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Science quiz

fill in the blank with a word from the box

organism/ environment/habitat/ community/ ecosystem/

1. A __________________________is a group of different populations in an ecosystem.

2. Any living thing is called an _____________________ organism
3. An _______________ is a place where living things and nonliving things depend on each
other. ecosystem
4. ________________________ is everything that surrounds a living thing. environment
5. A ___________________is a special place where plants or animals live.

Write true or false

1. ecosystems never change __________ F
2. A community is a group of different populations in an ecosystem. ______T
3. Temperature, sunlight, water, and soil all play an important role in an ecosystem.
4. Animals spreading the seeds of blueberry bushes is an example of how living
organisms depend on one another in an ecosystem. _______ T
5. sunlight, water, rock are examples of living things ____________F

How do coyotes, ground squirrels, and plants interact in their environment?

They interact and depend on one another; coyotes hunt ground squirrels while the
ground squirrels eat plants and live in burrow -- each depend upon the other for
What might happen to plants and animals if there is more rain than usual?
The population would get larger or increase

Grassland: a kind of ecosystem covered with grasses and similar small flowering plants, but
with few trees; it has a climate of cool or cold winters and hot summers.
In Africa, this biome is called a Savannah
Elephants, bison, rhinoceros, ferrets, hyenas, giraffes, lions, ostrich, and prairie dogs
are some of the consumers found in different biomes.
this biome does not have many trees; the only trees that grow usually do so near
rivers and streams

Desert :an ecosystem that gets very little rain; days are often hot while nights are cool or
even cold; they are full of life; the animals and plants that survive here can live with less
animals in this biome must have adaptations to help them survive without water and
the extreme heat; many of them are nocturnalonly coming out at night
the soils in this biome can be made up of sand, gravel or clay
Why do certain plants do well in the deserts?
They require less rainfall and are able to store water in their leaves or stems -- example

Forest: Forest Biomes represent the largest and most ecologically complex systems. They
contain a wide assortment of trees, plants, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates,
insects and micro-organisms which vary depending on the zone's climates. Forest Climate
during the summer is hot and during the winter is cold.
A forest is made up of many layers. Starting from the ground level and moving up, the main
layers of all forest types are the forest floor, the understory and the canopy. The emergent
layer exists in tropical rainforests.

tundra: ecosystem that is cold and dry; located in the very northern part of the world; parts
of Alaska; winters are long and cold; summers are short and cool; summer days are very long
- sun may shine 24 hours a day; some places get NO sunlight at all in the winter.
What is the coldest land ecosystem? Tundra
What are 3 kinds of land ecosystems? grassland, desert, and tundra.
How are coniferous and deciduous forests alike? Both are ecosystems with specific
types of trees
How are coniferous and deciduous forests different? coniferous have trees that remain
green all year (evergreens) while deciduous forests change throughout the year and even
completely drop all its leaves before the following years grows

What kind of climate can tropical forests have?

warm and rainy all year long (humid)
What are 3 kinds of forests?
coniferous, deciduous, and tropical forests.

wetland :an ecosystem that is a low land that is covered by water at least part of the year
What are 4 kinds of fresh water ecosystems? lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams.

Characteristics of Wetlands
Wetlands are the link between land and water, and are some of the most productive
ecosystems in the world. Some common names for different types of wetlands are swamp,
marsh and bog. Depending on the type of wetland, it may be filled mostly with trees, grasses

Saltwater ecosystems
Where do most corals live? In a salt water ecosystem along the shore
Where is the most life found in the ocean? In the top 200 meters of the water

Climate The average temperature is 39 F

Plants Several types of water plants.
Animals Whales, sharks, octopus, dolphins, sea cucumbers, squids.
Location This biome occupies 71% of the planet's surface.