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How to Fight Against Infectious Diseases

The headline article in Arizona Woman, October 2006--"The Fight Against Prostate
Cancer Expands," motivated me to compose this report.

In spite of all of the research, chemotherapy, etc., cancer is on the rise.

Many books are written on the important truth that our thoughts and feelings create
our reality. I'm sharing these tips with you since I would like you to understand you
have greater control of your health than you understand. I understand from my own
experience and from the experience of my customers whom I help cure from dire dis-
eases--diabetes, cancer, lupus, Hepatitis C, Fibromyalgia, MS, high blood pressure,
mitral valve prolapse and the list continues. I hope I can explain the source of dis-ease
which will motivate you to transcend victim consciousness and live the life you were
born to live--healthy, happy and with peace of mind.

Nothing can be healed through a process of 'fighting it.' First we will need to check at
how simple is created. Thoughts are made in the mind and feelings followalong with
Ideas and feelings are impulses of energy. The body is made up of trillions of cells.
Cells of the nervous system, known as nerve cells or neurons, are specialized to carry
"messages" via an electrochemical procedure. The human mind has approximately
100 billion neurons.

Neurons have specialized projections called dendrites and axons. Dendrites bring
information to the cell body and axons take data away from the cell body. Info from 1
neuron flows to another neuron across a synapse. The synapse is a small gap dividing
neurons. The synapse includes:

1. A presynaptic finish that includes polyphenols, Spread Love Not

Germs mitochondria and other cell organelles,

2. A postsynaptic finish that contains receptor sites for hormones and,

3. A synaptic cleft or space between the presynaptic and postsynaptic endings.

Thoughts and feelings are impulses of energy and data. They send out vibrational
images, patterns, and colours (not language or words). This energy affects the air
(energy field) around the person believing the thought or feeling that the feeling. As
soon as they go out they can never be retracted. What we see in the outer world is a
manifestation of collective humanity's thoughts and feelings.
Radio, TV programming and favorite books create our future. It's easy to understand
how reality is created when you comprehend the Science of Consciousness. But what
is consciousness and how can you affect it? Collective consciousness is the sum total
of humanity's beliefs, ideas, feelings and activities. Media, public relations companies,
and advertising constantly send out thought-forms that app us for sickness, drugs,
violence, anxiety, and materiality. These ideas go into collective consciousness and
create a huge cesspool of dysfunctional beliefs from which we draw our private
thoughts. Perception is carefully and precisely regulated by pharmaceutical and
medical clinics.

Most conventional wisdom is implanted into the public consciousness with a thousand
contrived media clips per day. Whose Ideas Are You Thinking? Where attention goes-
-reality is made. Have you wondered why many people in America generally think the
same thing about most problems? Have you wondered why a whole community has a
high incidence of a particular disease? These perceptions are perpetrated and always
reinforced by spin-doctors. The thought is created first-then it succeeds in regular life.
For example, constant consciousness to health problems creates more medication
clients. Constant awareness to being a victim creates more individuals feeling

Cancer was rare until somebody told us and programmed fear ideas into awareness.
People didn't think about flu shots before the press promoted them. Have you ever
wondered about the integrity of TV Allergy Reports being sponsored by a drug
company? Can you believe allergy medicine will cure allergies or are pharmaceuticals
a profit producing industry? What is true is that consciousness to allergies . Remove
those thoughts from the own energy field and your allergies will be gone. In spite of
all the study, chemotherapy, etc. cancer is on the increase. Thoughts and feelings
create disease!

Let's explore traditional thought streams encouraged in today's society which are
generating public consciousness:

1) An education guarantees monetary achievement,

2) war will create peace,

3) fluoride protects your teeth,

4) carry out your gall bladder, tonsils, spleen, appendices and after a certain age,
eliminate uterus, breasts, ovaries, testicles, etc., as they aren't really necessary or that's
the way to make health. Consider it--if those body parts weren't necessary why did the
human body evolve together in tact?
5) HIV causes AIDS,

6) with no pathogens contagious diseases will return,

7) that the FDA thoroughly tests all drugs Before promoting them,

8) if it is written in the newspaper, on TV or professional diary, it is true,

9) influenza shots stop influenza,

10) melancholy complications are something every girl can expect,

11) pharmaceutical drugs restore health. Think about it--if medication restored
wellness why are thousands of folks taking numerous drugs?

