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A Community that is Sent
By Kyle Metz
What an honor and a privilege it is that God allows us to be a part of the redemptive
work of establishing His kingdom on Earth! The trip to Guatemala City served as a
week long reminder of this truth, as brothers and sisters in Christ from New Life Church
Merritt Island (PG.2)
at Wayne State University, H2O Ohio State, and Iglesia Gran Comisin (IGC) united to
proclaim the salvation found in Christ and build relationships with nonbelievers at the
University of San Carlos and two local elementary schools. Together, we were able to
share the gospel with roughly 500 students at the elementary schools and over 100
students at the university. We witnessed several men and women pass from death to
life by deciding to follow Jesus and begin building relationships with members of IGC
We know God will continue to bring fruit in Guatemala and at Ohio State from the Mountain T.O.P. (PG.2)
kingdom work performed that week in Guatemala City. The evangelism opportunities
and our time with the elementary school kids in Guatemala envisioned and equipped
our students to share the gospel with their friends and neighbors at Ohio State, and
painted a clear picture of Gods heart for the nations! Our prayer is that IGC will
continue to build connections with the people we spoke with and many more will come
to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, both in Guatemala and at Ohio State.
Smoky Mountains (PG.2)

South Carolina (PG.3)

Cocoa Beach (PG.3)


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Merritt Island:
A Community that is Sent
By Nate Dresbach
One of H2O's core values is that we'd live out being a
community that is SENT by God into the world. We
desire to proclaim the gospel and make disciples of
people everywhere as ambassadors for Christ. Over
spring break, 31 of us spent a week focused on just
that in Merritt Island, Florida. Students lovingly and
boldly went out in pairs to the beach with the mission
of compassionately engaging with others in spiritual
conversations and sharing the gospel with them. God
moved greatly to give us bigger hearts for the lost and to become more equipped in communicating our faith. Although
we faced occasional rejection, we had numerous conversations with people about the things of God and their spiritual
beliefs. We also had a free ice cream tent to create conversations with others and love them unconditionally! Furthermore,
we believe this trip will produced long-term fruit in the lives of those who went in regard to their development as a
disciples of Christ!

Mountain T.O.P:
A Community of Servants
By Will Sloan
The H2O Mountain TOP trip impacted all of the
students who attended it. We faced challenges,
such as working eight-hour days in 30 degree
weather and rain, getting lost driving to work sites,
and not having quite enough banana pudding for
everyone at the table. However, God used those
challenges to bring a diverse group of students from
two different campuses and many teams together
into a loving, sacrificial, Christ-centered community. The entire trip was based on serving the people in Grundy County, by
partnering with the Mountain TOP organization. We spent approximately eight hours each day doing some type of
construction work, whether it be digging trenches to build a retaining wall, repairing a tin roof, or building a wheelchair
ramp. Through this, God showed the students how to have a servant's heart and how to show God's love to others
through sacrificial service.

Smoky Mountains:
A Community of Life
By Whitney Varnau
No matter the weather, location, or content, we
continue to see God use spring break trips to display
His glory. On this year's Smoky Mountains trip, 45
students packed into caravans and ventured to
Gatlinburg Tennessee to spend a week in God's
Word. With the beautiful Smoky Mountains as our
background, we studied 1&2 Samuel and many of the
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God blew us away with the ways he spoke to us through Davids life. Students witnessed an example of what it looks like
to cry out to the Lord through all life's circumstances and to not be fearful to live emotionally with the Lord. Many
students developed an appreciation for the Old Testament, as well. We also saw God move as vulnerability grew during
late night slice-sharing times, and deep community was formed through afternoon hikes. We are so thankful for the
opportunity to help students engage in Scripture and create a life-long passion for Gods Word.

South Carolina:
A Community of Life
By Becca Silvashy
This year, God joined 40 students from
eight different campus teams within our
church (plus a couple of girls who
courageously came from a different
campus altogether!) to spend a week
pursuing life transformation in a Christian
community in Pawley's Island, South
Carolina. During the week, students
studied out the book of Colossians,
memorized Colossians 1:15-20,
confessed sin struggles, prayed often, built new friendships, and four students took steps of faith to get baptized. We
believe that God transforms lives as we come back to the goodness of the gospel and continue to fix our eyes on Jesus.
We can't fix ourselves - but as we fall more in love with who God is and immerse ourselves in His love and His Word, He
transforms us. God met with a lot of students this week as they spent hours each day in extended time with the Lord, and
our hope and prayer is that this would continue as a lifestyle of transformation for many years to come!

Cocoa Beach:
A Community of Grace
By Vivake Baranwal
Without question, God did a lot on the Cocoa
Beach spring break trip! Over 50 students attended
this year's trip, and we spend the week
investigating God's lavish grace for us through
Jesus Christ. Historically, this has been a great trip
for students who are wrestling with the Gospel to
engage with the Lord and learn about the promise
of the gospel. Through this year's trip, six students
placed their faith in Christ! Additionally, four
students made the decision to be baptized!
God also moved greatly in the lives of students who
have been following Jesus for several years. We were amazed to see the impact God has when we invest time knowing
Him through the Bible and through the Church. In fact, roughly ten students going into the trip mentioned that they were
not really part of the H2O Church community before this trip. However, by the end of the trip, most of them saw their
need to invest in Christian community and decided to join a H2O team and small group upon returning to campus.
Ultimately, we felt privileged to watch God move throughout our group all week!


