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Start the Day 05 August 2010

Quote: ‘America! America!

God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!’ Katharine Lee Bates (1859-1929)
The News: Japanese PM Kan says ‘optimism is not warranted about the [economic] situation in other countries’.
The Numbers: British Summer Time, with expectations and previous figures in brackets.
00:01 GB July New Car Registrations versus +10.8% Y/Y June.
11:00 DE June Factory Orders (0% to +2.0% M/M, +19.5% to +25.0% Y/Y, versus –0.5% and +24.8% May).
12:00 GB Bank of England interest rate decision (unanimously expected unchanged at 0.50% and no more QE).
13:00 EZ16 ECB interest rate decision (unanimously expected unchanged at 1.00%); 13:30 news conference.
13:30 US Weekly Jobless Claims (444K to 470K, Continuing Claims 4500K to 4570K, vs 457K and 4565K prior week).
13:30 CA June Building Permits (-5.8% to +5.0% versus –10.8% May).
Websites , , Bloomberg MIZH.
The Psychology: Tomorrow the US Senate begins its recess, returning September 13th; Edinburgh Festival starts.
The Risk: The China Banking Regulatory Commission orders banks’ stress tests to include property values down by
50%, also instructing them to stop lending on third homes in some major cities.
Today’s most interesting chart: Eurodollar future Dec10
Tiny signs of instability at contract high 99.5950.
EDZ0, Last Trade [Candle], Last Trade [Ichimoku 9, 26, 52, 26] Daily
14Apr10 - 11Sep10
EDZ0 , Last Trade, Candle Pr
05Aug10 99.5500 99.5600 99.5450 99.5550 USD
tiny 'bearish engulfing' candle
EDZ0 , Last Trade, Tenkan Sen 9 99.55
05Aug10 99.5300
EDZ0 , Last Trade, Kijun Sen 26
05Aug10 99.4050 99.5
EDZ0 , Last Trade, Senkou Span(a) 52
09Sep10 99.4675 99.45
EDZ0 , Last Trade, Senkou Span(b) 52
09Sep10 99.2300
EDZ0 , Last Trade, Chikou Span 26
01Jul10 99.5550
massive 'wedge'












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