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Alstom Brno offer you:

- Reliability and High Quality

- Excellence in Tendering,
Pricing and Project Management
Boiler Manufacturing Operations
- Have the discipline to map our processes
and define what is vital and common Solutions for the future
- Strategy of "soft and open door"

We will continue to develop

Clean Coal solutions
for the future
Alstom Brno is commited to the continuos improvement of its technology
portfolio in order to meet the present and future needs of its customers.

Latest Key Contracts

Neurath BoA2 2x1100 MW Supercritical Boiler Germany
Comanche 3 750 MW Supercritical Boiler USA
Maritza East 1 2x360 MW Lignite Fired Boiler Bulgaria
JK Spruce 2 750 MW Pulverized Coal-Fired Boiler USA
Iatan 850 MW Supercritical Boiler USA
Botnia 700 MW CHRU Uruguay
Cymic 200 MW CFB USA
Krasavino 3xHRSG Russia
Shoaiba totally 11x 365 MW Lignite Fired Boilers Saudi Arabia

ALSTOM Power, s. r. o.

Olomouck 7/9
656 66 Brno
Czech Republic POWER SYSTEMS
tel.: +420 545 101 111
fax: +420 545 213 007
POWER SYSTEMS Boiler Manufacturing Operations Production Programme
Water Wall Panels are manufactured on modern
Solutions for the future automated welding lines. The maximum wall length
is 22.5 metres with a width of 5.7 metres. Tubes
can have an outer diameter of between 25 and
102mm, the width of the fin is from 6 to
100mm. The spiral design of the Water Wall
Panels is a speciality of Alstom Brno.

Coil Systems are parts of economisers, steam

reheaters and superheaters. The tubes bent have
a diameter of between 22 and 76,2 mm. Bends
with an R/D ratio of under 1.1 are hot pressed
on the special squeeze and size Kusakabe machine.
Most of the bends are made on CNC bending
machines. The new CNC Systems Bender for long
tube fabrication help us to fulfill a customers needs.

Headers are the distribution and mixing parts

of the steam boiler. The headers produced usually
have a diameter of up to 711mm and lengths
of up to 18 meters. The wall thickness varies
between 6.3 and 114 mm.

Boiler Drums separate steam from water.

Drums as heavy as 120 metric tons with a shell
thickness of up to 70 mm are rolled on in-house
equipment. Thicker rolled plates up to 130mm
are purchased.

Present Facts: News in production Engineering

- We are a part of ALSTOM Power, s.r.o, - The new CNC Systems Bender - We are a production unit processing
ALSTOM Group, based in Brno for long tube fabrication the design and production documentation
- We are able to advise the customer and help - SAW nozzle welding on header to manufacture pressure parts for power
to find joint solutions during processing - Machined GTA welding of root pass plants and industrial boilers.
production documentation, manufacturing, for nozzle - Drawings are produced in 2D (AutoCad)
delivery an servicing of power - Modification of current orbital heads or in 3D (Solid Edge). Special tools are
and environmental equipments for B&W nozzle also used for designing such as for strength
- Our Boiler Manufacturing Operations - Overlay welding /cladding/ by INCONEL calculations for piping systems
is seen as the current trend-setter - New materials welding: and steel structures.
in manufacturing pressure parts T23, 7CrMoVTiB10-10(T24), T/P91, - All workshop drawings are controlled
for power plants and industrial boilers T/P92, VM12, SUPER304H, TP347HFG and archived in the EDM-Power DOCS
- We have our own - R & D team - and work or HR3C including rapid cooling by gas. system.
with several research and development
institutes not only in the city of higher
education - Brno, but all over the world.

The quality policy is:

- To keep the trust of customers and satisfy
their quality and time requirements
for the products supplied at reasonable prices
- To have qualified, well-motivated employees
- To support partnership and team work
- To continuously improve the efficiency
of all processes when developing
of our high-quality products