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Fill in the gaps with the correct word:

1. When you ....... (COME) to the party tomorrow, ......... (NOT FORGET) to
bring the beetles.
2. Thirty years ago, scientists _______ (begin) to study the link _______
aggressive behaviour and television watching.
3. How _______ do you go to the cinema? I usually go once ________
4. Switch _______ the TV now, the news _____ (be) about to start.

1. Rephrasing:

1. "If many people demonstrate, the possibility of war may decrease". The
2. If you take on too many tasks, it becomes harder to make time for them all.
The more tasks.
3. "My car is being repaired this afternoon". I .
4. There are more coins than banknotes. There arent
5. "I am sorry that I drank so much last night". I wish..
6. "Young people make noise and leave piles of rubbish behind. Residents
usually call the police".
7. The cheaper dress is more or less the same as the other one. There isnt...
8. Its very nice of you to be so kind. Thank you....
9. We left before the end of the lecture. The lecture......
10. African countries are too poor to build a space station. African countries

B) Join the following sentences using a RELATIVE PRONOUN. Make

changes if necessary:

1. Occidental observers are against the veiling of women in Arabia. The veiling
is an example of sexual segregation.
2. We had dinner with a man. The man's wife was a film star.
3. Nikki sells cinema tickets. She is against the ban.
4. This is the plan. You have been talking about it.
5. I could not move my car. It had no petrol.
6. Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime. His works are worth
7. The new currency is called euro. Its official abbreviation is EUR.
8. Bar owners have organized a protest. They feel the measures are unfair.
9. A dog was sent into space in 1957. Its name was Laika.
C) Join the following sentences using an appropriate linker (do not use
AND or BUT). Make changes if necessary.

1. Ann was an excellent teacher. She attacked some of her students verbally.
2. "The old lady rejected the insects. The insects were underdone."
3. Mobiles are very useful nowadays. They can be dangerous if you are driving.
4. Teenagers today live in a very competitive world. The result is that teenagers
suffer from stress.
5. People shouldn't use drugs. It affects their brains.
6. Many Spaniards have read The Order of the Phoenix. It has already been
translated into Spanish.
7. Lots of tourists visit that old building every year. It is one of the major
attractions in London.
8. "You have to clean all this mess before you go home" (Report what the
policeman said last Saturday to you and your friends)

2. Reported speech.

1. "No serious incidents were reported". The journalists...................

2. The people were shouting "One, two, three for, we don't want another war", "
Five, six, seven, eight, why don't you negotiate?". Demonstrators...........
3. "No more blood for dollars" (be careful, you'll have to complete the sentence
One placard said ..
4. Gihan exclaimed: "We have had too many prohibitions."
5. Last year, my doctor told me, "Take more exercise if you can't sleep well.".
6. Jenny said: "We must arrive on time tomorrow"
7. The young man said: "I'm going to start eating more insects."
8. Jenny said: "We have to take more responsibility."
9. Ms Anderson said: "We must all recognise that driving and using mobile
phones can kill".
10. The spokesman said: "I can't understand why billiards has been prohibited."
11. The young lady said: "I did not make such a mistake."
12. The film star said: "I fell in love last summer."
13. The article said: "Molly was taken to hospital but she never regained
14. He told me: "don't go ahead if you are not 100% sure"
15. He said to his son: "Don't panic or get hysterical."
16. She said: "Many trees were planted a few years ago to replace woodland
and to create forests".
17. A psychologist from Liverpool University established. Most abusers were
abused themselves"
18. "The launch of the Euro has been a complete success", the Prime Minister
19. The Prime Minister said: "A new UN resolution will not be necessary."
20. The Professor said, I will finish my lecture before the bell rings.
21. James said: "People have died here."
22. The old man said to the boy, "Don't speak to strangers."
23. What will you do when you finish your homework? -- He asked the girl...
3. Conditional sentences

A) Complete

1. If every citizen in the world made an effort to stop the

2. If I had known that demonstration was a historical event ......................
3. If Saudi women had less restrictions
4. If I stopped smoking. . .
5. Ann wouldn't have been hospitalised if
6. If I could go anywhere I liked,
7. If people do not turn off their mobile phones in cinemas...
8. If I had studied psychology ...
9. She wouldn't have been blamed if...
10. If terrorists attacked my home town...
11. If you spend too much time sunbathing...
12. "If I had known the answer,"
13. I would have read J.K. Rowlings books if

B) Complete with the correct tense

1. Doctors (not save) her life if they (discover) her illness before.
2. If you had exercised regularly, it...................... (help ) you calm down.
3. If we want to save the Earth, we should stop ............................. our forests.
4. If John _______ (NOT DRINK) so much last night he _________(NOT
BEHAVE) so aggressively.

