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1. Scope
2. Reference Documents/Drawings
3. Access /Egress
4. Health and Safety Hazards
4.1 Safety Rules During Testing
4.2 Safety Lighting
4.3 Task Lighting
4.4 Emergency Arrangements
4.5 Risk and Controls
5. Abbreviations & Definitions
6. Roles/ Responsibilities / Competence
7. Testing & Commissioning Procedures
7.1 Pre-Commissioning
7.2 Start up procedure
7.3 System Programming
7.4 Final Testing
8. Training
9. Working Hrs.
10. Manpower Requirement & Supervision
11. Test Instruments Requirements
12. Personnel Equipment
13. Distribution
14. Attachments

14.1Commissioning Check List

14.2Risk Assessment.
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1. Scope:
The method statement aims to provide necessary information for Testing and Commissioning
of SIEMENS Lighting Control System installed in Ducab Extension.

The system consists of Lighting Control Panels Power Supply, Relay Module, Timer and Push
button in different areas to provide effective energy management as per the requirement.

2. Reference Documents/Drawings:
Lighting Control system Drawings
Schematic Diagram
Commissioning Checklist

3. Access /Egress:

The Commissioning of the System will commence only when Main Contractor clearance is given for
access to conduct Testing and Commissioning.
4. Health and Safety Hazards:
Health and Safety procedures by Main Contractor and MACAIR/BMTS will be implemented for this job.
A routine safety check will be done by the Safety Officer In-charge as per MACAIR Safety Procedure.
4.1 Safety Rules during Testing & Commissioning:

In order to ensure safe conditions during testing the following rules have to be followed:
Persons engaged with this commissioning are experienced and have received proper and adequate
training related to procedures and test equipment utilized for the particular testing activity.

Test instruments and test leads should be maintained in a safe condition and the test methods not to
create danger either for the operator or for other persons.

4.2 Safety Lighting:

Safety Lights will be used in case of power failure ensuring good illumination at the working area to
aid evacuation if necessary.

4.3 Task Lighting:

Adequate lighting shall be provided to ensure good illumination at the working area.

4.4 Emergency Arrangements:

General : Site Safety procedures will be followed and in case of any emergency, Safety Officer will
administer the emergency arrangements as per the system, stop work and report to nearest
Assembly Point, etc.
Safety Officer Name: Mr. X
Contact No. 0000000
Fire Precautions: No significant fire risks associated with this activity but general fire precaution
measures will be taken.
Communications: Via mobile phones issued to all Engineers.
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4.5 Risk and Controls:

Please refer to the attached Risk Assessment.

5. Abbreviations & Definitions:

MC - Main Contractor (KCE)
PM - Project Manager (MACAIR)
PE - Project Engineer (MACAIR)
SCE - Site Commissioning Engineer (BMTS)
SO - Safety Officer (MACAIR)
QA/QC - Quality Assurance/Quality Control (MACAIR)

6. Roles/ Responsibilities / Competence:

PM - will have the overall responsibility of the Project for execution, quality and safety; maintain the
planning and progress and coordination with Main Contractor.
PE - will be responsible for day to day activities in the Site for System Testing and Commissioning,
report preparation and demonstration of System Commissioning.
SCE - will be directly responsible for the System installation.
SO - will be responsible for Health and Safety aspects in the Site in line with Main Contractor Safety
QA/QC - will oversee the quality requirements and quality control measures for the Project.

7. Testing & Commissioning Procedures :

7.1 Pre-Commissioning
7.1.1Check the panel & batteries for any exterior damages.
7.1.2Check the devices arrangement and wiring terminations in the panel
7.1.3Check the tightness of the cable terminations.
7.1.4Check the EIB cabling loop and panel to panel.
7.1.5Labels & identifications.
7.1.6The incoming power supply cable and all out going wires from the system must be
meggered before terminating on the system or the light fixtures and the value noted
down by the installer.

7.2 Prerequisites to Procedure

Following are the prerequisites to the commissioning procedure
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1.1.1 Installation of Lighting Control Panels (By MEP contractor)

All the Lighting control Panels need to be installed in electrical room near to the
respective DB in accordance with shop drawings.
Cabling for panel to panel has to be completed.
1.1.2 Power Requirement (By MEP contractor)
The Power supply module needs, 1-, 230V, 50 Hz.
1.1.3 Installation of Batteries (By MEP contractor)
All the lighting control devices have to be installed as shown in schematic drawing.
The Line in and Line out cable terminated in the relay modules are properly labeled.
The EIB cable termination on the every module has to be looped properly as per
manufacture instruction. .
7.3 Start up procedure
7.3.1Check the power supply module..
7.3.2Power test the all lighting control devices.
7.3.3 Check the polarity of EIB cable termination.
7.3.4 Check no short circuit is found in the panel.
7.4 System Programming
7.4.1 The system is programmed for the all the devices and circuits connected with the
lighting control system.
7.4.2The no. of devices and type of the devices are entered.
7.4.3Address all the EIB devices as required.
7.4.4 Download the application program for the respective devices.
7.4.5Group the devices as per the site requirement
7.4.6Carry out the functional programming test manually from the ETS software
7.4.7Program devices as per the application required as the site

7.5 Final Testing

7.5.1 Remove EIB power supply and check all circuits are fail of safe mode
7.5.2 Function test is conducted and demonstrated

8. 8. 8. Training:
Commissioning Engineers who will conduct the Commissioning shall have the experience in
Lighting Control System Commissioning.
Tool Box talks will provide general training and awareness for each activity and also undergo
further training by the Quality Assurance Department

9.Working Hours :
Site Normal Working Hours.
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10. Manpower Requirement & Supervision

PE - Project Engineer (MACAIR)
SCE - Site Commissioning Engineer (BMTS)
SO - Safety Officer (MACAIR)

11. Test Instruments Requirements

General Tool box
Digital Multimeter

12. Personnel Equipment

All Commissioning Engineers and Technicians shall have the necessary Personnel Protective
Equipment such as Safety Shoes and Helmet.

13. Distribution
Main Contractor
MEP Senior Mechanical Engineer
Health and Safety Officer

14. Attachments
14.1 Commissioning Check List
14.2 Risk Assessment.