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Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh was Member of Parliament in the eighth Lok Sabha from

Pilibhit Constituency elected in 1984 on Congress (I)'s ticket. Shri Bhanu Pratap
Singh is son of Shri Daulat Rai Yadubansi, who was agriculturist by profession in
Agras Village, which comes under limits of Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh.[1]

Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh studied up to High School level in Bareilly and thereafter,
he did his medical degree from Ayurved College, Pilibhit, He married Smt Gayatri
Devi in the month of May, 1956 and had two sons and one daughter from her. He is an
agriculturist by profession and a Member of district Congress Committee, Bareilly
since 1964. he was elected as General Secretary, district Congress Committee for
1967-72. he has also served as Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Dairy and Animal
Husbandry, Government of Uttar Pradesh in 1972 and Minister of State for
Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Sugarcane in 1980 and Cabinet Minister for
Sugarcane, Excise and Revenue and Agriculture, Dairy, Gardening and Excise
Department in 1980. he was the Member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly for
1969-74 and 1980-84.[2]

He is famous for giving training in weapons to the public during the Sino-Indian
War and for having organised Seminars on Family Planning, Rural Development and
Health at various places. he is dedicated for the upliftment of old widows and poor
children, patron of many schools; He is consider to be the leader of farmers for
the more than 20 years and took initiative in agricultural development and seed-
testing in the area.[3]

He like to read literature on Indian culture, training in seed production and

animal husbandry, he is working on cow breeding and milk production also reading
and collecting literature on cow breeding. He is a follower of hockey and football,
he also has served as captain and umpire during his college days. He is also a
marksman of 122 RiflePistol (award winner) and President of the Farm Club Bareilly
for more than 10 years and member of the clubs affiliated thereto, General
Secretary, Bareilly Rifle Club.[4]

He was elected as eighth Member of Parliament from Pilibhit Constituency with

63.84% votes on Congress (I)'s ticket and defeated his rival contender who was from
Bharatiya Lok Dal and received 23.39% votes in the general election held in 1984.