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There are a number of people without whom this research paper might not have been
written, and to whom we greatly indebted with. A lot of time and effort was spent to ensure
that this project meets the objectives that were stated.

First and foremost, we have to thank our IT & SAD Professor, Mr Justine Vinuya.
Without his assistance and dedicated involvement in every step throughout the process, this
paper would have never been accomplished. We would like to thank him very much for his
support and understanding over this semester. His teaching style and enthusiasm for the topic
made a strong impression on us and we have always carried positive memories of his classes.
He raised many precious points in our discussion and we hope that we have managed to
address several of them here.

Getting through our dissertation required more than academic support, and we have
many, many people to thank for listening to and, at times, having to tolerate us over the past
semester. We cannot begin to express our gratitude and appreciation to everyone that have
been unwavering in our personal and professional support during the time we spent doing
this research. For many memorable discussions on how we construct this paper, we must
thank everyone especially BSA 2.

Most importantly, none of this could have happened without our family. Lastly, to the
Guy up there in the heavens our Lord Jesus Christ, for giving us strength, knowledge and
patience to fulfil this research paper. We have experienced some ups and downs throughout
this journey. Every time we were ready to quit, He did not let us and we are forever grateful.
This dissertation stands as a testament to your unconditional love and encouragement.

The old way of bus ticketing Public transport like bus requires the purchase of a
ticket to generate revenue for the operators. Tickets may be bought either in advance, or at
the time of the journey, or the carrier may allow both methods. Passengers may be issued
with a paper ticket, a metal or plastic token and sometimes a ticket has to be validated.
Example, a paper ticket has to be stamped. Tickets may be valid for a single trip or valid
within a certain area for a period of time. The fare is based on the travel class either
depending on the distance travelled, or based on zone pricing. The tickets may have to be
shown or checked automatically at the station platform or when boarding, or during the ride
by a conductor. Multi-use tickets allow travel more than once. In addition to return tickets,
this includes period cards allowing travel within a certain area, for instance month cards, or
during a given number of days that can be chosen within a longer period of time, for instance
eight days within a month.

. There was an absolute need for transparency within the industry so that consumers
can avail the services of a centralized system where they could be acquainted with the
information regarding the total number of bus routes in operation, prices, availability, seat
preferences, cancellations, refunds and feedback options. E-ticketing or electronic ticketing
is changing the landscape, especially air travel and railways ticketing coming a long way
ahead. There are research studies which have discussed that service providers could increase
their transactional efficiencies and expand their services by adopting modern IT in revenue

Baliwag Transit Inc. It is one of the largest bus transportation system in the
Philippines with offices and terminals in various parts of Luzon. It mainly services routes to
and from Metro Manila and Northern and Central Luzon. Most of its terminals are located in
Nueva Ecija, where some of its terminals are located in San Jose City, Baliuag and
Cabanatuan City. History Baliwag Transit is owned by Maria Victoria Santiago V. Tengco or
popularly known in Baliwag as "Viuda" or "Nanay", a native of Baliuag, Bulacan. Before the
bus company was born in the 1960s, she had a hat business in Baliuag and so, the logo of the
bus was a hat. The company grew as years went by and became a member of the Baliwag
Group of Companies. The children and grandchildren of Doa Victoria manage the company.
It is presided by the eldest son of Doa Victoria, Mr. Joselito S. Tengco. Current System
Baliwag Transit has initialized its new numbering system for their fleet.

Existing system is totally on book and thus a great amount of manual work has to be
done. The amount of manual work increases exponentially with increase in services. In
existing system, there are various problems like keeping records of items, seats available,
prices of per/seat and fixing bill generation on each bill. Finding out details regarding any
information is very difficult, as the user has to go through all the books manually. Major
problem was lack of security. The system is very simple in design and to implement. The
system requires very low system resources and the system will work in almost all
configurations. It has got following features: Needs a lot of working staff and extra attention
on all the records. Ensure data accuracy. Records are efficiently maintained by DBMS.
DBMS also provides security for the information. Any person across the world, having
internet can access this service. Availability of seats can be enquired very easily. Passengers
can also cancel their tickets easily.

To solve the above problem, and further maintaining records of passenger details, seat
availability, price per seat, bill generation and other things, we are offering this proposal of
computerized reservation system. By using this software, we can reserve tickets from any
part of the world, through telephone lines, via internet. Customer can check availability of
bus and reserve selective seats. The project provides and checks all sorts of constraints so
that user does give only useful data and thus validation is done in an effective way. The focus
of the project is to computerize traveling company to manage data, so that all the transactions
become fast and there should not be any error in transaction like calculation mistake, bill
generation and other things. It replaces all the paper work. It keeps records of all bills also,
giving to ensure 100% successful implementation of the computerized Bus reservation

General Problem

Just focusing on Bus ticketing system many transits are experiencing problems about
ticketing, the manual system. The people behind this may struggle in service and the system
itself. The public can approach any authorized agent who is having a stock of tickets and
enquire for a ticket. The agent will check the availability of the ticket and enter the ticket
number for blocking the available seat against the particulars of the travel such as the name,
sex and age of the traveller. The system will issue a transaction reference number which will
be entered on the ticket this will be entered on the front face of the ticket and the particulars
would be entered on the back side of the ticket along with the signature of the issuing agent.
Considering the cancellation of tickets, on the part of the bus company they will have to fix it
because the seat that is reserved for the customer will be reissued to another.