12) pets want drugs, shots and surgery,

13) scientists and physicians are god-like,

14) be Scared of sun causing cancer,

15) "own a piece of the rock," makes you more joyful, wealthier

16) that the purpose of life is shopping--store 'till you fall.

Do yourself a favor, 'Dare To Think For Your Self' even though you may be
considered a weirdo. Being a weirdo is fitter, than allowing yourself to be
programmed to have all the ailments that the pharmaceutical companies would like
you to have so they could sell drugs. Most individuals are ignorant-not evil. But, as
the saying goes ignorance of the law is no explanation. The consequence of ignorance
nevertheless, is why I rely on Universal Laws. These laws surpass man-made laws,
and maintain true without neglect. If you jump out of a window onto the 10th floor
you will return--Newton's Law of Gravity ... and if you plant potato seeds you will
receive potatoes-- not corn. Thoughts are planting seeds. Feelings follow thoughts.
Thoughts and feelings create disorder!

"We cannot create solutions to problems with the same consciousness that created
them." --Einstein. "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results
is the definition of insanity." --Anonymous.

When you understand the facts about how simple is made, you will think beyond
living in just a "physical world" and believe in terms of an "energy world". To break
free from programming you will need to change your idea programming and
vigilantly pick each feeling and thought. Shifting your thought programming is much
like installing an upgraded computer application onto your PC. "Fighting Against"
Energy Creates More Of Everything You Don't Want and Collapses Your Energy

As an example, if you are in a relationship with someone and they're stuck in their
doldrums, what you need to do is detect what causes you to feel great, or that which
attracts you joy-and take action. Do not waste your energy fighting against everything
you don't want. This just creates more of everything you do not want. Another
example: Many men and women are dissatisfied with the business they work for.
Most of their energy is wasted ruminating about the boss and co-workers. It's more
effective to determine what makes you fulfilled and create it. Only put money into
positive ideas.

Make the necessary changes to your favorite state of functioning. Your energy, money
and time increases as you're not "fighting against something" or even "ruminating
about eliminating something." It's not possible to get "far enough away" from anyone
or anything, because separation is simply an illusion. People or encounters are never
more than a thought away.

The Internet is helping people learn about being linked. Just as you're able to send
email via the Internet, we constantly send people "energy email" messages. It doesn't
matter if the man or woman is in precisely the exact same area or across the world.
They immediately, consciously or unconsciously, get your "energy email" To make
the reality you want - you want to be very selective with each idea you allow to enter
your mind, and carefully monitor the ideas and feelings you send to other people.
"Hedging Against" and "Ruminating." To Protect Yourself Most people have been
programmed to hedge against inflation, to buy insurance to safeguard against
handicap, fire, death, and sickness, etc..

The "save for a rainy day" mindset can be "hedging against." This attracts to you
everything you do not want in your life. The hidden motive to save for retirement is
generally driven by a desire to protect against old age. "Has the campaign, "Say NO to
drugs" worked, if not, why not? It can not work since, the brain only records the last
word ... drugs ... drugs ... drugs. The saying, had to be, "Say, "NO" to drugs...and Say,
"YES to Life."

