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Kryptonian Mod v1.

by Boertjie

For proper reading, turn on word wrap (Format > Word Wrap)

And it would be best if you print this document.

-This Mod is Optional because a Lot of people use Superpowers mod, if you want to
install it only copy and replace de files of "Goku TransformMod" with the files of
"Kryptonian Mod(Optional)" folder
-You can Download de Original Files here:
-I made a Small Changes in this mod
-This mod works with CLEO 4, I test it a long time
-No needs to change the control Setup, but its your choice
-When superspeed is Toogle On, the Superspeed dont work, I dont have any Idea why
the Goku Transform Mod make a problem with kryptonian Mod and Goku Run Normally,
You must press * to change de run style and get superspeed


The first time you run this mod, CJ's power-level will be at zero. You'll need to
have CJ charge up in direct sunlight to 100% power, and then save the game if you
want him to have full power the next time you load the savegame.

Otherwise, you can simply use the inbuilt power-level control to set CJ's power at
whatever level you want.


1) Make a backup of your entire GTA San Andreas game folder

2) Copy the contents of the "Mod Files"-folder into your GTASA game folder. When
you are prompted to do so, overwrite all files.

3) Start GTA San Andreas and go to the advanced graphics settings. (Options >
Display Setup > Advanced). Change the draw distance so that the top five stripes
are NOT selected/highlighted.


Change the on-foot controls to the following setup (you NEED this control-setup to
play the mod properly) :


Next Weapon/Target - T
Previous Weapon/Target - Y
Group Ctrl Forward - MS WHEEL UP
Group Ctrl Back - MS WHEEL DOWN
Conversation - No - [ \
Conversation - Yes - ]
Forward - W UP
Backwards - S DOWN
Left - A LEFT
Right - D RIGHT
Zoom In - =
Zoom Out - -
Enter+Exit - F RETURN
Change Camera - V
Jump - SPACE ;
Aim Weapon - RMB
Crouch - C
Action - Q RCTRL
Walk - LALT
Look Behind - B

Mod controls

F5 - Toggle Power Level Control On/Off

F6 - Toggle Power Percentage display On/Off

F7 - Toggle Superspeed On/Off
F8 - Toggle Superjump On/Off
F9 - Toggle Flying Jump On/Off
F10 - Toggle Flight On/Off
F11 - Toggle Superstrength On/Off
F12 - Toggle Heatvision On/Off

Action (TAB+ENTER) - Toggle fast perception (Slow motion) On/Off

Conversation no toggles fast perception on/off while in a vehicle
Use "INSERT" and "SUPR" to set how slow the slow motion must be.

When Power Level Control is toggle on...

Use Numpad + to increase CJ's power level

Use Numpad - to decrease CJ's power level

When Superspeed is toggled ON...

While running, press the Sprint-key (SPACE) to accelerate. Release the key to


Press "*" (on the numpad) to toggle between superspeed modes ("Sprint" or "Jog").
Use jog-mode for running at superspeed while firing weapons.
When Superjump is toggled ON...

Press the Jump-key (SPACE) to jump.

Use Group Control Forward and Group Control Back (MOUSE WHEEL UP & DOWN) to set the

When Flying Jump is toggled ON...

Press the Jump-key (SPACE) to jump.

Use Group Control Forward and Group Control Back (MOUSE WHEEL UP & DOWN) to set the
flying jump-height.

While in the air, press sprint (LSHIFT) repeatedly to defy gravity and move forward
a little in mid-air.

When Flight is toggled ON...

Press and hold Jump (CTRL) to take off.

During take-off, press and hold sprint (SPACE) and/or forward (W) to take off

You can press and hold sprint (SPACE) before take-off to make the take-off faster.

When you release jump (CTRL), use forward (W) and sprint (SPACE) to control your

Use forward (W) and/or sprint (SPACE) for acceleration and back (S) to "brake"
while flying.

Use the mouse to control your direction.

