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ReadMe for Neighbours from Hell 2 (14/10/2003)

In this file you will find some final tips for playing and notes on troubleshooting
for Neighbours from Hell 2.

We thank you for buying Neighbours from Hell 2 and wish you a lot of fun with the

1.1 System Requirements
1.2 Installing Neighbours from Hell 2
1.3 Uninstalling Neighbours from Hell 2
3. Technical Support

1. Installation

1.1 System Requirements:

- A Pentium-compatible MMX processor of at least 233 MHz. (Pentium II-compatible
processors or higher all feature MMX.)
- At least 128 megabytes of RAM.
- Windows 95 with Internet Explorer 5.5, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows
2000 or Windows XP.
- A DirectX 8-compatible video card with at least 8 megabytes of video RAM.
- A DirectX 8-compatible sound card.
- A Windows-compatible mouse, keyboard and CD-ROM drive.
- At least 310 megabytes (MB) of free space on your hard disk.

1.2 Installing Neighbours from Hell 2:

To install Neighbours from Hell 2, simply insert the CD in your CD drive and follow
the on-screen instructions.

If your CD does not start automatically, open your Windows Explorer and locate the
CD drive containing the Neighbours from Hell 2 CD. Right-click on the drive
designation and then select Autoplay.

If the game still does not launch, right-click on the CD drive and then click on
Explorer. Select the file name AutoRun and double-click the file name.

1.3 Uninstalling Neighbours from Hell 2:

Neighbours from Hell 2 can be uninstalled through Software in the Windows control
panel, or via the Uninstall Neighbours from Hell 2 option on the Start / Programs

2. Operation on Mobile Computers

When playing on mobile computers, please pay special attention to the required
minimum configuration. While in many cases, the CPU, i.e. the processor speed, is
sufficient, the memory or the video card resolution often is not.

For systems using a shared memory, i.e. borrowing main memory for the video card,
you might be able to set the required value, thus facilitating playability of the
game. To do this, refer to the manual of your mobile computer to check whether and
how you can adjust the memory size of your graphics card.
Further tips:

- If you keep experiencing small interruptions or pauses during the game, this
might be attributable to the following causes:

- The main or graphics memory is insufficient it is necessary to frequently swap

out or reload data. Look up the minimum requirements of the game and check whether
these are met by your system. You might have to upgrade your main memory or
allocate more memory to your video card to be able to play without problems.

- The energy settings for your hard disk have been set at too low a value your
hard disk is frequently being shut down and needs to be restarted before data can
be accessed. You will find these settings (in Windows XP) in the control panel
under Power Management. Increasing the value for Turn off hard disks might
solve the problem.

- For design reasons, the LCD screens used in mobile computers have a maximum frame
rate of 25 frames per second (fps), which might cause problems with games that are
action intensive. In this case, we recommend using an external screen, if possible.

- Another point that might prove to be problematic with mobile computers is the
slightly altered keyboard layout and the control via touchpad, or any other
substitute for a mouse. In this case, you might be able to solve the problem by
connecting an external keyboard or a mouse to your machine.

3. Technical Support

For the support for all your games bought through, please visit our Support
page at
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your Good Old Games, otherwise you can find the game you're looking for through the
smart search.
Choose the game that you have problem with, and see whether the solution isn't
already posted.
If not, go to the "Contact us" page, select "Technical issues with games" and hit
"Continue" to send us a message describing your problem.
Fill all the required fields with proper data- please enter as much details as you
can, this will help us solve your problem faster.
All your messages and our replies will appear on your "My Account" page.

4. Further Tips & Notes

- The afore-mentioned minimum requirement of 310 MB free space on your hard disk
refers only to the free space needed for installing the game. You should always
make sure that there are still several hundred megabytes of free space on the drive
on which you have installed Windows. Otherwise you might, under certain conditions,
encounter problems while playing the game. For more detailed information on the
Windows space requirements please refer to the Windows help files.

- When launching Neighbours from Hell 2, you are always given the option to install
one of the demos provided with your CD or to watch one of the videos contained on
it. If you have problems with any of the demos, please contact our support (see the
section "Troubleshooting" above). Remember to tell us the name of the demo so that
we can give you the required information. If you have problems playing the videos,
please refer to or or obtain the
latest codecs (drivers for playing video files) from these sites.


Developers: JoWooD Studio Vienna