The mind set of AGAINST vs. FOR ... profits enormous businesses. Folks buy
vitamins, beauty and hair aids, their kids ' education, and get regular medical
evaluations and checkups for the negative reasons of protecting themselves. All the
above scenarios are fear-based motivations that dis-empower you, collapse your
energy field and create the reverse of your aims.
PR Firms Raise a Lot of Cash For Organizations "Hedging Against" something. I
know several people who had a health emergency, after coaching for today's popular
fund raising events. Well-intended participants are jogging, walking or biking, with
the goal to avoid cancer or honor someone they knew who experienced cancer. What
they haven't understood is that by putting these thoughts into their minds--the disease
becomes generated. What if people understood they get what they're thinking and
feeling--not what they believe they are thinking and feeling ... AND that whatever
they concentrate on will expand. Would they take part? Words and feelings are strong
creators of fact. Avoid putting cancer thoughts on your understanding (consciously or
unconsciously)--you won't create cancer in your lifetime. A magnet doesn't stick to
timber--just to metal. Eliminate the thoughts from millions of people's comprehension
(and also from the own family genetic consciousness)-and also the disease or
conditions vanish.

Your brain can not hold two thoughts simultaneously. You can't simultaneously hold a
happy and sad idea, or healthy and ill notion. It's impossible to think about "Fighting
Breast Cancer" and concurrently hold the idea of total health and vibrant aliveness. So
what are you doing when you're fighting something? The solution is, the more focus
you put about the disease--the more people encounter it.

Health is our natural state. Disease is abnormal and can not exist in a healthy body.
Remove the ideas of sufferer, fear, stress, war, disease, etc., and the ideas are deleted
from the collective thought cesspool. Your "search engine" will come up with
nothing. Spell check makes certain words are spelled right. Empower yourself by
using a "thought-check" method for another 30 days and see how your life changes.
Allow only notions of health, happiness, peace, ethics, and harmony. Watch how all
changes. We must hold the medical and pharmaceutical profession accountable for the
outcomes of their actions.

Think about this, grocery stores are currently "Food & Drug Stores." Where are we
headed? If you don't have stocks from pharmaceutical companies and don't care about
the future world or yourself, your children and grandchildren will live in ... please take
heed. Now that you're more informed and conscious about how thoughts/feelings
produce reality, how would you prefer to work for the Orange County Financial
Abuse Specialist Team? They specialize in coaching financial abuse experts in
agencies and organizations that serve the elderly. Or are you ready to support the
National Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week, in which a PTA organization sets a
"death toll poster automobile" on display in the high school campus depicting people
killed last year by drunk drivers in Orange County. Their stated goal "We aspire to
increase a greater consciousness of substance abuse through this undertaking." How
awful that our kids have to suffer due to ill educated, dysfunctional believing adults;
Or the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Fighting Blood-Related Cancers; Or TV evangelists, who play on people's feelings
with starving children's images or images of the hopeless and helpless; Or a concert to
"STOP THE ABUSE of Afghanistan women or children;" Or "Help Stamp Out
Hunger." Or, America's Walk For Diabetes; Or, run or walk the marathon in Honolulu
for the Arthritis Foundation? Joints In Motion using a slogan, "Take it on!" Or, Race
to your Cure-112 events nationally and this organization is the major catalyst in the
FIGHT AGAINST this catastrophic disease...every girl reaches risk-great perks, extra
monograms, T-shirts, and complementary refreshments; Or you can create more
consciousness to gout by becoming a member of the Arthritis Foundation's Joints in
Motion Training Team, have a vacation, and run the "I Love Paris In The Springtime
Marathon." What about, "Avoid CHILD ABUSE?

Again, the brain records child abuse; Or Alzheimer's Memory Walk-a enjoyable way
to combine with the FIGHT AGAINST Alzheimer's Disease, where participants have
been instructed to bring images of the loved ones to remind them of why they are
walking. The brochure shows four generations with only two generations with
Alzheimer's disease; Or Project Sister ...sexual assault crisis services educating the
communities we serve about the nature and causes of sexual violence; Or these
Internet sites: The Hunger site, The Kids AIDS website, The Landmine website, The
Rainforest site, or The Child Survival website. What solutions do any of these
examples provide? Can it be any wonder why physicians, hospitals, physicians and
drug companies have numerous patients? In addition to all the preceding information
in this guide, many magazines use full front page headlines like, "The Diabetes
Epidemic...a killer disease. This produces conscious awareness to diabetes and obesity
generates patients for the medical profession.