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Last Lecture Important Reminders Power

2D collisions

Today Pset # 8 due this Friday. Power is change in energy per unit time:
Power, Impulse, Center of Mass Problem Solving session in class this Friday. dE
Power =
Experiment #5 MasteringPhysics due next Monday. dt
Important Concepts My apologies for the confusion i nadvertently caused by A concept that has enormous technological impact
posting the next MasteringPhysics assignment early. but very little utility in solving problems.
Momentum changes due to external forces acting over a
period of time (called impulse). NOTE: Class grading guidelines clearly allow One interesting result: Power delivered by a given
Power is change in energy over time. discussion of MasterPhysics problems but also force increases with velocity in the force direction
Center of mass and momentum are closely related.
clearly prohibit directly working together or copying ! !
the answers of other students. Power = Fiv

8.01L Fall 2005 11/15/2005 8.01L Fall 2005 11/15/2005 8.01L Fall 2005 11/15/2005

Impulse Center of Mass Center of Mass Velocity

! ! !
!pTot = " Fdt ! ! d ! d !
Just the change in momentum:
Note the vectors!
Definition: RC.M . = 1
M TOT !m ri i
Definition: vC.M . =
RC.M . = 1
M TOT ! i dt i
m r
! !
M TOT ! i i M TOT ! i
The change in momentum can be used to find
= 1 mv = 1 p
As with all vectors, components are the only way to
information about the force if the time is known.
do a quantitative calculation: xC.M . = 1 ! mi xi
M TOT Connection to momentum: M TOT vC.M . =
! !
= pTOT
If force and time are known, the change in i

momentum can be calculated.

The positions, velocities, and accelerations, as well
! ! So, if momentum is conserved, the velocity of the
as F = Ma and other equations we have been
center of mass is constant.
studying up to now apply exactly to the center of
mass of an extended object.

8.01L Fall 2005 11/15/2005 8.01L Fall 2005 11/15/2005 8.01L Fall 2005 11/15/2005