Specific Problems

Communications infrastructure problems.

Security of the system.
Information about the route, cancellation of tickets, departure time, number of
available busses.
Keep track of its entire passenger and thus schedule their journey accordingly.
Maintain records of passengers travelling in different busses on different dates
and reading different destination in the system.
Customers need to pay cash when they buy bus ticket and sometimes needs to
queue up long time to get ticket.
Operation time to avail bus tickets are limited up to office hours only

This chapter is all about related literature and studies conducted that will help the
researchers in undertaking the study. Here, the researchers relates to the previous studies that
are discussed further to give the authors more idea in pursuing the study. The thorough
review of literature is required to provide deeper insights in formulating conceptual
framework, selection and application of methods of research with the end in view of
formulating generalization or principles, which the researchers could contribute to the fund
of knowledge. This review includes some articles, books, magazines and internet in order to
improve the proposed software and be more proficient in its design, other unpublished thesis
also helped to provide proof that this study is originally and its discussion of fact were also
based on recent studies in creating more sources of related information.

Victory Liner, with its 67 years of experience, has pioneered an online ticket ordering
system in 2011 and continues to be the bus company of choice for this modern and truly
convenient service. Passengers need to log on to and follow simple,
easy instructions on the reservations page to start ORDERING tickets for their intended
Baguio or Cagayan Valley trips. This is available for regular air-con or deluxe trips and one
can even order roundtrip tickets. Filipinos living abroad or in the Visayas and Mindanao,
and foreigners from Europe and the Middle East have been using the service. Payment is
fast, easy and secure through PayPal for credit card payments or Bancnet ATM debit service.
Over the counter payments can also be made at any Metrobank branch. After a successful
transaction, passengers will personally receive their bus ticket through a courier service.

Eurolines is a long distance coach organisation. The primary service of Eurolines is

bus transportation throughout whole Europe, but besides of this it also offers other slightly
different products and services. Discount card At Eurolines you can also buy a discount card
that offers you 25% discount on almost every trip you make with Eurolines. There are two
types of discount cards; three months valid and six months valid. Mini-Pass With the mini
pass formula Eurolines offers you the opportunity to travel to two major cities for a reduced
price. The price of the mini-pass depends on which cities you want to visit.

Pass For a fixed price you are able to travel throughout 47 cities unlimited. You can
also purchase travel insurance for every trip you make with Eurolines. The insurance covers
cancellation, damaged baggage, stolen baggage and medical help incase of emergency..
Eurolines makes use of different distribution channels Electronic commerce On the internet
site of Eurolines you can buy a ticket online with your credit card of ATM card. You receive
your ticket by mail. Intermediary you can also book your ticket at most travel agencies.
However, Eurolines does offer discount for customers who book well in advance before their
travel date. The earlier you buy a bus ticket, the bigger the discount you receive. To receive
this discount one has to purchase the bus ticket 30, 15 or 7 days in advance. Also babys,
children, students and seniors receive discount.


General Objective

The objective of the study is to help our locale to know the differences and
similarities of the bus ticketing system which is the manual one and the modern one. The
objective of the study is the assertion statement of the problem with the general objectives
and specific objectives desired outcome of the research process.

Specific Objective

To create an online bus ticketing system so that the above problem concerning
availability of the tickets during office hours will be solved.
The proposed system will also organized the passengers reserved seats,
assigned dates of their destinations once they will book tickets online.


The study covers one programming language which is the Visual Basics in terms of
Object Oriented Programming particularly such as programming features such as
encapsulation, inheritance and abstract. The paper based ticketing in public transport system,
prevailing in the megacities introduces severe malfunction in the system, malicious argument
among public, corruption and most of all traffic jams. This paper actually suggests a much
more public friendly, automated system of ticketing as well as the credit transaction with the
use of Baliwag ticketing system. The total system mainly acts to bring out the consistency in
the public transport system that will conclude in uniform access of passengers in daily rides
through an automated server being updated every single time the passengers travel by
carrying the tickets.


The study will not cover the other object oriented programming features such as
Modularity and Polymorphism. The study wont also cover the materials that will be used to
create the proposed study. When the system is approved, the system itself wont be blamed if
there is a connection failure, overload database or if the system will be broken due to
environment disaster because the locale itself will take care all of this premises.