To land/stop flying, fly into the ground or just press jump (SPACE) again.

You can also use the arrow keys to control your direction so that you can use the
mouse to look around. Pressing the arrow keys, or "[" or "]" or ";" will activate
the mode of flight where you use the arrow keys to control your direction. While
you will be using the arrow keys to control your direction, use conversation yes
and no ( [ and ]) and sprint (SPACE) to control your speed. While in this mode of
flight, use action (TAB) to toggle fast perception on/off.

to activate the fly-with-mouse mode again, simply press one of the following
w, a, s, d.

When superstrength is toggled ON...

Your punches will be superstrong.

Press target (Right mouse button) + TAB while near a vehicle to pick up that

If you decide to not pick up that vehicle before CJ picks it up, press TAB again to
"unfreeze" the vehicle if it is "frozen". (It will "unfreeze" by itself also)

While carrying a vehicle, press target (right mouse button) + TAB again to throw
that vehicle in the direction you are looking.

While carrying a vehicle, press enter/exit (f or ENTER) to put the vehicle down.

While carrying a vehicle. press TAB to drop the vehicle.

While flying, the controls for picking up, dropping and throwing a vehicle are
exactly the same. If you are flying using the arrow-keys to steer CJ, use BACKSPACE
instead of TAB for the superstrength-controls while you are flying.

If you are carrying a vehicle, you can also take off into flight while carrying the

When heatvision is toggled ON...

(NO WEAPON must be selected - only your fists)

Use target (RMB) + fire (LMB) to fire your heatvision. You can aim the beams with
your mouse.

Press "PAGE UP" (not on the numpad) to enable heatvision without targetting. THis
means that you can simply press fire (LMB) to fire your heatvision out in front of

Mod description and features


This mod gives you Superman's abilities, but much better than the superman-mod.
You'll have these abilities :

Gravity Defiance
Flying Jump
Fast Perception
Rapid Healing
Solar Energy Absorption
Your abilities are charged by the sun. When your power runs low, your abilities
will begin to weaken. When your power runs very low, you'll lose some of your
abilities. Zero-power = zero abilities.

Your level of power is displayed by pressing F6. A power level of 100% and higher
means you have full abilities. Lower than 100% means you'll begin to get weaker.

Sunlight charges you. Higher up in the air, the sun's rays are stronger and you'll
recharge faster. The sun's rays are also stronger during the middle of the day -
when the sun is at its highest- than during dawn and dusk. If the sun is obscured
by clouds or buildings, you won't charge up.

You'll notice that when you fly very fast, the camera pulls back at some point.
This is the point when you go supersonic - faster than sound.

I did not give CJ superbreath because:

- I did not know how to create such a power in GTASA
- I don't like that ability of superman.

Also included is other mods you will need to enjoy this mod at its fullest :

You will be able to outrun the cops in a similar way as in GTAIV

A higher draw-distance, also working high in the air and with the
irritating flickering map-problem at a minimum.

A mod that makes the black-dark shadows in the game lighter.

A mod containing miscellaneous tweaks to the game.

Compatibility with other mods


It is possible that this mod may clash with other mods.

Legal stuff

This mod is NEVER to be part of any kind of wrongdoing.

Feel free to use this mod in whole or in part to create other mods under the
conditions that you give me DUE CREDIT and that you include a link in your mod as
to where this mod of mine (Kryptonian Mod) can be downloaded.

The copy of this mod that you download is YOUR responsibility.

Backup all your GTASA-files before using this mod.

I cannot guarantee that this mod will be faultless.


Credits goes to everyone who made modding like this possible! This includes the
creators of CLEO, people whose cleo-mods served as coding-examples for me, people
who found specific memory addresses in GTASA, etc.

Credits also goes to the creators of the superman-universe.




- added the ability to increase or decrease your power level

- fixed a minor bug in the superstrength-script. (if a mission-ped survives your

superpunch, he simply stopped doing whatever he was doing) ...fixed