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Growing up, my family and I considered ourselves Christians. When I say this, I basically mean
that we werent atheists. We hardly ever went to church, we didnt pray, and we didnt really
talk about God or Jesus. We were just Christians. We had what could be considered a
broken home (my parents were divorced and alcoholics). However, my parents did take me to
church occasionally when I was young. So at that point, I believed that God was real and that
Jesus loved me, because that is what I was told. But, after a couple of years of going to
church here and there, we finally just stopped going completely. Because I stopped going at a
young age, I thought I knew the Lord, but I didnt. When I did wrong, I felt convicted because
I though that God was mad at me, so Id pray for Him to forgive me. I used to tell Him that I
wouldnt do it again, because you can only mess up so many times before someone stops
forgiving you, right? Well that is what the world tells us, and I thought that God worked in the
same way - that He could only forgive us so many times before He would stop.
Unfortunately, as I got older, my sins became more shameful for me. In early high school, I was
introduced to sexual immorality and alcohol, which led to shame that I carried for years to
come. I began to feel horrible about myself because I was deliberately going against Gods
word, and instead of my friends wanting to help me, they convinced me that I was damaged
goods.They often referred to me as a "slut" or a "whore" behind my back. I cried every night
for months my sophomore year of high school because I truly believed I was all of the things
people were saying about me. I remember at that time praying that God would forgive me,
ABOUT ME and thats when I realized that I didnt know Him at all.
Unfortunately, instead of running toward God, I ran away from Him. I continued to do this for
years, until my senior year when I started dating a guy named Ryan, who grew up in an ideal
Name: Veronica Walter Christian family. This intimidated me very much because I came from such a broken home, and
I thought that if they knew the real me, that they would then know that I was damaged
beyond repair. For the first time, I saw the way a Christian family lived, and I thought that I
Age: 18 could never be like them, because they were too wonderful. I thought that my past sins
defined who I was, and that nothing could change that. This belief is what led to me turning
completely away from Christ last summer. I had accepted the fact that I simply wasnt cut out
H2O Team: North East to be a Christian, and I no longer wanted to even try. I thought Christians were boring, and
that they missed out on things because Christianity was basically just a set of rules. I also
remember thinking for a long time that it wasnt my fault that Adam and Eve sinned, and that
Home State: Ohio it wasnt fair that I had to pay for their actions. That is, until I joined H2O and my team leader
shared the Gospel with me. Through my team leader, I saw for the first time that Christianity is
about a relationship with Christ and not a set of rules for making our lives boring. I saw that I
Major: Integrated Language didnt have to pay for Adam and Eves sins because Jesus already had. And, at that moment, I
realized that I no longer wanted to live the life I was living because this beautiful gift was
Arts and English Education being offered to me.
I then started praying a bold prayer every night in hopes that it would work, because it was
Favorite Color: Pink something only God could do. I prayed God, if youre there, just know.. that I dont want
you.. But, I want to want you.. I am the farthest thing from where you say I should be.. But I
want to want you, God. I thought that it was going to be hopeless because I had just been so
Favorite Hobby: Reading turned away from Christianity before. However, to my absolute amazement, God answered my
prayer. I found Him changing my desires. I no longer wanted to party, or have sex, or lie,
because God showed me how beautiful life without shame is. He even put Winter Park LT on
my heart, which was absurd because I thought only crazy Jesus Freaks did stuff like that. Yet there I was, deeply
contemplating doing it. I thought: "If I could find the Lord somewhere, it would be there". But I was too chicken to make that
kind of commitment, so instead I committed to the Cocoa Beach spring break trip.
Going into spring break, I was still trying to rationalize everything and I still wasnt convinced despite the fact that God had
started to change me. For the entire week before my trip, I prayed that, that if Jesus is who he says He is, my heart would
really be transformed during the trip and that I would come back new. Again, this was a very bold prayer, but I was just so
sick of the spiritual warfare going on inside of me. I so much wanted to believe in the Gospel--I knew that I had nothing to
lose but everything to gain. Thankfully, I really got to see that play out throughout my trip to Cocoa Beach, and I cannot put
words to how amazing the experience was. My mission for the trip was to accept Christ, and after a week of experiencing the
most loving community I had ever known, I was finally able to repent and say yes to Christ. I cannot describe that feeling in
any way besides free: The Lord broke every chain and helped me to overcome my doubts, and Im overwhelmed by His love
that I thought I was unworthy of for so long.
When I think about what Ive seen God do in my life in just a few months time, I wonder just what God could do in an entire
summer devoted to him--which is what led to my decision to going to Colorado LT this summer!