4. Produce the questions to these answers:

1. Yesterday's protesters came from many different types of people

2. America's interest in Iraq had more to do with oil than with disarming a
dangerous tyrant
3. Last time we demonstrated it was scores of years ago.
4. It took 6 months to find her disease.
5. Only six per cent of women work as teachers.
6. A hot milky drink may help you relax.
7. The law did aII the forbidding.
8. Reaction times were 30% slower.
9. The balls cost one pound.
10. Predators depend on animals.
11. The teenager is said to have changed her story.
12. Tourists have chosen new destinations.
13. The tattoo removal cost 1,000 a month ago.
14. Forests provide shelter and food for many different types of plants and
15. Susan used to do her shopping in New York.
16. There are eight denominations of euro coins.
17. J.K. Rowling has written five Harry Potter books.
18. The Tower of London was built in 1066.
19. Western countries see 14,000 attempted suicides every year.

7. Lexis

A) Write one more word with the same root:

1. Agree, disagree,.......
2. Give an ADJECTIVE with the same root as APPETISER (noun)
3. Give a noun with the same root as FREE (adjective)
4. Give an adjective with the same root as IMPRESSION (noun)
5. Give an adjective with the same root as "SENSE"
7. Give an adverb with the same root as PHYSICAL (adj).
8. Give a noun with the same root as PROBABLY (adverb)
9. Give an adjective with the same root as PREDICT (verb).
11. Give a noun with the same root as APPEAR (verb)
12. Give a noun with the same root as POLITICAL (adjective)

B) Find the odd word out:

1. Blind, stress, deaf, disoriented

C) Complete the series with another word of the same semantic field:

1. teacher, doctor, engineer .

2. deforestation, acid rain, greenhouse effect, .

D) Find the odd word

1. Which word is not a preposition? THROUGH - OF OR - FOR

2. Which word is not an ADVERB? QUICKLY - FAST - LONELY - EASILY
3. Which word is not an ADJECTIVE? AGGRESSIVE - VIOLENT -
4. Which word does NOT belong to the group according to the meaning? GO

Fill in the gap with the correct preposition:

She knocked ________ the door but nobody answered.

Politicians are dreaming ________ a stronger euro.
"The industrialized countries are responsible ................ the poverty of the Third
1. Join the sentences with a relative pronoun. Make changes if necessary.
Do not use THAT:

- I have a son. I showed the doctor a photograph of him.

- London was once the largest city in the world. Its population is falling.
- In 1755, the work was published. It was called A Dictionary of the English
- Mobiles are very useful nowadays. They can be dangerous if you are driving.
- That old building is visited by a lot of tourists every year. It is one of the major
attractions in -London.
- We spent our holiday in Scotland last year. Scotland is in the north of Great
- People live in Scotland. They are called Scots.
- Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh. He wrote the Sherlock Holmes
- Loch Ness is 37 km long. People know it for its friendly monster.
- In this house, his wife died in 1752. Her name was Elizabeth Porter.

2. Make reported speech. Start all your answers with 'she', and use at least
5 different reported verbs.

- Im leaving tomorrow
- Please get me a cup of tea
- She got married last year
- Could you explain number four, please?
- We went to the cinema and then to a Chinese restaurant
- Ill come and help you at twelve
- Would you mind waiting a moment please?
- Could you tell me where the post office is?
- Have you ever seen Lord of the Rings?
- Lets listen to some music

3. Conditional sentences

- If you sit in the sun too long

- If I was the Prime Minister
- If you mix water and electricity
- I could go swimming
- You would have won the match

- I (could / go) to the party If they (give) me the invitations, but they didnt.
- They (tell) you the truth if they (know) it but they dont.
- You (should / tell / not come / her) to the party if you (know) he was also
- If she (know) he was going she (not go).
- If it (be) mine I (not leave) there. One day, you will lose it.
4. Produce the questions to these answers:

- The boss offered me a cigarette.

- My grandfather saved money for years.
- Sam and Jenny will meet their cousins at the airport tomorrow.
- My sister chose the expensive shoes.
- Karen prefers quiet sports.
- Carl was writing a letter when his mother came into his room.
- Sam found Michael's wallet.
- The film lasted 2 hours.
- A new shop will be opened very soon by Zara
- The president has visited the following countries: Spain, France and Italy.

5. Mix tenses

- Please (not come) to see me before 5, I (sleep) siesta.

- It (be) the worst storm we ever. (have)
- It is the first time I here (be), so I (not can) tell you where the station is.
- The shops already (close) when we (arrive), and we (can) get any food.
- "The weather (be) very good next weekend", (say) the old man looking at the
- We (have) a drink outside the Museum when we (hear) the explosion from the
- They (not let) us inside the reception because we (not bring) our night
- Where is Jennifer? I think she (do) some yoga in her bedroom. She (practice)
since 7 o'clock.
- My favourite cinema director (make) a film 3 years ago, but this year he (not
produce) anything.
- Nowadays I (think) that (find) a house is the most difficult problem for young
- They (lose) their cat yesterday and (not find) it yet
- Before I (meet) my friend Bayu, I never (not speak) Indonesian.
- I can't help you. I have a lot of problems because I (move) to new house right
- A fortune teller told me: "You (be) a very famous opera singer".
- While I (run) in the park, it (begin) to rain .
- They (finish) the building in two months.
- She (leave) before I (can give) her the present.
- I think he (leave) her as soon as he (know) what (happen) to her other