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Great Western Trail: The Solo Challenge (version 2.

0)- Beta

A Game from Alexander Pfister

Adapted for a SOLO Variant by Martin Montreuil (The Boardgames Society)

To set up, follow the instructions for a 2-player game:

1. Randomly place the 5 Station master tiles under the railway

2. Place the 7 Neutral Building tiles onto the space marked with the matching letter (A to G)

3. Place the job market token onto the top dashed round space in the job market.

4. Place 7 level 1 tiles on the board (teepee or hazard)

5. Place 3 Level 2 tiles in the job market.

6. Place 2 tiles of each level on the foresight spaces, in Kansas City.

7. Prepare the market with 7 cattle cards

8. Reveal 4 cards from the general objective stack.

9. Take 1 player board for yourself

at. Install the 14 discs on your tray

B. Place the certificate marker at position 0

C. Place the engine onto the starting place of the railroad track in Kansas City

D. Place your Cattleman at the beginning of the Trail, Texas

E. Place your 10 building tiles, in order from side A (from 1a to 10a), next to your board

F. Shuffle the 14 starting cattle cards and draw 4 (starting hand)

10. Repeat the previous step for your opponent's board, except for the cattleman that will be
installed in the space #1 in Kansas City.

11. Shuffle the Starting objective cards, take one at random and give one face down to your

12. Your opponent being the first player to take 6 dollars from the reserve, you will receive 7
Goal of the Solo Challenge: Get a higher score than your opponent during the final scoring

Your opponent will travel the finish line to Kansas City from 1 to 5 by advancing his Cattleman
token one space per turn; Alternating with your game turn.

1st round: Place one of the two no.1 tiles available on the board and the other on your
opponent's board; Then you take your turn.

If, by positioning a worker, you trigger an immediate action recorded on the player board, you
apply the effects indicated by selecting the action that generates the most victory points.

2nd round: Place one of the two no.2 tiles available on the labor market and the other on your
opponent's board; Then you take your turn.

3rd round: Place one of the two no.3 tiles available on the board and return the other to your
opponent; Then you take your turn.

4th round: Do the income phase: reveal the number of cards in hand indicated by the player
board (4 at the start of the game) and your opponent gain that amount. Always use
certificates, if available, to increase incomes; Then you take your turn.

5th round: You activate your opponent's worker; In the reverse order of the board:

First Engineer: Move the engine up to as many spaces forward as he have engineers; then
position a disc on the corresponding city (the one determined by the location of the engine).
When moving the engine, your opponent will always use the turnout spaces to stop his
movement and take the train station and the master tile, if he can.

When selecting the disc, always start with the auxiliary action section on the left side of the
player board, from top to bottom. Then select the other actions from left to right. Use discs
from white corners for white cities and black corners for black cities.

Second: Craftsman: Build the building having the most victory point according to the money
and the craftsman number available. The cost of construction will always be $ 2 per
craftsman. When 2 buildings of the same value are available, always take the first one in the
numbering order (1 to 10).

Buildings will be constructed at the first available location following the neutral buildings
using only the main road (the one without the hazards). The first building constructed will be
installed following the first neutral building, the second following the second neutral building
and so on.

Tirth: Cowboy: Acquire new cattle cards with the money available to maximize the number of
victory points. The unused Cowboys will be used to increase the supply of the market.

For his sixth round, your opponent will return to space # 1 in Kansas City to repeat this loop
until the end of the game. This action will require a turn during which it will not make any tile
Additional Notes:

For each green and black hands present on the opposing buildings, you will need to pay 2
dollars to your opponent.

If you need to select an objective for your opponent, you choose the most easily achievable
goal from the resources already in his possession, the one with the most points of victory

Good Luck (and let me know your score!)

Martin M. / The Boardgames Society