cured with the right help, he added. TrendinginProper es
Cra edforqualityliving
Supporting his statement was consultant psychiatrist, Datuk Dr Andrew Mohanraj Deningtheartofgoodliving
who added that by 2030, depression will be the most disabling disease as it will Howmuchisyourcommercialproperty
have the highest number of days lost due to a disability. worth?
IsMalaysiarealestates llhot?
He explained that a study done in the United States found that 30 to 40% of
absenteeism at work is due to unexplained somatic complaints like body ache,
lack of sleep, and lethargy.

No studies have been done in Malaysia but a primary care study in Thailand
about ve years ago showed up to 30% were psychosomatic complaints.

"Many go unreported because rstly the diculty in diagnosing depression,

followed by the inability of people to recognise the symptoms of depression
themselves, he said adding that many who are in fact depressed are unwilling and
embarrassed to come forward for treatment.

Dr Andrew also pointed out that the updated National Morbidity Survey would
denitely see a higher number now.

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7/6/2017 Depression:40%ofMalaysianswillsufferfrommentalhealthissuesintheirlifetimeNation|TheStarOnline


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7/6/2017 Depression:40%ofMalaysianswillsufferfrommentalhealthissuesintheirlifetimeNation|TheStarOnline
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